Canvas 2

Canvas 2

The series focuses on the lives of some students and teachers at Nadesico Academy both at school and their private lives. The main character of the series is Kamikura Hiroki, who lives with his younger cousin Elis. Hiroki is training to become a full-fledged art teacher while also trying to take care of Elis. When his childhood friend Kiri starts working at the school, drama begins to flare as he has to juggle his work, private life, and the feelings of these two important girls.

318 Responses to “Canvas 2”

  1. jdac says:

    Followed installation as per normal, with patch, game works, voices work, but i get no text at all, no kanji, no english, in the window. cant find out what can be done, im using the unicode regional set to japan. At a loss, if anyone has any suggestions, or questions, i will respond.

    • jdac says:

      Nevermind, my region settings were reset at sompoint i guess.. set actual region to japan and did a reset and it works now.

  2. kainlegacy535 says:

    I Restored my OS and lost all exe from my novels folder, if anyone can pass me the exe of this, I would appreciate it.

  3. Caroop23 says:

    Please admin I can’t install the game, the launcher doesn’t run and when it install there is no sound, help please!

    • Caroop23 says:

      nevermind, I could install the game and it has sound

      • Acesix says:

        How? Can you tell me please, I did install it and replace the english patch in the files, but then Kiri’s voice is gone, but when I check in the option, the voice is turned on. Please Help….

  4. screamxx says:

    someone help meeee :((((
    i can’t install the game it always show some disc error when i click installation part(for 2.2gb one)it always show disc error or disc free although i have space for the game to downloaddddd ;((((

  5. Anon says:

    Admin, upload the first game, pleeeeeeeease

  6. Yuki says:

    I seem to have a problem, the game works fine but there is no sound what so ever. Can someone please tell me how to fix this?

  7. fran says:

    estoy jugando la ruta de Saginomiya Saya y le faltan dialogos por que es a menos que el Walkthrough se confunda por que en la parte donde pone para que ella tiene problema esa escena no me apare y en el dia siguiente tampoco y no se que pasa si me podeis ayudar por favor?

  8. alternate2232 says:

    Anyone who knows how to unlock the h-scenes ? I cant seem to play it. Whenever i try to finish a route it seem at the end it say that i must search a site to answer a questionnaire and when i tried to search it, it says page not found. Anyone please help ?

  9. Matt says:

    To those having issues with sound, be aware that there are two installation options. one is 700 mb and the other is 2.2 gb.

    I tried all sound fixes but did not work. Then I installed the bottom installation and all the sudden it works beautifully. Full voice acting and the lips even move on screen (which is a little creepy).

    No full screen fix though.

  10. Mintaka says:

    I would like to play this, it’s the only thing on this site I can’t get to work. -.-

  11. -M- says:

    I haven’t download this game yet, but maybe the case I’ve encountered is the same. From my experience with A Profile, after I extracted the English Patch, there are 3 files:
    1. The patch itself (its icon is white or grey box I think)
    2. Read Me file type (tutorial of how to install the english patch, but its in Japanese >.<)
    3. I forgot what file it is, but AFAIR (R= remember) , it's not important).

    AFAIR, I run the patch until its icon changed (similar to the game's icon). After that all you have to do is copy the patch to the game folder and the game's language become English.
    Hope this help. If not, maybe the instructions at A Profile can help you. Good luck.

  12. Franklin says:

    I’m having problems installing the english patch and I have been trying all day. I’m almost at the verge of tears. Can someone please help me.

  13. crARCk says:

    To those who has the problem to install the game for 2nd time or kept encountered the ADVwin32 error at the launcher window. You clicked インストール, but nothing happened.

    I don’t know if the problem has been solved or not but this might help for those who still couldn’t solve it.

    You need to delete some keys in registry that related to this game, but there’s a whole bunch keys so which one?

    The keys is
    –> HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software F & C ADVWin32 C2_DVD

    Delete the C2_DVD only.

    • crARCk says:

      To find the registry, search “regedit” in the start menu. I’m using windows 7. Maybe different for others.

      HKEY_CURRENT_USER – Software – F & C – ADVWin32 – C2_DVD

  14. Hikari says:

    is there any sound patch in this VN?
    when i’m playing this VN there’s no sound and voice also BGM…
    Any idea?

    Thank You,

    • BIeTCHie says:

      Got same problem.
      Someone other guy told me to re-extracting it.
      Still testing.

      • BIeTCHie says:

        It appear that whenever i readjust the BGM volume, it automatically lower the master volume down.
        So in my Win7 laptop after re-adjust whatever i like in “game config”:
        i go to the loud speaker icon on the taskbar,
        right click,
        chose “open volume mixer”,
        turn “Cavas 2 …” volume up,
        Character voices sounds clear and loud.

        Hope it helps, my fellow hentai.

  15. BIeTCHie says:

    can anyone tell me why in Kiri route, it just suddenly ends when it didn’t even close to the finale?

  16. Jonky says:

    Sorry, could anyone tell me what I have to do to install the game? I don’t understand which button I have to click.

  17. Shirogane says:

    So how do you make the game full screen on a 1600×1200 windows 7 resolution screen, without making the screen 800×600.

  18. Zekeza says:

    I’ll keep checking back here for a reply. lol

  19. Zekeza says:

    I forgot to add, would redownloading or making a copy of the game fix this?

  20. Zekeza says:

    Hey anyone else have the Voice Acting just vanish halfway through the game? I was on the Elis route left the game for a few hours, returned and the voice acting ceased to exist. I tried switching the voices on and off and testing it, didn’t do anything. I then exited the game and restarted it. Still no voice acting. Its even set to be on. I’m not sure what is going on. Should anyone know anything about this please REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would appreciate it a great deal.

  21. Yuiichi Aizawa says:

    Played through Kana’s route while skipping every scene that didn’t have to do with her, and I still understood the story. All the other characters were uninteresting to me. Still, a single loli’s route made this download worth it.

  22. dash says:

    Asking myself the use of the no-dvd. I tried running the game without it and it worked perfectly, so…

  23. Gino Betzen says:

    Yes, there are some amazingly creative talents in blog land! We all feed off of each other’s inspiring work. It’s a chain reaction!

  24. IDK says:

    when i try to instal it nothing happens..
    can someone help me ?

  25. Michael says:

    I have a problem, my installation has an error. How do I uninstall/reset canvas? I tried the launch button or the setup but they don’t work and the uninstall or change a program doesn’t have it.

  26. Mintaka says:

    Wanted to play this… But after reading some of the comments I’m assuming it doesn’t work on vista 64bit. How lame -.- I mount it and click what I assume is install on the splash screen and it doesn’t do anything. tried turning off antivirus and deleting the registry files associated and I still got nothing. *depressed*

  27. Monostazis says:

    Okay, I seem to have a problem, the whole advwin error people seem to have. However, it only seems to crash the game every time at the part where its supposed to show the opening. I tried most of the solutions in here and those that I thought of to no avail.

