Break Chance Memento

Break Chance Memento

Events in Break Chance Memento center on the Amamiya family: brothers Natsume, Masaharu, and Shuuki.

Four years ago, Shuuki Amamiya’s world was turned upside-down upon the accidental death of his twin sister, Fuyuka, at just 12 years of age. Afterwards, their parents blamed Fuyuka’s death on Natsume, the eldest Amamiya brother, because he was the one who’d been with her when she died. Though the specific details behind Fuyuka’s death remained murky, at best, there was no going back. The Amamiya family would never be the same.

In the summer of 2012, after their parents go abroad temporarily for work, the three Amamiya brothers have to move into the dormitories of their private high school. One September morning, Shuuki happens upon the dead body of his older brother Masaharu, who was brutally murdered. Shortly afterward, an oddly-dressed stranger appears out of thin air and tells a grief-stricken Shuuki: “Do you want to bring your brother back? To fix your family relations? You can…if you learn to travel through time.”

Before he knows it, Shuuki is right in the middle of a plot far more sinister than he could have ever imagined. Soon enough, he finds that the key to traveling through time and stopping innocents from being killed lies in break chance mementos–items that are a link between the past, future, and present.

59 comments on “Break Chance Memento

  1. Thank you for this! Could you guys also please publish Where We Lay Our Scene? It’s made by the same developer. 🙂

  2. To the people discouraged by the fact that this is a “yaoi” game don’t worry it is not yaoi at all. MINI SPOILERS!

    I have played this game before and the most the characters do is kiss. That’s all. If possible I urge you to buy the game. It is available on Steam and! The game is wonderful and I encourage you to play it.

      1. It’s still a great game though. You should give it a try. I thought the bl parts that we did get were very adorable!

        1. though it may be late…

          do you know how to get the general CG no 8? I think I have done everything, but I can’t find anything new. I’m still missing 1 cg, 1 music and two mementos… help please?

          1. Sorry for the really late reply but I can still help you if you need it.

            This is what the guide said ” 8. Unlocked at the end of chapter 3 if not pursuing any of the characters in particular ”

            Hopefully that can help you!

  3. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADMIN. Do you think you could upload one of the creator’s new game, Where We Lay Our Scene?

  4. Admin, the creator of the game has released a comprehensive guide/walkthrough on this game. They said they released it in the recent update and can be found in the purchased game directory. If it’s not a hassle, would you upload the guide???

  5. I’ve never played a BL VN before, but hey, I will play anything with a murder mystery in it so here goes. Many thanks Admin 🙂

  6. one guy posts he don’t like fag love games
    fags all gang up on him/her/xe for voicing his disappointment at the game being all about dicks and butts not dicks and vaj-jays
    I’m bi and for the record gay people suck, far more fags and dykes are insensitive culture-less assholes who pull the victim card out whenever someone points out how much of an insufferable obnoxious white knighting moral fag they are
    get off your pedestal or move to Iran and join the Morality Police where you can crack down on moral infringements such as public free speech and get paid for it along with your self-satisfying thrill getting you moist
    also this VN’s art style is weird but lets give it a go

    1. just because you’re bisexual doesnt give you the right to use slurs you cant reclaim lmfao nice try appealing to the ~straights~ though

      1. oh look another gay telling people what they can and can’t say
        too bad the gestapo doesn’t exist anymore I’m sure they would have loved to have you onboard
        perhaps you’d like to have another rally at the Wartburg festival and you and your buddies can burn more ‘un-tolerant’ literature/media

      2. oh look another gay telling people what they can and can’t say
        too bad the gestapo doesn’t exist anymore I’m sure they would have loved to have you onboard
        perhaps you’d like to have another rally at the Wartburg festival and you and your buddies can burn more ‘un-tolerant’ literature/media that offends your fee-fees

  7. Has anyone been able to find the walkthrough? I know the author wrote one that’s only available to those who buy the game, but I’d like to follow a walkthrough.

          1. Yeah I definitely can. How would you like to receive it? Never given a file before. I can just paste the whole thing if needed.

          2. oh can you also help me with the secret ending? I really don’t know how to get it ;n;

          3. Are you talking about the secret CG. Its more of an add on to the ending but I’ll put what the guide said.

            ” Unlocked at the end of chapter 5 by choosing to “Say nothing” to Kyousuke when Shuuki first meets him in chapter 2 (this choice only appears after finishing the game with a neutral or good ending once) and then not pursuing any of the characters and getting a neutral ending ○ Getting this CG unlocks the “Seventeen Again” achievement in Steam “

  8. I get hooked after reading description, but BL tag destroyed my expectations, BL isn’t my cup of coffee.

    pls Can someone recommend me good time travel VN (non-BL) except steins;gate ?

    1. I actually haven’t seen anything resembling BL so far besides the fact that the MC ditches his boyfriend at a hotel in the beginning of the game. I’m like 5 chapters in and nothing BL has happened. (Idk if this will change your mind but it is a pretty cool time travel game and I’m like 80% sure I read something saying you can completely avoid the romance aspect.)

