If My Heart Had Wings

If My Heart Had Wings

Aoi returned to his hometown of Kazegaura where a gentle breeze blows through the streets, having lost his direction in life. On the hill lined with windmills, he met a wheelchair-ridden girl Kotori and watched the gliders overhead in awe. With his childhood friend Ageha in tow, they resurrect the soaring club in order to fulfill a childhood dream: to fly on a paper airplane.

341 Responses to “If My Heart Had Wings”

  1. Zarathos says:

    Plz upload if my heart had wings ‘flight diary ‘

  2. LoliconXD says:

    Does this game have the h-scene on it??

  3. T says:

    Kotori best girl btw
    She’s my waifu now.

  4. T says:

    Awesome VN. Everybody should read it. Yes, there is infodumping on gliders but you’ll find yourself interested in this kind of thing after a while. All the characters are believable and have great personalities (with the exception of one, but I won’t spoil it for you). Grab the retranslation patch.

  5. Earth's Self-destruct Button says:

    A game that took me about a year and a half to finish playing on and off, If my heart had wings was definitely one of the best vn I’ve played so far, and one I’ll sure remember. I found many original ideas in this game like heroine in wheelchair, a duck as pet, a glider-building club, the list goes on and on. Art was perfect and so was the music, wish there’d been a music mode, anyway, and I felt so much joy singing along both Precious Wing and Perfect Sky – great tunes those two. All heroines had something really good going for them, tho my favourite girl has to be Ageha’s imouto and her big “eyes” (we all know that’s not what “oppai” translates to – also looking forward to her route on Flight Diary.)
    On the other hand, common route ran for a bit too long and the info dumping was a right headache at times. Aside from the regretable tl, Kotori’s recovery was way too fast. Ageha’s route lost all meaning in its censoring. Amane’s route is nothing without Isuka (btw, did she really learn what couples do through love films only??). Asa’s ending was totally unexpected, but there’s a refreshing feeling even in that failing (things don’t always go as expected). Two-timing route? Oh yes!! Couldn’t apply the patch, but even without it, it was a great game. 9/10.

    • Lerkin says:

      Yeah, it’s a really nice VN, I still hear that sound who plays when you starts the game in my head every time I think about this VN.

      Ageha is my type, I started her route first, in common route she was nice an cute… BUT, holly fucking fuck, her route is hell, I love her looks but how she acts in her route is just sooo fucking fuck stupid, that’s why she’s now the nr 1 in my list of shit VN heroines (Yukino -Hatsukoi- is the nr 2).

      So… Kotori, play Kotori route. Kotori best girl. Kotori for president 2020.

      Also, hope someone translate the fandisk with the afters of Amane and Kotori.

      • Lysias says:

        bro I so hear you. I was so fired up for a childhood friend route and then everything she did pissed me off. Worst heroine ever. GOD I hate her.

        By contrast, Kotori and Amane are great. Still haven’t gone through the twins (heh) but they’ll be tiers better than that redheaded SHIT.

  6. Deloreanfanatic says:

    Admin is there any possibility of getting Flight Diary?

    With much love and respect, thanks!

  7. Rein says:

    Can i install the patch to the steam version without my game fucking up?

  8. exqalph03 says:

    I just want to ask if this is updated?
    I mean the translations not being MoeNovel but the ReTranslation one?

    Second question is about the “If My Heart Had Wings restoration/uncensor patch” — is it a separate needed patch that needed to be downloaded too or is it already included in the files here?

    — Hoping for answers! Thank you!

    • asder says:

      Man, the uncensored patch is a separate one. You will need to download it from that specific website, which I forgot the name of.

      Also, this version’s translation is already pretty good. You wouldn’t be able to get a ReTranslation’ version of it, unless you’ll pay for it.

      Anyways, I replied a year late. Hope it helps though. If My Heart Had Wings is an excellent visual novel, don’t you think so too?

  9. Snowman says:

    wait for Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete FLIGHT DIARY

  10. shadowblazorx11 says:

    I have finished playing this on my PC a long time ago… I am now planning to download the Limited Edition on my phone, and here are some questions:

    1.) Is there a restoration patch for the Limited Edition?

    2.) For some reason, the game needs an internet connection. If I buy the character routes, will I be able to play the game without internet connection?

  11. Anon says:

    This is turning out to be one of the best VN/eroges I’ve played. But the horrible translations are ruining the experience. I barely understand Japanese, but even I can tell that the translations are inaccurate a lot of times. It get’s especially bad once the individual arcs of the girls start. The translations are either rough paraphrases that don’t capture the tone of the original dialogue, and sometimes they come off as disjointed gibberish. Not to mention, the complete disregard for honorifics. As a result, at one point in Kotori’s arc, when the characters in the group were having a discussion about how to address each other (first name/last name, with/without honorifics), the translators did the dumbest thing you could possibly do. They completely fucking changed the dialogues, and instead made it look as if they were talking about Kotori’s wheelchair.

    Long story short, I wish there was a patch for this game with a different translation.

    • Dave says:

      MoeNovel is currently working on a retranslation/restoration project for this title due to massive demand for a “new” release.

  12. uNs7oPaBL3 says:

    nice after i finish up Princess Evengele this will be the next LN on the list to play

  13. Hamdan says:

    I wonder if in the all-ages version there is kissing/hugging scene

  14. Nhoj Eel says:

    Does anyone know if Flight Diary or Snow Presents is being translated (close to being finished)? Looked around on the internet but it doesn’t seem like it or unless they are being translated but just in secret…
    Played the main game(18+ version) and it is literally one of the best, if not best VN/Eroge that I’ve ever played. I wanna play the other 2 so bad. Lol
    Would be nice to know the progress of either Flight Diary or Snow Presents


  15. shinobu-sama says:

    guys i’m playing the limited edition of if my heart had wings and after i finished the first flight route. to see the ending i have to buy the other routes. i really want to finish this.

    can you help me unlock all the routes for free?
    can you share a hacked all routes version?

    thank you for the help 🙂

  16. Ron says:

    can anyone tell me how to fix the Legacy Error glitch???

  17. Bruno Zarate says:

    is the flight diary of IMHHW being released too or not yet???

  18. RIP says:

    Installed the thing and applied the patch but none of the character sprites were popping up. They were talking as usual but there were no sprites. Also got a window for some kinda error that just kept popping up everytime I advanced for another dialogue. The error was classified as ‘legacy’ (wtf?) and the description was a bunch of Japanese. Anyone know what this is?

