Flyable Heart

Flyable Heart

One day, Shou, who is always hungry, receives a letter. It contains a student ID issued by a famous school and the ID says “All school restaurants are free of charge.” He immediately decides to transfer to this school. The school, however, is divided into two groups…. Also, what welcome him are a strange fortuneteller, a huge explosion of fire works, and his room at school dormitory for girls…. What will happen to Shou? What will happen to love romance between Shou and six female students? His new school life now starts….
“Watch out, boy. Various misfortunes will happen to you….

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  1. Search Internet for “flyabletrans” and you will find their official site, they have a English patch for the Mayuri sequel too. Translation is quite literal but understandable if you know even a bit of Japanese culture.

  2. anyone know where to get the serial code or crack for flyable candyheart?
    jesus, anime sharing didnt give the crack in the file

  3. no issues so far with crashing like others seem to have, but i am unable to save– either regular or quick save. anyone know a fix? playing the original japanese without the patch btw if that helps

  4. Need help when i try to install patch it says The specific installation could not be verifed {E=0} please consult the release notes for supported upgrade paths

  5. does anyone else get this error whenever they install the english patch? whenever i finish installing the english patch it says “Fatal error patching file. You may have to reinstall.” and it tells me dll\PAL.dll and bgm.pac. ive uninstalled and tried reinstalling the game and running the english patch as administrator but none of that worked. can someone help me? it’d be really appreciated ;;

    1. I did this, the game worked for me.
      1. Just download the game.
      2. Open the MDS file with Daemon Tools, it mounts the game disc.
      3. Install the game using the Setup.
      But it showed error, so couldn’t install.
      4. If you open FH.exe, the game will start but in Japanese Language.
      5. Copy the Game Disc onto your desired location.
      6. Open English Patch, follow the instructions to install the English Patch.
      Game will crash, in start due to a missing font.
      7. Hence, Download the file MISCFS_.TTF(a Font file) from internet(a common file, so you won’t have any trouble), copy it to Font Folder in the Windows Folder in C Drive.
      8. Enjoy the game!!!.

  6. After installing it and got it to work on english and play it after 1 minute!! it’s crashed i don’t know please someone help me

  7. Are there other games which are that badly translated?
    I really enjoyed reading the weird translation.
    Also, are there other games from the same developer on this site? Can’t seem to find other games.

    1. dunno about that but what’s the crap with potag calling all the girls (young Ladies) children when he’s same age +- a year and thinks he’s a man and also the stupid line “every moment, her body” and another “it’s different” wtf do these lines mean?

  8. I have a question? Admin, could you please tell me if this is the full English Patch for the gane? Cause when i look for it on VNDB, there no english translation and that makes me confused…

  9. For+those+that+still+don’t+know+how+to+get+the+English+patched+version+to+work,+I+figured+out+how+to+get+it+working.+


    1. I don’t know why the comment went funny so here it is again

      For those that still don’t know how to get the English patched version to work, I figured out how to get it working.
      First of you should have Daemon tool (or a program that is similar) as once the files have been extracted they should come out as MDF files.
      After clicking on the file it should go through the installation process. Once your installing it, when the menu of where you have to put the files into a location, you have to make sure that the top drop down bar says the program files of your system and then install it into said location.
      After finishing the install it should make a new disk drive (D: or E:) with the game in as well, you don’t want to open the game from here as it will open the Japanese version only, but you also don’t want to get rid of it ether as you won’t be able to play at all if you remove it.
      Once you have downloaded and extracted the English patch move the files that came from it into the location of the game in your program files and then click on the fhinst file.
      Go through the install and then to play Click on the FH File in the same location and it should play the English version.
      Remember DO NOT remove/delete the disk drive as you won’t be able to play it all, if you do don’t worry as you can just reinstall the file from the MDF file extractor that you used.

      I hope this helps anyone and everyone wanting to play the game.

  10. Even though the translation is not good let me tell you, this vn is a masterpiece. Even though it took a bit more time to read because of bad translations, it was worth it.

  11. Can anyone help me…. I’m having trouble with the patch. The game w/o the patch seems to be working fine but when I installed the patch I can’t even reach the title screen when it crashes. How do you fix this?

  12. did anybody know if the VN flyableheart: if that time, have been translated to english? when i look the thriller in youtube i’m realy courious about that 🙂

  13. People having issues with the fhinst.exe (the english patch) It will be detected as a FALSE POSITIVE so make sure you allow the files through your anti-virus. Also if you need to run the fhinst.exe as an administrator for it to work properly. I was struggling as it said my game wasn’t fully installed but it was because I installed it into Program Files. If you installed it there then run the patch as administrator and it will work perfectly.

  14. Is there any way to disable the voice of the protagonist? i mean the robotic Voice it’s really annoying

    1. Yes, there is a way to disable that annoying robot voice, place the shouvctl.exe file in your game directory and double click it. A menu will appear and allow you do disable the robot protagonist voice. Cheers! 🙂

        1. Probably permissions issues. Try some of the ones floating around about ‘inability to remove files/folders’ or ‘trying to delete file but I get “access denied”‘

  15. hola este es un mensaje para el admin por favor tienes que poner la fuente para descargar por que sin la fuente el juego funciona mal y te empieza a dar errores o se traba. menos mal que me meti en la pagina oficial de traduccion y lo descargue ay lo pone en la pagina web que sin la fuente para las letras el juego funciona mal digo esto esto para que la gente pueda descargar el juego y jugar si que se le trabe el juego o de errores

  16. The English patch contains the “Win32:Dropper-gen” Virus.
    Dear admin, please post a version of the patch, which is not corrupt.

  17. sorry i have one question. do i have to mount the image everytime I run the game? I didn’t see any crack in the folder. thanks

  18. I seem to have the same problem as Sanguin. (He decides to join and it crashes) Has anyone else found a way to fix this yet?

  19. Can’t install the english patch, keep getting a slightly smaller rar file than I’m supposed to and it can’t extract the exe files. Keeps saying \Unexpectable end of archive\, and I’m kinda at the end of my wits. Please help

    1. Maybe your antivirus is false-detecting some patch contents as virus and tampers with archive? Other than that, no idea. Patch downloads and extracts fine for me.

    2. I still can’t patch the englsih patch into the game. It keeps giving me “Fatal error patching file. You may have to reinstall.” Then it says this dll\PAL.dll
      I’ve reinstalled and kept doing things to fix it but nothing works. anyone can help please

  20. Already left a comment but wanted to mention for anybody starting this VN it’s recommended you follow this route order to avoid any major spoilers. Mayuri, Sakurako, Amane, Kururi, Yui, Suzuno

    It was admittedly pretty boring to start out in that order at first but got a lot better as more of the overall plot was revealed.

  21. its unrelated but did anyone know how to install flyable candyheart? the one with alpha-activation
    because i couldnt mount the disc with ultraiso

  22. When I try to install the game, I am unable to do so for some reason I know not, since writing is non-usable despite the usual recommendation to change the region and language.

    And even when I read the game directly from ISO to play, the word has not been translated as it should.

    But know that I am in no hurry so take the time to answer my query and beyond if possible, resolve the problem that seems too persistent to others, please. : )

  23. This seems like it could be a really good VN but the rather poor translation is kind of annoying. Can only hope the other translation group keeps working on this in the mean time. I’m thankful I can at least read it in the mean time though. I should get off my ass and pick japanese back up but I’m so unmotivated half the time.

