16 comments on “Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni – Dai Ni Ya

  1. Well…..a second part?

    Maybe I should download the first part of the game right now…

    and it looks promising so I gonna try it….

    But wait Sir…or is it Maam? admin can I ask a question?

    what are the months that many VN that are translated pops up so I can clean my PC Before downloading bunch of it

  2. Mine froze during installation as well, but it still works fine if you do what the english patch README says, which is basically what Shiki did.

  3. Anyone else having the problem where it freezes during the installation? For me the file shows up as ?g???u???V???[?e?B???O.txt where it freezes.

    1. got the same problem,so i just put BGM, BGM0, ME, SE, sys_se, movie, screenshot and the english patch inside the fullscr folder and started playing without installing

  4. WOW! new game…i know its a short vn but its really a good game..from the makers of umineko and gun roses. tnx admin! ^_^

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