Dungeon’s Legion ~Maiden’s Bodies Offered to the Demon Lord~

Dungeon's Legion ~Maiden's Bodies Offered to the Demon Lord~

In this game, you play as a Demon Lord in command of droves of monsters.
Use your army to protect your dungeon from the invading humans!

The game is divided into two phases: strategy and defense. In the strategy phase,
you can make a plan and carefully place your forces. In the defense phase, it’s time to fight!
At first you won’t have much more at your disposal than goblins, but as your dungeon expands
you’ll gain access to even more fearsome units like demons and ogres.

Breed even more monsters!
Attack nearby villages and steal the women to increase your army’s numbers!

Train and corrupt your prisoners!
If you capture special human units like swordswomen and goddesses, you’ll be able to train them.
With enough training, they can be corrupted into joining your cause.
You’ll be able to use them to protect your dungeon alongside the normal monsters.

28 comments on “Dungeon’s Legion ~Maiden’s Bodies Offered to the Demon Lord~

  1. Try running as Administrator. Didn’t work for me either until I tried that, as it didn’t have permissions for the plugin (BepInEx) folder.

  2. The auto translate plugin is set to use a version of google translate that sucks donkey balls. You can tell whats happening, but the way its translated is horrible and painful to look at. By opening the plugin with “alt+0(zero)”, u can change the translator to Bing translator, and it is 100x better, it almost looks professionally translated. Sometimes however, the plugin can take several seconds to fully translate a wall of text or in game descriptions, but that wait isnt a problem at all in exchange for a decent translation.

    1. The plugin is the one named “ExIni.dll”? Also what do you mean by opening it with Alt+0, like I select it and then hit Alt+0? Because did that and nothing happened….kind of a boomer here

      1. start the game and once the characters start talking press Alt+zero then u will have pop up menu to chose bing and back up deep voice for translation which u will see in the middle of the pop up menu and first part i believe u will see option to chose bing

  3. downloaded this game from another site, but every time i start the exe, a window opens and fills the screen and my mouse icon changes like the game is starting, but the screen stays black. Gonna download here, hopefully its just their files wrong.

  4. The Download site doesn’t seem to be working anymore? It brings me to the same page regardless of what I click?

    1. You’re like 3rd person saying that over last week, but tbh, I have no idea what’s going on – I tested it on different computers, browsers, phone and it all works fine for me.

      1. Can you change download site from download Ani you can use ouo.press
        You can get good revenue from it so if you can then change it into mega or mediafire bcoz it take so much time to download in free account

    2. Fine for me too, I’m in the US using the latest version of Chrome on the latest version of Win 10 64

  5. Hey!
    May I ask if there is an English translation for this? If yes, how to apply it? When I start it up, the text is in Japanese. Is that how it’s supposed to be?

      1. Unfortunately, that’s not gonna happen. Too old to learn the language now 🙁

        So, does it have an English translation or not? Just want to know how to use it, if it has one.

        1. It’s sort of translated. Looks like it’s got a plugin included that auto-translates all the text. It’s using Google translate by default, but you can use Alt+0 to open up the UI for the translation plugin and pick different online translation services.

          1. Well, unfortunately, still can’t make it work. Not sure how to start up this auto-translator thing, as everything (except for the menu at the start screen) is in Japanese. That alt+0 thing doesn’t do anything for me either.

          2. Unfortunately, even after waiting for 10+ minutes, the Japanese text didn’t get translated 🙁

        2. i have noticed that every now and then, the translator will completely fail to translate a box of text, and ill have no choice but to skip over that and move on. on that note, there are also times when instead of translating some text, it will instead change the text to a generic message like “i dont know what its about, but it seems to be a good idea” and it will make no sense in the context of the story, i imagine thats just some weird nonsense coming from the plugin. Aside from that, if there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING getting translated for you, then that is very strange, because i didnt need to do anything to start the translator plugin, it was running from the first time i launched the game.

          1. Yeah, I have no idea why this is happening either. Like, I tried going on a bit, to see if it only doesn’t work at the start or something but nothing. I can’t even get that alt+0 to work, not sure what should be happening with it, but nothing happens for me.

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