Kuroinu Chapter 2

Kuroinu Chapter 2

Kuroinu is the tale of a dark fantasy where men, mercenaries, and monsters pillage, plunder, and violate the beautiful women of the countries they invade. After crushing the dark elves in battle, Vult seizes their territory to form a nation of his own–Cuntry, a kingdom in which all women are subjugated and compelled to serve the sexual desires of their male masters. With no limit to his ambition, Vult soon turns traitor and marches on the very Alliance that hired him–seeking to end the wars by bringing everyone under his heel.
In this second chapter of the tale, Vult turns his attentions on three leaders of factions who opposed him, intent on breaking them into their new way of life. Oh, how the mighty will fall at the hands of those they scorned, and those who once loved them!

15 comments on “Kuroinu Chapter 2

  1. Admin, could you look for Hinomaru? VNDB states that it already has an english patch as of 2013. Thanks in advance for your effort.

    1. The VNDB also says its a partial patch. And from what I’ve seen said on this site, the Admin doesn’t upload partially translated games.

      1. HaraMin, HaraPara, and one other Hara game were only partially translated. The translator was both lazy and also despised incest and refused to translate the routes involving it. That really grinded my gears, because those turned out to be the best written routes in all those games.

  2. The game’s fuckin broken first Alicia scene crashes my entire system for some reason my CPU usage goes to 100% which is riddiculous cause i got i5 6600K at 4.5Ghz Overclock.

  3. @shalltear
    >first part is the exact same size as this one
    Yeah dude, they archived it so much that is basically doesn’t exist anymore. Of course they’re separate parts, that’s the point. I assume when they all come out there’ll be an option to fuse them like the MGQ games, or maybe not, who knows.

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