  24. I haven’t had this much problems with a VN installation since re-write.
    I don’t know how long it took the others to install then ultimately gave up but me, I downloaded everything the day before yesterday and first thing in the morning I tried to install it, It was 7 and how long did it take me to surrender? I started at seven and I stopped at seven…. THE NEXT FUCKING MORNING!!!!! FUCK THIS IS MAKING ME CRAZY!!!! I redownloaded ever fucking file 4 times and its still giving me shit… until someone fines a solution I’m gonna back off for a while. BUT I WANT TO PLAY THIS VN!!!!! T_T

  25. i dont really want to be like that since this is a great site for getting vns, but. this is juts tiering iv tryed to isntal the patch and redownload it for 6 hors now and i just still get the same thing.

    \ERROR coudnt open the program due to the fact that you dont have the authorisation to open or run it\ iv tried everything. rnning it as admin, moving it to different folders. trying to run it from the zip but it still dont want to work. so here’s my question to the admin of this.

    is this game even translated? how can i get the patch to work and why didnt you put a inscription in how to install the patch in the first place to avoid al these problems?

    i would love if i could get an awnser to any of my questions and ofc i dont blame you personally but its a bit anoying when this happens and when its a first.


  26. Recommend getting a different English translation patch or if not, its better to learn Japanese and read this because that machine voice is annoying as hell and gives me a headache. Honestly whoever translated if your going to translate something just translate it and do not add in a machine’s voice. For those who are asking how to install the current English patch just don’t it ruins the game completely.

    1. Actually never mind completely what I typed earlier. Found out how to disable that goddamn machine voice in the English patch(Thank god I looked around a bit more) just look for the shouvctl and put it in the same folder as the FH.exe and then goto properties and set its compatibility.

  27. I have a problem with the english patch.
    The game is installed and runs and everything but when I want to patch it I can’t.
    The symbols just dissappear when I extract them so I can’t click on them or anything and I can’t patch it.
    What should I do?
    I can’t open the file in winrar too.

  28. Will there ever be a better translation than the machine translated one? its a great game but after a while i get a headache since it looks like it was translated by a dyslexic person.

  29. The english patch was reported to contain a trojan by my antivirus program. Just letting you know, doesn’t have to be true, but I rather trust my program.

    1. Every file I’m posting is manually verified and contain no malicious code. You can send the allegedly infected file to your antivirus vendor, so that they check it themselves and update their database.

  30. When I downloaded the English patch the game started crashing when I tried to save, and it lags a little, it’d be nice if someone could explain how to fix this.

  31. I downloaded everything onto my computer and when I go into the fhinst file to download the game, it asks me to select the location of where I want the patch to be installed to. But I can’t do this and I have no idea how to do this. It automatically goes to FH.exe but when I click open it says it doesn’t exist. I have no idea how to open this game help.

  32. Could someone please tell me how good the English translation is? Are you able to understand it all the time? Is there some text that is completely messed up? Some examples would be great 🙂

  33. Im already Download All The Part but when i extract all the part the file just contain Flyable_heart MDF file and Flyable_heart MDS file. is i wrong how to extrack it or i Correct but if i correct how can i able to play the game, please im need an answer

    1. Having the same problem. I downloaded all the parts but only the MDF is extracted from part 1. I had to jump through hoops to get the download to work and now it feels like a wasted effort.

      1. I redownloaded the parts and I mounted the disk but when I click “Install” I get an error. I don’t know what it says because it is just random symbols. Probably because I haven’t been able to translate the game yet.

  34. when i tried to run the english patch first i got a error , after i gave up on this and played nearly all other good games i tried again and i worked lol 😀

    I downloaded the patch again and before you install the patch the game must be mounted and run the patch as administrator then it should work

    BTW the game is brilliant

  35. The english patch is useless. Every time I try to install it I get ‘the install path cannot be verified’ All in all this release is a complete fail.

  36. As of the date of this post:
    -The english patch is machine translated one, while some parts have some unnecessary addition by the translator, the translations are largely understandable.
    -If your game crash, the number 1 reason is the missing window font: download and install this.
    -There is no crack in this, when you play mount it on daemon tool or etc.

  37. According to McAfee, the english patch folder rar archive has a Trojan virus, but when I scan the same rar archive with
    Avast!, it says the rar is free of viruses. Who to trust, I wonder…

  38. dont know why but when i try to download this and recently some other games the site [] hasnt been responding and just says that its waiting for a response from the ip address forever. dont know if its an issue with or something wrong on my end. if anyone has had similar experiences please let me know so i can try to resolve my issues. until then i wont be downloading any eroge for a long while.

    1. seems the issue was with my connection to the website itself and i managed to get ti working again so hopefuly once i finish downloading this ill be able to play it.

  39. Crashed and crashed even in the begining of the game after I instal the english update T_T
    someone help me please

  40. please help! i installed the game perfectly.
    but when install the patch my bgm.pac is corrupted/PAL.dll is corrupted. so the patch is not working, what can i do?

  41. Is this game the “trial version” but VNDB says full version isn’t released yet ? (Ps: sorry for my bad english)

  42. Here’s how to install the game for those of you who don’t know:
    1. Mount the image and install as per normal.
    2. Open fhinst.exe and install the patch to where you installed the game to.
    3. Drag shouvctl.exe to the installed folder and double click on it. This is to unvoice Shou(The main charater) if you don’t like the machine voice.
    4. You have to mount the disc every time you wanna play it. Go search for a noDVD patch if you don’t want to mount the disc every time.

    1. I could not download the required font in the first place. I mean, I tried, but it’s all gibberish text, not a TTF file anymore, and cannot be downloaded. Maybe the file went corrupt or something. Here is a small part of the gibberish.
      0ーOS/2Qャ■Y�VPCLT:坂Z<6cmapテ錝Fネヤcvt [ー]Qヤfpgm�3ツOタglyf<� 6�72hdmx袿゙,K�HheadムロBTZt6hhea�/Zャ$hmtxア�n@�|locaKN=€maxp?�Zミ name囁gヒ�ヤpost・DDア&
      Can anyone upload the font for the game again? Thank you.

  43. after i finished patching the game the main character always talks in this stupid robot voice instead of his normal japanese voice, does any know a solution to this?

  44. ive been getting crashes and lags lately with the game.
    is there any resolves or fixes?
    how can i prevent this from happening?

  45. alright, so here’s my problem

    i’ve downloaded all the files and extracted them

    now when i try to run the english patch
    there are two exe files fhinst.exe and shouvctl.exe

    fhinst works fine up until the end and it stops and says bgm.pac is corrupted/PAL.dll is corrupted

    shouvctl.exe staight up says could not open FH.exe

  46. please help me!
    i already download all, but when i extracted it shows part 10 is corupt. i alredy redownload 5 times. it still not fixed. pleas give me help.

  47. Hey admin need some help here…can’t install the game even though i mount it on dtlite, and use applocale (NTELEA) when i hit ok i receive error message (that is unreadable…unicode maybe). how can i install this?

  48. I’m having a bit of trouble with the English Patch. It keeps giving me an error report every time it tries to install. May I please have a bit of instruction as to how to install the translation? Please and Thank You.

  49. Emm, Admin, sorry for the sudden request, could u check all of the parts? because i already download all parts, when i try to unrar the file, there is an error that say “Unexpected end of archive” for part1, end the rest of parts file say “The archive is either unknown or damaged”. thanx

  50. Just wondering if this patch is the full translation of the game, because someone told me it hasn’t been fully translated yet?

