Divi Dead

Divi Dead

My name is Ranmaru Hibikiya. Today is my first day at Asao Private School…
My uncle is the dean of this school. About a month ago, he paid me a visit and offered me enrollment at his school. Seeing I’ve been out of school for a long time, I accepted his offer. What was the catch? He asked me to keep an eye out for him. Bluntly, I was to be his spy…No problem.
Well actually, there was a problem. Once I arrived, I started noticing some disturbing things. There was violence and misconduct happening on campus, not the usual past times at a private high school. As I got deeper into my investigation, I came across a possible correlation between an underground society and the unusual behavior of my peers. I realized that I could not trust ANYONE.
There’s just one last thing…After transferring, sometime between all the sexual escapades happening on campus, and my investigation, something horrifying happened to me. I..

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  1. Hey folks. The game is good but the voices sound is lower than the BGM. There’s no way to equalize it in-game. You can use an equalizer software, but I’ve solved the problem simple by using headphones.
    I just thought it would be nice to write this tip here.

    *Of course, there might be alterations depending on the phone you’re using.

    What ridiculous main menu. It tricked me.
    I thought the game was not working, but if you click at the statue to your left the game menu will appear, at your right the special menu (the gallery) will appear.
    The opening also disturbed my life. I tried every option at the compatibility menu of Windows 7, but the video just doesn’t show up. The thing is: it will take 5 seconds to the screen change. The begin is a black screen. I noted that when I give up and play it in the game folder.

    You are able to play the game only emulating the driver. Use Daemon Tools (or any other emulation software you have) and run the \DIVIDEMON.exe\.


    Use Daemon Tools (or any other emulation software you have). Then open \Computer\ > right-click > \Explore\ or \Open\ or whatever open the game folder without executing it (I’m using W7 in japanese so I’m not sure how this is in english or in another system) > Copy the files and place them into your ass or any other place you like. Run the exe.
    Create an shortcut if you want.

    IF AN ERROR OCCUR RUNNING THE EXE it will probably ’cause of the name of the folder. This fuckin’ game is very old ya know. Try place it at \ComputerProgram FilesDivi-Dead\

    IF A COPYRIGHT SCREEN SHOWED UP AND NOTHING HAPPEN try read the begin of my comment. It might help. If it doesn’t – fuck you. I’m already playing the game LOL

    C’s Ware: seriously, next time you folks make a game, insert an arrow at main menu indicating where find the shits.

    \C’s Ware is a label of HimeyaSoft Inc. (not to be confused with their US-Distribution arm Himeya Soft Inc.)\
    Does it collapsed? ‘Course. Everyone who bought the game didn’t know how to start LOL

  3. Is there a way to make the fast-flash scenes at the beginning show? I get the blood splatters near the end of the first scene but there is also an image of a girl at the beginning, when you hear the pounding. I know it’s there because it’s in the gallery, and because I saw it back when I played this game on win98 😛 Thanks.

    1. Nevermind, it seems to display properly in win95 mode with everything checked except 256 color. I don’t know which of those is NECESSARY, but it works so I’m set. 😛

  4. This’ll probably sound stupid, and I apologize in advance, but can this run on Windows 7? I saw on a walkthrough that it runs on Windows 95/98/2000/XP, with no mention of Vista or 7…

  5. What I want to know is wether the story (not the endings, I know they are different)diverges because of the route you choose.
    Because if the walkthrough for all three routes is the same and then the story is exactly the same, except for the endings, I’d rather play it only once and then use a finished savegame with all endings unlocked to get the rest.

    1. The story is more or less the same, but you will be able to know more about the story if you play ever route.

      But yes, the general gist of the story remains the same.

  6. i played it last night and it’s working fine.. now when i launched the game again today.. i’m having an error saying “couldn’t read the script” and no image of the game is showing up.. how to solve this problem?

    1. the real problem is after i select from window or fullscreen mode the logo will show and after that the screen will remain black but i can hear the game sounds..

  7. I completed this visual novel today and it was the far worst visual novel I ever played. The plot was simply dumb, the art was too plain, but I must admit that the BMG was really good. Ah, yeah. I said the plot was dumb, yes? Yes, there were way too much logic errors. At first, it was all about a drug that calms people down and then from NOTHING it is about magicians?! Stop mocking me! That’s shit! Sorry, buddies. But I can’t overlook such a insult of a visual novel. Well, anyway I do not recommend anyone to read this shitty visual novel.