    • admin says:

      Patch (unlike base game) requires Japanese locale to install and run – without it, game is unable to load sprites and other assets, resulting in symptoms as you described. Reinstall the game and patch with Japanese locale (see FAQ for instructions) and it will run fine.

      • Anon says:

        Had the same problem. But I tried running the game through applocale without reinstalling, and so far, the sprites are showing up just fine.

  19. Kevin says:

    This translation is kinda weird? I know some Japanese and i know for sure that oppai doesn’t mean eyes lol. Is there going to be a fix for this? Also is sweet love going to be done for this game as well?

  20. GNThor says:

    I keep getting “xinput1_3.dll is missing” what does this mean?

  21. ViktorStagnetti says:

    This VN is graphically intensive for some reason. I couldn’t even get through one route because my laptop kept overheating. Only VN I’ve ever had problems with.

  22. Reiss says:

    Hello..im new to this site…and i tried to install this game…it worked however when i play the game…the character doesnt show in the screen or is this game originally like that?

    sry for my bad english

  23. Pockyman says:

    So I get to the part where you decide on whose swimsuit looks best then later start seeing errors pop up and start noticing that the characters stop showing up when they start talking ? is this a known issue orr?

    • VNs says:

      I met the same problem before. The only way I know to solve it is reinstalling (you may put your save files elsewhere first). If not, then you will get black screen for the let of the game. I don’t know if this is helpful, just hope it is.

  24. Kitsuneloli says:

    Soo, I’m just asking this here since it would probably be easier than search through my whole computer. Does any of you know what was name of the default location of the install software? Since I kind of derp’d and while installing game just pressed continue without looking where it installed itself.

  25. KimiKo says:

    does this include Sweet Love?

  26. Cocoa says:

    Is there any chance the sequel of if my heart had wings gonna be here?? you know like snow present and diary chance of flight.

  27. Person says:

    Well when i first came to this sit i thought it was a ripoff but i got Nekopara and it works perfactly so why not try this one owo

  28. ki090 says:

    Hey guys i want to find out if anyone else is having a problem playing the game in widow size I’ve tried to in start up menu and in the game but just stays in full screen mode everything else works anybody can i help me with this

  29. Okabe says:

    I am not sure but when I open the setup it hangs and does not open ?

  30. Funcsen says:

    Hey guys,
    im sorta troubled here –

    i downloaded both, the game and the patch and installed them correctly but the only thing that appears to drive me crazy is that my computer shuts down after playing like 5min? am i the only one here? D;

    ps.: sorry for my bad english, it sorta became rusty over the last years…

    thanks and cheers

  31. rebornmanx4778 says:

    what do i do if the background sound is playing but the screen is white. is it an error or did it freezes can somebody help me.

  32. rebornmanx4778 says:

    can someone help me. what do i do if theres a white screen but the music is playing in the background is it frozen? what do i do?

  33. Phil says:

    I installation Start , everything was fine , but when i double click the .exe in the game root , it say (0xc000007b error) i already got this error multiple time in the pass though . but i don’t know what to do right now .

  34. w1n1x says:

    Can someone please answer my question? Where are the save files located ?

  35. MR77 says:

    did i need to download this before download the uncensored one?? i mean theres is uncensored patch in this site so did i need to download this??

  36. w1n1x says:

    Hey Admin and others!
    I have a serious question. Can someone please tell me where does this game store it’s save files? I plan to make a backup just in case. I’m almost at the end of Kotori’s route and I have no intentions of doing the whole thing again if my save file gets corrupted for some reason.
    I know where the steam version stores it’s save files but this is not the steam version. I would really appreciate the help.
    Thanks in advance, w1n.

  37. mmagat says:

    PLLEAASEEE! someone help me!!!
    while i try to install the game i get an error message and it says: Error 1935.An error occurred during the installation of assembly ‘Microsoft.VC80.CRT,publicKeyToken=”1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b”,type=”win32″,version=”8.0.50727.762″,processorArchitecture=”86″‘

  38. baka haruka-chan says:

    I tried playing the game but the sound doesn’t work and it goes black screen after the first scene. Someone please help me how to fix it if you know how.

  39. [ ] says:

    Guys , i recently downloaded this and after 5minutes reading after he got the paper plane , the wind blew the paper plande , after that the game forces close by itself with this message “ADV Player HD Has Stopped Working” any fix?

    • XERO says:

      Sounds like you may be having a video playback issue, as that’s exactly where the video cuts in. I would recommend installing the Combined Community Codec pack. (Just google CCCP) Install that, and It will probably fix your crashing issue.

  40. Bobthereaper says:

    Does any1 know if the a patch with good translations is out yet?

  41. ANIME LOVER says:

    First i Want say sorry.
    Can you tell me instruction for install this.
    i forgot how to set the settings.
    my laptop just reinstalled.

  42. Goodgamebadtranslation says:

    The translation is very weird… sometimes it doesn’t match with what they are saying, so I can’t say it’s the best out there, but it has to do, I guess.

  43. Dave says:

    any news about the fan disc? (snow presents and flight plan)

  44. virtual gamer says:

    the game is only half when i enter after he has flown after a year it goes back to the title screen.if somebody knows what,s wrong please tell me.

  45. johan says:

    is this a full patch but with censored scenes or just another trial version

    • DeloreanFanatic says:

      It’s a full patch that adds in the H-scenes that were removed before. Naughty bits between the legs are still censored though.

      • George says:

        Are the “naughty bits” the only thing censored in this version?
        The dialog is not censored or anything?

  46. Dudez says:

    I already posted this message on the \Uncensored Patch section\
    Just for good measure I’ll post it here again too.

    To the Admin:
    I have completed the game, but it seems like my CGs are misplaced and some are even missing, granted though, I have played this game way way back, so for clarification, was there a new version of the patch that was posted here that would fix this bug?

  47. rwq says:

    When I play the game there is some error code: 0x00000039. Is it from me or the game?

  48. Mii says:

    i more prefer there is no H-scene in it.

