Song of Saya

Song of Saya

Enter the world of Sakisaka Fuminori, a medical student who receives experimental brain surgery after a traumatic accident. He survives, but is left with warped senses that perceive the world around him as a place of terror. Into this world comes Saya, a girl who is the only thing that now seems pure. With a scenario that stands as one of the first defining works of Madoka Magica and Fate/Zero creator Urobuchi Gen, nothing is as it seems — can you find away to escape the nightmare that surrounds you? A seminal work of horror and occult fiction in the visual novel medium.

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  1. This started off pretty promising with an unsettling atmosphere and mystery, but after the first choice devolved into early 2000s style Incel fantasy territory. The bloody atmosphere and gore became routine, and I quickly lost any sort of connection or sympathy for our main characters. Initially I understood Saya/Fuminori’s single minded pursuit of a goal at all costs, but then after the first choice they became sadistic and jealous without buildup? Saya’s reasoning for the mindbreak/rape was there, but Fuminori is written as a total “men can’t help themselves” incel. I could understand if Fuminori himself was so mindfucked he himself was warped, but the story gives only minimal exposition or acknowledgement of his madness.

    So far it reads like an average mystery with some early-2000s style incel fantasy thrown in. No idea why it has such positive reviews, hoping other routes will redeem story somewhat.

    1. I liked the story, but I agree with you. I never got the true ending, though. I believe I only got one – which is the best one. Ending 2 IIRC?

  2. It’s worth noting that the officially released version of JAST USA’s Saya no Uta has cut dialogue, including a missing bit of epilogue after the New World Order ending. If you want to see the game in it’s entirety, you’ll have to download the fan translation and apply the patch to a Japanese version of the game.

  3. Good evening everyone.

    Just going to leave my 2 cents.

    I read this almost 7 years ago, and I still remember the whole story.

    In most shows/games/stories we are presented to a manichaean reality. The hero is mainly good, and the villain is mainly evil. Even defining characters as heros and villains is something we are prompted to do.

    Well, this story shows a different way to look at things. There is no black or white character. They all oscilate in the GRAY.

    The story is told in a way that makes you understand the character’s motives, regardless of morals you might have.

    I gotta say I, despite feeling troubled about it, would not act so differently if I was in Fuminori’s shoes.

    The story is a work of art, with Fumonori and Saya’s love being key to shaken all the foundations of the world.

    Quite literally, really.

    Read it, enjoy it, and thank me later.

  4. Just finished this… Wow, one hell of a story! It may seem pretty fucking disturbing in the beginning, but, after a while, you’ll get use to it, and it may even seem mild. Nevertheless, it still has great atmosphere and some pretty fucked up moments even after that point. It does an absolutely brilliant job of conveying emotions of the characters to the player, to the point that it made me fall in love with an eldritch horror.

    If you’re only looking for fap material, though, I’m afraid you’ll most probably be disappointed, as this focuses more on the plot. Yes, there are sex scenes, but are fairly sparse compared to the whole horror/mystery/romance thing going on.

    All in all, 9/10, would be a 10 but steps on a few of my pet peeves.

  5. I have gotten quite far and when I saved and reloaded that save later it gets stuck on the screen I saved on, it doesn’t allow me to go to the next line of dialogue or access the menu. It also doesn’t let me close the game from the ‘x’ in the top right corner, I have to go through the task manager.

    If anybody knows a way to fix this please tell me, I don’t feel like restarting all the time and then skipping for ages.

    1. I know this was posted a few years back, but maybe this will help someone else with the same problem…

      This is a bug that occasionally happens in some visual novels and is normally triggered by alt-tabbing or having your screen-saver kick in. I had it with this game. The solution is to alt-enter once, which will toggle windowed/fullscreen, click something to continue on, then alt-enter again to return it back to its original windowed/fullscreen state. Hope this helps someone!

