n the distant reaches of space, a war for the fate of humanity is being waged. We learned early that traditional weapons were useless against this extraterrestrial threat, and in our darkest hour we found a savior that could push these monsters back… girls with magical powers!

By transplanting alien tissue into the bodies of young women, our heroes are able to achieve superhuman abilities. These soldiers bravely head to the front lines to defend Earth from the vermin who seek to exterminate the human race! This stolen power manifests itself differently in each individual, allowing our defenders to specialize in roles that optimize their natural abilities. However, this new power by itself will not win our liberation. The strength of the alien invaders push our magical troops to the limit with every battle, and survival is not guaranteed.

With the bodies of your allies strewn at your feet and the maw of an unimaginable horror at your throat, will you falter? Or will you find the strength to stand and fight?

19 comments on “DeadΩAegis

  1. I now it’s an eroge turf, but I still hope admin will find a copy of Max’s Big Bust 2 to upload, since there already several non-adult games on this site.
    Really want to try it, but it cost to much to blindly buy it.

  2. The Steam release of Gaiden is all ages. What I’m requesting is the 18+ version of Dead End Aegis Gaiden, which comes included with all purchases of the main game

  3. Seeing the tags has me a bit hesitant. Is this a VN with a decent story, or is it just fetish fodder? On another note who’s perspective is the story told from?

  4. Thought this would be the fun kind of corruption like Yamizome, but nope it had to go the gore/violence route -.-

  5. No protagonist, which is kind of a shame IMO.
    Why not make us the anti-hero captain of the crew with the choices to sacrifice those girls for the “greater good”?

  6. Was about to start downloading. Then I saw the ‘guro’ tag.

    So I just gotta ask first. How bad is it? Is it there cause there are CGs where they get hurt? Or is it cause they’re getting bloodied or brutalized during the H-scenes and someone’s getting off on it?

    1. Looked through a cg gallery, there’s some blood here and there and one girl with quadruple amputation and missing an eye. There’s a snuff tag but I couldn’t find the cg. Art style seems kinda somber o.o
      story better be good

      1. Yeesh, sounds like a maggot baits clone. We can have some H fun without the misogynistic female torture, jeez.

        1. “Misogynistic female torture”….
          Look man I don’t like guro as well but this take is pretty bad, the creators of Maggot Baits and this one are not misogynists nor anything, there’s no agenda on this game or any H game in general, besides the artists who drew Maggot Baits is a woman, not only that but she drew Euforia and No Thank You(a Yaoi VN) and she did it because she could, to her was a test of her abilities to drawn guro, as is with many artists, it’s more of a “can I do it?” or “this will help me get even better at drawing” mentality than anything.
          Another example is the creator of Rance, he didn’t hate woman nor did it as an “incel power fantasy” he created Rance as a parody to JRPGs at the time. So calm down and try to stop seeing things that doesn’t exist.
          Just enjoy this game and have fun mate! And to anyone who managed to read all of this have a good day!

      2. Hm… I’m still iffy on it but a lot of people say the story is actually good so I guess I’ll give it a try.


      1. The Steam release of Gaiden is all ages. What I’m requesting is the 18+ version of Dead End Aegis Gaiden, which comes included with all purchases of the main game

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