  49. DeloreanFanatic says:

    Even after going through everything I did to get this game to work, The Video driver crashes constantly (this in itself isn’t much of a problem, it usually recovers), and worse, the game keeps causing my entire machine to crash. I cannot even get Cntr-Alt-Del to work, forcing me to hard restart. This is extremely frustrating because usually when this happens I haven’t saved in a while, and the game can’t remember where I was, so the skip option is out, leaving me to auto skip everything, which eventually causes the game to crash my entire machine all over again. As far as I can tell from my own research, freezing usually only occurs when SL is not set to Japanese, but because I use this computer exclusively for VN’s, SL is always set to Japanese. Is anyone else having similar problems? It really is a shame, I have gotten completely hooked on the plotline so far!

  50. Luther says:

    Ummm, where’s the 18+ patch? :3

  51. zero says:

    i forgot to mention but there will be some characters mention and u will be confused but that is fix my playing Kotori route fist u will unlock the other route amane route and u will know the story of why the teacher is a ass

  52. zero says:

    i want to clear things up first 1. yes the install takes a while to start up but the game works 2. the game won’t work in the program path so i would recommend the the desktop for the location 3. this is not the 18+ ver u need to install the patch 4.the patch works fine it takes a while but the game works so over all enjoy.

    My opinion of the game
    well my thoughts of If My Heart Had Wings i have to say it the best virtual novels i ever played the story was amazing in my opinion the characters were really likeable a lot of character development. The virtual novel is very very long but the its worth the play. If u want to know the True Ending of the game in my opinion its Kotori route she is consider the main heroin and for good reason. I consider Kotori one of my favorite heroin of all time. I strongly recommend the game its so worth the wait of the download but its fun

    • hate says:

      which dextop location exactly

    • Gripe says:

      I didn’t like Kotori, she was childish and selfish and plain obnoxious.

      Her story was not very believable either: SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT

      If her parents were worried, how about let her stay in the club but don’t fly, just to finish the project with her best friends? The school advisors could have enforced it easily.

      When Kotori first joined the school, she was an introverted sulk who skipped classes, and after joining the club, she made friends, she was happier, she changed. What parent would risk her going back into her old ways by forcibly removing a patient who is recovering from trauma?

      On the other hand, I loved the Himegi route; I am happy I played the game thanks to her route.

      Final gripe, the MoeNovel ‘butchered’ version nearly ruined the whole experience. I have no problems with games which are designed to be under 18 but I have a huge problem with how MoeNovel basically changed the essence of the game; their version was actually boring.

      They understandably want the game to reach a larger audience by moving it to U18, but how about sell both versions and let consumers decide? Plenty of games do and it’s a shame, as it stands, this game was already amazing, but it could have been one of the best ever.

  53. DeloreanFanatic says:

    I would also like to mention, one of the components needed for installation (D3D9EX, this is the directX component) is actually one of the things I had to turn off to get the game to work in the end, with it on, my computer only showed a black screen when I tried to start the story but the menu still worked (barely) without the D3D option checked the game runs normally. Given the immense amount of trouble this game has given me, I hope this might help anyone else who runs into this issue.

  54. DeloreanFanatic says:

    Never mind guys, it turns out for some reason it was taking FOREVER for the security popup from windows to actually come up, so it never got my consent to start the installation. I opened my task manager and found several ‘consent.exe’ processes. I restarted the machine and just waiting for one to come through and it looks like it will install now. Sorry guys, its 4:30 am, I’m not as smart as I am during the day.

    Thanks again, hope this helps if anyone else has this issue!

  55. DeloreanFanatic says:

    I have also tried running as admin and changing compatibility settings, as well as updating my directX. Nothing has worked.

  56. Kazama Levi says:

    Is this the 18+ version?

  57. Random Dude says:

    Uh part three doesn’t appear to work or something like that, when I try to download it it says that the link is down and stuff liek that

    • admin says:

      You can’t download more than 2 parts at once as a free user. Wait until those two finish downloading before starting 3rd.

  58. PersonFace says:

    Is this a translated Japanese version or the western release?

  59. FeiCross says:

    can anyone help me to upload AdvHD?
    mine lost after my house got blackout when i play it i looking from google can’t find it….

  60. I says:

    hi, can someone help me to install the game…
    i already download all 16 parts but when i tried to install it, that freeze and no sign (errors, responses, etc) …
    anyone know how to install it??

  61. dazzt says:

    Screen size is less than 1280×720 so it can not start up

  62. xxsaberxx says:

    Anyone knows where we can get the Fandisk and if there is any TL for it?

  63. Io says:

    please tell me what can i do
    i really want to play this

  64. Io says:

    please help me why does it always crashing at the same scene when the vice pres said REJECTED no matter how many times i try to uninstall it

  65. Issun says:

    I’ve noticed some cgs are not aligned, and quite a few of them are missing.

  66. Rhoy Delmo says:

    so, i do need to install the game, patch it , then play itwhile my computer is on Japanese?

    Do I always need to play If my heart had wings while my computer setup still on Japanese Language???

    • Mario says:

      After patch is installed, you can use Applocale without changing the system to Japanese. So…you install the game, then change the system language to Japanese, install the patch, and then you can revert your sistem language to your region. Then you can use AppLocale to the executable and voila’. Patch will work like a charm.

  67. Rhoy Delmo says:

    Uhhmm, how to setup your computer into Japanese?

    please teach me how 🙂

  68. Mario says:

    Ok people. For this patch to work…you need to setup your computer to Japanese. Then you can play. If you play the game patched without language set on Japanese you’ll get error. Applocale work too, on the exe (after patch is installed).

  69. LOLitsME says:

    is the crack file already in the link?

  70. Ramifrix says:

    The sinlge click download file has expired. Not to be a bother, but for the sake of those who don’t want to fiddle and wait, can we get a reupload?

  71. Rhoy Delmo says:

    hey, where the heck is the game requirements?

    and also, is it bad if i file-joined with a file joiner all of parts?

  72. Excalibur says:

    Somebody can explain me why from each time the game is installed he say that d3dx9_43.dll file is missing, however I reinstalled countless times and it still shows me the same thing, it’s annoying at the end

    • Aramor says:

      install the latest version of DirectX. if you still can’t find the file you can download it on the net.

  73. Jinan says:

    cant downloading part 7?

  74. Cheezburgr says:

    Are you fucking dyslexic? Can you not type properly?

  75. Jake says:


  76. Gisei says:

    by the way, i read at some VN websites that we need to change locale to japanese before install the game but do we need to change locale to japanese when we play the game?

