Sunrider: Liberation Day

Sunrider: Liberation Day

Following the devastating war between the democratic Solar Alliance and the tyrannical New Empire, the galaxy was split into two zones separated by the Neutral Rim, a buffer between the two states.

Weakened by war, the New Empire collapsed from within in the Compact Revolution. A figure known only as VENICZAR ARCADIUS led the people against their Imperial oppressors. Following the New Empire’s fall, Arcadius mysteriously vanished from public view.

Soon after, another entity claiming to be Arcadius returned and declared the formation of PACT. With the vast production base of the former New Empire, PACT invaded the Neutral Rim with the intent of striking the Solar Alliance.

Arcadius sought the hand of the Ryuvian princess for reasons unknown, but was thwarted by Captain Shields of the Cera Space Force.

He was further thwarted at the battle of Far Port, when Cullen’s blunder lead to the destruction of the PACT invasion fleet by a much smaller Alliance vanguard fleet.

What was envisioned by PACT leaders as a glorious invasion into the heart of Alliance space instead became a bloody foreign campaign fought in the undeveloped Neutral Rim.

With the Alliance Fleet approaching PACT space and their initial military goals now in tatters, VENICZAR FONTANA betrayed Arcadius in the Battle of Helion and took control of PACT.

Now unmasked, the truth of the entity claiming to be Veniczar Arcadius came to light…

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  1. So when I try to start the game it opens a notepad and says

    I’m sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

    Before loading the script.
    Exception: Couldn’t find file ‘archive.rpi’.

    — Full Traceback ————————————————————

    Full traceback:
    File “C:\Sunrider Liberation Day\renpy\”, line 281, in bootstrap
    File “C:\Sunrider Liberation Day\renpy\”, line 292, in main
    File “C:\Sunrider Liberation Day\renpy\”, line 160, in index_archives
    fn = transfn(prefix + “.rpi”)
    File “C:\Sunrider Liberation Day\renpy\”, line 599, in transfn
    raise Exception(“Couldn’t find file ‘%s’.” % name)
    Exception: Couldn’t find file ‘archive.rpi’.


    can someone help me with this?

    1. rpi? Ren’Py compressed data file format is rpa, so, I would advice replacing the renpy internals.

      ie. all files but game/ folder and README.

      PS. Ensure to use same Renpy version (6.99.8)
      PSS. Not a windows user. No idea about impact upon Steam.

  2. Is this the fully patched version? and well installing it set off steam in any way? I rather not get banned off steam……

    1. No, it won’t. Steam won’t recognize it unless you link it to steam or install it using steam. It doesn’t scan your computer to see what games you have.

  3. Hi!
    First of all, thanks a lot for the awesome work you do in each release on the whole site.

    Is there any chance this release will be updated to 3.00 version?

  4. I saw that a V3.00 was available on the official website.
    When will it be available here ? 🙂

    (I apologize for my english, it’s not my mother tongue)

  5. This is not the full game?

    I finish with “to be continued” after shield and Sola hide in a abandoned house.

    Do you know where I can get the full game for free?


  6. The links are not working, I tried several other game links. It’s not just the Free ones, the premium ones are out too. Most likely the download website is out (temporarily or not, I don’t know which). Admin, if you read this, would you do us a great favor and look into it?

  7. good/bad news everyone:

    developer is going to release DLC that will add MuvLuv time loop bullshit

    apparently Kaito will travel back in time before final battle in Liberation Day and he will remember everything from original timeline (betrayals, etc.) and he will have an option to seriously change ending with new possibilities, lol

    ETA 1 month

    1. I dont get it if its updated why i downloaded the 1.0 version? :c
      btw: Thank you for your hard work ^^

      1. Press F5 if you’re still seeing old links.
        “SunriderLiberationDayUncensored” was the 1.0 version, while “SunriderLiberationDayUncensored2.03” is the 2.03 one.

        You can also see the version on main game screen – it’s shown in top-left corner.

  8. Ok, so I’ve been using this website for AGES and i was just wondering if there was any other way to download besides the typical 200 Mb/s. It’s really tedious to download all of the files with a 2 minute wait time inbetween each other, so if there is a way to download it all at once please respond. <3 love all of these games though, Amazing job!

  9. can anyone please upload a save file from mask of arcadius??? i know you can download it for free but if any can provide the save game file for mask of arcadius for this game to work will be much appreciated

    1. hey guys i just finished playing mask of arcadius, now when i play liberation, it keeps saying cant find save data. what do i do??? and how do i integrate the save file to liberation? also im not using the steam edition for both game.

