Cara the Bloodlord

Cara the Bloodlord

The secret feud between humans and vampires is now a thing of the past; Peace has been achieved under the beautiful vampire queen Cara’s rule.

However, there are protest against this peace between humans and vampire, chiefly coming from Cara’s uncle, Gram, who despises humans and treats humans as livestock. Gram’s prohibited business of human trafficking was brought to light, and under Cara’s hands he was purged. Narrowly escaping with his life, Gram swore revenge against Cara even when “bugs” were eating into his own skin. He plots his revenge and infiltrates Japan, the land where the peace between humans and vampires is to be sealed forevermore.

Using the forbidden manipulation of “bugs”, Gram targets the heroines supporting Cara. Secretly infiltrating their body with these “bugs”, the heroines are subjected to a slow and ghastly brainwashing and ‘training’ without them even being conscious of it. And as these strong heroines guarding the vampire queen falls one by one, Cara’s noble body itself becomes vulnerable to the wicked hands of revenge…!?

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  1. Mr.Faps says:


  2. Jorge says:

    Can someone confirm for me if the free links are working properly? After I finish downloading it and try to extract, it gives me an error message. Usually when that happens here, I just redownload the files and it works, because some of them might get corrupted. But this time I tried 3 times, and I keep getting this error.
    Please help?

  3. georgetonyu says:

    Damn, what a great vn, anyone can tell me how to unlock 5 missing scene?

  4. Akai says:

    Wait a second, this is pretty much the same plot as Prison Battleship. Never did like the CGs of this one either.

  5. Why says:

    Have the fuckheads over there at Black Lilith ever made a game that wasn’t full of misogyny and incel logic?

    • BTFO says:

      Weeeeeeeehhhhh …. me FeMiNiSM REEEEEEEE
      someone call mommy

    • urfunny says:

      Rape! RAPE! the pixels are raping me

    • caboose says:

      says the guy reading black lilith.
      you: “oh my god this is so problematic”(keeps reading)
      “that was such a misogynist thing to do”(keeps reading)

    • antifeminist says:

      oh no it a snowflake, white knight, SJW, feminist loving beta slave loser. who think everything sexist

      • Mar says:

        Oh come on, it literally has the tag “high amounts of rape.” Are you guys seriously telling this person that they’re a snowflake for pointing out that this is a somewhat more fucked plot than your usual eroge? Come on, I haven’t even played the game and I can see that from the tags. Stop insulting people for pointing out trends from this particular developer. Sounds like someone needs to get out of the basement.

        • Jace says:

          I think that was the exact point they were trying to make just with heavy sarcasm. As you said “it literally has the tag “high amounts of rape.”” and “pointing out trends from this particular developer.” This is all Black Lilith does. Thus pointing out those trends is beating a dead horse. It’s not like you shouldn’t know what’s coming from this. It’s in the tags, it’s a Black Lilith game, they are so cliche at this point that Black Lilith is it’s own cliche.

          It’s like being a strait man or woman, walking into a gay bar, that’s clearly advertised as a gay bar, then being surprised you’ve gotten hit on multiple times by the same sex. Then complaining about it.

  6. SpectralTime says:

    Typical Black Lilith, unfortunately. Fantastic character designs wasted in a lame story with lazy plotting, bad writing, and unappealing sex scenes.

    • yawnswithpower says:

      Bad decisions begets bad works.

    • What? says:

      Expecting a good plotline on a Nukige… a fucking NUKIGE, is plain retarded

      • SpectralTime says:

        Funbag Fantasy weren’t exactly Shakespeare neither… but it comfortable fit under both the umbrella of having a good story and being a nukige.

      • fucktards says:

        lol at people saying le why do u expect good storyline on nukigeeeeee

        Of course I don’t but there’s some good ones, I personally enjoyed pretty much all the games by EMPRESS like starless.

        Like another thing: why not have more variation, Starless had even a futa protag which was nice, this games have X amount of clones of the same exact woman, come on now.

        At the very least add some actual fetish related stuff

    • lmao says:

      are u braindead? its a nukige

    • nana says:

      when it comes to eroges, if you don’t like it, its simple just stop reading because its not for you. theres a lot of people who likes shit like this, and im one of those. I don’t appreciate vanilla that much

      • PervetedMandalorian says:

        Amen. Testify brother.

        Why do these vanilla assholes always come and rain on our parade instead of just walking away?

  7. Bloodys says:

    I am very happy that this actually got translated.
    Had my eye on it for years due to the juicy, busty Cara.
    Thanks, admin!

  8. J says:

    Holy shit finally! I almost gave up on it ever being translated. Thanks a bunch!

  9. Sergyo says:

    Noice! Finally, I cann fap to this!

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