  77. Gisei says:

    hi, i have finish download all the parts and mount it….. and then i saw he uncensored patch. can i install the game first and patch later? (cause the patch files kind of large for a patch)

  78. random says:

    I don’t know if i’m the only one who had this glitch but so far I’ve only done ageha’s route and in the gallery when i click an image sometimes either that specific image doesn’t pop up or nothing comes up at all. Because of this glitch, even though i haven’t done Amane’s route yet i saw her first H-Scene CG.

  79. Kukicha says:

    part 11’s dl is bugging for me, tried it now two times and both times the DL stopped

  80. Akira says:

    i need some help..it seem my AdvHD were crashed and eventhou i uninstall and installed it back it wont open up..instead it will always pop out about “Runtime Eror”..can anyone help me with this

  81. botc76 says:

    So, I installed the game, ran the restoration patch, but somehow I’ve my doubts on whether it works.
    How can I find out if the restoration patch installed properly?

    When is the first scene that is changed?
    Or is there another way to find out if the patch is working?

    Would really appreciate the help.

  82. Starrk says:

    This is the first VN I downloaded but I don’t know how to install it. I also downloaded the uncensored patch. Could anyone tell me how to install this game and its uncensored patch in details (Step by step because I really need to install it without any mistakes. Thank you.

  83. Charlie says:

    Im anoob so yeah :I hows the DA-1 click there are a bunch of stuff to get. . . . wht should I do D:

  84. John says:

    Does this works on Windows 7 ?

  85. aksh says:

    hmm pretty good game.believe it is not the one that should have hentai. i love it this way.and as for romance scenes have been removed not the text

  86. JustToBeSafe says:

    Is this game safe to download like will I get virus or worms from it?

  87. cador says:

    so out of curiosity is there any plans for adding the fan disk and/or if there’s a English version or patch for it?

  88. ypy says:

    is this 18+ VN?

  89. Fridoo says:

    CG placement is messed up.
    Did tht happen to anyone of u?

  90. zero says:

    did it have the restoration patch yet?

  91. Averyconfusedman says:

    Yeah, when i start this ip it tells me \Screen size is less than 1280×720 so it can not start up.\ Don’t suppose anybody knows a fix? i assume there isnt one but i thought id check anyway.

  92. john says:

    i saw an uncensored patch file for this VN…does is restore the H-scenes and everything mature-related contents?

  93. Namiirei says:



  94. Kiyah says:

    Oh man, the patch has gone down? What happened?

  95. Unknown says:

    guys is this eng patch or not?

  96. Astro says:

    How come I download this, and it’s only giving me the Trial Version?

  97. Ryoicchi says:

    Is this all -age ?

  98. arfixon says:

    Just one question, admin. Why the “Downloads” section didn’t get updated with the games in the Home page?

    Wouldn’t it be more convenient if the “Downloads” section get updated from time to time?

  99. arfixon says:

    A correction to my previous post. This site already have the restoration patch!!

    This is the BEST eroge site I’ve ever seen. Good work admin! Thanks for all the uploads!

  100. arfixon says:

    Too bad all the H scenes are removed as “They said they wanted VNs to appeal to a wider audience” .

    But I heard there’s a fan restoration patch in work to re-add those scenes and the patch is 82% completed.

    Hope that goes well.

  101. Anonymous says:

    Whats the d3dx9_43dll file? it says that its missing so i cant play the game.

  102. px says:

    I played this game, and frankly, the graphics are excelent, but the prologue takes a lot to end and there is no much work done when showing the food on the table or the restaurants the group visited and other things like that. That´s why i stopped playing it and begin playing Grisai (also downloaded from this site, because you are the best in getting visual novels XD)

    And a question: Is anybody translating the Sengoku Hime series or others rpg visual novels? Somebody knows something?

  103. Sora says:

    Is this the highly edited english edition or the original? Because as much as I want to play this, the official site says that it’s an “All ages” edition, and apparently the ruins a lot of the game, not just for the Eroge, but for the plot

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think so but there was a If My Heart Had Wings – Uncensor Patch which restores removed content ( hentai scenes, kissing, dirty jokes etc. – basically everything that localization company deemed unsuitable for 12 year old French girls ) in English release.

      • catgirl hunter says:

        any chance u cen lick me to tah ti haete censorhip from teh botum of my dam haert and id hate to nto play a goode game cuss of that

    • Devin says:

      Well, the company already made a patch which is 18+ therefore I’m guessing all of the Eroge is back, but in English!!

  104. jimmy says:

    To any mac owners with more tec skills than me. Just can’t get this game to work, not on vmware, wine, or crossover. Any luck for anyone else?

  105. SpikeEye says:

    According to my anti-virus program, the installer either has, or is, a virus. So far it has led me straight, so should I trust the launcher, or my anti-virus program?

  106. Michael says:

    Can This game Played in Mac or apple computer?
    answer please any one?

  107. UmbraBurn says:

    Kanako and Hotori and Akari routes are available on the Fandisk. Hopefully the translate it.

  108. Galaxydj says:

    Not sure wether this is with all routes, and if the restoration patch helped for the rest of the game, but later on in Kotori’s route the translation is freakishly horrible and pretty much ruins the flow of the game.

    Sometimes the characters talk about one thing and there is an entirely “unrelated” sentence in there because of the horrible translation. You can get translate the things that are spoken in your head, but for the protoganist its bad some times.

    Such great art, great story and then ‘Murca stepped in. Fantastic…..

    I hope the restoration patch will get an update soon because this game is amazing (aside from the translated parts done by ‘Murca)

  109. Axiom says:

    Anyone know how to get Ageha’s route? After I went to the mall with Ageha, the game goes to us launching the new glider and then immediately to the title screen after we take off.

    I’m fairly certain the patch installed correctly because of the nude Kotori bath scene and nude group bath scene.

  110. Azusa says:

    Everytime i try to launch the game, my computer always get a message like “The color scheme has been changed into windows 7 basic” “A running program isn’t compatible with certain elements of windows”, and then when i play it, the game can’t run smoothly. It’s like lagging. Can anyone help ? please

  111. thedude says:

    dammit! I just learned you cant date the vice president or kanako.

  112. Maikeru Zitro says:

    ahmm… is there a site that i can download this for an .apk file.. I want to play this on my phone…
    Help me pls..

  113. Black Sword Slasher says:

    Does anyone know how to fix the crash while skipping texts? ty.