  51. I have a question
    Do i really need to install the game?
    cause i can play from the image
    but when i tried to install the patch it asks me the inst. place
    pls reply i need to know what i do to play this one pls

  52. Someone really needs to make more translations of Unison Shift games…they should do Tokeijikake no Ley Line :3

    1. Solved it but… when i use the patch in the same file as the game.. it says ” The version of this Fh.exe is incompatible with this utility” HELP PLS

  53. I installed the patch correctly but when i open up FH.exe it lets me click “Yes” at the beginning but won’t do anything? I’m forced to click no :<

  54. Oh thank god there making another translation of it. I dont care how long it takes as long as it’s not machine translated.

    1. I totally agree, the use of language here sucks, when Amane is so scared she’ll say, “OKA-SAAAAN!!” and it was translated as “Motherfucker” made me spite the translator, and some words were elongated like Taiyaki, which is a common term in the anime history.

  55. can someone help me my english patch keeps giving me fatal errors wen i try to use it what do i do to make it work

  56. Well … I accidentally deleted the game … and the link is dead for me (I wonder if it happens for others too) … Can you fix the download link? Thanks in advance
    (Don’t mind about my lousy english)

  57. Thanks for the download~~. Btw people, this is a machine translated VN, thus, the English in it is terrible. But with that said, once you get use to it (which you do), you’ll realize how awesome each characters story is~!

    Someone please make a translation for Flyable Candyheart. I don’t even care if it’s a shitty machine translation like this one. 🙁

  58. heyyyy guyss~ I ‘ve alreadyyy finish download this game~ but….
    I try to instal it but? it’s sayy welll like this???? ??? ??????????
    what’s the problem? why I can’t instal it?
    however~ if I click the game it can play.

    can you guys show me how to intsalll thiss? game?

  59. i try to install the E patch but it said:”the specified installation could not be verified(E=0).Please consult the release notes for supported upgrade paths”. i don’t know what to do,please tell me????/

  60. For movies and games you cant tell the difference between retina and no retina, but for reading it’s night and day. iPad 2 looks like ancient technology next to iPad 3 screen.

  61. My antivirus thinks the translation files (.exe) are viruses. Are these files clean and my antivirus makes a mistake (which is pretty common for antivirus) or they actually ARE viruses? Anybody who actually have installed the English patch?

  62. the patch keeps encountering fatal error on dll\PAL.dll and bgm.pac, and the game itself won’t patched to english version, anyone can help?

  63. When I try to dowload the link on the file just keeps loading and the save,save as, or open tab on the bottom wont come up. Whats wrong?

  64. When I extract the english patch, the fhinst.exe don’t come with the other files because it has a virus.
    How can I use the english patch then?

  65. Hi there bros and sis, I’m actuall havin a bit of a situation here…everytime I try to install the font MISCFS_.TTF it says it can’t install it cuz “it doesn’t seem like a valid font”…please help x___x

  66. I have a problem when I’m installing the game, it succeeded. and then, I move it to another folder in program files with name “flyable heart”. because the other said, the japanese font folder will screw up with the page. and then, I install the patch, and it says, fatal error, you may have reinstall dll\pall.dll and bgm.pac. I have no idea again with that problem. please help me, because I wanna play it so much. I’ve already install the font but, it still fatal error. I’ve already switch off my antivirus but, it always fatal error too.
    please help me!!!
    thank you so much

  67. i have a little problem it still keep telling me that the captcha is wrong what can i do? and yes i wrote it 20 times correct

  68. please how do i install the game, its my first time and when trying to install its keeps showing me ?????????. please tell me what to do< step by step procedure

  69. mmm i dont mean to bother but could you pass me a link of the font becouse the one you posted it doesnt work

  70. Ugh, this game is near unplayable due to the terrible translation. They also add loads of unnecessary cuss words.

    Example: A part where one character got scared and said “Mommy!” got translated as “Motherfucker!”.

    Example 2: “Are you mad at me?” got translated as “U MAD?”.

    Example 3: A tongue-click (tch) got translated as “Shit”.

    Those are by no means special exceptions, those are the norm.

    To top it off, most the game seems machine-translated. Even if you sit there re-reading certain parts to try to understand it, you’ll still find yourself stumped. I’m only scrapping by because I’m translating the audio for myself.

    The game seems good (from what I can tell) and it even gets a good laugh out of me from time to time, but unless you’re willing to endure hours of frustration at the translation, I’d suggest finding a different game.

    1. lol, that actually made me laugh. Thanks for the tip. This game’s not worth it until it gets translated properly.

  71. This game is kind of slow for me… it takes like 10-15 seconds to get to option menu and like 5 to go to save.. is this an issue for anyone else or is this just me?

  72. Lol I’ve been having so much problem with htis game and figures, for some reason my game will not load without it being mounted. Who knew never had that before, but well it’s fixed now so thank you for uploading this game XD

  73. Can someone explain clearly how to install game and english patch. I have the game installed and can play in japanese text fine, although i did have to burn the disc image to get it to load. Problem is i keep getting fatal error when trying to install the english patch. What do i use in the unrared english patch folder to get it to install english to the game?
    Please someone help, i have never had problems installing patches before and it’s really frustrating me.

  74. Does anyone have a no-dvd patch for flyable heart I tried to google it but couldn’t find anything so if anyone has it could you share it here please.

  75. im having problems installing the english patch, it says fatal error patching file. you may have to reinstall.
    PLZ someone help me T.T ill post pics if needed

  76. I hate the DA as download site.

    Write the captcha, wait 4 mins and then please feel free to download “Site is currently not available.” message!

    And I’m getting that crap shoveled on my face too often… Is there gonna be any more torrent links? Those seem to work wonders here.

  77. Gah, I’m tempted to read it without the translations after all. The translation quality is terrible.

  78. Does annyone knoe how to remove the abnoctious englis nariator voice…
    Opend the game and “blam” microsoft sam in my face -_-

    1. when you download the english patch you have a software named “shouvctl” open it and tick Unvoice Shou

  79. Ummm maybe it’s just me but my game keeps crashing at the begining of the game where Shou’s dad says

    “As a matter of fact, I got this in the post 1 week ago, put it in my pocket as it is, and went on a stakeout. Therefore, I woke Shou-kun in a hurry.”

    Can anyone help?

  80. can we get a link on where we can buy this game let’s just say my comps acten up because of a crap antivirus i just installed! (COMODO). i cant play it anymore or uninstall that antivirus so maybe a actual game i might be able to play (trying to rid myself of antivirus in mean time)love this site to much to let that crap stop me i will be free >.> maybe.

  81. Thank to you guys,I was able to fix Narration voice.
    I really glad for translation but this translation is crap and Why translator use this stupid narration voice ?!?!?!?

  82. i already download and extract it into one folder but when i click setup, icant install it(plus the font is wierd like ?????)

  83. i already download and extract it to one folder, but when i click the setup, i cant install it.. helpp!!

  84. Im having trouble with the english patch, it keeps giving me an error msg. I’ve read all the comments on here but I do not see a resolution. Help!!! D=

  85. the english patch crashed.
    it said fatal error patchingfile dll/Pal.
    what should i do to solve it?

  86. There’s a new problem I encounter , when I chg to windowed mode and restart , it show this :
    “Windows cannot acess the specified device,path,or file.You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item”

    how to fix it ?

