Yui-Chan’s Too Nice (To Say No) And That’s Why She’s My Cum Sponge

Yui-Chan's Too Nice (To Say No) And That's Why She's My Cum Sponge

Shotaro Sakashita was crap at school, crap at sports, had no girlfriend or friends of any kind…

Teen life was sucking so far.

The one thing he had in abundance was a sex drive, so he spent most of his free days masturbating.

It was around this time that he learned about “the girl”. “She never refuses an earnest request,” went the rumors. It turned out that girl was Yui Shirakawa, the prettiest and most popular girl at school, who Shotaro already had a crush on.
In fact he’d masturbated to her a lot in the past.

Shotaro came to Yui with his head full of wank fantasies and asked her to make them cum true. Sure enough, because he was so frank, she couldn’t refuse.

He was in.
Now it was time to crank up the action…

17 comments on “Yui-Chan’s Too Nice (To Say No) And That’s Why She’s My Cum Sponge

  1. oof. looks like someone took a machine translation and cleaned it. It’s readable but good god is it confusing

  2. Cover art bothers me. Her head is just so, so tiny… and her hips are wider than her shoulders. Has the artist SEEN a human before?

  3. Wow its been a very long time since I heard someone talk about miss leet.
    That was perhaps the first time I ever played a nukige and found myself genuinely invested in the story.
    It wasn’t a amazing story or anything like that, 95% of the game was porn as to be expected but the story beats hit unexpectedly especially since there was a sort of ‘hidden’ true end that was a pain the ass find. Well for me to find, had to replay a number of times to find that missing graphic and the story event tied to.
    But it was worth getting the full story of wooden face.

  4. The menu is in Japanese, everything else is in English. Game need to run through the Locale Emulator

      1. lowkey there are some nukiges with decent plot like miss leet in prison. but yeah, they’re usually complete garbage.

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