Dungeon’s Legion ~Maiden’s Bodies Offered to the Demon Lord~

Dungeon's Legion ~Maiden's Bodies Offered to the Demon Lord~

In this game, you play as a Demon Lord in command of droves of monsters.
Use your army to protect your dungeon from the invading humans!

The game is divided into two phases: strategy and defense. In the strategy phase,
you can make a plan and carefully place your forces. In the defense phase, it’s time to fight!
At first you won’t have much more at your disposal than goblins, but as your dungeon expands
you’ll gain access to even more fearsome units like demons and ogres.

Breed even more monsters!
Attack nearby villages and steal the women to increase your army’s numbers!

Train and corrupt your prisoners!
If you capture special human units like swordswomen and goddesses, you’ll be able to train them.
With enough training, they can be corrupted into joining your cause.
You’ll be able to use them to protect your dungeon alongside the normal monsters.

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