  87. I hate to complain, really, i know how hard it is to put together a translation patch, and i know the author said he isnt a native speaker and used mostly atlas and other translation software… but this translation is BAD. I mean, horrible. Its like no one bothered to go through and proof read anything before the release. Some of the most touching and emotional scenes are completely ruined because you cant understand what the main character is trying to say. Im absolutely loving this game, its fantastic, but it really hurts to have a scene youve been waiting for to be ruined by the bad translations.

    1. And its a shame the author didnt release the patch source so I or someone else could update it rather than posting on his website basically “I meant it to be a crude translation, get over it”

      1. Atleast he should go back and take out the “O RLY” that constantly shows up and the girls constantly saying F*CK all the time. Really takes away from the experience.

  88. Just what the universe needed an Eroge with Stephen Hawking as the voice of the main character…..

    lol sorry I just couldn’t resist 🙂

  89. ok i am having this problem.i opened the 4gb file with winrar and when i start playing it says no dvd.what should i do.should i use daemon tools.cause i dont understand what the problem can someone please help me

    1. Yeah, it’s an image file, use daemon, (or any software that can be used, such as alcohol), to mount it in the virtual drive.

      I dunno if you can play immediately, but I choose to autorun and install the game first, applying the patches, then play.

  90. the first part (flayableheart.part01.rar) MF link seems to be broken..

    can someone reupload that part

  91. someoen tell me how to use english patch , ive bee trying for 2 days to patch the game but it keeps saying could not speificy instalation, i run patch, select the fh pink donut then let it run but it keeps doing the same thing i realy need help. someone please tell me how ot fix this

  92. The part 4 download link is broken. please fix this, it took me 3 hours to download all the parts but then it turned out part 4 was broken

  93. Someone please help me,…
    When I run English Patch I got fatal error patching dll/PAL.dll and bgm.pac.
    What must I do ?

  94. it won’t let me do that so how do i download that exactly and what do i do and need to have to get it?

    1. what exactly? the MISCFS__.TTF font? you just google it and you check the sites that let you download it. if 1 site doesn’t work then try a different one till you get it…

  95. no problem here… I instaled the game, then the patch [I had to disable my antivirus to proceed though] and then I had to serch the net for the MISCFS__.TTF font wich I put C\WINDOWS\fonts [if you don’t do this game crashes after talking with the father in the begining of the game] no other problems so far, hope it stays that way. hope I helped even if just a little =)

    1. actualy there is one problem I can’t seem to resolve. when theres too much text some of it isn’t seen it just cuts off at the end of the textbox. at firs I said no big deal the whole text will be soun in the log but that want the case. someone knows how to fix this?

  96. Mediafire is shit. Never had so many problems downloading rar files before. Isthere a rapidshare or fileserve mirror?

  97. Some help here. i have successfully install the patch but then i can’t start the game. can somebody tell what is happening

  98. I need help! Some people had the same problem but… When I patch the game the bar fills all the way but then says something about E=0 and updating path, what do I do about this?!

  99. I meant you put the font into the english patched “folder” not “file”.

    If you don’t have the font, saving crashes the game.

  100. Every time i try to save game crash. I tried playing with English system + app locale and with Japanese system but i wasnt able to save in both cases. I am able to quick save.
    Any ideas?

  101. i cant install the patch -_- allways gats en error.
    fatal error patching file dll\PAL.dll
    and then
    fatal error patching file bgm.pac

    what did i do wrong?

      1. thx but that wasend the prop i got windos 7 and i hat to insall the game somewhere els(the file program and programx86 curse problems ther -_-)
        anyway i got the patch done but now the game is kinda slow and i cant save -_- the game crush always

    1. I would go to this installation guide, it helped me do it.
      go to you tube. com /watch?v=UaeKUvtRlLo. follow the guide, and make the new folder because it helps.

  102. I can not always install when I do this come as any sign where I have no plan what that might mean -. – so I can not because then install there is always an error message

  103. Ok seriously, WHY THE FUCK IS THERE AN ENGLISH COMPUTERIZED VOICED WOMAN!!! speaking as the Main Character who happens to be MALE. WHo the fuck really thought this was a FUCKING GOOD IDEA, im mean the first time i opened this and i was impress with all the menu and all then comes the main game and i go WTF!!.FACEPLAMx1000 GOD I WANNA KILL MYSELF.

    ok srry for that rant, this shit just boggles my mind.

  104. when i try to download the fhinst.exe it says “The specified installation could not be verifed (E=0). please consult the release notes for supported upgrade paths.

    i think im doing something wrong here lol can someone help me please

  105. I have a problem installing the english patch, it’s saying “Fatal error opening difference file FHTRANS_1152.d” I don’t know if I’m doing anything wrong.

    So could someone tell me how to correct this or how to install it properly?

  106. I’m with Shawn on this… I don’t like this narration voice on… is it possible to turn it off?

    1. In the English patch, there is a file named “shouvctl.exe”.To turn off the voice, put that file in the game folder, double click, choose ‘unvoiced Shou’, then apply.
      (Some anti-virus softwares see it as virus, do something about that first)

  107. it keeps saying I dont have permission to run the patch, path etc, not even running as admin works

  108. now i have same prob as this guy

    Anon says:
    December 1, 2011 at 5:21 am

    Already solve this…..
    Now my problem is it won’t install the program…. There’s some weird message that I ,of course, can’t read when I try to install it.
    I reached to the point where I choose where to install the program, after that this message appears :
    C:\Program Files\???????\FlyableHeart
    YES/NO(I selected YES because if i selected NO it closes)
    The weird message appears with an OK button….
    when I click OK it closes.

    The weird thing is that I can run the program without installing it by opening the installation disk…
    When I unmount the installation disk, it won’t run.
    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!

  109. Okay, i’ve had every single problem possible with this game. Installing, patching, crashing … so i’m just writing to say: Thank you all! The various answers here helped me a lot! (and the walkthrough up there will help even more, i guess ^^).


    1. I need help i want the game to run without having the BD Rom Drive running when i eject the BD Rom and start the game a pop up shows up that says DVD Flyable heart and i keep and if you click yes nothing happens when i click no it closes the game

  110. someone help after i installed the game with Daemon i removed the VCD The Drive then tried to run the game but when i started it up it said something about needing some sort of dvd file or something

      1. I never had a problem with it shutting off.
        I couldn’t get it installed to begin with at first. I had to open it and copy all the files then so install the patch I had to turn off my virus protection. After all of that the game has been working fine for me.

  111. I’m having problems installing the patch.
    I had issues with the game but i got around that by just opening it and copying the files to program files.

    Every time i click on the patch my antivirus comes up and I can’t directly copy the files to the folder the game is in, can some help me please?

  112. i urgently need help because i’ve been waiting to play this game for awhile and it wont even let me actually play the game at all. if any1 could help me i would b very grateful

  113. prob w/ installing patch it stopped after checking 2 things and said an errorhas occured what should i do

  114. I am having a problem with the playing the game after english patch installation. I installed the game and worked fine without the patch. However, once installed, the game window merely comes up but immediately stops working. So the game cannot launch. Any ideas?

