Bishoujo Mangekyou

Bishoujo Mangekyou

Onogami Shigehiko, a teacher at an all-girls school, is a man of love – of love towards beautiful young girls – and to this day he has managed to keep this hidden from those around by playing as Mr. Serious.

From the fear of losing his beloved career as a teacher, he has had to abstain from crossing the line with any of his students until now.

…Indeed, until now, until he met Kagarino Kirie, a mysterious girl of stunning beauty – it is this meeting that finally derails him into crossing that line, a line that was better left not crossed.

42 comments on “Bishoujo Mangekyou

  1. I absolutely love the music in this. With so many VNs, the music is, well, generic sounding. This music has style. It really fits into the whole gothic vampire sort of vibe.

  2. When I extract the files, it says volume 11 and 17 are corrupted. The game did run, but crashes halfway through the story during one of the H-scenes.

  3. Dunno if it’s the translation or not but it’s written terribly.
    What is with all of the brand names? It feels like an ad.

    Thanks for the up Admin, even if I’m going to regret finishing this one =D

  4. What’s with this “unavoidable rape” shit? Who gets raped? Hope it’s not the main heroine. Please reply someone. I can’t bear that shit.

  5. There is an uncensor patch for this game? Goth loli white-haired twintail heroine at last BUT she got the weird mosaic disease, I swear those are virtual sexual transmissible virus in too much eroge lately…

  6. When I got to part 17 and try downloading it, it says this:

    “This file is not commonly downloaded and may be dangerous.

    |Keep| |Discard|”

    Can Admin please re-upload this? 🙂

  7. Hey Admin, just wanted to say that including a screenshots tab is a great addition for this site. It’s much clearer than either the tag list or the HCG to determine what sort of game is being shown.

  8. Wow very H heavy but the story as spot on and the music and artork, how to draw goth loli 101 beautiful. Can only hope more of the same series get translated. Definitely a fan of these VN now.

    Thanks Eroge.

  9. magji, sadly i have already read these vn, in fact i think i have read all vn wich got an english translation with these tag, that’s why i keep an eye on the new translated vn =(

  10. I feel like this should have a “loli heroine” tag. She’s clearly has the body of a child from pic 7, she looks about 10 years old though her breasts seem bigger in pic 4. Though, I guess it isn’t tagged as such in vndb which is probably why it isn’t tagged as such here.


    A fellow lover of beautiful young girls.

  11. then read princess evangile or noble works pretty much has all those things you mentioned, unless you read them already.

  12. This one is good, like the others from the same dev, try it if you have time.

    The best of all for me is the third game of this series, it’s really good.

  13. Walkthrough
    ~~~ Bishoujo Mangekyou – A Girl’s Cursed Legend ~~~

    take my blood
    still want to be close to her
    forgive Kirie
    tightly hug Kirie

    / Keychoice: forgive Kirie (femdom scene) OR take revenge on Kirie (maledom bondage scene)

    after femdom scene:
    cum inside or outside
    perky and cute song

    after maledom scene:
    cum inside or outside (do both for CG variation)
    impressive and beautiful song

    After getting the ending on both routes, you’ll see a short extra scene.

    ~~~ The End ~~~

  14. i went to the holy lands of vndb database to seek the truth because i don’t care about spoilers yes people like me exist on the internet, and after consulting the archives, i came with good news, the archives mark this with “only virgin heroines” and “only good endings” so about the unavoidable rape well the protagonist is listed with engages in “rape” and the girl under subject of “rape” so make your own conclusions. so rejoice my childs for the admin has blessed us with this.

  15. this series is pretty good, they are all fully animated and have decent stories. hopefully the rest of the series gets translated.

  16. if there is multiple males, there is no harem, no harem, no fun, no fun, no shrek, no shrek, no life, becuase shrek is life

  17. Sad, can’t stand VN with Rape of heroine, or when something bad happend to heroines in general. I’m still waiting for a nice and calm Vn like Magical marriage lunatic or wagamama hightspec.

    Need things in a Vn to appreciate it:

    -No rape
    -No sex with several Male
    -Virgin heroine
    -Romance/Love between MC and heroine

    Anyway, thanks for the upload admin

  18. I normally wouldn’t bother with those tags but seeing the heroine I can’t resist, she hits every single area in my strike zone.

  19. Is.. this an actual game?
    Not a short nukige or rpg-maker-trash?

    Praise you oh Admin! (for all your uploads of course ;))

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