Orion Heart

Orion Heart

After defeating the demons, Orion Sun thought she could finally live in peace, enjoying her everyday life and love for Osamu, but she was wrong! The demons were still alive, and worse, their leader, Gildart, has now possessed the boy she loves, using his body to have their way with her! Who else will suffer as the demons run amok while she tries to save her beloved?!

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  1. afeso says:

    say, is it possible to upload this game on a site with resume support? my connection is not stable so i find it hard to download a file that does not resume

  2. Doom says:

    the first time

  3. random-1 says:

    anyone got a complete save file?

  4. AnimeOtaku says:

    do you control the girl or boy in this game?

  5. ezrotozero says:

    i keep getting SNX Error : -1
    can anyone help? tried Dakula’s crack and Anon cracker’s still doesnt work..

  6. AnimeOtaku says:

    How do I download this? e.e

  7. Lukard says:

    To install this game you just need to run Setup install and substitute the icebody from icebody(crack)

  8. trademark says:

    when is the next game coming out its been almost a month


    very good this game, would like to make a suggestion, could translate erogame otomini infinity.

  10. this guy says:

    crack where is it at…

  11. Tom says:

    A game called Yandere was Just finished Translated a few days ago
    Thought you might not know

  12. Vorthod says:

    Was it intentional that the crack for the game is inside the “purchase the game” drop-box?

  13. NullVoider says:

    2 simplfy it wat program does any1 always use

    • Vorthod says:

      I use winrar to unpack any multi-part packages i get from this site. simply select all the files at once, right click them and choose to extract somewhere. the program is smart enough to be able to combine files that get split over multiple archives. If the archive contains something like a .iso file or some other disc image (this game does not seem to use such a file), Daemon tools lite is good enough to create a virtual disc drive to simulate it.

    • kurei says:

      I also use winrar, but I only open part1 then extract then the rest will follow through.

  14. NullVoider says:

    what kinda of program does any1 always use 2 open a game on this site I used B1 Achiver 4 1 and it worked but with this 1 it said it was broken olz help

  15. Katsu says:

    Yo! any idea on when Monster Girl Quest 3 will get fully translated? i know its been only around 1 week since release but am kinda anxious XD

  16. din says:

    admin can you find this game
    The Greatest Inventions of the Sexy Era!

    thank you

  17. Jesus says:

    Well, at least was a little bit fun to play…Btw, Monster girl quest 3 have been released, FUCK YEAH

  18. collector says:

    Dungeons & Dolls in eng has been released take it admin!!!!!!!!!

  19. korewa2 says:

    well Downloaded this before being post here…… I’m just here for a walkthrough but…….. (Sigh’s)

  20. Yagami says:

    Fuck you you mother fucker _|_

  21. DarkCarnage says:

    well i did the harem party one and it worked with the min of fuzz.

    i also tired the slave witch apirl one, did not work for me either got illegal message or it just flickers on and off real fast.

  22. pervpatrol says:

    Okay someone needs to explain something to me:
    These eroges and lots of hentai animes as well go through great lengths to establish what a well functioning penis the main character has. Then why-o-why is it that so many VNs and Hentais are about girls being gangraped and mindbroken?
    I get that a cuckold fetish exists, but it is rare. The gangrape and mindbreak in japanese anime/vn however isnt.

    What is going on in Japan that this happens? You’d think with the declining birthrates due to men being unable to perform they’d actually lean more towards harem material where girls tend to their every need?

    • kurei says:

      The answer to your stupid question is that simply because there are more males than females who play these eroge and you have no right or to ask how their country works because that’s their country. Those who enter this type of business is trying to sell the product that sells most, which apparently happens to be this type of eroge and plus it’s just fantasy, so long as you keep that imprinted to your tiny brain then you don’t really have to worry.

      Would a straight guy buy an eroge that only has females getting the guy gangbanged/mindbroken? Maybe but there are only a few who really wants the dominatrix of women over men. It ‘wouldn’t’ really give you the desired income if you really want to have few net losses.

  23. Maou says:

    Thank you!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Azzz another nukige

    why Mangagamer doesnt translate some good eroge like

    eushully stuff or baldr series

  25. superfid2006 says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that this game’s story is exactly the same as Taimanin Asagi’s?
    Demon Hunter wants to retire with her beloved, but said guy gets possessed by Chief Demon that wants revenge on the heroine.