  115. here is the walk through


    (Save 1)Yes
    Leave it alone
    (Save 2)To the dining room of course
    Go to the student council room
    (Save 3)Look towards Yui
    (Save 4)For now…now, what time is it?
    Look towards Kururi
    Protect the base
    Don’t pursue too far
    He can be defeated anytime. Leave him alone.
    Go to the school building with Inaba
    Find him and challenge him to a duel
    It may be better to stay still in the classroom
    Join in beach volleyball
    Receive with full strength
    Go to the Ryouran Committee
    Escape straight ahead through the corridor
    Escape through the dining room area
    Return towards the classroom
    Go towards the stairs
    Leave as is. Leave her alone.
    After all, leave it
    Hide in a classroom just to be sure
    Return a reply
    Accompany together
    Act Alone
    Temporarily take refuge in a classroom somewhere
    Don’t choose any
    ~Yui End~


    (Load from Save 1)No
    Go check with student council
    Leave the student council room
    Go to the student council room
    Look toward Amane
    (Save 5)For now…now, what time is it?
    Look towards Amane
    Protect the base
    Don’t pursue too far
    He can be defeated anytime. Leave him alone.
    Go with Amane and the others to exterminate the chairman
    Serve as rear guard
    Challenge with teamwork
    In any case, escape somewhere?!
    Look for Amane
    Go to the Ryouran Committee
    Escape straight ahead through the corridor
    Go towards the stairs
    Leave as is. Leave her alone.
    After all, leave it
    Hide in a classroom just to be sure
    Return a reply
    Act Alone
    Temporarily take refuge in a classroom somewhere
    Amane’s cake
    ~Amane End~


    (Load from Save 2)Take a detour
    Go to the student council room
    Look toward Sakurako
    Doesn’t anyone help me?
    Look towards Sakurako
    Attack is the greatest defense
    Run away from here
    When it has to be done, it must be done.
    Skillfully coax
    Skillfully coax
    It may be better to stay still in the classroom
    Look for Sakurako
    Ask Sakurako
    Go to the Ryouran Committee
    Escape straight ahead through the corridor
    Go towards the stairs
    Leave as is. Leave her alone.
    After all, leave it
    Hide in a classroom just to be sure
    Return a reply
    Act Alone
    Temporarily take refuge in a classroom somewhere
    Sakurako’s cake
    Go outside the school building
    ~Sakurako End~


    (Load from Save 5)Doesn’t anyone help me?
    Look toward Sakurako
    Independent regiment
    Pull out from here at once
    When it has to be done, it must be done.
    Cry for help
    Ask for help
    Find him and challenge him to a duel
    Try to hide in the student council room?
    Join in the beach volleyball
    Block with full strength
    Ask Mayuri
    Go to the student council
    Escape straight ahead through the corridor
    Go towards the stairs
    Leave as is. Leave her alone.
    After all, leave it
    Hide in a classroom just to be sure
    Return a reply
    Act Alone
    I don’t know. I should run away quickly here.
    Escape to another level
    Mayuki’s cake
    Go to the exhibition classroom
    ~Mayuri End~


    (Load from Save 3)Look towards Kukuri
    For now…now, what time is it?
    Look towards Kururi
    Protect the base
    Chase and certainly bring down
    Protect Inaba first
    Present a united front
    Challenge with teamwork
    Try to hide in the student council room?
    Go see the state of Kujo and Gumi-chan
    Go to the Ryouran Committee
    Escape to the entrance
    Force through without minding
    Escape to the dining room area
    The donut is right! Advance.
    Aproach and look
    Silently tolerate this
    Hide in a classroom just to be sure
    Return a reply
    Act Alone
    Drag and take to another place.
    Kukuri’s cake
    ~Kukuri End~


    **Suzuno’s path can only be attempted when all the other endings have been done.**

    (Load from Save 4)What were those sounds?
    Look towards Sakurako
    Independent regiment
    Challenge from the front
    Go to the school building with Inaba
    Find him and challenge him to a duel
    Try to hide in the student council room?
    Go see the state of Kujo and Gumi-chan
    Help up
    Go to the Ryouran Committee
    Fight with copper sword equipment
    Hide in a classroom just to be sure
    Return a reply
    Act Alone
    Just run away in the corridor
    Don’t choose any
    ~Suzuno End~

    ***After the credits, choose “Die zukunft hat schon begonnen” from the menu to view Suzuno’s epilogue.***

  116. With just basic japanese knowledge and TA/Mecabing the words I was missing, I swear, I understood the game a million times better than this shitty translation, with a hell of a lot less trouble.

  117. Is anyone getting some noticeable lags during the transition of certain dialogue/scenes? Is this normal or is it just me?

  118. I’ve been enjoying this game for a while now and got two of the routes down on my own. Amane <3 and Kururi <3 but I can't find a Walkthrough anywhere for this on the Internet.

    Is there just not one to be found as I cant even find anything except for other people asking where to find one.

    I ask because this site is normally really good for getting walkthroughs up, even on stuff thats newly translated.

    Anyone with a workable one should post it here for the rest of us.

  119. I can’t get past the english patch installment!!
    this keeps coming up:

    Error occurred during upgrade

    WTH please can someone help me?
    This is bullshit -__-

    1. idk if you still need help with this, but your getting those errors because your firwall and or antivirus program is recognizing these are viruses (they’re not ofc) all you need to do is allow the fhinst(application file) to pass through your anti-virus and firewall and you should be able to patch the game without any trouble

      1. I have Norton. I click “Norton Insight” to make it trust the files, but it still ends up with PAL or whatever.

  120. okay so i mounted it and it says it’s not compatible with my windows 7. What do i do now? And hopefully i get a reply from someone, it’s pretty damn rude to leave people hanging. PLEASE HELP

  121. For those having trouble with the patch,I would recommend using ATLAS. From what I read, the patch uses a machine translation anyway, so you don’t really lose that much by ACTUALLY machine translating the text as you play.

    1. You say dont lose much but u dont gain much either from the patch or machine translation.
      When all the characters speak like yoda it may be amusing for a while but it begins to get annoying after a while.

      1. I’ve played untranslated games for many years using ATLAS and I’ve never really been annoyed at it. Guess I’ve got a knack for it. Of course, I do have some understand of the japanese language, which also helps a lot.

        When ATLAS isn’t enough, bring in Mecab. That helps a lot.

        1. As someone who has up to now almost exclusively read/played translated games using machine translation feels like a major step-down.
          Of course this was only possible through all the efforts of many hard working translators and admin for bringing all the games together.
          But my point is once you have gotten used to properly translated games this level of translation just doesnt cut it.

  122. @rjhei you can simply install the patch in the safe mode, but you need to turn off your antivirus from windows task manager

  123. Able to patch it here, but the game lags a lot and it crashes as soon as I try to save… The game looked interesting, but it’s unplayable for me :1

  124. Idiot PC is blocking the patch files because it thinks it’s a virus. I’ve already tried unblocking it by putting it in the “Allowed list” but it just ignores it.

    1. running windows xp and it isnt antivirus that is causing it. windows shuts it down something about the pol.dll file is causing it to shutdown

  125. the game runs fine without the english patch but when i install the patch i get errors popping up shutting down the game when i try to play it or view the cg and i cant read japanese help please

    1. @vnlover there should be an application called shouvctl that comes with the english patch, put it in the folder that has the FH start up application, run it as admin and click “unvoiced shou”

  126. My AVG Resident Shield picks up the executable files in the English translation pack as containing viruses (Win32/Heri). As interested as I am in this visual novel, I’m not too sure about installing this one.

  127. Having trouble installing the game. It simply wont install, it tells me the directory it’s going to create then gives me a message in gibberish with an OK button. Clicking that simply closes the installation.

    I have Applocale but it wont allow me to run the Setup.exe with it, I can however run the game from the disc but I cant add the translation patches then which defeats the point.

