Magical Teacher: My Teacher’s a Mage?

Magical Teacher: My Teacher's a Mage?

Due to some family issues, our protagonist finds himself going to live with his aunt, Kasugai Haruka. However, on his way to his new home, he has a bizarre run-in with a magical statue, where he’s saved by none other than Haruka and her friends, who show up as a magically transformed team. Once things settle down, he learns that they’ve formed a group of mages to combat the magical incidents cropping up in town. Our protagonist soon learns that he, too, possesses magical powers, and decides to help combat the magical menace as soon as he hears his crush, Haruka’s daughter, is helping as well…

225 comments on “Magical Teacher: My Teacher’s a Mage?

  1. Gosh! Where do I even begin with this one? This game was absolute trash from beginning to end, though you could argue the first part’s nice with Natsuki (whose constant stammering gets annoying af) being a magnet for bad luck and all, a funny gimmick if you will which btw is barely mentioned later on so wtf. That h scene bgm was booooring and so was the pace. When a game this stupid is this long you can’t wait to see the credits. Useless monsters with mediocre looking sprites, ridiculous plot and bad heroines for the most part. Was expecting a decent ending where all characters celebrate victory but you don’t even get that. They should have cut 75% content of the game and maybe just maybe it would be mildly appealing at best. I give it 2/10 for Yukari’s VA only.

  2. Admin may this have an additional reclassification of rape? There is a gangbang scene with rape in one of the first arcs.

  3. Hi, I have a problem. When I open lcsebody after downloading all of the files, I get an error saying: This game failed to generate directsoundmanagers. Help?

  4. 8665^2 Haruruko no Jijou ADMIN please get this in eng if you have the time it looks good but i cant play it like most games on vndb so please if you have the time or anyone else that can translate please if you read this and are a nice person

    1. ?

      Well, by the time I write this it is in english so… I guess you’re wish have been granted? Not that I had anything to do with it….

      Note, this game is sex covered in a thin layer of plot even more so than some of the other games here so… have fun!

  5. Thanks! I’m loving it and I don’t know if its just me but the BG Music of this game makes me sad for some reason lol

  6. On games like Shuffle I can see all the CG (photos from the scenes). How come there is none on this game? Do I have to finish the game first?

  7. Hey I’m new here I’m just wondering, how do I install after downloading the torrent? I can’t unzip everything into the same folder because it replaces each other’s files.

  8. Dengeki Stryker is released
    Ryoshuu Shijou ~Wana ni Hamerareta Elf no Joshoukou~ is translated
    Period is translated (but being edited)

    have fun y’all

  9. admin please can u upload them at mediafire? if u can because i try to download from ani i got 10 kbps ,and it took me 2 hour to download 1 file T_T ,so please thank you

    1. He uploaded the files in mediafire, but mediafile delete her acount, so I think that he no longer use the mediafire

      1. for you guys information…
        DA being slow recently are due to their upgrades and they are moving their database to somewhere in EU..
        there’ll be a slower speed for the old links…its roughly about 50kbps for EU and slower for Asians like around 10-15kbps..
        but..the newly re-upload links are in their new server and its really fast..
        and bout Mediafire..
        that server deleted all the files recent month and are tighten-ing their COPYRIGHTS policy..
        therefore..the admin..Ivan have provided the torrent for all newly released translated games in the main server and will do so for other un-torrent games if he sees the needs,,

  10. i hope the site still running dengeki stryker coming out very soon and hope i dont have to end up seaching for it i love what the admin does

  11. Admin, no upload in months. I suggest u update the site , upload some Songs,Galleries (with an option for everyone to upload anime pics and to comment on them) more like a fan page to reminisce,you know what i mean, you will come up with other ideas when u start with that. Also, now that the VN’s translation is taking a lot of time to be published globally, you can work out on the site’s structure, or better, try to get together older VN’s or short eroges. Its pretty convenient to those who are not Computer sticky and prefer short novels. thankyou in advance, I got a lot from this site to maintain the database, keep it up 🙂

    1. Loveless..let me are new to this site ain’t you??
      if would notice that we have a forum linked here..
      and Ivan (admin) will only upload fully translated VNs here to ease the downloading process and avoiding confusion…

      1. I think it is better to use vndb forum pictures aswell or maybe if the other sites could cope up some best wallpapers and structure builds for the site here. that way everyone benifits do they not? well thats pretty much what i’m after

  12. you should start looking/downloading game Period by Littlewitch
    translation is at 98%
    expect it comes out soon

  13. i havnt been here in awhile but am i the only that only gets a DL speed of around 15kb whith this new upload site?

