Leane of Legitimate Crown

Leane of Legitimate Crown

A full scale game system with 2 different well designed H systems included!
A Country Conquest Style Strategic Fantasy Simulation Game with heaps of content!
Aim to unify the continent with a selection of over 60 different commanders.
Among those commanders, 13 of them are female!

You can choose from 3 countries to start with. Meaning, 3 different stories!

We have implemented a much anticipated “Harem System”! [NTR] In the country that you select, there exists a “King”.
That King will demand for your female commanders to become part of his Harem.
His Royal Guards will chase the female commanders around the map.
If they are caught by the guards, they will be put in the King’s Harem and forced
to have baby making sex >> get pregnant and give birth the the next heir.

32 comments on “Leane of Legitimate Crown

  1. I’ve tried to run this game changing windows to japanese directly and with applocale with no success.
    I get 2 different errors, one is the syntax and the other is straight up a failure with no specification, it just says failure in japanese.
    I would really appreciate if someone could help me out, i usually don’t hace this kind of problems and i’m not sure if i need to modify something in some file or what

  2. if u press F7 one time u reduce the all enemies life to 2 so can win very easy and if any has save file can u plz provide it

  3. NTR IS avoidable, even at the beginning part in part 2 – whoever you have highest affection with/comes to meet you at the event before sieging the capital is who the king will target, so you have to raise their affection to max and choose the right option in a dialogue screen which will now appear during the transition to part 2 scene, which will make the king choose a random concubine instead. If it’s avoidable overall I can’t tell, the game freezes after the secret boss appears and forcibly closes.

  4. Just played the whole thing and the MC even though offered 3 times, didn’t have sex at all. Fuxing disappointment.

  5. The first half it’s completely avoidable, second half there is some unavoidable, unless I did something wrong but i don’t think I did since i would have if i could maxed out the harems. Overall the only girl/best girl get’s fucked and you can’t even do shit about it.

  6. so somehow i got the sister ending even tho i never used her in combat soo idk what determines what ending u get

  7. This game got super fucked up so quickly, I liked the game until “Part 2” when the girl your character loves gets fucked in front of your eyes, *WARNING* there is unaviodable NTR!!! Don’t listen to the tags! Gotta quit, literally makes me sick

  8. something inside me is broken after playing this shit, really guys avoid this crap at all cost, i some how like netorare situations just for the fap but this crap is totally a nightmare, for your mental sanity dont dare to download it.

  9. I know I’m being too optimistic here, but is the ingame English translation any better than the title/summary?

  10. i can run the game in the PC, the installs program is in japanese, don’t tell me that i have to change the languaje of Windows.

  11. This game reminds me of Dragon Force.

    Anyways, the NTR is fairly easy to avoid during the King phase of the game. Just send commanders to the spots adjacent to the king’s spot and build harems to max level ahead of time.

    P.S. The slimes are crazy powerful if you change their classes.

  12. Got very far into the game before I gave up – mostly due to the fact all of the sex to that point was NTR, which I’m not into. The plot is laughably simplistic, the characters are about as deep as a puddle, and the ‘conquest’ portion is poorly balanced and contrived. Oh, and as far as I can tell the MC has no sex, except possibly right near the end – I couldn’t keep playing to find out.

    I regret playing this, if you can’t tell. Hell, I regret downloading it. Mostly because it’s generic, except for the rapist, womanizing, sexist, incompetent asshole who winds up on the throne.

    1. What do you expect if you don’t raise the affection value of your favorite general?

  13. >That King will demand for your female commanders to become part of his Harem
    Then what the point of conquesting shit if you are the one who got NTR-ed?

      1. As far as I am aware, rape only happens if your female captains are captured by the enemy for a certain period of time. Haven’t completed the game yet, but at the current stage that I am at, they escape before anything happens to them, so it only happens later in the game.

        It might be recommended to play at the lowest difficulty the first time so you can get comfortable with the system.

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