Ideology in Friction

Ideology in Friction

It was said that the natural enemy of all living things would be destroyed by the emissaries of night, the dark elves.

“You finally found your way here, huh?” mutters the blue-haired elf.

“I said that I’d bring you back, didn’t I?” replies the elf with golden hair, but as she does, the woman silently shakes her head.

“I’m glad that I got to see you one last time.” she speaks softly with a smile on her face while stroking the golden hair of the other elf.

The two elven knights have lived through harsh times. They were separated and reunited on multiple occasions, but have at last made their way here. In this nameless church where no one has been, what are they thinking? What have they left behind?

“This was my only choice…” Clacier, who became a knight to live.

“I have something that I need to accomplish no matter what. I’m here because it’s necessary to reach that goal.” said Annette, who also became a knight for a very important goal.

The story begins several years prior, before the two had yet become knights.

39 comments on “Ideology in Friction

  1. Oh gods, it’s oneone1, and I was so eager so get this one.

    It’s impossible to read anything on their “translated” games.

    1. updating, this was translated by kagura games, so the horrible aspect of other oneoneone games isn’t present here, thank god

  2. Can someone leave a guide on all the routes please? I dont have much exp with these kinds of games and have done 3 playthroughs.

    1. Spoilers below

      You need to be on the evil drifter route. To get there, you need to be on the resistance route, fail some missions, have lots of sex and murder at least 50 people. At some point the game will ask you if you want to leave the resistance. When you reach part 2 of this route the game will let you know you can get pregnant now.

      As a personal note this is the route I enjoyed the most. It was nice to have revenge on these characters that pissed me off during the 2 normal routes.

  3. hmm pretty well made. Are there any other recommended rpg maker games in english? Already downloaded most other oneone1 games 😀

  4. can you uplaod Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart / The Princess, the Stray Cat, and Matters of the Heart its out on steam

    1. It’s just machine translation – just like all SakuraGame novels. You can machinetranslate it yourself – there is no need to download this version specifically.

  5. What’s the point of this game exactly because am level 17 and absolutely nothing has happened. I died once to a boss and it did nothing more than get me the “Game Over” title.

    1. Some bosses will rape you but not all of them. That said, I don’t think you should simply get a game over anyway. Are you sure you downloaded the 18+ version from here? Does your character screen have something called sex stats in it?

      1. the one thing i wished this site had was a notification system when someone replies to your messages, maybe there is one and i’m ignorant, maybe theres a good reason there isnt one, i have no clue lol but my point stands.

        1. It’s just an illegal site run on someone’s free time, I don’t think it needs to be all that welcoming personally.

  6. It’s a good rpg with some effort behind… still..
    Bunny Black or Kamidori, those set a bar which isn’t easy to compare to those kind of rpg’s, one day we may get something similar again..

    Can anyone recommend similar games/novels?

  7. I finished downloading all the separate files and got a “failed to load archive” when trying to start the game. Did i do anything wrong?

  8. Admin, can you upload “Onee-san to Amaero Milk Kissa ~Shibotte Nonde Ippai Nakadashi Shite ne~”?

  9. I’m not complaining about the tags. Thanks admin for uploading. If people want to know more about the game or nag people who actually get paid (is this a pun?) the game is on mangagamer

    1. I’m wondering the same thing, as I would like to know if this is a Yuri story or not, it sounds like it from the story description above, but without tags it’s difficult to confirm unfortunately… :<

      1. There isn’t a VNDB for it, but I found it on steam. It’s one of those oneone1 RPG maker games so it probably has stuff like combat/failure rape, enslavement, etc.

        1. Definitely contains rape and definitely not Yuri. (Maybe an odd picture, but the overall theme is very much straight)
          That said, they put an insane amount of effort into this game to make it actually enjoyable as an RPG (and you can make it through the entire game with minimal H if you REALLY want to).
          But yeah, loosing to bosses is a bad idea, if you dislike rape scenes …

      1. BTW, if i´d had to give it a tag, it would be: female protagonist, rape, consentual sex, gangbang, bestiality, sex with monsters, armageddon levels of sex content, yuri (there are a couple of yuri H scenes), creampy, urination, blowjob, boobjob, anal sex, exibiionism, pregnancy, loli(wont be pretty though), prostitution.

        i can´t remember any other, so have fun finding something else

        1. Also also, you can have sex with the monsters you give birth almost at the end of the game. Soooo, yeah, insert incest tag there too.

          1. Is there also any option for non-monster incest? Meaning humanoid kids, like with elves, humans and beastlings?

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