  114. mikasa says:

    Mine doesn’t work too. Setup launcher won’t pop-up at all. This game already ate 10GB and I can’t find whatever that folder is at -_-

  115. Ero-boy says:

    This is frustrating. When I double click IfMyHeartHadWings (the extracted file), it just keeps loading and loading. I’m not getting any pop-up to install. Someone help 🙁

  116. PuCCiPuCCi says:

    Which is the file to start the game? AdvHD?
    When i try to start the game with AdvHD it says: d3dx9_43dll is not in your pc.

    What do i need to do? If it’s not AdvHD taht start the game which is it?

  117. Stranterex says:

    Rigth in the beginning the game is crashing, when that paper airplane is going, the game just stop and close.
    There’s something that i can do?

  118. MoeLover says:

    I strongly suggest to wait for Phase 2 of the restoration project (Phase 1 one was the adult content). The translation of this is sub-par, several grammatical errors and naming errors (voice will be saying the family name but text reads first name). That’s not to say you can’t understand the story but it’s kind of hard to enjoy when lines like: “Hand give me”, appear. But otherwise it’s a great VN.

  119. jjohnson1992 says:

    im gonna wait for the second patch they are working on id rather play a bug free version of this fantastic looking game with TWIN TAIL TWIN HEROINES < this is awesome 😀

  120. Fragacide says:

    The restoration patch is up. Get the ero scenes back by checking the home page/downloads section.

  121. Saber05 says:

    Lol . . Oppai- Eyes . . xD .. Nice Work Moenovel . .haha

  122. yolo says:

    If you want a direct download go to the original site, they have a Mediafire link now.

  123. Nahuel says:

    Is there any way to play the game if you have a resolution lower than 1280×720? :S

  124. nate says:

    admin will you upload the restoration patch here?

  125. Mr.Anonymous says:

    If someone have the answer please answer to that:
    How you can unlock amane road? Because i tried two diferent ways at the start but at the beach amane choice is lock. Please help me

  126. world says:

    the restoration patch is released now.It will post here or not?

  127. LouisX says:


  128. block says:

    please upload the sex patch
    that would help me a lot
    thx before hand 🙂

  129. Andra says:

    is there are a way to get the full version for this?
    for free of course >.<

  130. Gustavo says:

    How can i install it?I unpack the files and leave the installer loading for a long time but it won’t open at all.How to make it run?

  131. Aren says:

    A double bj ? Surely you jest , no man will sink low enough to deny a fellow man a double bj scene !

  132. Balrog says:

    Preposterous! how dare they, they took a double BJ from me!!! a double bj, whoever did this is a moster! pure evil!! the employ that removed the ecene surely hanged himsilf from the gilt!!!

  133. anon says:

    This is probably the only all-ages vn which we can see the kissing scene where the pair didnt even touch their lips at the CG 😮
    Not even KEYS’s all ages vn bother as much as this with the kiss/hugs CGs

  134. Noname says:

    I will wait a bit longer for the improved patch in august-september

  135. Johnny Cage says:

    I’m playing it right now. Man, whats with the grammar mistakes? Has any of them played the game at least once? And sometimes they use honorifics and sometimes they don’t.

  136. Mike says:

    According to VisualNovelAer the restoration patch is 100% complete.

    It is a pre-release patch which “will ONLY restore all removed scenes & also the restored portions are mostly raw unedited translations.”

    Final release scheduled for July 14th.

  137. dave says:

    i keep getting an error that says d3dx9_43.dll is missing i tried reinstalling but it still doesnt work can anyone help

    • Mike says:

      Do a Google search of “d3dx9_43.dll”, download the file and place it at your C:\Windows\system32 folder.

  138. Azure says:

    is the restoration patch will work on this game or the original anyone know

  139. ryuushima says:

    Hey there is a Fan Restoration Patch Underway!

    – Restores all sexual content, including censored CGs.
    – Restores kissing, hugging scenes, restores panty shots, etc.
    – (eventually) Improve english translation based on MoeNovel’s script.
    – (stretch goal) TLC’ing MN translation, re-translate portions of text they censored, including sex-related jokes and other adult text.”

    Translation Progress: 72%

    I just wanted to let you guys know that reading that news really made my day and especially seeing how fast the translation is going.


    God bless the people releasing the upcoming patch !

    • ggamer2 says:

      Godspeed translators.

    • Yagami says:

      I support it o/

    • Urruah says:

      It’s honestly not that bad as it is now. Granted, I only completed Kotori and Amane’s routes so far and plan to reread them with the patch, but from what I’ve seen their release doesn’t deserve THAT much hate. Can’t anyone be happy that someone bothered to officially release something that isn’t just complete porn?

      • ryuushima says:

        removing H-scenes is something I can live with in all honesty.
        Also removing some of the hugs and even kiss scenes was just overkill.
        Heck they even removed dirty jokes lol

        So yes I am happy people translated it even though they made it such a retarded version but thanks to the translating they already did the other people only have to translate the deleted scenes which goes a lot faster than translating an entire game.

      • Mike says:

        Much of the hate complain are actually on Ageha’s route, which is said to be rewritten (aka butchered) because of the sex-friend plot.

      • anon says:

        Finished Kotori’s also. Playable with some grammar mistakes and typos here and there and does not feel like this one got edited much, and translation isnt that bad (some are bad but mostly are understandable). Started Ageha and this is what made me stopping right now. Her route got rewritten completely and I think her route got the sex jokes much more than others

  140. Anonymous says:

    top lel

  141. Modai says:

    is this mangagamer version or play-asia version?

  142. Hatter says:

    35$ for (at parts) badly translated text and making it 12-yo version(WHY WOULD YOU REMOVE/CENSORE SEX RELATED JOKES? WHY?). Sounds like a professional debut (gj moenovel). Bless the people working on restoration patch and fixing/checking translation. I will gladly wait for a couple of months or more to read/play this as it should have been in the start.

  143. Luis says:

    anyone have completed this game?, i just play 8 hour but there is just 4 option that i have met

  144. Kai says:

    Is this game need a crack? I can’t open it after I download the files

  145. hotaruh says:

    When they said removed.. almost all of it… its more like the game has become a linear route.. where its main focus is on Amane route. other routes have become senseless… especially Asa and Yoru … 🙁

  146. Urruah says:

    What was removed, anyway? Apart from sex scenes, that is.