  9. Could we please all calm down our dicks and tits? Dudes, we aren’t here to tear each other to pieces, we are here to voice our opinions, so let’s hear each other out and be happy with that. If you don’t want to see bad comments on a game you like because you will instantly react by saying that the one who doesn’t like this game is a dumbass, just don’t read the comment sections. PLEASE. I don’t really care about this game, didn’t download it and have no intention to, because I don’t like BL games in general, anyone got a problem with that?

  10. Holy crap. The comment section is a wreck. I’ll never understand people. Anyway, thanks for the upload, admin! Any chance that you’ll be uploading No One But You sometime soon-ish?

  11. my problem with this whole comment section is that i literally dont care that you’re straight. why are you saying this in the comments. no one cares. go be straight somewhere else.

  12. meh
    I’m a little dissapointed. I prefer Japanese BL games, but thank you anyway, admin. (^___^)
    It’s very, very nice to see another bl game here.

  13. geez would it kill you to not hate every BL, the very few that come out, will it?
    if you get it, then go read/download what you like and leave this games alone! what a pain in the ass XD
    don’t like it, move on to the next game. it’s not so hard, it’s useless to bitch how much you hate it/ don’t like it like a little bitch, it sound pathetic really.
    like they said in youtube – DON’T LIKE DON’T WATCH! or in this cause DON’T LIKE DON’T DOWNLOAD AND MOVE ON
    admin thank you so much for this game! I love you forever for this. first it was the most amazing masterpiece Lamento that I love so much and didn’t have the chance to thank you for it yet! but thank you so much for this amazing BL games, I”m really really grateful for your hard work!

  14. Thank you for the game! You guys really saved me from my boredom. I felt like I needed to do something fun before I start the new semester, start my 2nd job, and move into a new apartment which all coincides tomorrow! 🙁

  15. Okay, this happens all the time, and it’s always irritated me. No matter what kind of game is posted, some idiot will always comment saying something about how they were almost interested in it, but they don’t like this type of content. Here’s the thing. Nobody gives half a care what you like or don’t like. No one here knows you, no one here is your friend, no one here values any opinion you have ever had in your entire life. The people reading this right now don’t give a shit what I’m saying, not really. No one. Friggin’. Cares. You don’t like BL? Okay, I don’t care. No one cares. Nobody cares about that at all. Why would you even take the time to say that? Did anyone ask you, hey dude, are you gonna download this game, because I really need to know if you, personally, are going to download this game. That information matters to me so much. Please, tell us all. Yeah, that has never happened. Use the comment section to tell us if the game is working properly, and if not working properly, how to fix it. If you have played the game, tell us if it’s a fun game, or a shit game. Don’t tell us why you’re not going to play it, because we don’t care. The people who dig BL can read the tag, just like you did. The people who hate BL can also read the tag, and avoid it. Everyone here can fucking read, and handle their own goddamn business. But thanks so much for sharing your dislike of BL with everyone. My life has been changed by this revelation, truly, thank you. You clod.

    1. If people “don’t care” about anyone’s opinion then why have a comment section to begin with? Why the hell are you even replying here if you believe that no one cares about YOUR opinion either?

      I for one, care about people’s opinion. I don’t agree with everyone’s opinion but I care about them. Even strangers. Even random people on the internet. Even yours. Trolls are a different story since they’re not posting their true thoughts but I don’t see anything to prove that he’s a troll.

      The opposite of love is not hate but apathy. Not caring about people’s opinions is a sign of a psychopath. But since you obviously care about people’s opinions (otherwise you would have never bothered to fucking write this long post about how no one cares about the opinion that you so obviously care about)…ahem, you are not a psychopath but a normal, caring human being.

      If you truly don’t care about my opinion or the opinion of anyone reading these two comments, you won’t even reply back.

  16. Thanks for the upload ! There really are very few BL games out there, so I appreciate any I can get.

    The thing with these \I don’t like BL games. Well, then you’re homophobic\ back and forth is, that it’s a bit pointless.

    He can voice his opinion, but it doesn’t really matter, because he’s not part of the target audience for these games. No one really cares or should care. He’s a bit shouting at clouds here.

    Erogedownload, thankfully, uploads them anyway, even though I imagine that there are fewer people interested in them than in hentai games.
    So props to him/her/them for thinking about us as well.

    Isn’t that what’s more important ? That BL games are still being posted ?
    Who cares what he thinks, really. It’s a bit annoying, true, but I feel one only fuels debate and offends people by seeming offended.

    Best tatic:

    Just ignore him/them. Unless their opinions are insulting.

    ( Also, I’ve got a secret for you all: There’s way more gay porn and porn on Tumblr than you think. SJW are acutally only a part of it. They’re just the loudest, that’s why you think Tumblr is made up of them. Ask someone who’s on there and chances are, you’d find that they’re annoyed by some of them as well.)

    That was long, I’m sorry.

  17. People do it all the time on other ones, ie Rance with it’s rape scenes or The girl on girl games. People like to voice their thoughts about what they like or don’t like. It happens all the time. No reason to start using that overly used statement. This is exactly the reason why people say 2015 was the year that everyone was insulted. Get over it.

