Kawakaburi No Cherry

Kawakaburi No Cherry

An elementary schooler Kazuki visits a friend one summer day.
Sadly his friend is away, but his hot mum Reiko is home.
She starts to seduce Kazuki and eventually they engage in various sexual acts…

167 comments on “Kawakaburi No Cherry

  1. The first time I opened it worked … Then I tried to log in again and generated a crash file, does anyone know why? Both times, I used the applocate.

  2. Images/animation is not displayed when I play but I can see them in Gallery. Please help!
    Locale already changed to Japanese and I’m using windows 10

  3. can anyone explain why i only get a blue terminal screen when i run the game? and how can i fix it?

  4. I keep getting a Syntax error or something whenever I try to load it up. Is there any way to fix this?

  5. this visual novel is pretty good! i like the visuals, especially the effort of including slight animation in the CGs.

    the only problem that i have is i still have a missing scene and CG on the second row to the last right. i keep getting the “I guess she didn’t like me much.” ending as well so i’m not sure how to work on to the good ending?

  6. Where’s the walkthrough for this game…There was a cg for anal sex in the game. But I cant seem to find a way to get anal sex.

  7. anyone knows, how to get a good ending? any walk through which is wrong choice and right choice? any secret ending?

  8. Game used to work fine now I get a half a screen deleted it and downloaded a new one and i still get half a screen ..why?

    1. maybe its new DRM proteck you from play it because lol i got same problem all update but still screen half cut black look like is missing something

  9. I extracted all the files LLLLLELEEEEEELL XDDDDDSSDDD

    The intro music is epix, that is all I was after, not the secret ending vid.

  10. can anyone help me i downloaded the game and click on the drawing app but i get a blue screen saying styinex or something why wont it load right can anyone help me out

  11. This game was great. It kinda reminds me of my childhood. Being a curious kid and etc. Are there more games like this.

  12. HEy guys i dled it i tried to open it with applocale when i click finish nothign happens! every time i try just lcicking on the exe blue screen pops with the syntax error! anyone can help?

  13. finally got it to work:
    like most of you had it set to japanese locale but obviously that didn’t help.
    for me it runs mit applocale third choice from bottom (there are two settings with brakes behind them. it’s the lower one).

    1. made a mistake it was the second from bottom. the one under those with breaks.
      which in fact is quite strange because it’s the japanese locale but setting it to japanese locale in windows seems to be insufficient???

  14. everytime i try to load the game it said that its a trojan of some sort is there anyway i can play this without distroying my computer?

    1. It’s stylized drawings and recordings made by adults for adults. They aren’t real people, and none of the depicted events actually happened.

      So, no. Nothing illegal by United States law.

      That said, yaaaawn.

  15. why doesn’t work? a blue screen show up and syntax error…
    do nid to download other program to play this…?

  16. help pleaseeee :c
    i’ve downloaded this, used Applocale to open it, and it starts up fine, but when the window opens, a text box opens with the title ‘Information’ and the window with the game is a black screen :c
    someone please help </3

  17. Can somebody help me?
    I can’t seem to get a good ending
    I always get “I guess she didn’t like me much”

    How can I get the good ending?(forgive my english, I’m hungarian)

    1. seriously?? You know what the goal of the VN is right? Give in to the woman and comply to everything she asks of you… like not writing about it your diary.

  18. Thanks for a first translated shota + older woman game in my experience ever… Liked it, great stuff. Makes you remember all those fantasies you had as a kid and all.

    1. If it doesn’t work with japanese locale, you probably also need to do one more thing.
      You probably should put the files into program files folder.
      if you have windows 7 64bit, there may be 2 program files folders, put it into the first one.
      keep the japanese locale the same though.

  19. i downloaded it but when ever i try to play it well click on the weird icon (looks like a bad drawing), it brings up a small blue sceen and fails to work, did i miss something? why wont it work .-.?

      1. You know what really bothers me? is that just from looking at the screenshots on vndb, the girl seems to talk like Don Corneo from Final Fantasy VII!

        Characters in an eroge which talk like old men is beyond creepy!

  20. hay..when i cLick the ICON`TO start the game weird colorful box appeared…what should i do???anyone PLEASE ANSWER~!~!~!