    • Tenken says:

      Various images containing more or less erotical views such as pantie shots, censored bras in scenes where heroines get wet (water) (normally visable through clothes) change of a whole route, since it’s based on a romance build up on a sex relationship. Kissing scenes -most romantical content.
      Ehm, yeah, so pretty much most of the content you get yourself a multiple route Eroge for. :DD

  147. Namiirei says:

    A romance game without romance, it’s so interesting.

    The original game is good, and they remove 75% of the game ?

    Seriously ? Why ?

    If we want a censored version (but still with better story), we can go on other titles on consoles..

  148. LanzCorporalAssWipe says:

    YES! I finally found a download site for this game.
    now I will wait for the restore patch

  149. randomawesomeguy says:

    anyone know the link for the restoration patch?

  150. Nosupporty345 says:

    Whenever a company releases a translated version of a VN I usually pirate it first, see if I like it and then either drop it or buy it legally. After hearing what they did to this one (which I was looking forward to) I don’t even feel like pirating it to check it out much less have any intention of buying it.

    Removing H-scenes is fine, I’ve never cared for them anyways (I tend to skip the H-scenes in VNs with great story) but they don’t just remove the H-scenes, they actually remove dialogue, minor intimacy scenes and end up changing bits of the story altogether…NOT TO MENTION THAT THE TRANSLATION IS BAD IN A LOT OF PLACES.

    If companies want support instead of getting their games pirated, then they should at least do a proper job with their releases.

  151. Jffrey Gibson says:

    I’ve been using the site for a long time and have even paid for a download account before. However, the popup adds on this site are completely out of control. Every-time I come here it’s a major battle fighting the popups. Some of them are really hard to close. Some of them even lockup your browser and I’ve even had adware and other search bars installed on my computer. Because of that, I only come here if I have to. I’m not trying to be a dick, but it’s become too much of a hassle to go through 10 popups just to grab a single file.

    • nekojin says:

      Dude, I have never gotten a pop up on this site. Adblock, learn it, love it, use it.

    • Fixing Guru says:

      i got ad just when clicking the link, and i think its normal to support uploader 🙂

    • Bells says:

      huh? what pop up?

      I think this site is, by far, the easiest, non-hassle to use…just a few advertising on both side of the page..

      Ivan didn’t even use AdFly, and buying the premium account was really worth every penny..
      and DA-free is rather straightforward, just wait two minutes and you’re ready to go,
      you could even queue up the link in IDM (though no parallel download)..just start the queue, when one file finished, the next one will be downloaded..
      just like that, no installing sponsor software first(now I wonder how did you get those AdWare installed)..

      • HAC says:

        This site is PLAGUED with popups. I can to click in the text box 8 times just to type!

        Maybe before you guys say there aren’t any you should try it on chrome, or ie, or any browser that doesn’t have an ad blocking program.

        • random says:

          well, i’m using chrome, no adblocks and shit… i close 1 pop up before writing and that’s it

  152. Tom says:

    So is someone gonna translate the ero scenes and edit the Translation to be more faithful and then add it to the real game?

    • random says:

      There is a restoration patch in the works.

    • Mike says:

      They’re gonna try releasing a “sex patch” first which re-adds all the removed contents/scenes back into the game. The second patch will be on fixing the horrible translations.

      • tony says:

        i hate the patches that re-add that stuff but leave it censored

        • Hirano says:

          Just be grateful that someone even thought of restoring the removed contents. Stop bitching because you don’t even contribute anything to them.

          • tony says:

            i wasn’t bitching i just said i hate it and get of your high horse before some one knocks you off it

          • jhonny says:

            what horse you bitch?
            bitch should not bitching!!

          • tony says:

            lol your a moron aren’t you

          • fatprincess says:

            No, pretty sure that you’re the moron here, tony.
            STFU and get over yourself. The uncensored scenes we usually get from official releases come from the parent company. This restoration patch is taking what the original release had in its game files. Perhaps it is YOU who should get off your high horse before someone knocks YOU off.

          • tony says:

            meh i can never be a moron

          • Saa says:

            Sorry, but, do you know the difference beetween your and you’re ?

  153. tony says:

    i don’t mind the loss of the h-scenes i just want to know if the romance stuff was cut

  154. ~A~ says:

    Damn Necromancers, they killed good VN and revive it to terrible all age form (12+ bad joke). Burn them to death.

  155. Kyon says:

    This is not an erogame \Mangagamer version\ .. <.< , however i like the history, but they cuted a lot of scenes :(.

    Ps: w/e thanks for upload :D!

  156. Blast says:

    If My Eroge Had Hentai

    • randomawesomeguy says:

      well if your eroges don’t have any hentai then its not an eroge
      its just an ordinary VN lel
      its called an “eroge” (ero game) for a reason duh

    • first class otaku says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Wait, is the whole game translated into english? Or just scenes

        • first class otaku says:

          the game is already translated, they will add the removed scenes and translate them too

          • Wolvenheart says:

            When will the restoration patch come out?

          • Crazyblue says:

            A full restoration patch is due to be released on the 14/7 but the translation is still a bit sketchy so plans are for update patches to fix errors over the course of a couple of weeks

      • andra says:

        hmmm is this site will upload the restore patch?

      • Maikuru says:

        Are all the cut scenes and etc uploaded yet?
        please respond to this message ASAP because i’ve been waiting for this vn for awhile and want to know the whole story line to it !!

  157. Strom says:

    People are already working on a restoration patch, translating all removed content and QCing the official transation.

    Don’t download this sh*t! Wait for the patch and then get the original japanese release b/c the patch probably won’t work with this one.

    • Peter Cao says:

      The people who did the patch still wanna support this release so they say it will work with the MN version.

      • Razorback says:

        Wrong dude, they are not translating the game, they are re-adding the removed scenes which means it’s going to work ONLY on the moenovel release. After readding, they seem to want to retranslate the game because of the “unsatisfactory” translation. The first patch would definitely work only on the moenovel release, however, the retranslation patch may or may not work depending on how they do it. If they start from scratch, it’s going to work only on the original japanese release, but if they only “improve” the translation, it’s going to work only on the moenovel release. So if you want to play the game as soon as possible, buy the moenovel release to support english “Visual novels” or download it here if you want to prevent more crappy TLs like that in the future. It is a good bet to download this version since it is unlikely that they would start on scratch, you won’t bellieve how time-consuming it is to translate and edit 20000 lines of japanese text, that would take YEARS.