    So I was wondering if a kind-hearted soul here could please supply me with a save from just after the op? I would be very much appreciated!

    • UltimateBadAss says:

      Have you tried using CCCP?

      You might also try changing the opening video with the subbed version. Get it here “”.

      • Monostazis says:

        I had already tried using CCCP, to no avail. Changing the op also doesn’t seem to help at all. I had already tried removing the op entirely (worked for some other game), but it didn’t change the error message at all, so I believe the op itself is not the main problem.

    • UnknownAssassin says:

      i had the same advwin32 where i would run the program but get advwin32 execute error. Try going to your registry and deleting the .reg files there
      heres how i installed from the iso
      1) Make a folder on the desktop (or wherever on your hard disk) & rename to ‘Cvs2’ (or whatever name you want). This will be the main folder

      2) Copy the entire content of the Canvas 2 dvd game into the ‘Cvs2’ folder

      3) Open ‘C2_DVD’ folder & find the advwin32.exe. Copy & paste this into the main (Cvs2) folder.

      4) Download & save the Canvas2_DVD.exe (no DVD patch) into the main (Cvs2) folder.

      5) Download & save the game01.mrg (translation patch) into the main (Cvs2) folder

      6) Double click the Canvas2_DVD.exe

      and as for the adv error part
      (win 7)
      in your start bar type regedit and run it
      open up HKEY_CURRENT_USER – > software
      find a file called F&C. when you open it up it should say advwin32 and inside that c2_dvd

      delete the F&C folder and try running the game again

      • Monostazis says:

        Nay, same problem keeps occurring at the exact same time. Btw, as I said, its not that I cant run the game, the only time it crashes is at the time were the op is meant to be played. That’s why I believe a single saved game beyond that point should be enough to circumvent this.

        I appreciate the help you are trying to give though.

  28. Iceflake30 says:

    How do you install this game? I just finished downloading all the parts?

  29. william says:

    Can anybody help me clear my doubts? While playing shie’s route, after the H-scenes why do i end up in kana’s end?

    • Frank22lol says:

      I believe it’s because it’s a shared path or something among those lines. I believe there’s no “Shie ending” but I just started playing so I don’t know.

  30. Frank22lol says:

    The game runs fine for me but the dialogues are still in japanese. Since I can’t change the files directly on the DVD (after I got the CD mounted) I copied all files into another folder that I will use as the main folder. I extracted the files from the patch into my main folder (replacing game01.mrg and system.unt). Then I run the launcher.exe and everything’s fine BUT the dialogues are still in kanji. Can anybody help ?

  31. Max says:

    nvm i just realized that i can’t download more than 2 parts at the same time so it’s all ok

  32. Max says:

    Part 3 download is corrupted pls do something with this

  33. Sean says:

    Hi, i downloaded thisawhile ago and completed alot of the routes too with no poblems, came back to it because i wn to play it through again, the problem is, there is no voice now, i have tryed to go to th system menu and restet it there and test it out, and the testing works, but when i restet it it still doesent work in-game, i have also tryed restarting my computer and still nothing, any advice?

  34. Andrew says:

    I got the game to work in english just fine. It’s just the main menu that’s in Japanese for some reason. It’s not a big bother, but anyone know if it’s supposed to be that way?

    • UltimateBadAss says:

      Its supposed to be that way because Edger couldn’t edit images.

      other issues to take note of are:

      * On Kana’s route, her book scene and epilogue are not translated due to the same reason as above. See “Documents\Canvas 2 Kana Book Scene.txt” to read their translations.
      * It is not possible to enter English characters while changing the protagonist’s name.
      * It is not possible to enter English characters on the save function.
      * For the backlog to work correctly, you shouldn’t use any previously saved game file or change the protagonist’s name at the beginning.
      * Emotes in game are not displayed if you’re using AppLocale instead of changing your system locale setting.

      Translations are provided for on the patch under the folder “Documents”.

  35. -Ren- says:

    the file was deleted?

  36. English patch says:

    After installing the game, I was wondering how to properly implement the english patch. help would be appreciated, thanks.

  37. Can't Install says:

    After downloading all the parts and mounting the ISO file from part one, I’m not given an option to install the game. Can someone help me with this?

  38. Nizzy says:

    I’ve a strange problem as i can’t type anything.
    Can’t rename the protagonist and can’t input any comment in the save-files – the game simply doesn’t accept any keyboard-input there, and sadly, i then can’t even use the mouse to cancel my input, leaving me a bit helpless and with no other option than to button mash in hope to get out of the input-field somehow, or quit the game altogether.
    Not really essential for the game-progress itself, but i’d like to fix it anyway, if anybody has any idea…?

    • UltimateBadAss says:

      It’s a known issue with the patch.

      * Main menu is not translated, since we were unable to edit any image file.
      * On Kana’s route, her book scene and epilogue are not translated due to the same reason as above. See “Documents\Canvas 2 Kana Book Scene.txt” to read their translations.
      * It is not possible to enter English characters while changing the protagonist’s name.
      * It is not possible to enter English characters on the save function.
      * For the backlog to work correctly, you shouldn’t use any previously saved game file or change the protagonist’s name at the beginning.
      * Emotes in game are not displayed if you’re using AppLocale instead of changing your system locale setting.

  39. strike says:

    whoops nevermind working now 😀 THX for the great uploud

  40. CruzerXD says:

    any mirror? dl damn slow

  41. IDK says:

    When i try to start the installer it doesn’t work..
    I can’t install the game..
    I have DirectX so it’s ok but i can’t install the game anyway..

    What can i do?

  42. Raf says:

    Enjoyable VN. It’s a nice change of pace to have the protag be an adult instead of a high school kid.

    They really could’ve gone a bit deeper with the painting subplot though I reckon.

  43. Hagane says:

    I found that if you set your screen resolution to 800×600 it looks full screen like in the other eroge on this site.

  44. Hg says:

    do u nid apps like daemon tools to ply or juz extract it out??

  45. SpikeEye says:

    It’s… censored? That does it. This is going in the trash.

  46. inthesky says:

    how come the size of the transalation patch so small?

    is the translation complete?

    • Miqu says:

      Yes it’s complete, if you find something that isn’t translated (like the inital menu and kanas novel) there are included notes with the translation.

      Maybe the patch is small because they didn’t bother translating stuff that proved a hassle, guess the patch doesn’t have much more info than the text itself. Translation quality is still decent, there are some typos here and there but I can’t remember any major faults

  47. half_otaku says:

    it’s too bad that in hagino’s route the novel she wrote didn’t get translated, i really want to know what’s written there, anyone knows where can i look for that translation ?

