I’ll break into the office of DLsite’s distribution system, and have my way with all their mascot characters!!!

I'll break into the office of DLsite's distribution system

Dille, Elle, and Premium too…
All the pictures of DLsite’s mascot characters covered in cocks are second hand merchandise!!
That is absolutely unacceptable!!
There’s only one thing to do, and that is break into the office of the digital distribution system,
and set things straight!
The dissatisfaction of the users of the DLsite is running amok!!

Break into the office of the DLsite!
There’s no reason to exercise restraint!
If any of the employees try to stop you, just kick them and punch them out of the way!

Take care of the mascot characters!
Sarah, Rara
And at the top of the hierarchy, Dille and Elle! Take them all down!
And once you’ve beaten them… Disgrace them!

25 comments on “I’ll break into the office of DLsite’s distribution system, and have my way with all their mascot characters!!!

  1. Don’t blame the creators just because you don’t like this type of game. Some people like playing games with the retro feel whether it’s a hentai or not. I actually like it myself. I love when games have an old S/NES look and feel. Retro games are my favorite thing. Looks like I’ll be enjoying this.

  2. this game just goes to show how bad the japs are at making games, they made a fucking eroge with frustrating mechanics, this is just how dumb these japs are

  3. If you are getting owned:

    1) Save DS first (1st floor men’s toilet)
    2) Go into 1st floor conference room to get key to the room besides it.
    3) Enter room and defeat Premium
    Premium is pretty easy to defeat, just follow her and approach from the opposite direction. When she runs into you, attack her.
    4) Once you defeat Premium, you can get healing from her for 100 points (next to nothing). You should now collect the 500 points from the basement and the 800 points from the 2nd floor conference room. You can approach Premium for healing as many times as you want.
    5) 2nd floor men’s bathroom sink has key for the locked door on the right of the 2nd floor. Inside, you will meet Mente who will just run away from you. Just follow her outside and attack her (right outside the door just punch her). She goes down as easily as Premium. She will drop the key to the President’s room.
    6) I suggest farming on the guard on the 2nd floor female toilet now (50 points per kill and fast spawn). Save enough points to buy the attack and defence boost from Premium.
    7) Enter the president’s room and you will meet Sarah and Rara. They will summon an immortal cat, so don’t bother attacking it. Just follow the two girls and approach from the opposite direction. Eventually they will run into you and then just punch them and get done with it. (May require 1 or 2 tries).
    8) After defeating all of them, if you haven’t already got 7000 points, go and farm at the 2nd floor men’s toilet again. Once you have 7000 points, go and buy the encounter with Dille and Elle on the roof (top floor from the left).
    BE WARNED. The 1st and 2nd floor will now have this really powerful grey haired minion. The stairs on the right is more lightly guarded so try advancing from there.
    9)You will meet Dille and Elle on the roof.
    Elle and Dille are insanely difficult to defeat, don’t worry if you get owned the first couple of times (about 15 for me) you lose. The pink/blonde hair girl (Dille) has an super high attack dmg but is slow. The blue hair girl (Elle) has low attack dmg but fast speed. Take out Elle first. For some reason, if you attack from the bottom, you have a higher chance of chaining attacks until they die. You can just have Elle follow you then attack her when she is almost on you. Chain your attacks as much as possible. Dille is much harder to defeat. Don’t approach her head on. Your best bet is to wait for her to approach you and then time a well-timed kick before she hits. After one hit, she will run off, but eventually approach you again. Rinse and repeat. If you can trap them towards a corner all the better for you, but don’t count on it to happen.

    1) The strength of the minions are as follows
    Blue < Brown < Grey
    You can easily defeat the minions by standing about one tile above them and attacking. They won't be able to hit you and you can punch them all day.
    2) If they trap you towards a wall, just prone against the wall. They won't dmg you more. Then simply face upwards and punch them all into oblivion.
    3) Farm only on the guard on the 2nd floor men's bathroom. Don't bother fighting anything else. Just evade them if possible.

    ~Hope this helps!~

  4. I encounter a prob of having to play the game all over again after I exit the game (All CG, scene replay is gone). Is it only me or is this how the game is ?

  5. how do you save in this game? is it the untill you die then you can save and even if you die will your stats be kept?

  6. i though that i have finished the game, but then i discover that if you already have all the sex scenes and defeat Dille and Elle again, you get the best scene of the game

  7. I’v seen the titles, Suck my dick or die, Maiden rape assualt, ect. Yet I think this title might take the cake.

      1. From DLSite, probably not translated yet, but strange title:

        Infectious Sexual Urge Acme Fungus! -Semen Stained Girls Academy-

        It actually explains more than it seems.

  8. Just some starter info,
    D is kick, F is punch.
    Kick sucks because it’s slow but does more damage than punch, spam the punch key.
    You can skip the sex scenes by pressing space. You can always go back to it in the extras in the title menu.

    In conference rooms, find something shiny and walk to it.
    After defeating Premium, revisit her and you can buy stuff with points, highest value is Dille and Elle.
    There’s a basement too, left side, keep going down.
    Bodyguard in restroom is good farming for points, super easy to kill, 50 points, and spawns 2-3 seconds after death.
    Tips for defeating Dille and Elle, use the corners and kick. Don’t attempt to attack the blonde one head on because her kicks are OP. Defeating them is worth the trouble because it gives 6 good, long scenes.
    I’m annoyed by the fact that the game resets afterwards, but you keep the 10k you got from them and the att/def upgrades.

    Ok this is a good one I just found, Men’s bathroom, go to sink, you get a card key. When you go into the locker room and go to her, she runs out. In the hallway, you chase her back and forth. Hit her while she’s running to kill her.

    After you have your way with her, you get the president’s room key. In the room, Sarah and Rara I suppose are there. And that’s about all the girls I guess.

    The whole thing took me around an hour, a lot of it trying to defeat Dille and Elle on the roof. By searching on the Internet, I guess I’m the first one who made this walk through, or at least in English. Have fun guys.


    1. Update for Sarah/Rara: For the fight, the cat has unlimited hp. And only kick it, don’t punch because punch doesn’t really push it that far back. Attack the girls while they run past you. And that’s about all the girls I guess. After you defeat them, for some reason, some of the drones walking in the hallway are replaced by guys with gray hats who are pretty strong. I still don’t know the significance of the basement other than the 800/500 points (i forgot). That about ends it all, you can still pay premium 1000 points for the same sex scene. Guess that’s why she’s “premium”.

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