  18. Just because they’re not into gay games doesn’t make him/her homophobic. I don’t like spiders but i’m not scared of them. Stop miss using words.

    1. I don’t want to get into one of the many fights about homophobia on BL games here, so I will ask just one thing: Why go out of your way to comment on something you don’t like? It’s a given that there are all different types of genres on here, and I don’t go out of my way to say that I don’t like hentai on a page specifically for an h game. If I did, I would probably be called an SJW. I only see these comments on BL. There’s so few BL games as there are, and almost every other game is tailored for straight guys. I just don’t understand the need to tell everyone you don’t like a genre on a page that game.

        1. I never said there wasn’t a right. Just asked why they would bother to, and then get offended that people find it annoying. There’s more outrage over people being offended than there actually are offended people.

          1. Comments sections are there for a reason. People comment. Good or bad. And to be blunt, you are commenting to express your dislike about someone else commenting to express their dislike. So, yeah. there’s that little bit of hypocrisy going on there.

          2. Well, most likely because they just want to express their opinion, or stand in it.

            As comment section is here for expressing thoughts etc. like how a friend got rejected by her ‘now’ ex-bf that goes out now with another girl and you want to console the said friend and give your opinion regarding the ‘ex’ but in the end only got rebuttal or even anger from the said friend as she ‘love’ him, she says.

            It’s not like you need to do it for your friend and it’s not that beneficial for yourself too, well maybe it has but on a psychological sense that doesn’t really make much logic from others perspective.

            The desire to give your thoughts or opinion on the matter in front of you even if when you think logically there is no benefit from doing it but still do so to satisfied one’s self and be at ease.

            Well, guess that doesn’t relate now does it? Haha~ XD!
            Now I wonder just what I’m trying to say? I myself don’t understand. 🙂
            People are getting caught-up in this topic.

      1. My thoughts exactly! Maybe people that don’t like the many yuri/hentai games(compared to the few bl) should start commenting on their pages that they don’t like it

      2. I ask this back: why go out of your way to say that you instantly like a game because there’s a picture of big titties above the synopsis? Do you think I care that you’re a straight male who loves big boobs? Do you think you have the right to waste my time with such a pointless comment???

        Do you see how ridiculous that sounds? He posted it because it’s his opinion. Just like I’m posting this just because I have an opinion that I want to tell others.

        I find it hilarious that “get over it” is my captcha for this post.

      3. Because it makes them more heterosexual. Like every time I see someone drinking Mountain Dew I just have to let them know I am *not* into that! They might think I have no problem with it, and they couldn’t be more wrong! It reassures me, and reaffirms I do not do the Dew. Might as well be drinking fizzy urine.

  19. I was kinda stoked for this then I saw the Boys Love tag and well I don’t swing that way so no longer interested.

    1. The internet has truly been enlightened through knowing the vital information that you were put off through what might be an excellent story through casual homophobia. Thanks for sharing! We were all utterly lost without your opinion.

        1. people that think 2 men is sick…should have no right at all to look at/watch/buy or even look at/for lesbian porn. >.<
          hah…my body is female but i am put off by straight shame there is not much tasteful yaoi/gay stuff about.

      1. Casual homophobia because someone is put off by BL? What is this, Tumblr? Is me not watching gay porn (Yes, that includes lesbian sex) or mixed (Guy and girl having sex, with some parts of guy on guy or girl on girl action) porn also casual homophobia?

        Again, what is this, Tumblr?

        1. Dude it ain’t because you don’t like it. Why you have to broadcast it by commenting on its page We get that you’re hetero lol most mature people just keep scrolling don’t get angry that not every game is something you like it’s the same for everyone you’re not special

          1. Because there is literally no reason not to. Look, I understand. I’m on YouTube a lot, and when I’m watching a LP or some shit, and there’s something this person does that annoys or some shit, guess what? I don’t comment. Why? Because it doesn’t do anything, and it’s not like it’s that big of a deal anyway. However, there is no consequence or anything remotely negative that directly impacts the person commenting.

            The only that happens is that random people, you, get upset over something so simple. You ask why do people have to broadcast it. So now I’ll ask you something. Why shouldn’t they?

      2. Casual homophobia because someone is put off by BL? What is this, Tumblr? Does me not watching gay porn (Yes, that includes lesbian sex) or mixed (Guy and girl having sex, with some parts of guy on guy or girl on girl action) porn also casual homophobia?

        Again, what is this, Tumblr?

    2. Look, I’m a chick and I love BL. I’ve played every one on this site and then some.

      As a big fan of BL, I’m not offended by this comment at all.

      Comment sections are meant for people to post their opinions! I find it so hypocritical that no one says anything if someone posts how much they’re interested in a game just because it has lolis/titties on the cover art (a comment I see so damn often on this site) but if someone posts that they don’t like it because it doesn’t contain said titties, there’s a firestorm.

      People need to chill their tits. He did not say anything remotely offensive towards homosexuals. Yes, he insulted the game but so what? I’m got going to play a game either no matter how \good\ (your damn opinion btw) the story is if, for example, I happen to hate the main character (or any other reason). And that’s my prerogative.

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