    I’ll never again read such old visual novel. I’m so dissappointed! I read the description and thought that this piece can only be a masterpiece, but no, sorry, it’s not!

    If I was you, and a smart guy – I would avoid this visual novel, if you don’t want to waste your time.

    Thanks for reading.
    Leave your opinion, if you disagree.

    1. Sorry if it doesn’t have the “sparkly” , “magical” glow newer shat has dude. The plot is good, you probably were too stupid or confused to understand it. It most certainly isn’t a game for the ero concept either. Go play your magical sparkly crap elsewhere idiot…

  8. I played this game ages ago, and while it does set up an interesting setting/story with some moments of really creepy atmosphere, I just want to warn people that much of that will come crashing down around day 3 or 4, IIRC, since you will have to spend a lot of time just walking in circles around the campus, looking for the next arbitrary plot point.
    I really loved the game towards day 2-3, and then it just bogged down into watching the same “nothing here” messages over and over again.

    It is very interesting, but gods damn the “gameplay” fails so hard. It’s not a BAD game, but there are a lot better out there.

  9. This game is one screwed up piece of work. The atmosphere is great and you always end up doubting every bit of information you get. Like the description says, you can trust no one. I got hooked on this and played it two days in a row. The art is not wonderful but the story and atmosphere makes up for it. Definitely recommended to all mystery/horror fans.

  10. @Decadence, don’t know if you still check here, but for anyone else having this problem:

    I mounted this with Daemon, and for a second thought something was wrong with mine too. You have to click the statue in the bottom left corner of the title screen to get the main menu. The one on the right will hold all of your extras.

  11. For those who are downloading this game simply for the hentai and/or the girls,this is NOT that type of game.This is a game that you’ll play for the horror,and this game is the lord of true horror.
    The hentai is either just filler,or is there just to add atmosphere/disturb you,in the end it’s not the hentai scenes you will remember….
    In particular,a certain gory scene during the night of Day Two was the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

    The endings are based on 8 different choices,only 3 of which in your actually given a “yes or no” type of thing,the other 5 are based on where you choose to go at certain times.(Except for one of those 5,it never even hints that choosing to go there makes any difference,so the regular player will simply think that they’re just moving around normally.)

    There are six endings,but really there’s just 4,your choices determine what happens when you make the final choice.

    1. Hmmm? Stuff like the Nurse’s true nature needs the hentai.

      Same for creepy classmate that seems to have different personalities.

      But all you remember is the dog when it comes down to it..

  12. Well, when I launch the game using DAEMON Tools Lite it asked for Window Screen or Full Screen Mode. After selecting one it plays a video then goes to the All Rights Reserved screen thing and won’t do anything else. How do I get this to work?

  13. I have found a way to solve this issue.

    Don’t use WinRAR or Winzip to decompress the file…
    Use 7-zip as it will not remove the copy after the CRC error comes…

    Then, use Daemon tools or similar tools to open the img file…

    But beware, sometimes, the error comes, “Couldn’t read wav file…”
    So for solving that turn off the voice just before the error pops up…
    The common places where the error came for me… only two times:
    –> First in the sex scene with Ms. Miyomi. When you advance to her second sex CG, turn off the voice, as the error pops somewhere here.
    –> The second error pops with the Tea Ceremony Chief. I forgot where the error exactly pops, but it’s when Rnanmaru is entering the Kaori Garden and gets a massive seizure. He also sees a place…
    So, turn off the voice, when you see Ranamaru head in Tea Ceremony Chief lap.

    Also some time, the same error pops in the very start of the game…
    But you know what to do now… 🙂

  14. Here is what I did found to be working.

    Mount the .cue
    Don’t Autorun the .exe but open the CD (Computer > Rightclick on the drive > open) and just copy the files to wherever you want them.
    Try launching the game (didn’t work for me)
    If it did not launch properly, open the readme and maybe click in the .avi file in there.
    Try launching the game again (now I got an option for window/fullscreen and was able to play),

  15. Like Cain I too cannot play this. I know I’m doing everything ‘seemingly’ right, any help out there guys?

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