    • half_otaku says:

      sorry,please disregard that. i’ve found it a few days after, it’s on the ‘document’ folder.

  48. PuCCiPuCCi says:

    sorry i re downloaded and it works

  49. PuCCiPuCCi says:

    DA-Free file 2 is corrupt.. can you fix it please? i can’t play it

  50. Rin says:

    Is there something wrong with the English Patch?
    I kept getting ‘Wrong IP’
    Tried it for many times already but I always get that message

  51. N.ear says:

    It seems when I run it in 64bit, this game can’t get into full screen… When I click fullscreen, my screen just become smaller. Is there a way to make it fullscreen in 64bit?

    • Ahriman953 says:

      I don’t think so. When I fullscreen, the picture stays the same size, but the rest of the screen turns black. I think it’s intentional.

    • Tenken says:

      I run it on Win7 64bit Ultimate just fine on Fullscreen (Streched and filling up a 30” screen)

      My specs are Ati 7970 Ovclocked / Fx 8350 @8×4,6
      16 GB ram and bla bla…
      Just some points to check.
      1. What 64 bit system? Should be at least Win7
      2. Try the compatibility mode (normally unneded for this game)
      3. Have installed the 8.1 DirectX on the CD?
      -Try installing the newest Direct X11 AND DirectX 9 AND the D8 on the disc.
      4. Is your PC fully script updated?
      5. You have CCCP and NO other video Codecs installed?
      6. Your PC runs on Japanese Local?
      7. You installed it properly?
      -Mounting disc -Installing FULL (2.2 GB Option)
      -Installing Crack (Moving into folder)
      -Installing Translation (Moving into folder then installing)

      I can only imagine that either your graphic driver is fucking with you, your DirectX is not installed (only D11 which is not fully compatible with this game and D11 only installes everything from first D11 on -not the D9 versions or D8 versions)
      Or you made some stupid mistake.

      And for all those not getting it to work -it’s entirely your fault. Either your Hardware sucks or your Software sucks.
      And I told you my Setup to not hear ”I have a super modern System -so it doesn’t work”

      You see, it’s works awsomely fine on a modern High End machine. Thanks 🙂 and have fun.

  52. ichirei says:

    oh they deleted my english patch link, srry, i didn’t know its prohibited

  53. Jordan says:

    Hey the English Patch download link is not working. I press download and it won’t. It goes to a Could Not connect window.

  54. Marco says:

    The english patch is down

  55. Random Guy says:

    I have trouble installing it.. can someone help me

    • Random Guy says:

      I keep pressing the インストール but it does not work.. I want to know what’s the problem.. I was installing it before but had an error then I had my locale fix into japan now it’s not working.. please help.. I want to play the game real badly..

  56. shisha says:

    The dvd patch seems to be down any way to upload that to MF, thanks.

  57. jjredster says:

    great game imo can’t wait to see if the sequel gets translated

  58. ryuushima says:

    thanks Just a fan i’ll be sure to try it out!

  59. Just a fan says:

    – Hinata Bokko – is a lighthearted game with no drama. Enjoi.

  60. ryuushima says:

    Ok cheers for the reply , I’m almost done with all the routes now and I might just take a short break after that.

  61. ryuushima says:

    Hey admin , do you have any games comparable to this one?
    I’m talking about a really soft mood and no heroines being abused.

  62. ryuushima says:

    Just downloaded it and so far it works perfectly , the only problem I have is that the game won’t let me change the name of my character it’s always kanji. No big deal though

  63. haruko says:

    This was such a boring VN, almost nothing happens for 80% of the game and the remaining 20% was so underwhelming.

    Nevertheless thank you Admin for posting this.

  64. whitexshadow says:

    uh, i need some help with this…
    i mounted the disc and then when the setup appears only the second button from the top can be clicked but when i click it, nothing happens. can someone help?

  65. Kami-sama says:

    re-upload please admin. you’re doing an amazing job 😀

  66. DM says:

    only need the last part and the patch!,SOPA sucks

  67. drakethor says:

    hate to ask but is this an Hentai game or a all ages so i know if i gotta hide it or leave it so anyone can play it

  68. Sui says:

    link are all down
    please re-upload them

  69. Sinsky says:

    I had it installed okay, but had to unistall. Now I’m trying to install it again and I’m having the same problem as most people: When I click the second option from ‘launcher’ it doesn’t do anything. I’ve already tried disabling av software, but it didn’t help.

    And also when i run the Program as Admin, ADVwin32 Execute Error…. what is that suppose to mean??? the First installation seems to be Okay but the second one is always big mess……. help!!!!!!!!

  70. SinSky says:

    cant install it when i click the second button it says advwin32 execute error!! then a lot of japanese then : 34-FFEA can someone help?

    me same problem, Help!!!

  71. BlueItem says:

    Hmmmmm…has there been a workaround to get this running on 64-bit Vista yet? I vaguely remember that stopping me from installing before. Of course, I could be entirely wrong, but I’d like some confirmation on whether it’ll work or not before I commit to downloading such a large file (well, sorta large…not as bad as something like AoiShiro, at least)

  72. Gradow says:

    I had it installed okay, but had to unistall. Now I’m trying to install it again and I’m having the same problem as most people: When I click the second option from ‘launcher’ it doesn’t do anything. I’ve already tried disabling av software, but it didn’t help. Any ideas?

    • Gradow says:

      If anyone runs into the same issue, here’s how I fixed it:
      Run Registry Editor and delete every registry entry that references the game (for me, searching for ‘canvas’ helped). After that you should be able to reinstall it properly.

  73. ren vateru says:

    Admin is this game uncensored or censor?
    someone say to me that canvas2 is eroge that has no censor at all, is that really true?
    need help, pleasseeee!

  74. monnaC says:

    Look at the game size… So big..

  75. sugar says:

    I know you answered this before but it was wasn’t very clear so I want to ask you again : How do we patch the Japanese version to the english one?

  76. munirrr says:

    so is this game all age or there is H-Scene in this game?

  77. RandomOne says:

    Nevermind, I got it to work just fine, i beleive the problem was with that trojan that is…not a trojan? Cause it works just fine now after messing with my anti-virus. Though I do have another concern…. Where is the “extras” or is it something you unlock once you beat a certain point? It’s odd to not see “extras” like I normally do.

  78. RandomOne says:

    Just…having a problem extracting, keep getting an error message about part 1 being corrupt using winrar. Any ideas?