  158. VN lovers says:

    Wow, not only they remove the H-scenes but also destroy the whole romance thing, jokes, etc… seems this newcomer in VN translator industry really blind with history (for a baby, they try walking without learning how to walk). If they keeps this up, I’m sure they will fall like some other VN translator company we know.

  159. Yompaii says:

    Note that the source link also contains some NFSW cg’s, so view it on your own risk!

  160. anon says:

    I’m really interested with this novel but after I saw some comments I’m really curious, how much of the contents got butchered (excluding the H-scenes and dirty jokes)? Is it true that all hugs and kisses scene also got butchered? I hope someone who have actually played this (till at least one ending) can answer this cos I don’t really care about the H-scenes if the story is good.

    Though I agree that they shouldn’t butchered the dirty jokes as well…

  161. Th3Only1 says:

    man, the english version was cut the H-scene -_-
    #facepalm, hopefully they will release the original version with H-scene in english 🙂

    • AGX-04 says:

      Then you better have a lot of patience.
      Someone asked this in the mangagamer forums and the short answer was no.

  162. Ragna The Bloodedge says:

    It keeps saying i need a file named d3dx9_43.dll,can anybody help me?

    • Crov says:

      Try downloading it from dll files site(just google it) and then put it into your game directory.

      • Sporked says:

        No, don’t do that o0

        Get the latest DirectX redist from microsoft. Then read the entire EULA instead of reading this bucketload of fail, it’ll be more interesting.

        Gakedit: [email protected] my captcha to post this message- ‘double crossed’. Damn right.

  163. Dani says:

    are you serious?

    i really wanted to play this.. but not like this..

  164. xenn88 says:

    thanks for posting it but i won’t be downloading it, i’d rather use the crappy translation from agth over this censored and molested release.

  165. ogawa says:

    At the very least, it should be more readable than Flyable Heart’s “translation”…I hope.

  166. drake says:

    I CAN\T BELIEVE THIS F**KING PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!! I will translate this whole game again if u guys wish it (Atlas would be my reference, I will correct all grammar mistakes and keep some common words in Japanese too to make the Novel look as Original as Possible), can someone teach me how do I make patch or how to apply it???
    If Any one know how to patch I’ll even f**king type everything on notepad and give it to you… will it that be easy? Anyone up for it? Let’s just show F**KMOE how the hell REAL A*SF**KING EROGE looks…

  167. Nisashi13 says:

    lol even the mahou shoujo anime for 12 old girls even have panties shoot scene yet they do this to an eroge!?

  168. Ichirei says:


  169. usamiharu says:

    I don’t mind playing all ages but THERE’S NO EXCITEMENT AT ALL!!
    Damn if only i could read japanese i might already played this game long ago.

  170. .hack//Freak says:

    I was going to buy it when all of a sudden I found it here 🙂
    Thanks admin… Gonna enjoy this for sure…

  171. a random eroge fan says:

    After such a miss with the western fanbase of VN’s
    All I want is a translation group to make a patch with unedited plot and h-scenes.

    They’d get so much love, but it would take time as all translations do.

    I’m very disappointed of this release, but what can i do? right

  172. Miroku74 says:

    A pity the english localization butchered this wonderful story. I wonder when ppl in the industry will realize that romance and sex are an integral part of life and should be treated with the same respect they give the convention of marriage? By cutting out the sex scenes… and even the KISSING AND HUGGING SCENES….they’re sending the wrong message to other more impressionable minds: that sex (and by extension, romance) is dirty.

  173. Silenthobo says:

    I wish they would of picked some thing else to translate because now that they tried to translate this no one else is going to translate it the right way.

  174. einixmax says:

    i have decided after reading all that comment :
    I`ll play this game if the pigs have wings lol

  175. Anon-kun says:

    This is the reason why I hate localization company, especially those hypocrite who butchered the story for younger audience.

    At least LB translator have a reason why they didn’t translate the h-scene, and Katawa Shoujo have that nifty h-scene disabling option.

    But really, for those who’re disgusted at H-scene, and those who keep saying that they didn’t want to play any eroge unless the h-scenes were removed, trust me, those H-scenes doesn’t only serve as f*p material (unless it’s a nukige), but also part of the storyline and character development (which is why in Katawa Shoujo, turning off the H-scenes is a bit discouraged by the maker). Really, you don’t have to play chaste and all..

  176. Rena says:

    Wow this makes me sad, the characters looked pretty interesting so I was looking forward to buying this. But it is beyond me to even comprehend why a company would remove romance from a romance game. Sort of 4kids level of stupidity.

    [Sigh] another good VN ruined by dumb localization. All I can say is thank god for Circus, if they didn’t bring MG to us I be in true hell. JAST (and its subsidiaries )haven’t released a good VN in 4 years :/

  177. dart says:

    i feel guilty now….
    they removed all the kiss and hugging scenes what a total bummer

    • dart says:

      oh only one more thing is they only took 2 months to finish this translation, that’s why everything is rushed and there’s alot of typo’s. damn moelnovel can’t even edit.

  178. Crimrui says:

    I don’t always play VN cuz’ of the H-scenes, but for the characters and interactions. But here, they were butchered as well… Weird.

  179. Nahuel says:

    A conversion from +18 to +15 can be understandable…
    But +18 to +12… What is this? Bedtime story?
    As somebody mentioned before, good luck MoeNovel…

  180. dart says:

    damn i accident bought heart of wings from moelnovel and didn’t knew u had it here already admin

  181. More Hypocrites Please says:

    To all those who slander about this eroge release (I guess not eroge anymore in this release) and saying don’t support this and what not, how many of you actually support the creators? Yeah, opinions matter but maybe eroge and visual novels shouldn’t get localized at all if all you’re gonna do leech and bitch. This post is just aiming towards hypocrites. Thank you to those who actually do support the creators and thank you admin.

    • Cnsr says:

      I’m guessing you never heard “don’t shoot the messenger”

      It doesn’t matter who delivers it, the message is all that matters, and the message is that this product is not worth a purchase and not worth supporting. As a consumer especially you have a responsibility to stop this kind of bullshit before it digs in it’s roots.

      A translation is just that, translating one language to another, this product is not a translation, this product is taking a product and ripping it off, you think you buy a brand name product but it turns out it’s only a rip-off cash-grab.

      And no, it doesn’t matter who is delivering this message, if you want to say something, address the message, don’t shoot the messenger.