  21. to any one who wants to DL this “VN”. it doesnt have any story(unlike Monster Girl Quest),is very short,only has one good ending and one bad,and is simply a sex game.Just wanted to warn you.

  22. Okay I cant get this to work at all. I play tons of VN’s so I have it in japanese locale, I click on the exe and it just disappears and nothing happens wtf?

  23. Im derping really hard, i have it set to japan localization, and when i click the .exe i get an error. help?

  24. there’s a new eroge called (Even More) Perverted Girlfriend, can admin please upload it?

    i think it looks similar to kawakaburi, the art and style i think

  25. Is there a way to not get the comment “I guess she doesnt like me much” at the end of the game?” Tried a couple time sand I keep getting it.

  26. Do we just open the game from the application? I click on the application and all I got was a pop up showing syntax error and all the weird symbols.

  27. Hi, is there any tutorial on how to install this Novels? It seems that this one isn’t mountable in DAEMON tools. Haven’t installed/played any Visual Novel yet so I don’t have a clue.

    Thanks in advance

  28. DAM!, The animations were slick and creamy….Mmmmm…I can’t believe I came 5 times in that ending Doggy Style position, Dag namet! Milf is just to sexy especially when the kid said that doing it in the back is THE BEST!

    1. I can’t seem to get this game to work, I unpacked it and when I load the program up it immediately had an error, a syntax one maybe? Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

  29. Cen someone tell me what exactly is Shotacon ? I never play this kind of H-game before, is it worth of download, is it good ???

  30. I cant play the game. Im in Japan setting, but i get a error message with the path to the .exe in it, with some unreadable japanese.
    Can someone help me?

  31. This game is awesome shit, i can’t believe it’s a doujin, the graphics are way too good, even better than most professional eroge.

  32. First translated shotacon game and it’s very short with an average rating of 4.23 on vndb? I’m am so disappointed right now you don’t even know…

    1. Well, i guess it’s because of the culture differences?
      though apparently not many people like shotacon, so yeah, but i’m pretty sure the large majority of people do like mature women with younger guys.

  33. Hi people.
    The game doesnt wanna start.
    I set the region in Japan, like for many ithers game, but i get a error message with the path to the .exe
    Can someone help me?

  34. Thanks again for your hard work, Admin. I can’t wait until you upload Magical Teacher. 😀 Just be prepared for the flood or raging noobs haha.

  35. Magical Teacher will come when it comes folks. Just gotta be patient. You are getting these games for free after all. My Girlfriend is the President took over a week before it showed up on here too.

    1. Since filesonic closure i have much smaller budget to maintain the site, back then i could just buy any game i wanted to share it here, with filesonic basically paying for it. I won’t be able to buy every game, like i used to do, you need to wait for someone to share it (and if you bought the game from mangagamer, and want to share it with other users, hit me up, using the contact form on erogegames.com forum, and i’ll get it posted).

      1. I think some ppl dont have a credit card to buy games from mangagamer (like me)
        and dont have a filehoster account to upload them.

        I dont see it on your site, but would you mind taking donations via paypal for your server costs ?

        1. dude..
          he got that [DONATE] button on the left..
          i would like to donate too..
          if im working now that is~

  36. Please…how do I install this game? I extracted the files and mounted the .exe files with daemon tools lite and it tells me that the disk may be corrupted. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong here.

  37. I can’t get the program to work. I open it but then get some kind of error message with a bunch of symbols.

    Can someone post a guide for installation of this game or something?

    1. You have to change your computer’s localization (can be found in the control panel. There’s a more in-depth walkthrough of how to do this somewhere else on this site)

      Alternately, you can also download a program from Microsoft’s website called AppLocale that will automatically simulate different localization settings for various programs. If you’re installing it in Windows Vista or 7, you’ll have to go to google to find a guide about how to get around some permissions issues by using the command prompt though.

      1. Nah, this is scam, change locale, used locale emulator, cannot open, don’t bother download and people just keep telling you the same solutions which do not work

  38. How do I get this to run on windows 7?
    I get an error message, telling me it is a syntax error and some odd white letters on blue screen window opens.

