Wind -A Breath of Heart-

Wind -A Breath of Heart-

That summer day. Makoto Okano and his younger sister Hinata sit across from each other in the box seats of a local express heading to that town, underneath a blue sky that seems to stretch out to infinity. The town they are heading to is the very one that they were born in and were separated from long ago — Kazune City. In the midst of the midsummer wind, bathed in the wind that rushes in from the train window, they head to that town, which they only have vague memories of.

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  1. Zhen says:

    Ugh, I pressed the backspace button and now there is no sound for the game. I tried to reinstall and it still doesn’t work, what the hell is going on

  2. Raishin says:

    Hey I just cannot install it, i mount the iso with daemon tools after that I was Running the setup with administor but itu always stuck
    Why the display of setup can’t show up
    Sorry my bad English
    Please anyone of you can help me??

  3. DeloreanFanatic says:

    None of the videos play properly, had audio but no video. Then I experienced a crash and now audio won’t work at all either.

    Honestly this one is kinda forgetful, anyway.

  4. elviad says:

    Anybody else have an issue with the text (and the game in general) being really laggy?

  5. Klonosz says:

    I tried everything Decadence and Renie wrote above but the setup don’t want to start.

  6. VN lover says:

    part 8 & 9 download link doesn’t work. please update. thankss

  7. Equ3strianGam3r says:

    Admin is there some sort of a problem with the download site? I am trying to download Wind -A Breath of Heart- and Wanko to Kurasou but I am having to do it one part at a time otherwise the downloads fail. I don’t seem to be having a problem with my download speed on my computer and I have tried more than one wireless connection. My anti-virus software also doesn’t find any kind of malware or virus on my computer so I’m a little confused as to what might be causing this.

  8. Aicchi says:

    It’s work for me properly… When I mount the ISO the setup.exe didn’t work and made my camputer crash… I choose to restart the computer and run the setup …
    It’s may takes a few minutes but just WAIT!! The download maybe stop at 5 % but the download is stil starting…
    WAIT the download and Enjoy…
    If you want you can’t use English patch. Since I”m using Japanese.

  9. Doflamingo says:

    I cant open the SETUP can anyone help?

  10. Six says:

    In terms of \deep\ dating sims, the level of complexity eventually boils down to, almost literally:

    -Choose girl A
    -Choose girl B
    -Choose girl C
    -Choose path leading to other 2

    A mediocre VN up to this point, this simplicity of choice reinforces the level of disappointment someone (like me) likely feels playing this game.

  11. Rey says:

    personally this VN seems to jump around a bit. the events don’t flow as well as others , but otherwise it’s okay.

  12. Daylen Amel says:

    Thx for uploader I have played this vn. This is one of my favorite vn. By the way do anyone now where I can download the soundtrack of this vn ?

  13. Yui says:

    is this a RPG-style H game? can anybody recommend RPG-style H game like brave soul to me? Thanks!

  14. david says:

    I need Choices in parantheses for this game Wind -A Breath of Heart-

  15. spik85 says:

    ¿how i put the english patch in the games?, i mean in wich folder place the patch?

    • UltimateBadAss says:

      Exactly where you installed the game folder. By default its “computer\(insert drive letter here):\program files\minori\minoriRP”

  16. chaos says:

    still the DL links are not available?wanna try this one.please respond.THANKS.

  17. raitou says:

    always stopped instalation at 5%

  18. Decadence says:

    After mounting the ISO with Daemon Tools and launching it the mouse makes the loading symbol then nothing happens. I tried turning off User Account Control, but that didn’t work either. I also tried to run it with User Account Control off and using compatibility mode XP pack 2, but that still didn’t work.

    Does anyone have any idea of how to get this to work?

    • Decadence says:

      OK guys after this I closed my Google Chrome and like 19 of the setups popped up so try running it when there aren’t any applications open.

      • Renie says:

        You are completely right about a background interfering with setup.exe program. I as well use Chrome but closing didn’t fix the problem, I closed every possible program as well with no avail.

        I decided to reboot computer and launch setup.exe immediately and it worked instantly :3

  19. Sigma says:

    I just cannot install it, i load the iso to daemon tools but it stubbornly just sits there FOREVER!!!… I even checked the configuration file (.inf) and I can’t see what the problem is… unless I really do have to wait that long just to have a window pop up saying that it’s ready to install…

  20. Problem says:

    I can’t seem to install it can someone give me the steps how to install it ?

  21. Confused says:

    This game works pretty well, thanks for the download.

    And I’m very sorry for asking you guys this, but… I heard this game (and Chaos Head) was, to put it bluntly, bad.

    I didn’t play it (didn’t play Chaos Head either) yet, so I have no idea. The graphics sure look pretty, but still…

    • admin says:

      It’s not bad, it’s just medicore nowadays there are many much better games available in english.

      • Confused says:

        Forgive me for asking, but I heard Canvas 2 was mediocre as well. Is this correct?

        And thank you for the help.

  22. Cady says:

    Thank you for reposting them admin! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve wanted this game since I saw it haha. Thank you!

  23. Jay says:

    @Akai: Unzip the downloaded file. Mount the WINDRP.iso using daemon. It does not work at me first because i tried to unzip it first before using setup.exe so it always crashes when the setup progress hit 5%. It turns out that i must mount it first. After installing the game, use the english patch.

  24. Akai says:

    Setup.exe aint working neither is autorun O.o

  25. marlcarlo says:

    Thanks a lot for this game, it works for me^^

  26. Defiant says:

    @Sasaki: Click the button under the text. The one which says “Start download”. But honestly, just go download it from hotfile because those ads often make you download stuff and we all know how good of an idea that is.

  27. Sasaki says:

    Well… I have a question about this “shot survey”… where can I find it ?;p Kinda new on this side.

  28. Anime King says:

    ya its not working for me too

  29. Gomoyuke says:

    Admin,sorry to bother,but the setup.exe contained in the disc doesn’t work.Can this problem be solved?Thanx.

  30. jack says:

    first instal the game in japanese locale….
    after succesfull, instal the patch…..
    maybe that can solve your problem…..

  31. dhonxean says:

    gonna try this game later… ahaha… exams first!

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