  14. Are eroge always romantic?
    I want to know if their are different genres like romance rape etc in eroges. or only romance. i am very confused please help

    1. There r a lot of different types. Romance,Rape,Action,History and so on.In most of the games are at least a few romantic scenes, but in some few cases there r none.

  15. How do you change the font? I know where the fonts for Windows are located, but I can’t find how to change the font used in game.

    1. hay…why the words are in scriblee…its pain in my eyes..anyway i can fix it?anyone please tell me“

    2. Install the Bitstream Vera Sans Mono font to fix this. It doesn’t come with the game.

      Normally the game installer automatically does this for you but the torrent doesn’t use an installer.

  16. Can someone help me with the DA-free part 3? It keeps saying it is not found and making it impossible to download.

    1. If you’re referring to me, no I haven’t retired anything. Also, I’m being asked for the product code for Magical Teacher My Teacher’s a Mage not a different game. Yes, I did look at FAQ but didn’t see anything that mentioned Product codes or what issues Daemon tools does or doesn’t deal with. Just how to install Daemon Tools or how to Mount Images with it.

  17. I downloaded and installed the game. But it refuses to play without being activated. Wants a product code.

  18. I downloaded all 6 parts and extracted a huge file named KAMIDORI.mdf What do I do with it? My computer doesn’t recognize the file type.

  19. Just a question. i downloaded this beforem back when you still have to use the crack from harem party. Now is this fully cracked? or i have to download the crack again?

  20. excuse thank you for the translated vn. there is another vn i saw already translated and it was higanbana. if you could upload it would be a pleasure. ^_^

  21. hep was Himegari Dungeon Meister ever translated? if so where can i get it? XD (or is it a project? :D)

    1. himegari was not translated yet, and the chances of it being translated is probably almost zero because eushully usually send letter to stop the ongoing translations of their games, kamidori is an exception because the one who translated it keep the translation a secret.

  22. Higanbana no saku yoru ni englisch patch like neanis say yes this have a patch ……. but i think isnt 100%? could u upload ?

  23. Higanbana no saku yoru ni englisch patch released! 😀
    i hope the great admin will release it soon.
    i can´t wait to read it.

    1. The game that s translated next. I, for example, thought it d be Sono Hanabira 8, but they didn t work on it for a long time.
      So u have to be patient, it s still for free 😉

      1. thx for info bro 🙂 and indeed cant set any complain when its free XD (patience is the best Moto!! :D)

  24. wording is a lil messed up with the n and m’s are on top of each other makes it kinda hard to figure out what they are saying

  25. @admin would you consider adding gakuen 3 kareo naru etsujoku game i cant seem to find it….its okay if you cant but its a good game i would like to play that sometime i came across it i think you would love it also ^___^

  26. I purchased the game from MangaGamer, but I’m downloading it from here because MangaGamer’s DRM had a fight with my antivirus and now the game won’t even launch.

    So I was wondering, is this copy at all different from MG’s version? Uncensored? Localized? Any difference? I ask because I may want to go to the trouble of getting the legit copy to work after all.

    1. As far as i no the only difference between original and this one is the crack. Might be sth else, didn t play the though.

  27. Dearest Admin:

    all Mediafire links are down. Says somethign about “account suspended” please reupload, torrents would also be a good choice to avoid broken links.

    many thanks for your time and effort.

  28. I Download your game using the torrent file…

    It gives me an error window that says “NECEMEM.SNI is not found.”

    Followed by “This game failed to set NECEMEM.SNI.”

    What should I do??

    -Thanks and have a nice day

    1. It means the game hasn’t been cracked yet. There is a solution for harem party in mangagamer but you’re going to have to figure it out for this game.

  29. yo when i have finished playing my visual novels i like to copy the save a game file in case i would like to replay particular part of the game but while some games have a[savedata] folder some like games from TRABULANCE dont indicate where or what their save files are located thus i risk having to start from scratch each time. can someone help me please.

  30. WHAT THE FU….

    MAAAAN a transexual scene?

    You have to put these things in the description.

    This site is the best that all of us can download eroges, I appreciate that. But adm, you have to put these things in the description , was really disgusting … I erase the game. At the begining was good, but that scene kill all the history.

    1. Dude the ending was worst…..cause there is no conclusion at all and there’s only one ending….to bad I was hoping that ecery girl had her own ending.

