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    1. There’s a full screen mode isn’t there? On the menu. I don’t remember if ALT+ENTER works. With older VNs, try ALT+Enter or pressing F.
      Take care with resolution – chances are the game will look squished.

  1. Read this as it seemed short. Plot of story was interesting however I had a few issues with it.
    Language, very southern/redneck (ya’ll etc.)
    Drug use. Addict did not act like a addict especially considering that particular narcotic.
    Ending. Kind of sucked. Felt rushed and characters personalities was a complete 180. Like the author wanted a happy ending so now everything is ok and lets walk into the sunset towards a bright future.
    If the story was a little more realistic (especially the drug usage) it would have been much better

    1. I agree with you. I finally finished this after a long time of wanting to. It is a decent VN but I wish it was a bit longer. I also don’t understand why some actions went without consequences (!SPOILER! like a certain scene with Touka, and of course, what happened afterwards).
      It’s rare to see drug use in Japanese works. I wanted to see more. I “like” stories about drug addiction and prostitution. Hell, Christiane F. is one of my favourite people and the movie about her is awesome.
      I didn’t like how some words were capitalised randomly.

  2. a world not their own . . . like Cross Channel or something? Quite the harem in this one; addict, prostitute, orphan. I amm intrigued.

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