Yamizome Revenger

Yamizome Revenger

Kazunori is an extremely normal student. However, his soul became linked with the demon king Cliveherz, who had committed all kinds of impudent acts in another world and was being chased by the Goddess Fein. Determined to vanquish the Demon King once and for all, she sent heroines from the other world to continue chasing them.

Even though Kazunori was worried about his future, the Demon King reassured him that their pursuers are also weakened in this world and that he will use his powers to make them into his own harem. Kazunori was attracted to the prospect of having a harem, but his life has surely been turned on its head.

26 comments on “Yamizome Revenger

  1. Does anyone know how to Unlock all the scenes? I got the ‘harem ending” where i corrupted everyone (even the final boss) but then on extras it said i was missing scenes, which i why i don’t understand why the game has the parasite or yuri tag since i didn’t see any of that.

  2. You have corrupt everybody to at least one heart, then he’ll extend the time limit. You might can get away with only doing 4/5 of them. Then you’ll get a month to completely corrupt one of the girls to 4 hearts.

  3. I’m confused. How am i supposed to corrupt everyone in 9 days? even on easy i get the game over ending where the Demon Lord takes over my body, how am i supposed to beat this game?

    1. Read the mission at the top of the screen. All you need to do is fight each character once before the 9 days are up.

  4. I already get bits if the story, basically Clive is a Chad that does whatever he likes but is not destructive and that the goddess and the 5 girls are braindead idiots with the most annoying complex in any heroes there is and that is their bullshit sense of justice when the dude just wants to have some fun, MC already said what Maou’s personality is similar to a bird just flying leisurely.

    Anyways, the dialogs are fucking long, is this really an RPG VN?

  5. I’m less grossed out by rape and NTR than I’m for lesbian shit. I hate lesbian crap.
    As a dude, why would I like something that wants me out of the picture?
    Less lesbians = more fish in the lake for normal dudes.

    1. Some people like porn to self insert as the person doing the fucking. Some people like porn because they like seeing tits, and some people don’t like seeing dicks or muscular men. Lesbian sex has 200% as many tits, and 0% of the dicks and muscular men.

      1. If we assume that being straight is a + and being homo is a – then watching a straight person banging a homo person is gay. But if you watch 2 homo people then that isn’t gay cuz a – and a – give a plus.
        Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

    2. Yeah….. I will disagree here, nothing better then a VN that has two girls+ going at it with a strapon or double dildo, some of the best scenes ever made.

    1. if you hate it, then what are you doing here?
      I’m a sicko and i enjoy it, I’m a extreme Sadist

      1. that’s your come back? i think with all ur rape addict starting to affect ur brain.
        he’s here stating his opinion and maybe warning that lazy tag reader that this is NTR and rape game.
        if u saying he’s still playing it then ur statement is valid.

    2. But the other way around is ok? This is nor real. Stop comparing fiction with reality. Just because you enjoy rape in fiction doesn’t mean you are a rapist. Just because you enjoy loli, or shota, doesn’t mean you are a pedophil. If you go by this stupid logic of comparing fiction with reality, that would also mean killing people in video-games makes you a murder. Stop whinning and play your boring vanilla shit

      1. valid point, if everything is like that then we wont have any trouble like movie or game cancelled because it is a “fiction” go take a hike or something, dont take it personal. like Rapelay that get banned. everything should have a limit (not saying this game is over the limit, idc about this). Games like Maggot Baits that i think is niche but won a award, this is why i said WTF? raping while mutilating thats the limit u can say about fiction so everything is okay.

        tell me if u have friends thats obsessed with some genre for example BTS, u dont grossed out one bit?

        1. I don’t like gross shit so i no longer watch it but if someone does who am i to say what they can watch and not watch (if they’re wanting to do some shit irl thats a big no no don’t get me wrong). (And yes I have seen some shit(extreme guro and torture porn) you’d call way beyond the line and hey im not a criminal would you look at that)

          1. i’m not saying its illegal, but i’d definetly creeps out if my close friend had an uncontroable laugh watching torture sex. thats my point saying as long as its fiction is okay.

  6. this game is like Ritaania no Seirei Tsukai. u could get a happy ending with no rape. but the game focuses on corruption so the gallery will be lonely if u do the good ending

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