Hunter Quest

Hunter Quest

Once an age the kingdom of Plush is darkened by an “eclipse”.
As the time draws near, a foul excitement compels the monsters of the land;
the government enlists every able-bodied soldier and hunter to find
and calm the monsters, however necessary.

Among the hunter mafia are “wolves” with a plot to resurrect a great demon.
Realizing this, the kingdom puts a great responsibility on lone novice hunter, Aina!

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6 comments on “Hunter Quest

  1. It’s short but satisfying enough for me as a fan of RPG type. I enjoyed doing the main quests but also got distracted by those and missed some mini quests. Luckily, after clearing Happy Ending, they let me see all those H-scenes I had missed.

  2. Good but short content. I could be missing something but the game seems short and didn’t get to unlock the full story

  3. ok its not working…i extract the 3 files i open the .exe and this shows up….

    “File corrupted!

    please run a virus-check,then reinstall the application”

    so what should i do?

    1. Do you know how multi-part .rar files work?

      You _ONLY_ extract the first file, (HunterQuest.part1.rar) using 7z or winrar, etc..

      The software will automatically detect a multipart and it properly extracts the set of files. If you manually try to extract the second or third part you will wipe out what was already properly extracted with the first-file’s extraction.

      Just unzip/extract the first file.

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