      1. you dont need save file

        if you remember your choices from Mask of Arcadius, then you can choose them when Liberation Day starts

        you will see few rows with things like “After military incident on Ongess: 1.) you went to press 2.) you kept quit (and you click on the choice you did in MoA)

        1. i mean when i click the start buttong, all i see are blank tiles then when i try to proceed, start or anything, i get that error that says cannot find MOA save data.

          1. when you click on “start game” you will see screen “Input history”

            on top of “input history” screen you will have 2 options “Import” and “back” > ignore those 2 options!!!

            under those 2 options you will have many rows:

            1st) row has written “flag” – and 2 clickable options “cera” and “pirate” > hover with your mouse above those 3 words and explanation will show up > then choose what you did in Mask of Arcadius
            (I told Ava “Sunrider will always fly with Cera flag” so I obviously chosen option “cera” )

            go over EVERY OPTION and choose what you did!

            after you mark all the possibilities at top of screen NEW BUTTON will show up “CONFIRM” that will START game

  10. Thanks as always admin but I think I’ll wait until a final version is released to avoid future issues. I just finished mask of arcadius so I’m in no hurry to play the game anyways.

    Fun game.
    I definitely like Kayto much better in MoA than how he was in the spin-off (Academy), where he was irritating and acted like a little bitch. Can’t wait to play Liberation Day fully voiced, would be great to play a sunrider game where it was fully voiced and not just via battle scenes.

    1. yes, they have

      but if you have those Sunrider games on Steam, you have to download “content restoration patch” first
      (Steam doesnt allow adult content by default, you have to download patch first)

    1. do you know, that almost anyone can download Re:Maid HD , right?

      problem is, that you still cant see those 3 locked scenes (you need password for that)

  11. Please buy it if u can to support future Titel. Its really a fun unique Game..if this one is**with the chig..***

  12. hey admin, thanks for this, but can you also upload the Mask of Arcadius one? it seems I can’t play this one without that…

    I know i can download it for free on steam, but i dont have steam .-.

      1. already tried… but for some reason all the link I try to reach were dead… even the official site download link

        1. if official download page doesnt work, then get it on Steam FOR FREE

          1st step) google Steam and visit the page

          2nd step) click “install steam” (in the upper part of page)

          3rd step) install steam and create account

          4th step) log in Steam

          5th step) click on “Store”, there search for “Mask of Arcadius” and click “install”

          6th step) play Mask of Arcadius

        2. really? you tried the official download link?? I found 2 Official download links (one didnt work, 2nd works fine)

          1. you clearly didn’t see what i said about making Steam account…

            well anyway thanks tho, read about the link you give, and it supposedly the 7.1 one, already find the 7.2 hopefully it work, if not then 7.1 it is

          2. only thing you wrote about steam is “I dont have Steam”

            I dont see any problem with that: just download it, Steam is free

  13. STOP spamming about V2.00 patch.

    Liberation Day v2.00 patch is still only BETA.
    It receives bugfixes almost every day, so you better wait for “final” version.

    Just trust admin, he knows what he is doing.
    (or buy it for 10$ on steam)

  14. Admin will you upload the previous game installment here?
    Seems like it’s not starting without savegame from previous game.

    1. You need to fill all choices (all of them)in order to create a starting point so the VN can continue the story. Special attention in the Beach choices,there are three of them. Admin please, w/o the v2.00 there is no point in playing this VN because the mod they did there is so big, that even the ending is completely different,plus they added 40 minutes of story.Too bad it’s an opt-in update,can´t find it somewhere else, so my only hope is erogedownload! ( sorry for my Engrish)

  15. The files say \SunriderLiberationDayUncensored\. Is this an 18+ version, or does it still need a patch applied to it?

  16. I don’t mean to bother anybody on here, but… Does this game have English voices, or is the only voice option the Japanese one?

    I mean, Mask of Arcadius was completely free on Steam and it had English voices on it (and in my opinion rather good ones, especially Ava’s voice which I felt fit her rather well!) and yet it seems this game doesn’t include an option for English voices despite being a game with a price tag attached.

    I dunno, maybe the game does have English voices and I just can’t figure out how to activate them. This is part of the reason why I always try before I buy (If I buy, based on quality) since stuff like this happens. It just doesn’t really make a lot of sense for a free game to have English voices while a commercial game has none.

    Also, is anybody else on here experiencing extreme lag whenever you have to engage in a battle in the game? I never lagged nearly as much while I was playing Mask of Arcadius as I am while playing Liberation Day… Does this game consume a lot more of your computers resources than Mask of Arcadius did?

