Casual Romance Club

Casual Romance Club

You are a teenage boy in high school. You join the Casual Romance Club in order to meet other people and perhaps find love. There are twelve girls you can approach, each one possessing her own unique beauty and personality. Use your time and efforts wisely and you may just get yourself more than a casual romance…

You are given a month to shop around and win somebody’s love, after which you’ll ask the girl of your choice to keep seeing you even after the club adjourns. Each game day starts at the Starry Sky restaurant, with the club notebook laid out for you. The club notebook has the lowdown on all the girls — their basic statistics, pictures, horoscopes, likes, dislikes, etc. The girls also record their thoughts and reactions on daily events next to their horoscopes, so reading the club notebook can prove vital to your success.

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  1. I figured out how to save game from internet, save file has the form CLUB0519, CLUB0520 mean month and day 05/19, 05/20. This means that no matter what you save the file at any time of the day, it will show up at the beginning of the day, so you should save the file at a new day

  2. Yeah the good old hand painted images. I think that this type of games is not that easy to get so thanks admin.

  3. My question is, is this the JAST (or whoever it was that translated it and distributes it through JList) localization translation (where they gave the girls dorky English names), or a fan translation? (I ask, cause I have the JAST translation. Thanks

  4. For all of you who can’t save – you may save only at the beggining of the day, when you have a date and a time, before starting a day. Hope it helped.

  5. uuhm hope nobody get angry if i say this but this game is the shit ever …… there is nothing to skip the text… its so boring everytime to klick enter , enter ……

  6. hey admin just a though but a lot of sites have become hold only [not share] so could you make an acount on sites like that and give it out for us to download things or would that be a bad idea

  7. Hey i think i found the solution to the saving problem. The only reason your game is doing that is because of what Outpost Omega J said. Unmount the disk before saving the game and see if it helps, it worked for me anyway

  8. Hmm I played this game just now but.. how to save and load this game?? everytime i save( don’t know is it right or not) and Open, it is restarting a new game, even the BGM is gone…

    Is it normal?? where is the voice anyway??

  9. Dearest admin,

    I just want you to know that I love you. Thank you for bringing this curious girl so much eroge~♥

    1. go to this site:

      then download the file: 2MHitNo.2.lzh

      after that run the game through the crc patch you just downloaded. Along with that patch is an album which lets you see all the cgs you aquired from previous games. You have to play the game through the new patch you downloaded otherwise the cgs won’t be saved.

  10. I started playing some older eroge games since I played alot of the new ones and I have to say older eroge seems to have alot more substance when it comes to characters and story. This game along with kingdom and brave soul may hurt the eyes when it comes to graphics but, at least they’re not just a conglomeration of cliche characters. I think a rating system should be added to this site one day so it doesn’t take people like me to find these old gems.

    1. Hurt the eyes? How do older games hurt the eyes? it’s the new, moe garbage that hurts the eyes where they all look the same and ALL look underage ugh. But I do agree older games had subtance too. Nowadays its just… bleh no shame. big booby monsters o. O

  11. I’ve downloaded this game but I can’t get the pictures I’ve unlocked in the photo album to stay there when I start a new game. Any suggestions?

    1. I’ve haven’t played this in a while, and I never got very far before I got sidetracked by something else, so I’m not sure if my answer is correct or even applicable:

      If you are running the game straight from the disc image through daemon tools or the like, keep in mind the computer thinks it is seeing a physical CD-R(ead)O(nly)M(emory) in a physical drive. You can’t write to a CD-ROM, so any attempts to “save” to it fail.

      Now this is where I got confused a while back (see earlier posts) and am still not sure, so if any one could verify, I would appreciate it.

      Are you supposed to run the game straight from the image, or should you copy the image contents to your hard drive? Or is there some sort of “install.exe” I’m not seeing?

    2. I tried playing CRC using HDD (copy all to HDD then play), still whenever start a new game everything will vanish.
      How to restart the game? I heard it have remembreance album but couldnt find it though…

  12. So um i got the whole thing downloaded and loaded on daemon no prob. The only thing i cant figure out is to save. whenever i try to save it then open it again it just goes back to the beginning….anyone know what im doing wrong?

    1. I had the same problem when I tried this game a couple months back never could find a solution. Its a shame too cuz I heard so many good things about CRC but not being able to save makes itimpossible to enjoy it

    1. No, interestingly enough, the company that brought this game over changed next to nothing in it. The english voices are even done by Japanese voice actors, I believe, it almost sounds like their all the same person, in fact. Remember Japanese law prohibits uncensored pornographic material and they didn’t do anything so the game doesn’t exist without censors, sorry.

  13. Hey, when I extract the files, they have the same name so it can’t be done.

    Do I change the name of the folder its in then put all the files into one folder or what? Thanks

    1. Just extract first one, winrar will automaticaly extract data from following parts – if you extract them all at once you’ll end up overwriting complete data over and over…

      1. O ok, I thought all had to be extracted. So when you extract it, what do you do then? I heard there’s two ways.

  14. hmm..
    to those of you having a hard time installing the file..

    you need something like an iso reader/extractor..

    daemon tools, powerISO etc..

    then, you need to MOUNT the file.. (look it up. you’ll find it somewhere in the menu..)

    go to ‘my computer’

    you’ll notice that your disc drive slot contains your mounted file..

    a set-up dialog box should appear.. 🙂

  15. heee i dont know if someone have this problem but i cant play the voices. i have try in windows xp and 7

    1. i think its only voiced during certain scenes like when there at home or something have you gotten to that point yet?

  16. just so you all know the game is voiced in english yes english but you can switch the voice to japanese if you want

  17. i tried extracting the files and i only get errors…. and how do i use alcohol120%? im totally lost 🙁

  18. Slight bit of confusion here.

    Does this game play directly from the Disc, or iso file as it may be in this case?

    Or should I copy the contents of the iso on to my HDD some where and play if from there?

    Or is there an (INSTALL).exe file I’m missing somewhere?

    Thank you.

  19. guys i this game have sound voice of all the character…. and this game is english ???? please admin reply please thnks XD

  20. how to install this game???
    all i need to do is extract the files?? and install the normal way??

    1. Once you extract archives, you’ll get .iso file – image of game disc – you then need to either burn it to cd or use cd emulation program like deamon tools or alcohol120% to mount image as virtual drive.

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