Dōkyūsei: Bangin’ Summer

Doukyuusei: Bangin' Summer

The sun may be hot. The babes are hotter! You’ve worked half the summer and it’s time to cash out—splash out all that hard-earned pocket change chasing tail. But time waits for no man and summer never lasts, so you’d better be quick about it.

Be at the right place at just the right moment and who knows what kind of cutie will happen by. It’s up to you to flirt your way through town, learning about each girl’s hopes, dreams, and secrets, and maybe—just maybe—take a chance on true love.

26 comments on “Dōkyūsei: Bangin’ Summer

  1. Gorgeous graphics, nice music & voice acting & absurd, but also quite hilarious dialogue.

    Honestly, this game has more production value than 80% of the other games here. It reminded me a little of True Love, one of my all time favorites.

    I can’t really understand the negative comments, especially if compared to many other games on this site.

      1. Let’s not count the many really bad Nukige on this site, let’s talk about the actually good games.

        Sengoku Rance and True Love come to my mind – they are probably better than this game. Aselia or Evenicle are fine but not strictly better. Junai road seems to be nice as well.

        1. surely this is not the worst but u can’t compare this to game with genre of mindless rape, etc. Surely Nanpa genre is like handful so let’s compared it to genre that closer to it moe (nope, this game is leaning toward adult and heroines is also adult), compared it to game with Adult Heroine (u got nukige, almost none with adult heroine that isn’t rapist nukige, even light heart one is almost none), let’s compared to in terms of story pace or elements – nothing really sticks out. All in All not really a bad game but just really half heart in every way coupled that with highly praise from the community but in actual just average (at least to me) hence the bad review in my opinion

          1. I can only recommend playing such games with your wife/girlfriend. The discussions with which girl to hook up are hilarious. And playing such slightly funny/sexual games can be… lots of fun.

            Of course, regarding the story, there are better ones out there.

    1. You know the usual negative comments comes up to the fact that they want the barebones game with good translation (no script changes whatsoever etc) and the endless mosaic free argument (that those CGs should be uncensored since releasing it in the West is fine). Plus, the fact that some wants to play the original game not the remake.
      The remake underwent a lot of changes not just the noticeable updated art by Sumeragi Kohaku but with script changes and endings to fit the game to a modern aesthetic.

      1. I get that but it is still a really decent game. And the graphics update is honestly very good.

        I would like to have the same remake quality for True Love.

  2. Doesn’t seem to work for me. Just a weird error message 0xc000007b, I’ll have to look that up.

        1. You can find the necessary dll online. But I don’t remember anymore, which dlls were needed, sorry. I just looked up the 0xc000007b error and came across a webpage that mentions the necessary dlls.

  3. The only reason this game is as famous as it is is only because it came out in the 90’s when there was barely any competition. The remake (this game) does nothing to improve the formula. If anything, it’s actually WORSE because of questionable changes like removing Miho’s h scenes (a primary heroine having no sexual involvement? Nice job guys).

    My main gripe with this game is that all the girls are tied to each other in terms of when/where they will appear. Basically, you can’t just only go after the girls you care about, because after a few events they’ll be locked behind event(s) of the girls that you don’t care for. So you’re forced to aim for ALL the girls, then you just simply pick the one you like best for the ending…

    ALSO, it’s worth noting that at least 3 girls can be NTR’d from you (and not in the fetishy way, just simply having a male character show up with them suddenly and be all like “kek, just stole ur gurl LOL” then game over. Said cucked girls are as follows: Miho (from not paying enough attention to her/not finishing her “route”), Mai (from being an ass to her, or forgetting about your scheduled date), and Kaori (who cheats on you no matter what you do, iirc).

    All the reviewers and VNDB veterans who give this a high vote are just wearing nostalgia goggles, it’s nothing to write home about (though admittedly, the new art is nice).

    1. True, and they hide behind “it has everything, it’s the father of all VNs, it’s Nampa not galge, the OG actually really good the remake is bad because it’s butchered to fit in modern times”. Like any other hyped works like AOT, FMB, or Grisaia not any of the that i like (match with their so reputation) but nevertheless i quite enjoyed it unlike this OG or remake it’s boring.