    Then rape happens.

  26. Gero says:

    Heya All,

    Tried this out and it works just as advertised.

    Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  27. Anon Cracker says:

    Proper crack made from the original game exe:

    DRM removed, no modifications: downloadani.me/65xfojg094w0/orion_heart_lcsebody.exe
    DRM removed, 100% CPU usage bug fixed (present in original game): downloadani.me/2nqbelqlr2p3/orion_heart_lcsebody_cpu_usage_fix.exe

    Please ask MangaGamer to fix the bugs in their game, don’t make me, a cracker, fix them!

    Usage instructions:
    1. Delete the lcsebody.exe that came with your game
    2. Rename orion_heart_lcsebody.exe (or orion_heart_lcsebody_cpu_usage_fix.exe) to lcsebody.exe. The game won’t work without renaming the file.

    Make sure to run it in english system locale.

    Try and support visual novel localization companies if you can!


  28. jona says:

    Is this just me, or is the autoadvance function not working. I’m using the crack in the 4shared link above, btw.

    • Dakula says:

      Works on mine but anything lower then under max speed it seems to take forever. To test if it works try setting to max speed and start auto. If that works just find a speed you like.

  29. anon says:

    Seems like this is a sequel or some sort? Did mangagamer translated the prequel?

    • Big Hawk says:

      That was my thought, so I did a bit of research, and no, this is definitely a stand-alone, there is no prequel. Just a stand-alone with more backstory than usual I guess?

      • Blazinsky says:

        Orion Heart has light novels that was published in Nijigen Dream Magazine. The loss of Orion crystal are also explained there.

  30. trademark says:

    thanks! I really appreciate you uploading and maintaining this site!

  31. Johnny Cage says:

    I just fapped a lot. Thanks Admin.

  32. anon says:

    got it to work. just copy icsebody (application) from magical teacher and replace with the one in orion game folder. then rename the other two files in the orion game folder: (lgt file and file) icsebody1 into icsebody and then run the app file. it should work. in order words you should have the icsebody app file replaced with the one from magical teacher, and change all other files (2 others)from icsebody1 to iscebody.

    • nrvnqsr says:

      This works, thanks!

    • Mur says:

      I keep getting an error window:
      “This program is illegal. This program is terminated.”

      Will attempt to resolve and update (if I can remember)

      • Mur says:

        As far as I can tell:
        Using the crack from “Conquering the Queen” will require you to rename “Icsebody1.lst” and “Icsbody1” to “Icsebody.lst” and “Iscebody”.

        Using the crack from “Slave Witch April” will not require renaming of the Icsebody1 files.

        The “NECEMEM.SNI is not found.” arises due to this renaming issue. I have yet to resolve the “This program is illegal” issue.

        • Mur says:

          Failed: running as administrator.
          Failed: running with win xp service pack 2 and 3.
          Failed: reinstalling and attempting cracks again.
          Failed: using SWA icsebody.exe
          Failed: using Conquering the Queen icsebody.exe

          • hurd says:

            i tried all these cracks, game starts up but soon get error msg to close the game any ideas?

        • nrvnqsr says:

          Yeah it doesn’t work with those games’ exes. Magical Teacher does the tric, though.

    • anon says:

      sorry i spelt lst as lgt. but it doesnt change anything. just follow the instructions itll work

  33. anon says:

    I am hereth to save your souls from not having access to fap material. Simply copy the lcsebody.exe file from Harem Party into your OrionHeart folder, then rename the lcsebody1 files to lcsebody.

    Run the lcsebody.exe.


  34. Dakula says:

    2 people have it working and im terrible at explaining, someone else take over

    • Mur says:

      There’s no Icsebody1.exe in either SWA or OH, only “Icsebody.exe”, “Icsebody1” and “Icsebody1.lst”

  35. r0gamer says:

    the icebody1 crack from slave witch april currently works. Just opened it up and have not played the entire game yet

  36. Dakula says:

    Uses same crack (lscebody1.exe) as slave witch april. get from there and enjoy.

  37. Ethan says:

    boring troll

    Anyhow thank you very much for uploading admin

  38. SpideR says:

    Nice Game! Ty

  39. einixmax says:

    tysss wil wait for crack again

  40. Zabusa says:

    Nice, ddling right now.

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