    1. Read steam discussions for more informations, I’ll just quote FAQ No.3 that developer posted:

      3. Why did you not have the ENG VAs from MoA return? Wouldn’t that have been cheaper?
      The VAs for MoA are actually spread out across the world. We contracted them out via email and just had them record at home. This caused various production issues because they could not record at a production studio and have a supervising audio engineer. Ultimately it took 3 months to record just the battle voices for MoA, so a full voice over using this method did not seem realistic. Meaning, if we wanted an ENG voice over for Liberation Day, we would have had to almost entirely recast a new ENG voice staff located at a single location near an anime dubbing agency, such as Dallas, Houston, or LA, which we believed would have proved to be a contentious point. We also don’t have any contacts inside the US dubbing business so we didn’t even know if that was possible, while we have more connections to people who work on Japanese eroges so it was easier overall to get JP voicing for the game.

      As for lag issue, what’s your pc/laptop specs? I don’t play this but the minimum recommended for RAM is 3GB so if u only have 2GB or lower, then of course you’ll experience some heavy lags.

    2. Sunrider Liberation Day V2.00 will have an option to use original english battle voices from Mask of Arcadius

      though, it will only work for BATTLE voices.

  17. I loved Mask of Arcadius and Sunrider Academy but


    forced love!?? And your choices won’t matter!?? I wanna see some romance with either Icari or Claude or at least Ava/Asaga but Chigara..!?? I think I’m gonna pass on this and wait for their future games ╮(╯▽╰)╭

    Thanks admin.

    1. Lol I feel sorry for the developer there, I must say. There’s a bit where they say

      ” A lot of our resources were actually expended on attempting to get the battles running on renpy. It was far more challenging than expected. I kind of regret spending so much time on this since I could have used the time to write more story, especially because it seems like a lot of people ended up skipping the battles all together on just waifu mode and blazing through the game in half the time I expected. But I guess it’s too late now. I thought most of our fans played the game for the battles and the story was an addon, and it wasn’t until after the release that we realized our priorities should have been reversed. ”


      1. Yeah it sucks but I know the developer had already done their best. It’s a strategy VN type game, what would you expect!? While I love the gameplay, it’ll just be another strategy game without a unique and captivating story. Fans or ppl who played many VNs before or love the prequel/spinoff of course will expect more story and freedom to pursue romance especially with many cute girls lying around.

        But the developer promised more contents and freedom (romance, decision, etc)in their upcoming games, and they’ll also moved from Ren’Py onto better engine like Unity or something so I’ll just hold on to that for now 🙂

  18. Is this the 2.0v or the original… ‘coz they released 2.0 the same time you released this, admin. (Correct me if I’m wrong)

  19. Thx admin i def refused to buy this broken unfixed shit of a game when all i wanted was the story and 2/3s of it were free release already

  20. Sunrider Academy is kind of a spin off of this , this one is a sequel of Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius .
    Think this whole series as Muv Luv , Muv Luv Extra and Muv Luv Alternative

  21. First and foremost,thank you very much Admin, I’ve been looking for it,and today( I´m sure you must know it already but just in case) They released the ver. 2.0.

    1. Sunrider Academy is kind of a spin off of this , this one is a sequel of Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius .
      Think this whole series as Muv Luv , Muv Luv Extra and Muv Luv Alternative

        1. The original is a free game on steam “Sunrider Mask of Arcadius”. The Sunrider games are made in English, no need for a translation.

      1. Though the sunrider series isn’t bad, please do not compare it with Muv-Luv. The two are separated by orders of magnitude in epicness.

  22. The amount of heat that this release got on Steam is unbelievable. Gonna try it out for free and then hope in the ‘patched’ release with a little more branching. Thanks, Admin.

    1. While on the subject of the patch, admin, when the patch will be released, will the patched version be posted here or not?

  23. Admin why i cant download any free game anymore???the download page is always stuck and wont finish that 120 second.Is the wedsite problem or my computer problem ???

        1. I dunno if its the case here but some of these free filesharing sites will not work after the countdown for me if adblock or firefox block the popup it needs to run.

          In these cases I will temporarily turn these off – you will get annoying ads pop up yes but the download will then work.

      1. Thanks I was planning to buy this game on steam if goes on sale that would be a while so finally gonna play this for free then buy when it goes on sale sorry I;m a cheapskate my salary is not that big love MoA.

  24. Wow! Thanks Admin! I’ve been looking forward to this one for quite a while… I might even feel like paying for it if it’s good enough.

    I had no clue this was out though, I thought they were still releasing it chapter-by-chapter to backers only. I don’t mind either way, but is this the full game or the beta that’s been released to backers? I’m just curious so I’ll know whether to expect lots of bugs or not.

    Anyway, thanks again Admin!

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