      And with all the story, how could there is an All-ages version for this game. 17+ above maybe but not All-ages. It has rape, prostitution, NTR, Swinging, etc. that kind of setting for All-ages? daym

      1. Grisaia (Only the first one) was by far my favorite VN of all times tho, it just really hits the home for me and I can learn so much from it. But again, I guess it’s hit or miss. So yeah, I can understand your perspective that most of hype VNs are usually not that good.

        1. Hey i like Grisaia too, not too mention the suspension is thrilling VN and Anime. But not exactly the best in that genre for me. For example that Clockwork Ley-line is really good or that Wasabi VN’s (Nanairo reincarnation). Surely good but not that feelings where i feel like i can’t stop reading.

          Maybe because the length is too long for grisaia

    2. You dont really like the game do you? saying it just got famous because there was barely no competition isn’t really believable at all. Dokyuusei became famous not because of the story but the formula of the game that it offered like branching storylines and etc. Its a game that is played numerous times to complete not just on one sitting. Its a game also that inspired some to make a game that became popular until now. For example, Hiroyuki Kanno’s YU-NO when it got released in 1996.

      You really care for the story that much and abrupt bad endings like that leave a bad taste for you. What’s really to hate on NTR? if its in the first place you could already see and feel it a mile away (just from the character’s personality etc.) and its already been tied with bad endings. You just need to see for yourself that you could handle it if not, dont play.

      Those reviewers and VNDB veterans know more about the game than you do even if they write with nostalgia in mind. The original game didnt even release an english version so some really rely on articles and some that played it (and maybe hearsay).

      1. lol u are what he’s talking about. Basically the story is shit, only the game mechanics. And what else use that mechanics? so not popular. Yu-no because the dramatical and thrilling story.

        Get out of here if u can’t handle the truth.

        1. “Get out of here if u can’t handle the truth”
          What i just want to say is to clear things up since its obvious he did expect something that disappointed him entirely (some of u also). What would you expect from a 90s visual novel that literally is in its infancy. As Audun Sorlie said in his full review of Yu-No at HardcoreGaming101: “games were short, cliched and had turned into simple excuses to look at naked women”.

          1. Nice way to spin it! what kind company keep the mechanics as is from 90s?! a bankrupt one. Mechanics what i’m talking about is u keep walking around looking for event, and the event is clicking around like some mystery game finding clue. For “Nampa game” “the father of all VNs” it is full of crap.

            Let me tell u about those expert in VNDB, they remove everything that is MTL even tho that MTL has throu editing. They’re evaluation is just some run of the mill rando making an account VNDB just like Myanimelist score on that FMB and One Piece BS who cries a fountain when their show losing against Fruit Basket a shoujo anime

          2. But let’s be an adult. This game is a crap, just like No way home that is winning because of the nostalgia and clearly doesn’t deserve “Best CGI Nominations”. The hardcore fan even agreed that.

            So the one who still saying this is the gem the best the whatever, is just looking thru nostalgia glasses

          3. So overall even if the original game is translated you wont even like what it offers (story, and its point and click system) then why did u play it knowing it will be crap for u?

            Any references that they did remove all machine translation? Or is it a recent one? Since the last visit as i remember they are including it on releases. Plus i know a site that translates and carry over official translations over on android

          4. who says i know? some says it’s super good, i try, i play, i hate it, i quit, i read the reviews, it’s BS

            ofc recently, before they still acknowledge it even the true crap one. now every MTL is a bit hidden (gray out), some even not in VNDB at all. I can’t say the game because i only try it and it’s not my genre so i forgot it’s name

          5. i found this “Otonari no Kokujin Otto ni Dakarete Nakimodaeru Saiai no Tsuma. Sono Hikikae ni Ajiwau Kokujin Tsuma no Hada. -Big Black Cock & Big Black Butt & My Sweet Wife-” it has english version, and not bad translation. At least it’s a proper conversation even tho idk if it’s the perfect grammar

          6. Wow, so VNDB is not 100% accurate. i thought everything about released was managed by admin but it looks like it’s the same as review in VNDB.

            Nice to know also, this game seems a bit too valued in VNDB score, and i just saw the reason for that.

      2. I wouldn’t say that they aren’t 100% accurate maybe for some details about a particular visual novel but most of what they have as for me is true (the catalog of games are huge) especially if your going to search for popular ones. For the reviews as i know, its just a recent addition long time ago that the admin added since its one of his plans. The reviews really helps especially for those that wants to play a vn but can’t due to for example, no english translations. But, at the same time you need to take it carefully and search for more reviews outside vndb.

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