Kimagure Temptation

Kimagure Temptation

There was an extremely baffling incident at a certain apartment building where all four of its residents were found deceased, with their stomaches cut open and internal organs removed. The dense miasma in the building suggested that there was a spiritual influence behind it all. Since the police was swamped with cases, the young onmyouji Haruhisa was instead dispatched to conduct the investigation.

At the same time, the demon Anneliese arrived from England to partake in the otaku culture that she admired, and agreed to help him in exchange for permission to stay permanently in Japan. However, she was more interested in his lower half than solving the case. Her fierce advances made him feel uneasy due to his lack of experience with women.

Thus begins a cohabitation life in a cursed apartment between an onmyouji seeking to solve a mystery and a demon who just wants to make out with him. Will Haruhisa be able to shake free from the temptation or give in readily to it?

18 comments on “Kimagure Temptation

  1. Is the game before this one in the series on here, Mr. Admin?? Akeiro Kaikitan? I liked Kimagure Temptation and Nanairo Reincarnation.

    1. it is. but you need to set this one to english in the menu in game.
      Kinda messy but i got it working now.
      Needed to redownload it all though, just the missing file did not help.
      game starts in jap, but in the menu you see a button saying “english”.

      1. still not working for me, just no more error message. Game still crashes. Will try to download the whole thing once more.

  2. Another nice work from swan’s eye plus. But seriously so many heroines and only 1 heroines route? and for the translator, i know that it’s not really chronologically in order for the stories but i feel more comfort reading the 2nd game from swan’s eyes because the 2nd game also have the cameo from the 1st game Nanairo Reincarnation

    1. oh this is from the guys that made Nanairo Reincarnation?
      that game was awesome. Heavily traumatizing but awesome…
      looking forward to this then.

      1. Agreed, they did such good job making 1 case so long but not boring and keep wanting to read it. the only thing to complain is that traumatizing experience

        1. yeah.. that had a surprisingly big impact on me. I was fine with the story but at the ending of “that” route where they briefly overlap the image of the new girlfriend with “the” girl, i suddenly felt this heavy wave of panic and nausea.. damn. never experienced something like that from any sort of entertainment.

      2. and i hope the next thing to get translated is Ryuusei world actor 2. Good writing but so unfinished, i can’t wait to kill that rape B*stard

  3. Police-Chief: “What 4 people murdered and mutilated? Ahhh we are swamped with work right now. Let the rookie do it!”

    thanks for the upload!

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