  79. Seven Points On Ten says:

    Admin I could use your expertise here. I downloaded the game, extracted it to one folder, inside was the .iso. Mounted it on Daemon, installer came up and I clicked(I think) the install button, which was the second from the top. It went to full screen and it prompted me for a directory to install into, so I selected Program Files then clicked OK. After a few seconds, the fullscreen went away(the progress indicator while installing never went past 0%). I went to the game directory in Program Files, and found C2_DVD, opened it and it was empty. I tried reinstalling by pressing the second button but from this time onward, it won’t even go into the directory prompt(it won’t go into the fullscreen mode). Could you help me, please?

    • Seven Points On Ten says:

      When I try pressing the install button, while looking at Task Manager, I see the c2dinst.exe pop up but it disappears immediately.

      • admin says:

        Most likely your antivirus interfering with installation. You can also try running the game setup as administrator.

  80. theonewhocan says:

    ^ Poe?

  81. krocolatos says:

    ^ ahem…. *edger* not “edgar”

  82. theonewhocan says:

    Not sure where to post so ill do it here ZOMG TO HEART I loveee you Admin Ive been looking everywhere for it <3333

  83. krocolatos says:

    is someone having this problem?
    i can install and run the game just fine,
    but when i put the eng patch, the game just crash.
    the picture become black the game stop.

    what happen? is the patch did’t work?

  84. Apathy says:

    Thanks Admin Love This Site!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Whenlost says:

    can i get some help with installing the game? its in Japanese and my local is set to Japanese but i still cant install it? any help i can get would be great

  86. death14 says:

    is there any eroge that similar to shuffle?
    eroge that has no censor at all….

  87. Omega says:

    For those with no voice problem, when installing, select the second option, it’s a full install option.

    For no DVD crack to work, place the no DVD crack.exe in the folder where you installed the game and run the exe.
    That’s beacuse the no DVD crack needs to patch the system.unt file in order for the game to be play without the DVD/ISO.

  88. soclose says:

    man i got it running but i cant figure out how to patch it to english…can anyone help tell me what to do

  89. death14 says:


  90. death14 says:

    this game freak me out…
    their lips move…it’s kinda weird and scary…

  91. bombard says:

    Can you bring back the old link for me only the part 10, english patch, and no dvd pacht. Thanks in advance

  92. Tske says:

    Trojan Virus, Admin could you try to get rid of it?

  93. Caelistas says:

    I just started watchin the anime :p thank god i found it there was a VN aswell, going to play the VN first :p

  94. dm says:

    it does the same thing to me i try to instill it but it disappear than comes back up.. it doesnt instill anymore

  95. maxim says:

    I can open the Launcher, but when i want to install, the Lauchner disappear for a moment and then open again.
    Can someone help me?

  96. nomnom808 says:

    What is the ISO file’s name? I’m new to this so yeah.

  97. your best friend says:

    cant install it when i click the second button it says advwin32 execute error!! then a lot of japanese then : 34-FFEA can someone help?

  98. Ginji says:

    All files not games*

  99. Ginji says:

    Hey a mounted the game after i had installed all games but when i open the launcher and press the available option nothing happens what should i do?

    • your best friend says:

      open it up in file explorer and set the launcher to run as administrator. mine still doesnt work after that though comes up with an error.

  100. Rune says:

    wtf?! More than 2 Giga for an eroge?!

  101. Oddmoonlight says:

    I checked the rest and I couldnt dl any of the parts. Please reupload them.

  102. Oddmoonlightq says:

    Cant dl part 1. PLease reupload. I’m using a free dl, no account

  103. anu says:

    hei, part 6 >> 404 – Page not found
    reupload please.. i really want play this game

  104. KuyaJoeru says:

    Guys something magical happened. While I was browsing some sites, I found a picture. Amazingly it was a CG from this game featuring the purple-haired character. Normally such a thing wouldn’t surprise me. However upon closer inspection I found it to be uncensored. This means that somehow somewhere, there is an uncensored version or patch somewhere.

  105. Revengematron3 says:

    Never mind, it’s working now. Must’ve been a problem on my end. Sorry about that.

  106. Revengematron3 says:

    I can’t seem to download part 7 (or 8 for that matter). I always get a few megabytes in then it just finishes. Anyone know what’s wrong?

  107. Vincedude says:

    Anyone notice or know if Kana’s route will be fully translated? I played it once and a good chunk near the end wasn’t translated.

  108. asdasd says:

    At everybody who got problems with voice:

    You need to install the Microsoft ADPCM Codec!

  109. Anon says:

    I have a problem, after installing this and everything I start the game just fine but there is no text, the voices are working since i can hear them, but no text.

  110. Danilo Antunes says:

    Thanks works perfect.

  111. Starstorm says:

    excuse me but could you re-upload it in file sonic?

  112. Confused says:

    Forgive me for being a bother again, but I heard this game was, to put it bluntly, meh.

    No offense to those who like it, though. Should I play it, anyway?

    Also, emoticons. Apparently, there are some emoticons that only appear in Japanese locale. Without it, they appear as giberish. Ap Locale doesn’t fix this.

  113. Ediros says:

    I`ve got a problem with instalation. At first i started to instal, but it didn`t. After that I couldn`t instal it by clicking instal button. Can anyone help with this?

  114. quik says:

    @ Gim
    I can’t get this to install either, even after deleting registry keys. If you get it to install please let me know how you did it. Thanks

  115. darkpo says:

    admin you know smthing about canvas 3, its alredy it would be great to have on this site

    • admin says:

      Canvas 3 is neither available in english, nor any group are translating it, so it won’t be posted here for now.

  116. Gim says:

    I’m getting that advwin error too. nothing here works, including deleting some of the registry keys
    Can someone at least tell me what it says on the error message?(i can’t read it.)

  117. Leon says:

    I mounted it, and clicked インストール, but nothing happened
    anyone can help me?
    im using xp btw

    • Leon says:

      the problem is just because i failed earlier install,
      then delete some keys in registry that related to this game

  118. Anonymous Prime says:

    Ok I got it to work somehow. This how I fixed the ADVwin32 error. 1)Mount 2)install 3)play –> At this point I encountered the ADVwin32 error. It did the little opening scene where it displays the company’s name, and got all the way to the title menu(where start, load, extra, etc are available), then it forced me to close. But then a window popped up saying “this program may not have installed correctly, do you want to install using recommended settings?” you know what im talking about you’ve all seen it before. I clicked ‘yes’ and voila, it worked. That’s not all I did though, this was my 3rd or 4th attempt at getting it to work. Before I installed it the last time, (and now it works) I went into the registry, you can get there by searching “regedit” in the start menu. It might be different on your op system. I use windows 7. Once in the registry under the ‘edit’ menu click ‘find’ and type in “Canvas2” a bunch of crap will come up. I just deleted all of that bullshit. I ended up deleting everything in a folder called MUIcache(90% sure that’s what it was called, I deleted and couldn’t find it in the recycle bin so I couldn’t confirm.

