Catgirl & Doggirl Cafe

Catgirl & Doggirl Cafe

After waking up in a foreign fantasy world, you are brought before a King who requests you set up an “Otherworldly Cafe” so that his citizens may partake in delicacies from another realm! On the day of the restaurant’s grand opening, you encounter a sinister slaver corralling 2 animal-eared girls in the street and you spend the money you were planning to use for ingredients to save the 2 girls instead!

While the two girls are free to do as they please now that they are free, they really don’t have anywhere else to go as people treat the demi-humans quite poorly, you end up offering them jobs at your restaurant. As the three of you work together and deepen your bonds, enjoy a fluffy tail of comfy romance between yourself and your adorable coworkers in the Catgirl & Doggirl Cafe!

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  1. Cloud says:

    So for anyone having the same problem as i was where there was a error along the lines where the image file wasnt there. Just load part one after compiling the files though your favored software. I think it was an error on the site creators part and didnt realize it or its the way its downloaded

  2. Mati says:

    A decent one, like it. Really like primina jaja.

    A note. In my windows 7 32 couldnt make it work, but in another windows 7 64 run :/

  3. DeathKnown says:

    Don’t know why, When decompressing all of them the part 2 & 3 is corrupted. Even though they have the same data size.

  4. Heika says:

    I cannot download the files. I get an error, when I attempt to DL them. Restarting the DL does nothing either. This isn’t the only site I have used either. They all have the same issue. Anyone know why?

  5. Wut says:

    Hey, could someone help me? When I decompress all the data and try to start the game, it says ´I’m sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

    Before loading the script.
    error: Error -5 while decompressing data: incomplete or truncated stream´Does somebody knows what can I do to solve this error? Thanks

  6. Greg says:

    Great, i like it!

  7. imouto hunter says:

    @Admin Any chance of “The Language of Love” a OELVN. vndb link v25832

  8. Ann says:

    Will you upload Loca Love 2?

  9. Pervy Queen Sol says:

    Isekai is becoming way too common in this day and age….

  10. Some_Random_Guy says:

    I bet the whole thing is a dream the protagonist is having while in a coma after getting hit by that car.

  11. Raishin says:

    Huh isekai
    This is my favorite genre
    Thanks admin

  12. fuckmosaics says:

    I really like isekai light novels and web novels but I can’t say I’m a fan of kinetic VN. And I’m absolutely not a fan of fucking mosaics. Also, on the VNDB screens, is she badly drawn or did the dog-girl only have one boob when she was a slave ?

  13. Revvo says:


    don’t give into it!

    ty for the upload though ^^

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