Tsujidou-san no Jun’ai Road

Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road

Hiroshi was a student at Inamura Academy in Kanagawa Shounan and became interested in his delinquent classmate Tsujidou-san after seeing her help a kitty in the rain.

But everyone around her are also delinquents, including her rivals Maki and Renna.

The life of an ordinary guy like him just got a lot more troubled!

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  1. Dont download this one… It will piss you off.. When you want to go other girl road.. Because all common road focus on AI.. And he also confess to AI in common road.. What about other female lead.. Arrrr im so piss

  2. Wtf man.. Why in common road all inside this protagonist brain is Ai Ai Ai… How tf im gonna.. Fk i hate it.. Not only that.. He say im dating Ai to maki.. I mean why… Why i want maki road… Did i make wrong choice.. But i follow fuwanovel walkthrough..

  3. Wtf is this game.. How tf i gonna choose other road when this fking game already rise a flag for AI.. This game only focuses on Ai road.. Wtf man.. I want that blue hair girl road first..

  4. The best soundtrack I’ve ever heard in a VN… Too bad the music gallery is glitched out and stays at 0% lmfao.

    Also a damn shame the fandisc will never be translated, so no chance of ever playing the Azusa route…

  5. When i try to save I get errors “Get font data” “FT_Set_pixel_sizes” and “get font data again

  6. Anybody else have a problem when trying to close the game? If I try to close it via ingame buttons (or no matter how I try to close it in the title screen), it just randomly jumps to a random spot in the story, sometimes a part I haven’t even read yet.

    Only way it seems to work is if I X out of the program completely while ingame. Not a major problem, but definitely annoying.

    Anybody else have this?

    1. I know this is way too late, but just an FYI for anyone else about to play this game: When you attempt to close the game, sequences called “skits” appear that’ll have random characters from the game exchange 1-5 lines of comedy dialogue before the game actually closes.

      There’s quite a few of these, and they all count towards 100% completion.

  7. This eroge is awesome can’t get enough of it i was playing this game for 10 days straight(except nights) finally completed all the routes.And believe me this is not just an eroge it’s a mixture of all love,story,comedy.They should translate the virgin road too it would be such a shame can’t get to play Azusa and yoiko’s routes.

  8. I seriously can’t get enough of Saeko nee-san. Must been hard for her when Hiroshi choose the rest of the girls.

  9. Just got 100% cg. There are no blood-related siblings in this game, let alone blood-related sister/sister incest… However, this game was pretty good and very funny. I’m definitely adding it to my list of games to buy. Thanks, admin!

  10. @ColdWarHero Yeah, I wish Ai’s route wasn’t so integrated into the common route. It’s hard to reject her (and watch her reaction) when trying to play the route of the other girls.

  11. I must say,this is an incredible visual noble whit a deep story that keep me all day whit my pc playing it because i really love the romcance of your choice, in my opinion renna was the perfect match for hiroshi, she is the mos lovely of all the 3 heroines, the secon place is for ai, she is not bad but the pacifist side of hiro is really bullshit and the las girl maki, she is not really the bes option for all the long time you have to wait until she really fell for hiro, i hope that some day the same team that translate this novel do the same for the fandisc.

  12. Well, after playing this, I really want the FD to be translated. I just hope someone picks up a TL project for it eventually.

  13. If you liked Majikoi, you’ll kinda like this. Comparing the two however, this one is slightly disappointing. Maki’s route makes no sense, Ai’s isn’t written all that well, but Renna’s was good. Don’t even get me started on the sister, or why the class president and another character didn’t even get a route.

  14. i played renna route first, had a good lol. this game fills the gap while i’m waiting for majikoi a3 to be translated.

  15. In the vndb, it says there at the “Characters who make an appearance”, Yamato from majikoi will show. Exactly when will he appear though?

  16. Man, Does the protagonist need to spend 5 minutes everytime to remind me of how cute the girl is? I have eyes, I can see. I don’t need him to waste my time in his obnoxious fantasy. What a waste.

  17. Hi everyone and Admin,

    I wonder when will Anekouji Naoko to Gin’iro no Shinigami (also by Minato Carnival) be translated or posted in the site?


  18. Really enjoyed this one, but holy FUCK was the protagonist obnoxious during the Ai route. His pacifist bullshit was especially annoying when you compare it to how he acts in the other two routes, where he basically just shrugs and goes along with the delinquent shenanigans.