  31. Hi, I would like to thank you for sharing the game, dear admin.

    I’ll like to make a request, is it possible for you to provide the download links of the previously uncracked version of Magical Teacher and Deardrops?

    I know this request sounds very stupid, but I want the uncracked version of both games. I already have the uncracked version of Magical Teacher from you previously, but you seemed to have removed the links to Magical Teacher uncracked completely.

    I hope you can provide links to the uncracked version of Deardrops. Please help me if you can. I know the mediafire files of the uncracked Magical Teacher are still alive, just that you removed the links. It would really help if you could link to me the uncracked version of Deardrops.

  32. Admin, can you search and upload this game ? (Semen Caravan Nintei Soft) i’ll be waiting and thks anyway

  33. i am having problem with the downloading i downloaded the files repeatedly but i keep getting corrupt file for no5 and cant extract it can admin please check on it?

  34. even for nukige, this is a disappointment.
    The story line, sex scene, route, etc2, one of the crappiest VN i’ve seen in the pass 10 years…

  35. Admin, can you add “Sensei 2” visual novel by G-col….on ??
    i really want to play that game
    thnks anyway

  36. Way more sex and way less story than expected don’t bother if you are looking for a good story. Thanks for the upload admin but not really my style

  37. @Jay2 Yeah, i think the parts are bit different. When i first download from MF and DA, both of them are corrupt, but when i download from torrent it works just fine

  38. Is it just me or the parts were different before? My part 6 is worth 120 mb but the link know is 81 mb. Is that the reason why my downloaded file is corrupt.

  39. Oh, my walkthrough got posted! I’m so honored! I don’t mind, but could you put my name there? Since it’s also on gamefaqs.

  40. Does this game have some kind of gameplay? Like is it an RPG or just “point-and-click”?

    I would like to suggest the Admin to start classifying the games based on it’s gameplay genre.

    A lot of people like to play only certain games. I, for instance, play only eroge games that have some kind of gameplay.

  41. You said you r going to upload DC:3 admin, but as far as i can say it s only released in Japanese. I m a lil bit confused, is there an english patch or release i didn t see?

        1. I do some research about DC 3….
          Look like the genre is all age,and i can’t find Shirakawa next generation,….

  42. hi admin, sorry for putting this here but maybe you will see it, can you re-up “My sex slave is a classmate”? the links have been taken down, people have put up comments about the links but i’m not sure if you check old posts.

  43. I installed the vera font but the text is still messed up. Is their ny way to fix this cause its kinda weird and hard playing the game when the text gets cut off.

  44. Not sure if this is because of the Harem Party crack but the wordwrap is screwed up. Also, no music on the title screen.

    Anyone got a fix for this?

  45. For those have no clue what to do here is some steps

    step (1) download all the files on this page.

    step (2) after extract the files install the game from setup.

    step (3) after the setup is all done go to your computer and into
    local disk (C) you will then find a file called “score”

    step (4) if you have the game “harem party” then all you have to do is copy the file called ( icsebody ) The same file that starts the harem party game.

    step (last) go to the SCORE file and paste the icsebody in the ( magiT file) play the icsebody that you just paste and done.

    hope this as helped a lot.

  46. seems like one of those shotacon things prior to translation/localization. citation: didn’t know what sex entailed.

  47. Hello Admin, any chance for an updated Koihime Musou, MG added voices to the game sometime early this month, From MG site ” 06 Apr 2012 We’re proud to announce the addition of voices for Koihime Musou! This addition is not a patch. Those who have already downloaded the game will need to re-download the updated version and install it to their computers.” Sorry if this was mentioned before and thanks much!

    1. There was a voice patch already…kinda. Well not an official one, but all you had to do was copy some files over from the original game. I think I found them somewhere in 4chan at the time, but I’m sure they are out and about on the internet elsewhere now.

      1. You can use the extra voice files, but using the unofficial voice addons is prone to errors, and you have no way of replaying dialogue. It’s better to use the official voice version.

        (And by errors I mean fatal ones that can crash the game when you attempt to access menus or save if you take some selections of sideroutes)

        1. Really? Never happened to me when I played it. And I play through ALL of the routes Main and Side, and all options. But I guess I just got lucky then. Also I never replay the dialog just scroll up and re-read if I missed something, so I never noticed that. Anyway it was a fun game. I might have to replay it, expecially an official voice version just to see any difference.