  182. andy says:

    Fuck this shit. MoeNovel deserves to go out of business for completely failing to understand the needs of their target demographic.

  183. DP says:

    I’m just gonna pretend this never came out and ignore it.

    You are ordering a sandwich and they give you only the bread, and this sandwich is even more expensive than the normal ones…so what is the point in making a sandwich for the kids and pricing more than the others… ooo yes the bread is longer, so the chance of choking is bigger…

    Good luck MoeNovel, hope your next release will have breast reduction, DUB voices, graphic redesign and a new system for paying to see the next line of the dialog…

  184. Asta says:

    LOL All of the H Scenes on this Visual Novel is removed -_-
    I have been waiting for several months .

  185. Crov says:

    Thanks admin for another title and your hard work.
    And as much as I’d like to support the creators of this game I just F****g can’t. Though I can understand H-scenes but to remove anything but that in VISUAL NOVEL? I repeat: VISUAL NOVEL?
    What MoeNovel did to this game is just ridiculous,
    there’s no way I’m going to pay for this. Good luck to you MoeN.

  186. Maou says:

    That´s sad…
    Anyway Thanks Admin!

  187. AoiShiro says:

    Did they think this is Ryukishi07’s work? Even clannad and Rewrite have hugs and kisses.

    It’s a dating simulation visual novel with all the dating part removed.

  188. AoiShiro says:

    DON’T SUPPORT THIS SHIT. Honestly i rather not having this at all rather than reading this half assed butchered translation.
    The following contents are REMOVED from the game:
    – Sexual jokes and/or hints.
    – Any visible pantsu shot, or exposures that are not suitable for 12 years old audience.
    – Hugs
    – Kisses
    – and all the H-Scenes
    MotherFUCKER trying to cater to FUCKING 12 YEARS OLD?????????

    Not even kisses, Hugs? What else do they have to offer?? A Fucking PLOT????

  189. lolwerwer says:

    haah..really disappointed they have to butcher this magnificent eroge D:

  190. D_Z says:

    Dont care all that much about the H scenes, but to top it off, the fucking translation quality is atrocious. Some of the worst.

    • zbychu says:

      yep, translation is kinda inaccurate sometimes, and there is also really weird english sentences.
      But remember, that the target audience of moenovel is “12 year old french girls” as moenovel said in the interview.

  191. Kenshin_sama says:

    Yep, the game truly was shredded to bits. Guess I’ll be holding off on this until I learn Japanese.

  192. world says:


  193. Teh says:

    Wow… I hope this doesn’t sell a single copy until they get their heads out their asses and release the real version. What a damn shame.

  194. razgriz says:

    So is it crack yet?I want to read it.I don’t care about H scene.If i want to see ikuiku ichaicha i read some nukige.

    • zbychu says:

      you don’t need crack for this

    • Razorback says:

      Dude, you’re wrong. If it was just the h-scenes, I would’ve had the same opinion. Sadly, if you look at vndb, it has 12+ rating, it has all h content removed, as well as most of the kissing scenes. The original has a LOT of CGs, but this release had 60%, yes you read that right, “60%”, because of “explicit content”, which they believe is pretty much everything more intimate h=than hugging, if that’s not enough, some of the jokes were removed because they were “dirty” jokes, just what the fuck man, this is not just a matter of turning an eroge to a VN, it is a matter of a VN being reduced to a kid’s bedtime story.

  195. Aurfuu says:

    Alienate newcomers to the medium while pissing off the already small purchasing userbase. Moenovel sure hired some professional marketers here.

  196. James says:

    “If MoeNovel Had Actual Brains.”

  197. Kei says:

    Very Disappointing, i hope there 18+ releases soon. i wonder if there anyone who’ll buy this thing..

  198. Burn says:

    Dont event want to pirate this.

  199. GodsDragon says:

    I was actually planning on buying this one but now that I learned that they hacked it apart to make it child friendly they will not be getting any of my money. I really do hope they come out with a 18+ version or if someone could add in the 18+ content that was cut.

  200. Vict0r says:

    Would’ve been better if they released both all-ages and un-cut adult version so that fans wouldn’t really be this much pissed off by their decisions right now.

    P.S. Ignore this one. Play the original Japanese.

  201. Ganhur says:

    Don’t feel like giving this a try either.

  202. Fridoo says:

    Sigh~ what a waste of a good vn.

  203. SLG13 says:

    Hopefully someone will make a patch of some sort for this horrible release. Sad to see a great visual novel being butchered and so many contents removed just to satisfy a younger audience while alienating the current VN fans.

    I hope MoeNovel will not repeat this s**t the next time.

    • insane says:

      But butchering seems to be pretty good copy protection, since I’m not even going to bother wasting the time and disk space to pirate it.

    • MeruP says:

      Don’t expect patches anytime soon. If you simply want to see hentai scenes, look at them in original VN. If you want to see everything that was cut… for that translator is needed. Cause they also removed jokes and changed the story.

      • SLG13 says:

        I have already played and completed the original game. Was excited when an English was announced; but then it turned out to be an “all-ages” release.. So yeah, I’ll still stick to the original.

    • MeruP says:

      By the way, you won’t see kisses or suggestive themes too. Not only they forgot that this is an eroge, but the fact that this is a total romance VN they also somehow overlooked.

      • TWH says:

        Well then…
        I sure as hell ain’t downloading this.
        If they removed more than just the H-scenes there’s no way in hell I’m touching this. Changed plot? Ruined the main genre?

        • TWH says:

          If anyone knows where to get the original versions, that could help people too.
          There’s two programs you can get (ATLAS and AGTH) that can be used to play untranslated novels. Some of the translations these programs give may be a little off, but it’s better than dealing with this shit or not being able to play a game at all.

          • James says:

            Try checking out and searching at anime-sharing.com, should be there.

          • Ultimecea says:

            there’s no bullshit as the MACHINE TRANSLATION were a little off grammar..
            its practically unreadable >.>

    • Jdless says:

      I agree with SLG13… I hope that there’s a generous VN translator who would willing to take justice in their hands for this nice VN… Or does anybody knows a VN translator who can be commissioned or would agree to take this task for free?

  204. Gerard says:

    Disgusting localization.

  205. madalarmclock says:

    Is this a eroge?

    I’m asking since vndb says the English release is not which makes no since when the Japanese release is.

  206. Arkblaze says:

    Whoa, that was fast, thanks admin! Been waiting for this for months.

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