Marshmallow All the Way Home

Marshmallow All the Way Home

“Hey, are you okay?”

She reaches out to me as I lay collapsed on the ground.
Her hands feel soft and velvety, like marshmallows…

Kanon Kasukabe: “Welcome to our patisserie!”

Next thing I know, we’ve arrived at a patisserie called Marshmallow Tree.
It turns out she’s the new owner and she’s hiring me as a live-in employee?!

Ushio Asaka: “Let’s work together and get this patisserie inspired!”

And so began my new life as a patissiere.
Sure, business isn’t exactly booming, but we’re all here working to change that!

Sasa Mizuzu: “I’m crazy about our patisserie’s range of cakes and black teas!”

Raiha Raikkonen: “I’m not so sure you should’ve hired me yet, actually!”

With a lot of help and kindness from others, more and more customers are starting to come in.
But why does that only seem to result in extra weirdness from the girls around me…?!

Ushio Asaka: “Look, I’ve designed a new cake with you as my inspiration!”

Sasa Mizuzu: “I get I’m like the yogurt on a yogurt lid, but let me spoon-feed you, Senpai!”

Raiha Raikkonen: “There’s a Japanese saying that it’s a shame for a man to turn down a good ‘meal.’ Care to show me what that means exactly? Teehee!”

Kanon Kasukabe: “It’s great that everyone gets along so well, isn’t it? Let’s keep up the good work and make this patisserie a success!”

Kanon, I’m not sure you know what “gets along” actually means…?! And with all this drama around me day in and day out, what’s gonna happen to the patisserie… and me? Well, I guess this is the start of my “marshmallow days”—soft and oh-so-sweet. Hm, which flavor will I choose?

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  1. ‘The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b).

    Getting an error right after install, running as admin, running as admin in JP applocale and reinstalling has done nothing.

    It’s a shame, but I’m out of ideas.

  2. i’m back after playing it. just wanna say (spoiler alert), even if you have amnesia and you are women and have given birth once, Does the husband or the women herself realized where is her ‘first’ kid is? Not just, let’s forget about it all and start a new happy family

  3. fair warning the translation is “bad”. You know the Translator is an American when they translates a length of measurements in cm as feet. They translates Japanese joke to an American joke just so the Audience can get it at cost completely ignoring the Translation (i’ll gives u an example, Rice got translated as Burger to sound more Amreican.

    1. You get the wrong idea about what makes a translation “bad”. Theoretically speaking, except maybe the food issue, joke adaptions is a completely legit practice. It’s called localization, which is more than “just” a translation, i. e. you adapt content to the culture of your target audience. And if the audience is more familar with feet than cm you use the former (after converting it correctly).

      What I’d call suboptimal is the useage of -sempai or -san as Mr. Technically, it’s legit, but at least from my personal school background you’d never address a fellow upperclass person with Mr/Mrs. Name. Nor do we have an equivalent for simply sempai in a way of adressing them if you don’t know their name.

  4. @Bidet
    It’s so easy for comedy to fall flat because of different sense of humour, and although my list is basic maybe you’ll still find something
    Making Lovers
    Grisaia (common route)
    Rewrite (common route)
    Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome
    My girlfriend is the President

    1. agreed, but in demon slayer case is more like nitpicking. Otaku world now so Toxic.

      Nice list except Rewrite is tearjerking more so than the VNs that focus on Nakige itself

  5. ah damn man… not another cafe/patisserie man..
    i want to be a soldier, or a fireman. Why can’t i work on a boat or in a coalmine. Even an artists or a mechanic.
    Get me out of these damn patisseries xD.
    Why does there need to be a schematic for every single aspect of a vn?

    Not saying this has to be bad because it’s an overdone theme, i know there are good reads in these categories as well…
    just feels burned out.

    Thanks a lot for the upload as always.
    Getting ready for the fan-boys to tear me a new one now.

    1. I totally agree with everything you just said. There’s just so many cafe/patisserie VN. I understand that it’s easy to emphasize the cuteness of girls when they react to sweets, but this is getting bland. As you say, I want to be a soldier or a fireman, artist or a mechanic, or the like. It’s much more interesting. I do understand that these professions usually require more knowledge than the run of the mill cafe stories, but I have to say that these stories tend to blend the VN with other similar VNs, as there’s simply too many of them. There are some that are actually good, but I don’t feel like trying them.

      That said, do you know any good VN I might try? I basically stopped playing most of the recent games because I’m burned out, but I wouldn’t want to miss a good game. I feel like you and I share similar sentiments, so I think a game you enjoy might be one that I enjoy as well.

      1. I did not expect a positive reaction to this at all. Happy to see that i’m not the only one burned out.
        I do hope however that your taste is not too close to mine, because that would mean you won’t enjoy much at all 😛

        The more recent Vns i enjoyed where:
        Musicus! – even though the band-theme is overdone as well this was much more grim, gritty and serious, basically dealing more with the mental crisis of the protagonist than with the music.
        Nanairo Reincarnation – talking about grim games. Had a weird almost low-key traumatic reaction to a scene in this. Still a without a doubt a recommendation.
        Bokuten – Why I Became an Angel – damn really grim now… actually starting to see a theme with my taste..
        YOU and ME and HER: a love story – yeah.. n/c

        ok lets lighten it up a bit: Aokana, Loca-Love games, Wanting Wings: Her and Her Romance!, Meteor World Actor, were also enjoyable to me without being grim/serious/perfect vns.

        hopefully helps out if you missed one of those.
        I’m also interested in your recommendations.

        1. Not OP but I thought I’d share mine all the same (As you could probably tell, I disocvered a lot from the Switch)
          Famicom Detective Club: The Girl Who Stands Behind
          The House In Fata Morgana
          Sakura no Mori Dreamers
          Shironagasu Island
          Seven Days
          Raging Loop
          AI: The Somnium Files
          Sekimeiya Spun Glass
          Full Metal Daemon Maramasa
          Root Film
          White Album 2
          Gekkou no Karnevale
          Spirit Hunter NG

          1. looking at you all recommendations, i really want to say i’m glad none of them is too extreme and guro themes. Humanity still have some hopes.

            Still looking VNs award winning like Noraneko and Wagamama High Spec. Comedy is top notch for me, unless you are one of the crybaby complaining like comedy in Demos Slayer is too pushing it

        1. yeah did a bit of research i think well i hope its has something do with the game itself and no the crack since you know everytime you open the game you get a message promoting the cracker not very reassuring, if it is a bug then all we can do is wait for a patch.

          apparently if you you delete the “sysenv.dat” file from the folder where you extracted your game setting will save. but i don’t know if it works with the other stuff since the game also also doesn’t keep your Game CG’s and Scene Memories when you reopen the game, as well as not keeping access to the after stories when you reopen the game.

          Honestly kind of surprising saving state even work at all

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