  48. >Starts playing
    >5 minutes in PC doesn’t know what masturbation or sex is.
    >Save and restart game
    >sees MangaGamer disclaimer
    “all characters are over 18″…..OK I’m calling BS on this one. Not that I really care, but seriously if this was taken to court would that disclaimer even stand up??

    1. in Eroge! one of the girls(Nene) looks(and iirc often acts) like a child(she’s not but that’s besides the point).

      relevant since MG is working on it

      1. ack posted in the wrong tab XP

        I didn’t know what masturbation was till I was 17.

        I’ve done it since I was 14, but that doesn’t change the fact I didn’t know what I was doing was called

    2. Would it stand up in court?

      The chances of it standing up in good are… good.


      No one’s stupid enough to go through the embarrassment that entails with bringing up that the disclaimer makes no sense and that the game actually does have characters younger than 18 having bedtime fun. :3

      Trust me, do so and you WILL be labeled a pervert for the rest of your life by basically everyone.

      Though I can see politicians finding these sort of games and making a huge deal out of it… something along the lines of ‘exploiting our children’ or some crap like that.

      1. the funny part with your complaint is that it wasnt made in the United states so don’t think that everything is under the same law as it is in different countries plus japan is different than USA or whatever country you are in just saying

  49. ei admin just my first time requesting 🙂 can u please upload this game?

    Harukoi Otome ~Greetings from the Maidens’ Garden~

  50. ^ I overwrited the old one with the new Icsebody.exe, then just changed the ‘target location’ in Magical Teacher application in desktop with the new Icsebody.exe. It works for me.

  51. read older comments then find it.
    Wanger says:
    April 23, 2012 at 2:45 am

    here is a copy of the crack I used if it helps

    link find it urself XD.

  52. It works but you have to run it directly from the folder. Oh and don’t overwrite lcsebody_ just paste new one.

      1. Did you even check the torrent box? it says it’s waiting until a proper crack is made, then he will upload the torrent.

  53. OMG, i found out why my voices werent working. it would seem as if logitech g930 headset won’t output the voice, just the bgm files. i set it to my actual speakers and the voices worked perfectly >.< i had this problem occur before when i tried steaming. guess i have to do the same and mix both lines into one audio device

    1. actually, scratch off the portion in needing to mix the lines, easier solution is disable surround sound by the switch on the headset, T-T im an idiot

  54. afaik, there are six endings. (Kasugai Natsuki, Kasugai Haruka, Yuzuki Kana, Orikura Mariko, Misono Chigusa, Alicia Rowlands and Kaga Yukari)

    I’m not sure if there are any best endings though. *waits for a walkthrough.

  55. Disabling every single security measure I can think of hasn’t changed anything. I’ve noticed that copy-pasting lcsebody.lst into the same directory stops the error message, but causes the .exe to crash upon activation.

    Does anybody know what actually causes the error message in the first place?

    1. When you use the Harem Party cracked exe, make sure the final file name in your Magical Teacher directory is lcsebody.exe and not lcsebody_.exe like the original.

  56. Thanks alot for your hard work (again) admin. Currently DL’ing now, so fingers crossed the harem party crack works 🙂

  57. Crack from Harem Party is not working for me. I copy-pasted lcsebody.exe over, but it gives me an error window that says “NECEMEM.SNI is not found.” followed by “This game failed to set NECEMEM.SNI.”

    1. its the file he mentioned from the other game. Unfortunately, it’s not packaged separately, its just included in the Harem Party batch I believe. I just tested it myself and it does indeed work.

  58. I just copied the lcsebody.exe from my cracked version of harem party into my newly installed “MagiT” folder.

    It runs the game just fine


    1. Oh and Tks for upload admin, me love you long time.

      P.S. no kittens were harmed in this cracking process 😀

  59. hope it finishes soon I can’t wait to play this by the way people buy the game to suport the creators if you like it. Thanks Advance Admin

  60. Not to sound insulting but do you know how to crack games? I always thought it was the original uploader who cracked them.

    1. admin never states that he is the one cracking the files. Just simply that the game is till in the process of being cracked.

      Most likely admin is waiting till a working is released till he posts dl links.

  61. Lets start the kitten killing!
    Where is the crack?
    Where is download link?
    Serial code?

    Three kittens dead, lol.

    1. what kind of cunt doesnt like cats? your probably the type of fuck that abuses his pets and records videos of it.

  62. I LOL’d at the last sentence. Thanks in advance for everything you’ve done with this site and everything you will do in the future, admin. Looking forward to this game and all others.

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