    Any help as I see others have had similar problems?

    1. Is it just a problem with the installer?
      I don’t know if this will work for you but have you tried mounting the game disc then opening a folder under “my computer” and directly copy pasting the files into your own folder? That’s how I installed it and it seems to work fine.

      1. I tried copy pasting it into the Program Files directly but when I did that and tried applying the patch, it said there was no install despite the fact that I told it where I copy pasted the files.

        1. Hmm… all that I can think of is that maybe you didn’t have the FH.exe application selected? Although I doubt that’s the case…

          Maybe placing the patch in the same folder as the game and then excluding the specific program folder from your antivirus program will help? I’ve heard some of the files in the english translation patch are read as viruses and immediately blocked by antivirus programs.

          Hope this helps… I’ll try to think up some other things in the meantime.

          1. I have it installed now…somehow placing it in the Root of the C: instead of Program Files seemed to work which is bizarre.

            However I’m getting a new problem, that being that the game crashes on the first scene with Shou’s Dad so I’m not getting anywhere. It also crashes when trying to view the CG menu.

            Has there been any solutions to this problem yet as I see I’m not the only one having it with this game?

          1. yeah cause i need that info relly badly to play this game. so please let me know how to download it

          2. how do i download that or can u put it in a different type of download? cause i absolutely dont understand torrents

          3. Can you tell us how to download it, seems im not the only one with the problem.

            Also how do i get rid of Shou’s wierd voice?

  128. It take time to repair all the broken link (mediafire upload speed is slow). I hope you can upload to mediafire as soon as possible 🙂

    Thank you and Good work 🙂

  129. this download is not right…
    the real one is around 4.2gb
    is this the real flyable hearts the future has begun
    or is it just the fandisk?
    though the translation patch is right….

    1. machine translation means the patch’s creator used some kind of software to translate the text, which results in horrible syntax and grammar due to the differences in how the languages order their phrasing. Quite often you end up with Yoda-speak.

  130. successful extract, but it turned out to be an .mds or .mdf w/e … how do you open this .mdf or mds file??? D:

    thanks in advance

    1. download an iso file like ultra iso then click file search the disc or the in name mds or mdf then the file will appear if it will not work do the same in the power iso

  131. I’ve tried copy pasting the but it’s only showing me a IE window with the letters from the font and it’s not downloading or anything, Do I have to have something to download the font and install it?

  132. Hello, can someone help me? It’s still crashing whenever I try to save and at some part where Shou’s dad starts to talk, I’ve been reading some replies saying to install a font but the website is one of those random google websites so I don’t really understand what to do

  133. no offense but… honestly the baddest translation I’ve ever read… *sigh* well, its better than nothing.. anyway thanks for the game admin… btw, is there any walkthrough in this?

  134. Hey I finally found a way to continue with the translation. 😀 I even installed it in a personalized or configured path. First, you can change the folder that was in japanese and change it into something like “FlyableHeart” or any other you like. Then disable your antivirus for a while as you install the translation files. The font can be downloaded from since the don’t work for me. Then put the FONT into C:\WINDOWS\Fonts (a popup shows up that the font is being installed to your system) After that check your game and you can now pass at crashes 🙂

  135. When I reject the CD in the driver it ask to insert the CD. Can someone help me how to run the game witthout the CD game on the driver for FlyableHeart.

    I could do it with the other without the deamon tool or other software.

  136. i’m very pissed with the translators admin i suggest u remove this game from ur site till someone else does the job, so we don’t have many problems

  137. I was going to try this game but people seem to be going through a LOT of technicaly difficulties so I’ll pass this one for now.

  138. aya.. experienced so many crashes..
    when i want to open cg viewer, when saving, in certain scene so cant continue..
    must mount the cd image while playing also eat much memory ==a

    1. ah never mind..
      after install the font file the game run just fine..
      maybe you can upload the font file admin..?
      the problem leave is i can’t found nodvd patch that work with the translation..

  139. Part 5 of Mirror #1 is not working. It downloads to 16 bytes and then it stops, saying it’s broken or something. I’ve tried twice and same thing.

  140. Hey guys, do you also have problems with the cg viewer?
    My game crashes as soon as I try to go there? Any ideas what is wrong there? I dont have any other problems but this <_<

    1. I don’t know what’s wrong with it, but you can always get the CG’s from an image website, like Zerochan or Danbooru.

  141. ive just installed the game successfully but as the computer monotone is ridiculously annoying i really need help i getting to turn it off. I’ve put the shouvctl application in the same directory(the folder which has FH.exe) and when i try to apply unvoiced shou it keeps saying could not open FH.exe. I have tried with FH open and closed to no avail. Any help is greatly appreciated thanks.

    1. omg i just figured it out. apparently you have to run it as administrator…AGAIN. what the hell is up with having to run these programs as administrator? I am the owner of the computer wtf…

  142. Admin. just for some clarifications. my pc recognizes the patch as a trojan and malware. Is it a false positive? I use Avira Antivirus.

    1. Yes, every upload is checked before being posted.
      Send the detected file to your antivirus vendor so they can verify it and remove warning from database.

  143. can someone post the latest patch here? cause my net cant seem to browse the original site…

    i got stuck at where Souryu and Kei having conversation about the main character just after the zombie event. font goes all crazy with “4763847$#^@#%” letters then crashes when souryu talks

          1. hmm…. Did you check the file size of the files?
            1 – 7 should have 257.49 mb
            8 should have 60.97 mb

    1. Extract the files…. then run the extracted FILE(mount image) using Deamon tools… then, there you go… the installation begins…

          1. Hm… Yes all of it..
            When you finished extracting the files, there should be TWO files there…. One that has .mdf file extension and one that has .mds file extension…

  144. Anyone, please help me!!!
    I finished downloading all of the files…
    When I extract them, at 96 – 100%, it says: Data error in ‘FlyableHeart/FLYABLE_HEART.mdf’. File is broken.
    Please Help Me…

    1. Already solve this…..
      Now my problem is it won’t install the program…. There’s some weird message that I ,of course, can’t read when I try to install it.
      I reached to the point where I choose where to install the program, after that this message appears :
      C:\Program Files\???????\FlyableHeart
      YES/NO(I selected YES because if i selected NO it closes)
      The weird message appears with an OK button….
      when I click OK it closes.

      The weird thing is that I can run the program without installing it by opening the installation disk…
      When I unmount the installation disk, it won’t run.
      PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!

  145. Tried too download but said “The specified installation could not be verified [E=2].Please consult the release notes for supported upgrade paths. What do i do ????

    1. Hey Luke,
      I had the same problem as you, took me a while to figure out.
      There are two solutions I believe.
      First you should try making the directory to C:\Program Files\Flyable Heart\FlyableHeart then click on the FH.exe
      The default for the installation makes the “Flyable Heart” part a Japanese name, therefore the installation for the patch cannot access it.
      Second, you can open the fhinst.exe file using AppLocale. To do this search AppLocale in the start menu. However, before you click it hold ctrl+shift first(this is very important, it took me quite some time to figure out that I had to do this). The second way will for sure work. The first way will make it so you don’t have to use AppLocale to open FH.exe.
      I suggest you do both.

      1. Excuse me, i wanna ask about my error, i can play the game normally but everytime i turn it close the game and open it again, nothing happen, i even cannot delete it, the message says that the program is running, but still nothing happen…. help me please??

