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1. “Do not rest.”
2. “I’ll take something that can be used as a weapon.”
( “Yeah, there’s no need to worry too much.” -> Bad End )
3. “I think we should lock them up.”
4. “Go to the gym.”
5. “Search there before going to the gym.”
6. “Go in by myself.”
(“Wait for help here.” -> Bad End)
7. “Does that mean creating an organization like an army?”
8. “No, I can’t accept her.”
(“Go against my principle and accept Ryugeju.” -> Bad End)
9. “Act like a gentleman.”
(“Act like a beast.” -> Bad End)
Save Here
10. “No pain, no gain.”
11. “It’ll only get worse unless we talk to them.”
12. “No, I’ll go too.”
13. “Attack with my spear.”
14. “Attack with my spear.”
15. “Attack with my spear.”
Normal End

Load Saved Game
10. “No pain, no gain.”
11. Select Tanomura’s point of view
12. “There are still things to do in this town.”
Good End

31 comments on “Swan Song – Walkthrough

  1. Addendum:

    After 1st playthrough
    2.5 Grab Yuka’s hand
    (“Grab Takuma’s hand” -> Added Cutin and conversations)


    10. “No pain, no gain.”
    (“Better be safe than sorry.” -> Added Cutin and Bad End)

    1. Well, yeah: that thing was so damn “wrong” but so well implemented and it fits the situation i can’t think of better way of executing this scene. The “moving paiting” of massacre with calm music was glorious too.

  2. Nevermind I got the good ending finally.
    Turns out that after the normal ending all you have to do is start all over from the beggining. Don’t even quit the game because it may ruin everything. And there were minor changes in the gameplay too..

    1. YaY got the good ending thanks to you.
      It was realy awesome, much better than the normal ending.
      In the normal ending everyone dies and in the good ending everyone lives. Except for that dog.
      But the ending themes don’t match the mood.
      They should have made the music sad in the normal ending and something happy in the good ending. I mean realy, what were they thinking?

  3. Okay I replayed the game (fast forward) and got the normal ending and after that tried the good ending but nothing happens. How do I get the good ending?

    Why did the blonde samurai have to die?
    Whew, I feel better now to get it off my chest…

  5. So can anyone tell me how does the good ending look like?
    I got to the choice of selecting Tanomura’s point of view and after that I was back in the main menu. And I don’t want to go for the normal ending to unlock the good ending, it’s too troublesome…

    1. Dialogue/scene with Yuka and Tanomura instead of Kawase/Aroe.

      Despite the many options the game is actually linear; there are no route, and just 2 different endings (that arent dead, or bad endings)

      It’s a shame Taeko only had a bad ending 🙁
      A kawase route would have been awesome as well..

  6. Man that was a bit deppressing when I got this I thought I would revel in the violence but I over thought it and it wasnt nearly as exciting in the way I wanted it but it still was amazing but man I must be getting far more mature it sucks.

  7. Do any of the option besides the bad endings even matter they don’t seem to affect the story line but I want to know if they somehow impact the ending.

  8. In the Normal end it would have been nice if they elorbrated on Whether Hibari lived or not. There was like nothing about her. I’d also liked to have found out what happened to Yuka in the normal end.

  9. this game is great but haven’t finish it yet. i remember trying out the “wait for help here” before and i got the bad end, i was like NOOOOO!!!

  10. can someone send me a link of their saved file…? I just went through the story twice and I still don’t know how to save.

    1. Considering your name is JK I doubt that this was for real but you move your mouse to the top of the screen it should bring up a menu bar you save from their.

    1. You have to finish the normal ending first. Then once you’ve returned to the “No pain, no gain” scene you’ll be be asked which point of view you want to follow.

  11. Just finished this. I’m so glad there’s a good ending, the normal ending was just a little depressing. There seemed to be a few plot holes in the story but nothing bothered me too much. Great download

    1. I don’t think so, the game have TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many plots holes. oo’ In the end Normal ending suit better cuz the characters are explored poorly…

      I expected too much from Aroe history

      1. I second this, the normal ending was a lot more satisfying than the good ending. It had more soul put into it.

        1. oh no oh no oh no…… ;_; tano-san… im at the part where amako is searching the hospital and spots tano-sans hair and piece of scalp pleease don’t tell me it’s what i think it means….I’m gonna burst into tears if i keep reading i just know it….

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