    I don’t know if deleting the stuff in the registry helped at all though, so if your having problems with that ADVwin32 error, I would first try installing on recommended settings, before you use the shotgun tactic I used. Deleting stuff in the registry is bad I hear, even though my computer works fine and Canvas2 also works now. Hope this was helpfull.

  119. Danilo Antunes says:

    Thanks, works like a charm.

  120. Anonymous Prime says:

    Right so im getting that ADVwin32 error. How did you guys get it to work? I understand some people deleted some stuff in the registry and it worked. But what did you delete? thats risky business…

  121. Daniel says:

    Excuse me, but I manage to run the game, but voiceless. I followed this route posted in another blog:

    1) Make a folder on the desktop (or wherever on your hard disk) & rename to ‘Cvs2’ (or whatever name you want). This will be the main folder

    2) Copy the entire content of the Canvas 2 dvd game into the ‘Cvs2’ folder

    3) Open ‘C2_DVD’ folder & find the advwin32.exe. Copy & paste this into the main (Cvs2) folder.

    4) Download & save the Canvas2_DVD.exe (no DVD patch) into the main (Cvs2) folder.

    5) Download & save the game01.mrg (translation patch) into the main (Cvs2) folder

    6) Double click the Canvas2_DVD.exe

    7) Double click advwin32.exe & the game should run.

    I’ve read above there’s an archive for the voices, “voice.mrg” but I can’t find it anywhere. Anyone acan give me a hand with this one, please?

  122. Matt says:

    cant download form filesever plz reup file maybe
    keepd saying page could not be loaded when trying to dl

  123. Seth says:

    I have a problem with the no-dvd crack, it appears to be only 21 kb big and is labeled as a windows 95 update. Copying it into the directory and using it results in an error message ironically complaining about a lack of a DVD.

  124. scott says:


    cant seem to download part 4 was able to download the rest can you plz fix

    • Kyle says:

      Sorry for the double post but I forgot to say when its done rename it to Canvas2.part4 so when extracting from the first rar file it will automatically see it as the normal file and it will work fine 🙂

  125. Minodor says:

    where NoDVD. Exe

  126. ErO-Sennin says:

    sir admin i cant download part 4 on fileserve for some unknown reason pls help!!

  127. ??? says:

    What is the Nodvd patch/crack?

  128. cgamer says:

    i installed the game and thegame works but all the words are gibberish. i replaced the game01.mrg and the text was still mumbo jumbo. can anyone help? i want to play this game.

  129. Mindor says:

    the server to download is closed

  130. Azarhac says:

    Great great game, thank you so much =)

  131. Milk says:

    Not sure bout the surveys, they just lead you to a different site =/ Hotfile takes just x(parts) amount of hours just to BE ABLE TO download it…

  132. Moonfree says:

    got the same problem with leviathan

  133. soth says:

    File 5 is corrupt… or more acurrately it cant be completely downloaded

    Please! whoever is in charge i am dying to play this game

    • Name says:

      No, the file can be downloaded completely, at least I have downloaded a correct copy. Normally, uploader would’ve added 3-5% recovery record to archives (and actually compressed the ISO), but apparently admin needs every single Hotfile point he can get from us (re)downloading the parts. While understandable, it isn’t very user-friendly.

  134. pikel says:

    Does the survey thing really work for some people? I’ve finished multiple surveys over my time on this site and it has NEVER worked. I always end up doing it the long way. Seriously, wtf?

  135. leviathan says:

    so, i copied the patch over the file exactly like it says in the directions, but everything is in japanese still except the in-game menu once it gets into the story. How do I make the whole thing in English? And the nodvd.exe doesnt work.

  136. gabtrid13 says:

    I fixed the advwin32.exe error I was having when i was installing by finding Canvas2 in the registry and deleting all the appropriate keys, this was caused by a failed earlier install so it might not work for everyone, and messing with the registry is pretty dangerous to start with so try at your own risk.

    • Aburrido says:

      It worked, i deleted the some keys in the registry that where associated to Canvas 2 and i could install the game without any problem

  137. OneManArmy says:

    I had the same problem and I just installed a second time and it works fine for me. Maybe you should try it too since that game is a good one.

  138. Aburrido says:

    i have been trying many times but i cant install the game, i keep getting the advwin32.exe problem

  139. Light says:

    Excellent! It works so pretty good! Nice game!

  140. Vanon says:

    hi i got a problem the game work fine i finished 1 of the girls route Tomoko to be exact but the problem is i can’t see the CGI image it gives me an error and makes me close the game what should i do?

  141. perplexed says:

    hi, i have a problem extracting the file, about when 90%, it gets an error, i tried re-downloading everything and i think it’s part 5, it says 410mb on hotfile but i only downloaded 396mb everytime, i already tried downloading it again and again. also part 6 i think..

  142. ciccio566 says:

    I have a problem with the game
    I can’t hear the voices
    someone have the same problem?
    and more important, someone know how fixed it?

    • domonkazu says:

      I assume that you are using no dvd patch, right?

      actually the voices data is not installed, its in the iso files, you have to copy it manually into the installation folder, the filename is “voice.mrg”

      just copy that and enjoy Elis’s annoying voice XD

  143. Mamoru says:

    The file should be where you extracted it. It should be in a .iso format

  144. SaberXJ says:

    HELL YES!!!!!!!!!! I FINALLY GOT IT TO WORK!!! And all I had to do was take my External hard drive hook it up to my moms computer install it on my moms computer and then copy paste the file C2_DVD into my external hard drive and then hook my EHDD and hook it back up to my laptop and then mount the .ISO and WALLAH IT WORKED!!!!!

  145. Despair says:

    I downloaded the game along with daemon tools but when I extracted it into a folder and tried to mount the game, I couldn’t find the file. Can someone help me here?

  146. Mamoru says:

    I believe its the auto button

  147. Mahou says:

    Anyone knows what the “dramatic” setting does? It’s the first option above Q-Save, Q-Load etc

  148. SaberXJ says:


    did I not just say it had nothing to do with a Trojan or Virus attack?

    and @Bakaneko

    Could you pleas explain.. If It will help me play the game I will do ANYTHING just tell me what to do!

  149. Mamoru says:

    I got the same problem that you have a few weeks ago. What I did was I re dl’d a another .iso file from some site.

    After installing it the next problem for me was that it was said to be a virus attack (Trojan)and erogedownload already said that it is a false positive reaction. I tweaked my virus scanner a bit and after a while I got it to play.