  146. solution
    1. problem with installation(setup) use “Microsoft AppLocale” to help install.
    2. problem with patch (fatal error when patching)
    you must change the name of game folder ユニゾンシフto “FlyableHeart” i think japanese language is the cause of patching problem.

    1. i dont know bout changing the folder name cause i didnt need to do it idk about u but the solution to the crashing u just need to go to the translator website and download the font and put in control panel langauge font or something like that

  147. I need a hand here, want to see this translation, however bad it may be, but after hours of trying to get it to work, several installs later, I find myself unable to go past the beginning of the game, due to crashes. Installed the 1152 patch, but not the FONT, because the website doesn’t open here. Is that the reason for the crashes?

    1. to download the font from website u right click the download here botton and choose to save as and to desktop then u just move it to ur font floder in control panel and if u did all the translation right it should work and if it doesnt u should uninstall it and install it again fresh then it sould work

    2. Wow fail on my part thanks i didn’t do the fronts. Thanks to the admin you do alot of work to keep this site running thanks for all the hard work you do.

  148. Finally got it to work by installing the font from the translation website Now I just have to see how bad the translation is…

  149. Crap, but I dont have the Cd to do so, i tried with other games before, but I need the Japanese Locale which is impossible to get!

  150. Yeah, I mounted the image and when I double click the Flyable Heart dvd image, it says some words in black and some in red, then I try to install but it keeps saying all these symbols and stuff, I cant explain it very well, but after it says “put in C:/Program Files/ Flyable Heart and I continue it says something and I cant install!!!

    1. did u do it right the first time cause after trying a few times it started crashing when i opened it but i deleted everything (unistall) and installed everything again and apply patch perfeectly then it worked

      1. Always sam problem, I have delate, download, instal the game, instal the patch, but Windows detect a problem and close the game…

  151. Now its not letting me pass the conversation after the dad says he on a stakeout for a week and h hurriley woke up shou-kun then my computer freezes .is there a solution for this?

  152. O.O WHY can’t i save T.T?????????? i just finally got everything working right T.T ! HOW DO I SAVE? IS THERE ANY WAY??

    1. LOL ..WTH that was really easy THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. found out, seems you have to move the shouvctl patch file in the program folder, run it and select unvoiced shou.
    But now it crashes when i try to save T_T

    1. umm.. where is the program folder? is it the dll one and when i just start up the shouvctl patch file it saids voice and unvoice but when i clikc app it says could not open FH.exe wat should i do the monotone voice is killing me T.T!!

  154. is there a way to remove the irritating mono-tone voice that speaks the main character’s thoughts/dialogues?

  155. i just dont get it, i installed the fonts and patch , start the game fine but it still crashes randomly . wtf?

  156. When i try to patch the game i get a “fatal error” something with bgm.pac and it says i schould reinstall…
    i tried it many times but it still won’t patch…
    what schould i do? : /

    1. 1. install it to C:\Program Files\Flyableheart
      It will install to C:\Program Files\Flyableheart\ユニゾンシフト\FlyableHeart
      2. Put the folder C:\Program Files\Flyableheart in the exclution list of your antivirus
      3. MOVE C:\Program Files\Flyableheart\ユニゾンシフト\FlyableHeart < folder to C:\Program Files\Flyableheart\FlyableHeart
      4. Run the patch in admin mode…. it should work *also if you are using vista/win7 make the go to the security tab of the folder and "Allow all" for your user*.. basically its the folder "ユニゾンシフト" that screws with the patch…*also download the font*

  157. hey just wondering the patch is a machine translation is it worth playing and does it make sense cause this game sounds interesting but i’ve seen some pretty bad translation by machines before

    1. it’s readable but it just get worse and worse the more u play but still , better than Atlas and TA crappy translation

    2. Does get worse the farther you play … “I throb” “Are you vigorous?” hurts my brain sometimes and also either some1 edited some words but as far as i know “okasa” means mother/mom etc not Motherf*cker and i found a few “UMAD” “O RLY” “YA RLY” “MOAR” wich kinda made me wanna quit the game right there and then.. Honestly wish this game would get a proper translation since i really enjoyd the comedy aspect of it.

  158. when i played this game, it never crash maybe there’s something wrong with your installation or maybe your pc.

      1. I have played passed the zombie event… i have completed 2 paths already and now i’m on my third. How are you playing it? did you install the font it requires? because i am playing it with applocale *i got win 7 64x* and it hasn’t given me any problems *also dled the FONT it needs but i wish i could increase the size of the words since they are a bit tiny with it*

        1. Well, I have windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. I used the following installation notes and it works just fine. But the problem is the font. If you make it bigger, the game will crash.

          1. fine fine , i will download flyable heart from here , maybe it was because i downloaded it from hongfire ( from a long time) and i will see if it works

    1. did you install the build 1152 or 1151 or something else? 1152 fix a few crash problem, download from translator’s site.

  159. excuse me , in Mayuri’s route , i think the game crash at somewhere in the Zombie event , anybody have the same problems?

    1. I’m having this problem as well. I asked for help over at the forums a week ago, but I’ve yet to get any help.

  160. When ever i try to run the translation patch i get an error for .dll and bgm.pac , ive tried running with admin. Does anyone can help me, please ?

    1. i had a few errors also and i tried this method..
      1. install it to C:\Program Files\Flyableheart
      It will install to C:\Program Files\Flyableheart\ユニゾンシフト\FlyableHeart
      2. Put the folder C:\Program Files\Flyableheart in the exclution list of your antivirus
      3. MOVE C:\Program Files\Flyableheart\ユニゾンシフト\FlyableHeart < folder to C:\Program Files\Flyableheart\FlyableHeart
      4. Run the patch in admin mode…. it should work *also if you are using vista/win7 make the go to the security tab of the folder and "Allow all" for your user*

  161. Well, I’ve downloaded a torrent and I have the setup there, but when I try to install it it just has two boxes pop up and doesn’t install. The english patch also doesn’t work. I only install the first part of the game on Eroge as well. Can I get some help here?

  162. Sorry for leeching of off this but, it seems i have a problem about saving files here, i tried to inst -> uninst but the saving problem keeps coming back, i cant save my game data, sorry im a noob regarding on what to do with this =(

  163. Keep getting an error when trying to patch the exe saying “The specified installation could not be verified (E=2). Please consult the release notes for supported upgrade paths.” Can anyone help me out here?
    (B.T.W Downloaded Mirror 2 if that helps).

    1. Did you verify your files? They should match SHA-1 hashes on the patch site (Google “flyabletrans”.)

  164. uhmmm i dk if this helps but for those who still have a problem in installing. . do what i did . . when u mount the mdf file instead of using the set up open the mdf file and copy all the things in there and paste it in a folder. .when u have downloaded the english patch. .double click the fhinstall.exe something and look for the FH.exe in your certain folder after a few minutes just keep pressing next and ur done. .

  165. Agh, ok now I get a “Fatal Error patching” Message and all it says is “dll/Pal.dll” after wards I get the same box and it says “bgm.pac” Anyone know how to fix this, I really want to play this.

  166. Ok it involved removing my firewall and screwing with my anti virus to no end but I managed to get it working

      1. I turned off my Firewall and then had to go into my antivirus and set up the fhinst file as an exception, I also had to set up the fhtrans_1152 file as an exception so the antivirus wouldn’t try to stop them when they were accessed. If you get the Fatal error problem that I had then try rakkxa’s suggestion just below this, it’s what worked for me.

  167. i cam’t run it as admin because when i open the rar for the english patch and right click the exe it doesn’t have that option?

