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  1. my game crashed at seiso route after pick i’d choose seiso section
    is there anyone know how to fix this? =/i can play monshiro route perfectly well tho… =/

  2. please i need help immediately how to fix the saving files when you can’t save any files in majikoi A-2

    1. Your windows is blocking creation of save files. Run the game as administrator (one of options when you right-click on game.exe) or move it to non-priveledged folder (like “My Documents”).

  3. Hi, there is one problem while I play Seiso route. After Hegemon win the final tournament, the game got crashed. Could you help me with this ? I tried to change the choice but it still crashed though

  4. someone can help me?
    Every time I try to open the game a message appears saying: failure to read the configuration file.

  5. Man… I really want to play Majikoi A-5 now, even if it is untranslated. Does anyone know where I could get a proper crack for it? All I tried googling for it but they don’t work.

  6. ok so i dont have the adult route for mon. is there something i have to do first or did i screw something up unknowingly?

  7. If+he+wanted+to+thank+the+translation+team+it+would+be+better+to+thank+them+on+their+own+site+where+they+are+more+likely+to+read+the+comment.+Anyway,+nothing+wrong+with+thanking+the+admin.

    1. In Majikoi S the backstory happens to be the so called “True Route” there they explain everything about Seiso and the rest of the clones backstory. So you have to play all the routes first and when you finished you will see a new option called childhood and you will have two options appear when you see them click ” Let her join the group.” From there just enjoy the story I hope that answers your question so in short terms no the common route will not explain anything about Seiso backstory or the reason about her personality.

  8. I can’t save. The text in the save slots are all jumbled and it’s giving that green sign in the bottom left when I click a slot, but if I go to load the file is empty???

  9. Admin can you guys please try to translate Worlds and World’s End.
    I’ve been waiting for a long time for that game now. Pleaseeeeee~

    1. Admin collects and puts translated works here. So it’s easier for us to find.
      If he helps translate anything that he himself can answer.

    1. translation is dead, so probably never.

      So far two translations groups tried to translate it and they both gave up.

  10. Hi i have two question: 1st what i should play majikoi or majikoi-A1..A5.
    2nd any news about the rance series can we see new vn in english.

    1. Majikoi-A1 and A2 (up until A5) are fandiscs, offering alternative routes for majikoi S. There is actually no point at all in playing A1/A2, if you haven’t read Majikoi & Majikoi S as all the characters and the bushido plan were introduced in the previous games. And the Mon-route in A2 is actually an afterstory of the Mon-route in S, so reading A2 without S makes no sense at all.

        1. that’s right. you won’t understand what’s happening in A-1/2 otherwise. beside, majikoi and majikoi S are both really fun to read.

        2. You should indeed. Take care of your teeth while doing so though. The chances of cavities from the sweetness overload is massive.

  11. The translator butcher Miyako name in the config menu. How much hate does the translators have on Miyako? And also, why is my captcha is like; ‘enter the following: She’s a witch’ I think everyone hates Miyako now.

  12. I have downloaded the game several times now, but I have encountered a few problems.

    1. Majikoi A-2.exe seems to be suspicious. Avira is deleting is thinks its TR/Dropper.Gen. While inspecting the properties I saw, that the original name of the exe-file was NeXAS.exe, which is wierd because it should be Majikoi A-2.exe in hiragana. It is deleting two Majikoi A-2.exe. At first it seemed weird, but my Winrar seems to have problems, too, due to two Majikoi A-2.exe. I deactivated Avira and restored only one of the Majikoi A-2.exe, which led to another problem.

    2. d3dx9_35.dll can not be found. Thats a problem you can easily fix. You can find a download link via Google. Just make sure you download the right version. I had to take the 64bit one. Unzip the file into C:/Windows/SysWOW64 and the problem is solved.

    3. After solving the aforementioned problems, another error message pops up stating, that the application could not be started correctly (0xc000007b). Dont know how to fix this.

    Both 2. and 3. were occuring as soon as I attempt to start Majikoi A-2.exe or StartUpTool.exe.

    After comparing the unzipped files with the list of files wich should be there, I noticed that several are missing: Filechk.exe, Launcher.dat, Launcher.exe, readme.txt, Setup.exe, SetupInf.dat and Uninstall.exe.

    Can someone please explain how to run it? 😀

    1. While Avira tend to find as lot of eroges suspicious, I’m using an extra folder for all those game which I excluded from Aviras range of security. You can set those exception for Avira under “PC Security”, then simply unzip the game in it and Anvira should ignore it completely.

    2. Ok, nevermind. I am stupid. Completely forgot that I clean intalled Windows a few weeks ago. Hadnt installed the right RE’s yet. Everything works now xD.

    3. For people who haven’t figured it out the 0xc000007b occurs when the application is unable to load the dl because of the size. This means you are using the 64 bit instead of the 34. The fix is simple, download the 34 bit and use that

  13. I+have+downloaded+the+game+several+times+now,+but+I+have+encountered+a+few+problems.+







  14. Soooooo, does this game hold the routes for Majikoi S, Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! A-1, and Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai?
    In other words, is this a combination of the previous titles on this website?

  15. Holy shit! I wasn’t expecting this at all. Maji Translations are badasses. They just finished A-1 six months ago. Most fan translators get bogged down and either give up or take years. Wouldn’t be surprised to see A-3 in another 4-6 months.

    1. well i wouldnt count on that as they said they don’t even know if they would continue or not. And besides, this time it was done quickly because seiso was mostly done when the translation officially started and seiso is the lnogest route if i remembered correctly.

    1. If that doesn’t work, try installing Locale Emulator (I can’t provide a link, unfortunately) – it’s the first result on google and is maintained by xupefei. It basically allows one to run a singular program within the specified locale (in this case, Japanese by default) without changing your system’s locale entirely. I’ve used it ever since it was recommended to me, and haven’t run into a problem since.

    2. if the game was translated by fans (yes, it was) then generally you HAVE TO switch system locale to Japanese

      you do that by changing system setting (google: change system locale)
      or by some emulator (be advised, sometimes they dont work)

  16. @ admin.

    I hope this reaches you, I recently picked up the okami shojo liru game which has a full english option, and is a pretty good game(IMO), if short…

    Not sure how we would go about this, but I could send you the file to upload or something.

    Majikoi A-2 been translate!

    I’m not dreaming aren’t I!?

    A million thanks Admin!!!
    and another billion Thank to Translate team as well

      1. Why would he thank the translation team for the upload? And why would anyone assume he wasn’t talking about the admin uploading this?

        1. Take a guess, which takes more effort: translating a game from japanese to english, or uploading a game on different mirror while the game is available in the internet?

          And like nekaw said, there are many who thinks that admin translates them…

          1. I thank the admin, for without em’ I would have no idea these eroge exists. So, in this website, it’s perfectly acceptable to thank the admin. Unrustle your jimmies, and get your war elsewhere. You can do both of those things here if you wish, it’s not mutually-exclusive.

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