  150. Bakaneko says:

    after fiddling around with it for a while, I got it to work. It puts things in the registry 2 places, I moved it to a new folder and changed those, and now it works – even on my XP computer without being in Japanese mode or App Locale. One of the places varies with your computer so you’ll have to figure it out – if you don’t understand registry, you may want to avoid this 🙂

  151. SaberXJ says:

    no no it has nothing to do with a Trojan attack. What I meant was that when I double click the advwin32.exe that is in the C2_DVD I get this Error report that says it needs to close, but when I put the advwin32.exe in MAIN folder the one where I put ALL of the stuff from the CD, the game screen will pop up for a second along with a advwin32.exe error but not like the other one which had an error report instead of just a pop up button. So that’s my problem I don’t think it has anything to do with a Trojan unless that’s what it says in the pop up button which is in Japanese.

  152. Mamoru says:

    is the crash about something like a trojan attack?
    if so, then we have the same problem, but the solution for it is to add it in the exception list.

  153. SaberXJ says:


    Ya I tried that but It keeps on crashing with a different Advwin32.exe error so both options so far have not helped. In the first attempt the game window pops up but not a second latter (like as soon as the game window pops up) an “Advwin32 Launch error” pops up. And with the second one as soon as I click “Advwin32.exe” It pops up with this “advwin32.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close” message so thats whats happened so far……. any thoughts?

  154. Mamoru says:

    Is the problem about advwin32.exe still not solved?

  155. Galge-gamer12 says:

    I mean the advwin32.exe that was in the C2_DVD

  156. Galge-gamer12 says:

    I havent used the installer im just playing it off the advwin32.exe that was in the Cvs2 folder

  157. SaberXJ says:


  158. SaberXJ says:

    Sorry but that doesn’t seem to be working, but Ill keep trying maybe I’m just doing something wrong but if you have any more suggestions I would like to hear them… BECAUSE I REALLY WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!

  159. Galge-gamer12 says:

    heres what i done
    1) Make a folder on the desktop (or wherever on your hard disk) & rename to ‘Cvs2’ (or whatever name you want). This will be the main folder

    2) Copy the entire content of the Canvas 2 dvd game into the ‘Cvs2’ folder

    3) Open ‘C2_DVD’ folder & find the advwin32.exe. Copy & paste this into the main (Cvs2) folder.

    4) Download & save the Canvas2_DVD.exe (no DVD patch) into the main (Cvs2) folder.

    5) Download & save the game01.mrg (translation patch) into the main (Cvs2) folder

    6) Double click the Canvas2_DVD.exe

    7) Double click advwin32.exe & the game should run.

    at first i thought it didnt work as the menu and name choice were untranslated but after continuing i found that it was translated i dont no how many errors may come up after this so just enjoy what you can

  160. SaberXJ says:

    Ok so here is a BIG question…. I have successfully downloaded the game right,but now when I start up the installer and hit “Install” it will sit there for a minute and then the buttons will flash off and then suddenly turn rite back on again after they go off….. and the game installer does not pop up after I hit the “Install” button ether it’ll just flash the buttons off then on again and that’s it.. I dont know whats wrong with my game and I SERIOUSLY WANT TO PLAY IT!!! but I cant do ANYTHING unless someone helps me SOON!!! HELLLLP MEEEE PLEEEEEEAAAAASSSS!!

  161. HELP! says:

    Help me please im really confused whats the next step? After i extracted part1-part6 a C2 DVD (ZIP FILE) appears i mounted it and now im really confused how to install the game? I also extracted Canvas2_DVD which is from the No DVD Patch/Crack and the Canvas2_DVDPatch1.01 which is from the English Patch in this page
    Whats the next step im totally confused!

  162. Draccon says:

    Regarding the ADV Win32, which I happily produced myself, had one problem that I was able to track down instantly.

    Know how you install the game to /dir/Canvas2/cv2_dvd/allthefiles ?

    Well, I’m one of those picky people that just _can’t_ live with the extra /cv_dvd/ folder, so I copied all files from that folder “one step back” making it /dir/Canvas2/allthefiles and here the advwin32 error started happening.
    Meaning, the /cv2_dvd/ folder _has_ to be the root folder.
    I haven’t played it yet in order to confirm the error with Kiri, as mentioned above, but there won’t be any errors on game startup at least 🙂

  163. pchan105 says:

    Hey admin, I’d like to donate. Can you put up a PayPal button or something? This site is awesome, and I think many others will donate too!

  164. zero says:

    The voice did’nt come out, but SE and BGM out. How to make the voice out?

  165. Shrike says:

    Completed Mami’s route, but I got the bad end when doing Sumire’s because on that route the main character becames a whinny little bitch. Damn these emo male characters. LOL

  166. Strife1989 says:

    so have any of you found Da Capo IF on the net yet ?

  167. sao says:

    for anyone that get ADV Win32 execute error try this:
    -when lauch the game , try click on system info and change CPU Utilization Settings to mid before game menu come up.

  168. Lewis says:

    can someone please help me find this game somewhere? Hotfile just doesn’t download, it goes at 4kb/s. And there are no torrents anywhere for it.

  169. hayden says:

    how do i get it to go full screen. it dose not work.

  170. OneManArmy says:

    Has no-one a solution for that adv32 error?

  171. Shrike says:

    Works fine now. Thank you very much!

  172. OneManArmy says:

    Lool nice. xD
    For me all works fine but after 5min of playing there was that fucking adv32 error.
    f***!!! =D

  173. HelloKitty92 says:

    ah f***
    now nothing works anymore.
    i dont get it anyway, but however, thanks for all your help..
    looks like i have to watch the anime! 🙂

  174. HelloKitty92 says:

    ah okay thx ^^
    and just one more question. im sorry, but what is ment with canvas 2 main folder? where do i find it?
    do i have to start the game and copy the files somewhere into it? please help, i’m a newcomer with things like that…

    • admin says:

      Main folder is the one you choose during installation, ie. the one where game .exe is located.
      You need co copy files over before starting game.

  175. OneManArmy says:

    After you installed the game you have to unrar the english patch.rar and copy the files in the canvas 2 main folder. That’s all.

  176. HelloKitty92 says:

    okay and how do i do this?
    because i have already mounted the image and now my computer cognizes the image as a device.
    and when i want to replace game01.mrg it says: the device is write protected bla bla..

  177. OneManArmy says:

    4. Replace game01.mrg in root folder with the one provided in English patch.

    That’s all. =)
    But the admin still work on that adv32 error which is produced by that game01.mrg.

    So pls wait a little bit.

  178. HelloKitty92 says:

    the game itself works but i dont know how to change the subtitles from weird japanese ( there are missing some signs ) to english.. can somebody pleease help me??

  179. OneManArmy says:

    “I’ve been trying to get my hands on it since yesterday evening…”

    Thank you =)

  180. EmiMaid says:

    Hello, this game seems good! But i have a big problem… I can’t even write my name T_T. Please someone help me!