  39. this is not my cup of tea, but maybe it’s worth giving a try?, that being said it sound’s like a very short game lol, i’m more eagerly awaiting Magical Teacher Sensei wa Majo

    1. It is a very short game. I don’t see why anyone with reasonable reading speed can’t get through the entire game in just 2 or 3 hours (unless you spend a ton of time lingering on the “mini-game” sections) And really at most it requires just a single extra play-through to get all the scenes and CGs provided you make the right choices.

  40. This is MASTERFUL.

    No seriously, I used to fantasize about my teachers since grade 5, nothing hotter than a boy getting it on with older women!

  41. I think it’s pretty amazing that Mr. Admin is the only person who cracks and uploads all the offical english games..
    (I know this game is a english patch version)

    Thank you for your hard work

      1. really? Then who does is ?
        I thought admin would do this all the time because he is the first one to upload then

        1. There are many sub-team translating VN-games and admin has the source to have the patch. However, some teams just provide the patch and you have to download the games yourself.(that’s the reason we thanks the admin)

          1. Yeah I know that, but I am talking about the official english games which are released by Mangagamer and Jast with the uncensored CGs.
            I think these games need a crack cause you need a keygen to play them

  42. if i using JD downloader that file is offline but if i download manual i can download with well (sory bad english) why cant using Jdownloader(offline)

    1. thats because jdownloader has no plugin for the site downloadani.me its in the works but there is no eta for when it will be implemented.

    1. recommend learning Japanese
      heard many people try to translate games from TEAM BALDRHEAD before, result -> all failed (believe they say too tough to hack those games)

          1. Well, the MediaFire links here are dead, so we might be closer to that situation than expected.

      1. What does being into older women have anything to do with S&M?
        there are more H-material with Shota’s taking the lead on the older women than the other way around, just because she’s 20 years older than you doesn’t mean you just give up your balls and let her do what she wants with them.

        1. Is there a way not to get the comment where she says I guess she didnt like me much at the end? Besides getting a bad ending.

    1. I completely agree, we need moar loli eroges! I just can’t seem to find many, and I have already played all the good ones that were translated.

    1. this visual novel is pretty good! i like the visuals, especially the effort of including slight animation in the CGs.

      the only problem that i have is i still have a missing scene and CG on the second row to the last right. i keep getting the “I guess she didn’t like me much.” ending as well so i’m not sure how to work on to the good ending?

    1. I’ve tried a bunch of things but can’t get it. I’m missing the last image in the 2nd row in the image viewer, and presumably the 4th scene (bottom left of the scene viewer)

      I know that how much you do in the touch mode can change things (you can go long enough to make her come when you’re licking her, and you can actually rub her enough that she complains it hurts in the second rubbing scene) but I can’t make it do anything different. I’ve tried varying how much I do those touch mode “mini-games”, I’ve come inside and outside of her, I’ve tried to play aggressively and shyly, and either I get the same batch of scenes and a post-credits pic that has a word bubble that says “I guess she didn’t like me much”, or I get the bad end where I screw up, leave the house early and the game stops there.

      1. really? i just went with the flow n nvr had to leave early. i just thought it was a one ending route. didnt know you could get a bad end.

        1. I had to try purposely to get the “bad” ending. You have to do things like refuse to enter the house, choose to go home when presented with the option, reject Reiko’s advances, or ignore her requests (like telling her that you’re going to write all about what’s happening in your journal)

    2. I think I’ve figured out the 4th scene. When you get to the point where you have the choice between wanting to lick Reiko, or have her look at your dick, you have to choose the second option (getting her to take care of your dick)

      It leads to a blowjob scene that is the bottom left slot of the scenes gallery, and the last image or two in the 2nd row of the image gallery.

  43. Heya, admin! Just wanted to thank you for all the work you do! You made downloading eroges much easier.

    1. Yea, i don’t recall even one shota game getting translation before.
      Not my cup of tea, but my goal is to have every translated game here; Also, some users were asking for it.

      1. seriously i dont want to donate if i get something like “eroge download” on my statement 😐

        1. It depends upon your definition really. In MGQ the hero LOOKS very young, but he isn’t, which is infinately less creepy imho. 😉

          1. he looks it in some scenes he looks 12 in others tho he will look about 19 all depends on who did the art for the cg

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