  6. I absolutely cannot play this game no matter what efforts I put forth. it keeps saying “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application” I’ve tried updating my direct X. I’ve tried dragging and dropping those 5 .dll files in safe mode and restarting my computer. Just nothing works.
    can anyone help me?

  7. Well, i’ve only read the earlier parts of the fan translation .. so i’m gonna go ahead and jump to this one. And I must say, uncensored is always better.

  8. judging from the Tags of this novel, I can see, that I’m gonna have nightmares, after reading this 🙁

  9. Hi there guys, I just starting to play this game recently and I find the storyline got my interest. I love this game.

    By the way, can anyone tell me the location of the save file for the official translation? I need to back it up after I finish the game as I’ll uninstall it.

    and also is it just me or the drawing of the official is differ from the fantranslate?

    I own both version for about half a year but now only I have the time to install and enjoy lol

  10. Wow, people. You seriously need to be nicer to each other and calm down. Take some MDMA together, and stop biting off each others’ heads. Opinions should be welcomed, not shunned.

    On the topic of Saya no Uta, I enjoyed reading this years ago. Quite the utsuge in that it has some of the most memorably depressing endings I have read in VNs. “Glass no Kutsu” is a great ending theme.
    Also, while gory, I don’t remember this being a “gorefest” so much as a “darkfest.” I didn’t find it to be unreasonable in its violence.

  11. I’m a female in my 20’s.

    I first heard about this game just out of high school and researched its plot/screenshots through a few sources (including wikipedia). Both the storyline and artwork seemed very creative and interesting, but I forgot about it over the years… Until a few months ago.

    Downloaded the soundtrack first. I love it; 3 or 4 tracks in particular (Song of Saya II & Sin are my favorites).

    I finally came across this page a few weeks ago, downloaded the game and finished one of the various endings. WOW. JUST WOW.

    I really don’t mind the gore, because to me, it isn’t overly \visually\ graphic; The music, the voice actors, the text… all of these make the game creepy, disturbing and emotional. I love how you are able to read the thoughts of each character; their hope, desperation, despair, thoughts of insanity. It really sucks me into the game and makes me feel for each character. I never once felt like vomiting, but there were times I did want to hide under a blanket with the lights on.

    Anyway, I took a short break, but I’m replaying it for another ending! Song of Saya is very entertaining for those who don’t mind disturbing storylines.

      1. We’re not THAT rare.

        The only thing keeping women from playing these things is that the vast majority of visual novels is a game about a male protagonist pursuing girls who are created to be attractive to men.
        It has been proven, time and time again, that (in general) women usually prefer reading porn, whilst men prefer watching. This makes eroge largely marketable at women, if developers just grasped the chance.

        Also, good visual novels (KEY’s works, for example) are often pretty sexist. No woman wants that.

  12. Hey, I just downloaded the files, but in the folder called “Song of Saya” there’s an application ton run the game, but also an other application to install the game… Which must I use ?

  13. This thing wasnt as strong as i thought it would be, they said it would be a “gore-fest” and shit but it was actually only the walls and something here and there
    I’d say im dissappointed but the story was actually good so im happy with it

  14. hey can someone extract the CG from the NPA for me please ive tried and all i achieved where broken jpeg files

  15. Good and intelligent people… Do not listen to the lies that are posted in these very comments. Saya no Uta has a very good story. And IS worth reading. It is not as bad as most of the dumbasses here are saying.

    1. Fuck! Best VN I’ve played/read/watched !!!
      The gore doesn’t bother me enough,
      it is basically mind-fucking… with some twist
      -horror-thriller with actual sense of danger
      -monster-girl with no monster-girl
      -bloody enough without some sadistic scene
      -romantic if you can sympathize the 2nd ending
      Deeply Thankful for this VN

  16. Seriouly guys don’t fight we are the army of Eroge lover please stop all these fighting asap

  17. Just a short review: This was my third or fourth VN I finished completely (I’m a noob, so please bear with me). At first, I wasn’t sure if I should download Saya no Uta after reading all comments here. In the end, it took me less than two days to finish all three endings (I haven’t forgotten smth, did I?).
    I found it really nice to read. It has a good flow, the story is a little bit mind-fucking, but still, there was no moment I had troubles with my stomach or was afraid to look at the CGs ;3 in fact, the gore stuff gets light as soon as you get used to the protagonists visual \defect\ since it’s part of the story. As for myself, I like to read VNs for the Story, nice CGs and stuff thats out of proportion with reality. This VN has it all. Thanks!