  181. darkwings02 says:

    still no luck finding the game
    all that’s left to do is wait for somebody with kind heart to share the game to all the hungry souls on the net

  182. admin says:

    I’ve been trying to get my hands on it since yesterday evening…

  183. Shrike says:

    One more thing. I need some help figuring out how to get the english patch to run. Whenever I remove the game01.mrg file that adv win32 error shows up, and when I leave it, I can play the game but it’s all in Japanese. Can someone please help?

  184. Shrike says:

    It seems that the adv win32 error shows up if the game01.mrg file is removed.

  185. darkwings02 says:

    ok admin pls read this one…

    mangagamer just release the capo innocent finale
    and as expected i cant find any download link yet except to buy from mangagamer so i’ll be waiting in here =p


  186. OneManArmy says:

    I got the adv win32 error after Kiri wants to tell me something. I tried all different options in the game…

  187. satria says:

    it’s work,, thanks

  188. Ninja says:

    Hey how come whenever i try to install this i get some ADV Win32 execute error…

  189. Neon says:

    @Drixx Sigh… I really hope to play it, the anime was nice. 🙁

  190. Drixx says:

    @Neon yea that’s the same error i got… ADVWin32 error also. My Locale was japanese so I do not know what really wrong with it.

  191. Sean says:

    I cannot write my name T_T

  192. baguy says:

    so… I tried to install it in my computer and it works. but when I move it to my external HDD and open it in my laptop, I can’t hear the seiyuu’s voice. help?

  193. NeoN says:

    I have a problem. When i click the 2nd option from the launcher. I got a ADVWin32 error. Anyone experience this??

  194. 月影~Tsukikage says:

    @ fantasygurl

    google “applocale japanese”

    and you’ll get the files you’ll need to add onto your applocale to run locale japanese


  195. Fantasygurl says:

    Does Anebody knows to make games whit Japansk locale to work in applocale? When i begin open applocale and picke the game whit Japansk support it coms a skjerm there sto ”you havent Japansk support in your pc” What much i do for at Games whit Japansk support to work in applocale? I will be very happy whis somebody can hjelp me whit that problem.

  196. Holybleach says:

    @my previous post
    Nvm fixed it

  197. Holybleach says:

    I have a problem somehow the game always hangs during the op it jus displays a black screen and can’t continue. Does anyone know how to work around this the game plays fine before the op or can i get a save data just after the op?

  198. 月影~Tsukikage says:

    @ varatnar, i’m pretty sure its nippongo? o_o

    @ drixx what type of error?

  199. rim says:

    Great game, thank you

  200. Drixx says:

    I cannot seem to install the game. Using windows vista. changed to japan locale and mounted the installer, but when I clicked the install button only an error comes out. Anyone experienced this?

  201. Varatnar says:


    Nippon is writing in japanese, so it’s 日本語.
    It’s suppose to be the last choice ^^
    Hope it help !

  202. Snowwoman18 says:

    Hello everyone, Does somebody Knows what japansk is in applocale? I cant find japansk in applocale. So can somebody explain what japansk is in applocale and what i can do for Clannad and other games to work?

  203. hitsugaya says:

    Works perfectly.Thanks for upload

  204. darkwings02 says:

    there is an english patch

  205. 月影~Tsukikage says:

    @ darkwings, are those in eng? o_o

  206. darkwings02 says:

    just finish this game…. i have to say it was wonderful
    thanks a lot for the upload..

    currently playin…
    Mirai no Kimi to, Subete no Uta ni
    a short story about miku from vocaloid..

  207. Sunlady18 says:

    Hello Varatnar. I have download applocale and i is trying to find nippon in applocale but i cant find it in applocale.
    What is japanese in applocale?

  208. Varatnar says:

    I got some telepathic power (or something close to that), might be why it work now…
    Well glad you got it to work even though we didn’t really found what was wrong …

  209. Frenke says:

    This is really strange….:S When I double-clicked the uninstall button it was ready in like half a second, and when I tried to install the game again it was still there!!! Then I started it and it had voices!!! *sigh* Everything’s good now so thanks for whatever you did!! XD

  210. Varatnar says:

    I just finished downloading + installing.
    For me everything is doing good !
    Except that the starting menu haven’t been translated (well edited, you get the translation into the “document” subfolder in the ENG patch).

    Frank, i don’t know if you’ve resolve the problem yet, but if it can help i’ll just write down what i did … (kinda a resume of the step by step i’ve written earlier)

    I started by mounting the image (as u probably did..) then since i am not in japanase local i just canceled the installation (which was written whit lots of “??” and other weird symbol XD). After that i choose to “explore” the CD, and boot the LAUNCHER.exe whit appLocal (here if you had put you’re computer into jap local you wouldn’t need to do that, and you would’ve seen beautiful kanji and hiragana when i told ya that i got “??”). So now i see the installation panel and click the second choice (which mean install or something) and i choose again the second choice (2.2 go ? the bigger one XD). “Someone said that you needed only this game for the installer, damn, true XD, it’s beautiful !!”.
    Well after sometime the installation is done (i haven’t but, since you got problem whit the voice you should just run the game here (be sure to still have the CD mounted since the noDVD crack is not yet active) if you hear the voice, than continue, else heum… i realy don’t know what you’re problem is XD). Now you only need to put the noDVD executable into your game folder and run it and put the game01.mrg whit it too (just delete the one that was there first or change it’s name so you still have it, just in case…).

    At that point everything’s fine for me, i won’t be playing it yet since i got a bunch of other one to read, (gota finish fate stay/night one of those days XD and got a 2-3 other, hm.. for those interested and not following the first part of the muv luv new VN have just been released)

    Have fun,
    And ask for question if you have any

  211. Varatnar says:

    I can’t say for sure i know what the problem is, have you tried to reinstall it ? Have you switched your computer to japanese local ?

    And do you see the voice sound file ? (they could/should be hidden so it doesn’t mean much, but if you do see them, then something is really wrong …)

    I’ll finish the download and i’ll come back here !
    I’m really busy whit school those days, so ain’t got much time to download !

  212. Frank says:

    Sorry about that…:P Let me rephrase… Ummm… The voices in the game aren’t there. I can hear the SE and the BGM but there is no talking. Except for the options where you can set the voices, because there they do work… Hope you understand this!XD

  213. Varatnar says:

    Okay, this may sound like a stupid question, but did you actually say that you want to hear the voice in the option menu ?

    I’m still in the progress of downloading, so i can’t help that much for now, still that was the only thing that poped into my head XD

  214. Frank says:

    everything except for the voices of the girls in-game, it does work in the options screen though. HELP PLEASE!!!

  215. Varatnar says:

    Okay, i saw a bunch of question up there and i’m feeling like answering !

    First thing i’m gonna say is that I DON’T have downloaded the game yet, but it won’t be the first (far from it).

