9 comments on “Manor of Mystic Courtesans

  1. Preemptive warning, there are a couple trap/yaoi scenes in this. That’s a plus for me but I know some people aren’t into that so I figured I’d get the word out. XD

    The art in this game is incredibly gorgeous, I really like it. Hope this artist goes onto doing more things because…gosh

    1. Personally it turn me off more the yuri that yaoi, I’m a healthy young male but I just don’t stomach yuri anymore, mind you I used to like it and I don’t have anything vs irl “yuri”… but men, 80% of the times I read a yuri -doujinshi- I go limp.

      Also, it depends the “yaoi”, muscular dude x muscular dude is like watching the paint dry, I don’t give a f about it, I don’t go limp nor up. Now, trap/feminine dude x whatever, that’s gold.

    2. thanks for warning, art might be great but trap yaoi and piercings everywhere are a huge turn off, this one is a hard skip

  2. When you see the game that a just had a hentai release
    *Dicaprio pointing*
    Men how a wish we could post pics on the comments

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