  18. >>VN Player
    Thanks for that, it was just on my mind when I scrolled down the comments. Now if only I could get the mosaics _back_ on in Demonbane…

  19. Ok, So I compiled a version of the CGs without the watermark at the bottom left corner (the watermark used to say “song of saya Int’l version. For sale outside of japan only”)

    I know that seeing the watermark can break immersion for some people, so I put this together.

    I had an issue editing this CG, so if anyone wants to try to a better job, go ahead.

    I also made it so that the items on the menu stay visible longer.

  20. I’ve already played this some time ago and i will ruin the story so far as saying there is no good ending. The protagonist is unlikeable but you do end up sympathizing with him.

    *spoiler* Everything,and i mean everything, that the protagonist sees is full of gore and even all of the smells are like rotting flesh and other disgusting smells, due to a the brain surgery. This includes his friends, the ground he walks on and the structures themselves. The only exception is this \Little girl\ and his room which he has trash laying about. now take a guess as to why that is. Now to me this wasn’t the bad part, rather the bad part was all of the things that lead to the ending. Truth be told the \good ending is likely the one where the protagonist gets arrested and the \little girl\ dies because in reality this guy needed help and him hiding his issue only ended up making him go crazy. I mean seriously if you feel like barfing any time you talk to your friends because they are nothing more then lumps of flesh, i think you may need some help getting this reversed or have you put out of your misery.

  21. DO NOT JERK TO THIS. ITS A TRAP!!!!!… spoiler alert.

    But its not the usual trap you think it is

  22. I saw Gen Urobuchi and Nitroplus so I downloaded. but judging from above comments, I may have stumbled into something…. big

    1. U definutly did. I think i read quite alot of VNs but this one is just something tht made me speachless. Take it, read it and hope ul like the story as i did.

  23. Haven’t been on this site for awhile.
    And haven’t read saya no uta since the fantranslations came out.
    Very tempted to pick this up again as my first VN for 2013.

  24. Is anyone here good at photo editing? I was thinking or repacking the CGs without the watermark at the bottom left. However, one of the CGs is difficult to edit, and I would like a better one before I repacked all of them.

  25. I can only say this. THIS is one amazing game. I never enjoyed the story of a eroge before as i did in this one. It had everything worth reading it even more. The complexy of the story behind Saya’s past is just amazing. I usualy play eroges for a cg’s and a hope for decent story to back it up. But this game? Once again il just say. AMAZING. To anyone wondering if they should play this, i highly recomend this. If you are among the readers tht enjoy decent mindbreaking story of eroge more then CGs colection, take it. But just be ready to have your mind blown away with exelent details in the story. Love, romance, horror, or fiction u wonder? Its just everything, but yet again something compleatly new.

    Hope you all enjoy this VN as i did.

  26. guys i wana ask why this eroge was 3rd best eroge in some site

    yet after i read this story i felt terible even before i read i know say was a MONSTER but still it terible to give this the best from the best

  27. From what i can tell

    The official version has a updated translation,menu,the phase into other menus on the start menu is different,there’s no nitroplus logo animation at the beginning and there’s no sound library now.

    I do like the updated menu thing but i don’t like they took out a whole section.

  28. Honestly, this one was really shitty.. I didn’t like it in the least, the art was terrible, the story was dull and it was just plain booring and awful. Big waste of time.