  19. It’s set in the same world. You can tell not only cause of the engine and the similar dialogues and company and whatever but because there are clear references. For example, there’s a character Ganaha of the Speed who mentions Kawakami. Katase Renna Mentions the Kuukis as being “Rich but they do whatever they want” as well as the fact that there’s a game Shakadou’s Jun’ai Road game where Shakadou meets his Waifu san in Enoshima.

  20. The reason I like majikoi is because of the game engine, since this game use the same one looks like things might be good for this game

  21. Really good VN! Thx to the translators and the admin.

    It’s such a shame the fandisc won’t be translated, we’ll miss on 2 of the best girls u_U

    It’s almost heartbreaking to release this and not planning to translate the Virgin Road 🙁

  22. it is sad that the people that translated this to English is not going to translate the fan disc as well

  23. @Shadow unless some miracle were to happen nop. The ones that translated this game aren’t planing to translate the FD (Virgin road)

    @Ringo there is a H scene with her and Maki in Maki’s route. You’ll need to follow a walkthrough to get her, tough. Youko actually has a route of her own in the FD “virgin road” but we’ll not get it translated any time soon if ever.

    @Cross88 patience, you’ll find them soon. Still it seems that some are only avalibles if you took the right options but there is no way to avoid them all unless you take a early bad ending.

  24. Are H scenes here? Can you miss them or something? I am on Ai route and nothing. It felt like scenes were cut short. In HCG galleries I can find images that were in my playthrough.

  25. Problem, after turning off the antivirus
    tried to star game, opens a window with what I think is display mode and it either closes moking a “trim” sound or it just closes without doing anything at all … help pls

  26. @Masaya you get Saeko’s ending when you have avoided all the main heroine routes so i think there are two ways to get it. I used the first one.
    Saeko’s route
    6/14 Second option
    6/15 Third option
    6/16-17(?) …
    6/14 first option
    6/15 first option
    6/16/17(?) …

  27. @Masaya instead of “i like you” for ai route, you choice “…”

    personnaly i drop saeko route (but i like saeko, she is funny)

  28. @ColdWarHero, i have finished Renna route with all endings without trouble and i’m even in Saeko’s route now. AS you notice nothing appears in the music part of extras even after ending the game once. I¿m not sure why.

  29. So I’ve done 2 of the routes so far. None of the side routes work. It just insta game overs me. That and I don’t have any music in the music gallery, is this game incomplete?

  30. Gilbert: When you get into the choice stage (date 6/14), select he option Check up on Enoshima and then 6/15 select Take it easy. Then you get locked onto Renna route on 6/18. And just a question too; do you have any tracks in your music gallery in the game? Mine is empty even after one completed route.

  31. Soo. I have a little problem… i can’t get to renna route, can some one pls gime a hint to get to the route?

  32. Hello guys, am I the only one to whom the music tracks don’t appear in the music gallery?
    Thanks for the response.

  33. Would love to give that story a try – alas, the game refuses to start. Japanese locale, Win 10 x64.
    When starting the game, it will turn up in the task manager for a second or two and play an error sound (bell-like sound). Then the process closes and that was that.
    Anybody know how to resolve this?

  34. Hello! I wanted to ask if it is possible to upload If My Heart Had Wings with the newest patch which retranslates most of the lines which were done poorly by moenovel?

  35. @Arynn actually i like Azusa a lot too, pretty much to be a close second to Renna. Would love to play the fandisc virgin road for her, thought Youko’s route and Renna’s after seems interesting too. Unfortunally the group that translated this game isn’t planing to do the fandisc so either some other group decide to translate it instead or we learn japanese.

    I still downloaded this fandisc to at the very least i really want to see Azusa’s route even if i don’t get much in japanese.

  36. It isn’t anywhere near as epic as Majikoi, but it is a pretty good game on its own. Each of the routes are completely different in theme.
    Ai’s is basically a pure love story. The delinquent stuff doesn’t really come up that much, but there is some conflict with the protagonist simply over how different the two are.
    Renna’s route is the one that reminds me most of Majikoi. Hiroshi ends up friendly with her gang, and at the end there is a giant battle with a new gang. Pretty straightforward, but if you liked Majikoi, then this the route you would probably like the most.
    Maki’s route is kind of weird. Because of his connection with Maki, lots of delinquents try to mess with the hero. Honestly though, the character who I remember the most and had the most impact from Maki’s route was actually Ai. Maki herself wasn’t bad, just not really anything she wasn’t in another route.
    Lastly, there is a kind of mini-route with the protagonist’s older sister. Just of bunch of H-scenes in a row without much story.
    Overall, it was a fun game, just contain your expectations.