  168. Is there a walkthrough for this?

    I can’t seem to find it on this site, or on google either.

    well…not in english anyways.

  169. Please tell me, did you do anything to change the game like use a different patch or something like that? I used the above patch but just when Amane finished introducing herself the game crashed, then when I would play it it crashes whether it be loading, new game or system settings? Help Me!

    1. Hehehe replying to myself X3

      Anyway problem solved I played the game while I accidentally erased something on the PC with “Deep Freeze” installed…just don’t try it

  170. so installed the game, it works fine, i closed the game. shut down my pc. next day i tried to play again but it wont start.
    can anyone help me.

  171. um so i installed it but i found out that i need to keep the cd mounted to play… is that the only way to play it or did i some how screw up my installation?

  172. You will also need the font listed at the bottom of the 1st website that appears in google when you type Flyable Heart Build 1151.

  173. Use Flyable Heart Build 1151. Its probably way better than this one from what people say. Newer version of translation probably and they say it fixes all crash issues. You have to reinstall the game though if you patched it already.

  174. Greetings all,

    This is a notice that we do NOT support the renaming nor mirroring of our releases as it

    1. Does not properly represent the origin of the Materials
    2. Does not retain date and version information.

    We are NOT responsible for any issues arising out of the use of or inability to use such unofficial releases. Any and all support requests for such issues shall be ignored. Please review the terms and conditions set forth in the License Agreement for Pre-Release Software located in the file FHTRANS_README.TXT in an official release.

    Using original release link enables project management to more accurately gauge your interest in our products and make decisions to serve you better through a more informed decision-making process. We remind you that official release is available at

    **Please note this product is currently on Extended Support period, meaning we will provide best-effort support on a per-request basis, but further development has been discontinued.

    Dmitry Markovic
    PR Assistant
    REtrans International, Leading-Edge Localization Technologies

  175. Whenever I try to get this game to install, it just pops up with a window and says something that I can’t understand. I use windows XP and it doesn’t show jap language on my computer for some reason even though I have the language packs installed. How do I install?

  176. Having a strange installation problem. It freezes my computer every time I try, and I cant find any help with online. any ideas?

  177. can somebody help me. Whenever i click on fhinst it says “windows cannot access the specified device,path,or file. You may not have appropriate permissions to access the item.” Tried to run as administrator and that didn’t work. Also tried changing the permissions on the files and that didn’t work as well.

  178. I only had it freeze once, but otherwise works fine, although there are a lot of weird places like where the word honto (meaning “really” or “seriously”) is spelled as “O RLY”
    and the unnecessary and gratuitous use of the f word in places where it is not only out of character, but isn’t even in the original text. I am having trouble reaching Suzuno’s ending even though I finished all the other endings.

  179. So i finally got the font update to work but now the scene Shou wakes up with Kururi watching him sleep freezes >.< Soooo many crashs.

  180. can somebody help me. english patch wont work for me when ever i click on fhinst it says “windows cannot access the specified device,path,or file. You may not have appropriate permissions to access the item.”
    still didnt work even if i run as administrator, I use windows XP

  181. The game works and everything with me but when i try to open save menu in game, the game crashes but i can still quick save. Otherwise great game 😀

    1. me too… can you tell me how to fix my game has crash when save and when story line about ryonran school T^T i wanna play

  182. Heres my problem.
    I install the game, it works perfectly.
    When i install the english patch and start the game i get the game window comes up black, together with an error message in japanese, i click it the window dissapears and thats that.
    I use vista,
    Play as admin,
    Same thing no matter were on the computer i install,
    I use japanese locale.
    I got the font generic203 mentioned.

    Anyone got a solution id be really thankfull.

    1. The exact same thing is happening to me except I originally had my game on a Windows XP and it was working perfectly and then I loaded it on a jump drive and transferred it to a laptop with Windows Vista and it isn’t working at all.

    2. For anyone who might still have this problem, here is a possible solution.
      In the Application Data folder. look for a folder named “SOFTPAL”. In it you will find the FH.ini.
      Open it and make sure that beside “INSTALLFOLD” is the correct installation path of your game. (Where you installed it)

      It atleast fixed it for me.

      1. I got the game booted up but now the patches aren’t working and the games laggy as hell. I extracted FH 1150 and 1151 into the directory but it seems like they aren’t working. Does anyone have a similar issue?

  183. When I instal the english patch and try to start the game, my computer says that the program has a problem and must closed… Could it be because my computer isn’t in english ???

    1. Same problem here. Don’t know about PC being englisch, though. You need to have japanese support on your PC. It’s always crashing before the starting menu. Any Ideas whats the cause of this crash???

  184. When I try to extract the files, I receive an error that says the .mdf files are broken. I don’t know what this means and I don’t really know what I’m doing.

  185. When ever i try to run the translation patch i get an error for .dll and bgm.pac , ive tried running with admin. Any suggestions?

      1. It just means that computer translated the script from japanese to english, not real human translator, so translation quality is not that good. I just put it as a warning, you don’t need anything special.

  186. can somebody help me. english patch wont work for me when ever i click on fhinst it says “windows cannot access the specified device,path,or file. You may not have appropriate permissions to access the item.” (and yes the application not the Shortcut to MS-Ds Im not that stupid)

    still didnt work even if i run as administrator D: oh btw i use windows 7 if that helps

    1. when you run the patch file fhinst, make sure you select the FH.exe file when asked for a location. which would most likely be >>> program files//Flyable Heart/FH.exe,

      another problem would be that the flyable heart folder is permission protected. to see what i mean, try copying a file into the flyable heart folder, it will ask for administrator permission to do so. << for this problem, im not yet quite sure how to go about it, sorry.

  187. Hmm.The translations doesn’t seem to be great from the comparison I read.

    Anyone download this yet that can tell me if the quality is too shit to enjoy the story?

  188. can somebody help me. english patch wont work for me when ever i click on fhinst it says “windows cannot access the specified device,path,or file. You may not have appropriate permissions to access the item.” (and yes the application not the Shortcut to MS-Ds Im not that stupid)

  189. Anybody getting freezes at the part where the father is explaining he didn’t give the main character the school application b/c he was at a stakeout. It is freezing without fail for me there.

    1. Me again. Just found the patches website (typed Flying Heart Crash in Google, it was one of the first to come up). You need the following font “MISCFS__.TTF”. The game now works and saves correctly.

    1. Run the patch in admin mode. I bet you are using Windows 7 (never used Vista, so i don’t know about it). If you dont know how to do it, right click on the fhinst.exe and click “Run as Administrator”. That should do it. Have fun.

  190. There a option by the translators that “adds” voice to the main character. It is pretty funny, as for the translation itself it is very readable. And admin, could we get the source site?

    I am really curious what software they used, b/c even if this is not a super polished translation, I wasn’t aware that any machine could translate anywhere near this well.

    I think it was more machine assisted translation, where translators weren’t fluent enough, but understood japanese enough, that assisted with mangled machine translation could spit out readable english text.

    IF not, then, I need to get the name of this software, b/c it would make all the Eroge in Japan playable.

      1. In the Translation Patch File there should be a file called: shouvctl.

        Copy this to the Flyable Heart Directory.
        Run (as Admin if using Windows 7) and select Shou unvoiced. All night i have been trying to figure that out. Hope that helps.

    1. Yes. There are no partial patches here 🙂
      Just be warned – it was more of a troll project, it uses machine translation, so quality is very poor.

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