Become Tentacle, Attack the Castle and Impregnate the Girls

Become Tentacle, Attack the Castle and Impregnate the Girls

The long-awaited MATING SEASON is here!

Enticed by the scent of hormonal women the tentacle monster has returned once again.

The hunting ground this year for newly estrum-wet ladies is the “Castle”

Wriggle your way through the gates and spawn your seed inside the ready holes of every woman in reach.

Impregnate! Multiply! Create little squirming tentacle babies!

49 Responses to “Become Tentacle, Attack the Castle and Impregnate the Girls”

  1. Phantasmagoria says:

    how to play this game? i cant even start, iam at the main menu and dont know what button it needed to start the game

    • ero-gamer says:

      controls are: z=select/power, x=back/items, p=pause/menue, and arrow keys. for dialog you need to click on the text box.

  2. Azh says:

    I can’t seem to find Monica the maid. Anyone know where she is?

  3. MikefromCanmore says:

    well that didn’t work…

  4. MikefromCanmore says:


  5. Draco Malfoy says:

    I slytheryn.

  6. Xethor says:

    Where is Arabella?

  7. Kura says:

    Hmm… Can anyone tell me where Louisa and Loretta are? I’ve looked in every single place, but I can’t find them…

  8. john_doe_the_mask says:

    Also getting a black screen. Issues with Adobe 11? How can i fix that?

  9. fruffles says:

    Can anyone tell me where to find Silvia? I’ve got everyone else but i just can’t find her lol I’m super bad at these types of games

  10. hellmyhand says:

    I got all the girl (14) pregnant but where is the way home? I tried going back to the starting location but can’t find the “home”.

    • fragarach says:

      press “P” to pause/save and return to the title. Then access the Demon’s Lair from the menu. All the girls you’ve impregnated will be there.

  11. Pls help: says:

    I have all the tentacle scenes, but how do i unlock the rape scenes? i dont have any of them.

  12. Pls help says:

    Hi there! I’m having an issue. Everytime I go to download one of these games i get this error saying that the site cant be reached. Any advice? Thanks

  13. did it says:

    Figured out how to get the ending ,you just have to talk to EVERYBODY in the cave children to.

  14. edwin says:

    anybody know where monica the maid is?

  15. Yamemai says:

    Anyone know where Ellie the Maid is located? I’m having trouble finding her.

  16. san says:

    how do I use magic from staff ? and how to defeat fiona ?

    • Trex says:

      Click th staff and than in game when you will run from her click Z again you will need 2-3 click to banish her armor (best staff is in witch house) you can kill her ussing staf if you want wouldnt matter scenes wll appear.

  17. RNGesus says:

    First, go to the 2nd floor of the castle. Then go behind of big stairs. You should find a small room with three men inside. Try to open the door fo an event,pick NO. Then go to the first floor, behind the big stairs. The room on the upper left contains the event, pick NO twice. enjoy.

  18. helpMEPLS says:

    Does anyone know how i get the Rape scene for Frannie.
    I already got the Tentacle Scene for Frannie but i dont know how i get the Rape Scene :/

  19. helpme says:

    i cant find arabela any help?

  20. Stanley says:

    Can’t seem to play just a black screen can anyone help

  21. Stanley says:

    I can’t seem to play the game at all just a black screen can anyone help

  22. Zappky says:

    Does anyone know is there a way to re-watch certain birth scene,at the nest, instead of replaying the whole game?

    • Catherine says:

      Go to the title, click rewatch scenes or cg gallery, both will give you the scenes. Cg gallery only shows the pictures though.

  23. Rex says:

    uhh, where i can save?

  24. Milenion says:

    Sorry Azrael was right. You only need to talk to all the girls after all the babie’s are born.

    • asuraicHermit says:

      Are you sure? Because I did that and there’s still one scene I haven’t unlocked in teh gallery and it looks like it’s a harem ending like the first game. Really want to get that. I tried going back to teh beginning, I tried killing myself and going to teh lair and talking to all teh girls, but I still didn’t get teh “end”. Where do you go? Is it a certain order to get the girls in?

      • asuraicHermit says:

        So I think you have to do it off of a new game, get all the girls, use p to open the pause menu, and exit to menu from there. then go to demon’s lair and talk to all the girls once. Have not yet tested. may have failed last time b/c I suicided and a time after that b/c I didnt start a new game and it was going off old data and so I didnt get them all in one run?

      • Catherine says:

        You have to get all the girls pregnant, talk to each one in the Demon’s Nest so they give birth, then talk to the princess at the middle back of the cave.

  25. Max says:

    how do you get the ending? I can’t figure out how im supposed to leave to get the final cutscene. I even went back to the fort entrance where the game started and nothing happened.

    • Azrael says:

      You go back on the title screen, into the monster lair and speak to the girl in the upper middle. You probably need to speak to each woman once before that to spawn the children.

    • Noname says:

      If I remember correctly, u need to go to 2nd floor of the big house on the west side, and fight the fighter girl, after that u ll meet another one in the same room, once u finish killing both girls u ll finish the game without get all other girls

      • Milenion says:

        Your are confusing it with the first game.But that aside I have the same problem as Max and Azrael’s coment is incorect. So does anibody else know?

  26. Totoro says:

    Unresponsive you get into menu and you can select stuff with the arrow keys but not do anything

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