  37. not as good as the original majikoi but still good, wish the protagonist wasn’t as wimpy and be kind of cool like naoe though

  38. pretty dissapointed honestly, i was expecting vn at majikoi level but it was annoying most of the time, lame plot and annoying protag (i like rennya route though), heck,even translator got bored half the way finishing it.
    don’t play this game with the same expectation as majikoi. srsly.

  39. Actually a good game, surprisingly so.
    Was not expecting much from a game connected to majikoi (which i hated).
    But this is not bad at all. The characters are likeable, the story funny bot not silly, the romance has a certain real feel to it (which i love), meaning certain things just happen when the atmosphere is right (without announcing it for 3 chapters, like in so many other VNs) and there is a little bit of real breakup drama if you don’t choose the main-girly.
    Very enjoyable.
    One one of the few VNs where i skipped almost no text.

  40. The game seems good, but i wish the common route were not too much about Ai, or at the very least don’t end as open as it does since it made one feels like you are totally disloyal if you want to go out with any other girl instead.

  41. Ai’s route july 25th for whatever reason when Maki takes you out on her bike or just that scene in general crashes the game dunno why.

  42. The Game was quite good

    Routes from best to worst

    Renna>Ai>Maki IMO

    doesnt mean Makis one was bad but not as Interesting as the other and i found Maki not that great as the other

  43. Howdy guys,

    I’m getting a Crash Dump Error on scenes where a certain screen effect happens, I’ve tried disabling screen effects in the settings but the problem persists, if anyone knows how to fix this problem, I would really appreciate the help.

    Thank you.

  44. does this game have a problem when starting because it’s scary to download some vn that can’t be played so please if there are any problems please reply to me thank you

  45. For those who have problems with the “debugger”, yo have to:

    1. Desactivate your antivirus.


    2. Add an exception for the exe file in the folder game, you can do it on the config of your antivirus.

  46. @Ferlucio (Reply not working for me)

    I have brought both games and nope there is no DRM at all so not sure why they have not been released.

  47. Its a very interesting game. Its the 1st time i felt like i could love all the main heroine. Its always that i like some n dun like others. I find all the characters lovely in their own ways in this

  48. I’ve been getting the:

    “A debugger has been found running in your system.
    Please, unload it from memory and restart your program.”

    As well. Not sure if anyone has found a fix for that. The one time I don’t pony up the 9$ I have an issue lol. It looks really interesting and I’d love to play it!

  49. Admin, for some reason i’m having trouble trying to reply comments. Even if i click “Reply” they end as sole post instead of going under the replied comment.

  50. This is basically what you’d get if you took Majikoi’s humor and presentation style and gave it an actual plot and some real personality.

  51. Can you explain exactly what tags are you talking about? unless you don’t belive any single tag there.

  52. This is by the guys that made Majikoi you say? I was initially unimpressed by the description and tags, but if it was made by those guys, I’ll certainly give it a go.

  53. There is three main routes, a variety of those routes where the girl is either the sadist of masochist, a mini route with the sister.

  54. “A debugger has been found running in your system.
    Please, unload it from memory and restart your program.”
    Turn off your antivirus.

  55. Thanks for your hard work Admin. Majikoi series is one of my favorite VNs of all time so I will probably enjoy this too.

  56. I get:
    “A debugger has been found running in your system.
    Please, unload it from memory and restart your program.”
    when I try to run the game. What do?

  57. Does anyone know whats up with the last couple releases of denpasoft, Kanojo to Kanojo to Watashi and girls in glasses, they `ve been out for a while but i cant seem to find them anywhere , so i thought maybe they have some new DRM over at denpa , But then Re.Lord got released just fine , so its not DRM. Anywhay , any info on those?

  58. Guys, I got this one and it seems .ogg sound files are missing, complains everytime the game opens, when it reaches the main menu, and in the first 7 or 8 messages, then crashes. Do you have a workaround for this? Can’t find a fix anywhere…

  59. The funniest thing?
    My birthday is literally the 22 mars
    Guess it’s my gift for tommorow
    Thanks admin (and the translators of course)

    Imma DLing it right now, and i’ll probably play it tommorow

  60. wait, a game about a cute kind-hearted blonde-yankee grill?

    Finally, i started to think this goodness was reduced only ever appear in mango and hentai

  61. Yeah they’re in the same universe, but this game is in a different city. Every once in a while they mention Kawakami city.

  62. VNDB says it’s the same setting as Majikoi?!?!

    Now I’m curious about the publisher. Minato Carnival instead of Minato Soft.

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