    So the first thing you’ll need is some app to mount the CD image (read it was an ISO), so for that you’ll want to download Daemon tools (go for the lite version) or an other like PowerIso.
    You can find daemon tools here :

    -Install it say no to the toolbar (or yes if you really want it …), after the installation it’ll ask for a reboot, say no for now.
    -After that go into the configuration panel, go to the language option, you need to (well i’m not sure if you need to but at least it’ll do nothing bad, it SHOULD help and SHOULD resolve lots of problem) change the “unicode” to Japanese. This will need a reboot to, so do it now.
    -Now it’s time to mount the image, for that open the .iso whit daemon tools, or drag the .mds? (if there’s one) file to the daemon tools window.
    -Now just install the game normally
    -You need to copy the NoDVD.exe to your game folder (where you installed the game) and launch it, of what i heard after that you just launch the game normally.
    -Final point is to translate it, so just replace game01.mrg in root folder with the one in the english patch thingy.

    I don’t know for sure if your really need to be in jap local to play the game but it sure wouldn’t hurt !
    As for myself i do not use jap local much, i prefer using appLocal, which do the same but it need to be “activated” for each executable that is being launched.
    As of what i know, it only work on XP, so here’s a link anyways :

    For those who wish to use it (for this game or any other which require it), Japanese is Nippon (or something like that) for those who only got the sound of japanese (such as myself…) in any other case the japanese should be the last choice, it’s written in kanji.

    If any more question were to occure, or if this just don’t work, just post it here, i’ll try to find a solution


  216. takemeout says:

    1st and 3rd options are not available?

  217. Quackers says:

    Is option 1 or 2 install cause I can’t click on 1, and 2 does nothing, I had it working before I was able to click on option 1 and it was running fine.I deleted it cause it mouths/voices were not working.Now it’s not letting me install again.I was getting into the story and now I can’t finish it…it’s killing me…

  218. Aviaris says:

    And exactly how do I replace it, for that matter?

  219. Aviaris says:

    I know I’m about to sound like an idiot, but how do I get to the root folder to replace the ‘game01.mrg’?

  220. Lady18 says:

    Hello i have a problem. When i have download Canvas 2 and i is trying to install Canvas 2 it does work. What can i do for Canvas 2 to install on my computer.

  221. aruku says:

    I can’t seem to get past the main route, with no ero. I am trying to do Elis route, but I can’t.

  222. Das Boschitt says:

    Mosaics ( ゚д゚)

  223. katscandy says:

    So basically, I screwed my computer up before when using the game (not that my computers screwed up), but now it won’t recognize the game as gone, so I can’t uninstall it because it’s not there, but it thinks it is, so it won’t let me re-install it.

  224. Emiyakun says:

    Thank you very much for uploading this.

    By any chance do you have the OST of the game? I quite like the tracks played.

  225. katscandy says:

    The game worked great, i turned my comp off for the day, then on the next and the mouths & voices were messed up(not really the problem).I downloaded again but the launchers 1st or 3rd(uninstall)option were not clickable.I thought redownloading would work, is there a way i can get the 3rd option to uninstall?then reinstall?or any other suggestions?

  226. callizer says:

    is this an eroge or all-ages game?

  227. HowardC says:

    The dvd patch DOES work, but it’s an odd one. You place the exe in the install directory and run it once. It will then patch the game. Now the game will run without the dvd, but you do NOT run the no dvd exe anymore.

  228. Saku says:

    Guy’s the No DVD patch does not work (At least for me it doesn’t) If it doesn’t work for you have the ISO in the drive and press the the top button on the install menu it will start the game no problem

  229. shadovv-san says:

    thx 🙂

  230. Nick says:

    Thanks for this upload, you guys are doing a great job.

  231. rion says:

    at installation screen, why I can’t choose option 1 to three??

  232. admin says:

    You can find Canvas 2 walktrough at

  233. rion says:

    why there’s no iso file when I installed it?

  234. Jack says:

    another great VN game……
    nice work…..

  235. shadovv-san says:

    hmm can anyone post a walkthrough? :S
    i’m kind of lost with this many choices every day >.<

  236. Huzzah says:

    Thanks so much for uploading this. Now I can get that bitter taste of the anime ending out of my mouth which was the worst and creepiest ending ever. I gotta say the Kiri ending which should have happened in the anime was a million times better than that crap they showed on tv.

  237. haku says:

    thank you for always! will enjoy the game!

  238. shadovv-san says:

    the install screen was so epic xD
    it worth downloading just to see that

  239. Baki says:

    Yup, it worked. Guys, turn off your antivirus software for the game when you install it. Otherwise it is recognized as installed properly!!!

  240. Baki says:

    On second thought it could be my antivirus software interfering since it detects Launcher.exe as trojan… I hope that is the case

  241. Baki says:

    I assume that by a full install you mean the second option that says 2.2GB. I tried re-installing it couple of times now but it still does not work. Perhaps it is because I have Windows 7? I thank you for your advice though.

  242. 月影~Tsukikage says:

    @ crystalgurl18

    do you have daemon tools? did you make sure to mount? after that it should be self explanatory

    just google daemon tools lite and you should get it.

    If thats not the problem post problem below

    btw sorry @ doublepost, dind’t notice 2nd person requesting help @ w @

  243. 月影~Tsukikage says:

    @ baki

    try re-installing and make sure you do a full install with the mounted ISO

    sometimes, part install or installation glitch happens

    after its done installing, i would first copy the english patch and then the noDVD – good luck Lol

  244. Crystalgurl18 says:

    Hello Admin. How to install Canvas 2? i have do everything so up on list but i cant install Canvas 2 on my computer. Please hjelp me Admin:-)

  245. Baki says:

    uhnngh… After doing everything, I end up with a DAT folder, SAVEDATA folder, Canvas2_DVD application, game01.mrg, game02.mrg, README, system.OLD, and voice.mrg. IMO, there seems to be lots of missing components. I don’t see the game application, for example… Please help me. Anyone?

  246. Baki says:

    I can’t get it to work no matter what. It keeps saying system.unt. When I copy over the canvas2_DVD application from the NoDVD patch zip, it seems to install something (system.OLD appears and etc) but still says something about system.unt and No DVD.

  247. Baki says:

    thank you. What does the NoDVD patch/crack do, btw?

  248. Iguana8 says:

    Thankx man…
    I’m sure this will be definitely better than the anime..
    and I think the art is better in the VN

  249. Zaku says:

    Thanks I love the anime so I can’t wait to play this.

  250. 月影~Tsukikage says:

    Thanks a bunch, this quite an enjoyable novel

    was the first canvas game untranslated?

    also, would it be possible to get a copy of Majikoi here? I heard Yandere translated the prologue


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