  29. I’ve heard lots of good things about this game and since I’ve played Kara no Shoujo with similar themes of gore, murder and the psychological, and loved it, I decided to give it a go. What are a few nightmares in exchange for a good story eh? But after playing it, I prefer Kara no Shoujo over this. Just personal preferences I guess, especially after finding out what Saya is, I’m not really into those kinds of things. Atleast Kara no Shoujo was real thru and thru.

  30. when i try to run the game i get a system error that says the program can’t start because d3dx9_43.dll is missing from your computer. Anyone know how to fix this?

  31. sorry to distrub
    can i get an advice which one i should download?
    the fan translation one or the official translation one?

    i dont want to download the same thing twice , summary anyone here kind enough to tell which one has the better translation?
    i mean in accuration

    and sorry for bad english

    1. It’s the same game but this is “official” and thus contains uncensored CG and the translation is updated.
      (Apparently it was done by the same person whom did the fan translation.)

      If you’ve already played through the game once then there’s nothing new to see other than the uncensored CG.

  32. Why yours deleted most of my comments??????It’s a bias to brazilians,that’s why I’m very hate americans their think to be the owners of teh world -.-

    1. we have 3 reasons for you
      1) you’re annoying
      2) you always talk bullshit
      3) stop acting like you actually buys stuff from JAST and MG, you just another annoying leecher

      PS:Ivan aint a AMERIKA-JIN

    2. Just so you know, Brazilians ARE Americans. They kind of live in a continent called South America.

    1. This is the official version that finally got released after … I can’t remember when they originally promised this. 2009?

  33. Hey guys, does it have H-scenes?
    The heroine is loli and the game is gore; the last thing is a bit of sex appeal *-*

    1. yeah, the heroine IS loli… but later she’ll make a “pet” for you… a very “mature” one in many parts… if you really are focusing on the h-scenes

  34. Ignore half the comments on this page. All you have to do is enjoy a good story to find why Saya no Uta is one of the best out there.

    If you have found that you enjoy eroges then nothing in Saya should shock you. It is not as gruesome as people make it out to be. At least not in the image department, The story can be a little extreme in places but thats part of what makes the story so good.

    The people on here who are bad mouthing it are only doing so because they cannot handle a story that makes them think or more so one that ends the ways this one ends. That’s about all i can say without spoiling anything.

    I am willing to say as someone who has read Almost every translated Eroge you can find and many untranslated Eroges, That it is very hard to find one that is as true to the story as Saya no Uta. And more so that I have yet to find one that takes this unusual premise and makes it into something unusual and beautiful.

    1. Ignore half the comments on this page = democracy at work!

      As someone who has read almost every translated and untranslated eroges, don’t bother with it unless you want to read about cannibalism and a man seeing everything as if it had gone through a meat grinder several times and stayed alive and his perpectual urge to vomit.

      The story is not deep, beautiful nor original.

      1. … Noting that even so, I finished all four endings just to see if it had anything better to offer if you took different routes. It didn’t.

        1. @Brokencrown27

          There’s much more to it than that. I can see why the content would offend some viewers, but that’s no reason to discredit its merits. The story of Saya no Uta not only has a plenty of philosophical insight, it also cleverly explores the subjectivity of reality and several different moral dilemmas. Everything that happens contributes to the story, and there is no filler material like in most other VNs.

          Furthermore, if you look at the reviews on VNDB you’ll see that majority of the reviews for this VN have been very positive. It has an average score of 8.42 out of 10.

          1. @andy

            I’m going to use a Saya reference for lols to explain my position on this, because A. I think it’s funny and B. It might be clearer. I realize using a Saya reference might invalidate my argument by acknowledging it was memorable (but not in a good way, for me).

            I’m seeing you guys all eat what appears to my eyes as a grotesque pointless read and call it the most delicious meal on earth. Doesn’t matter if VDNB gives it a good score or not – a lot of reviewers gave Mass Effect 3 a good review and people were highly divided on it.

            It may be true subjectively that for you and many others, this was the best game ever. For me, no amount of persuasion will convince me it was anything other than the worst eroge I have played in my fifteen years of playing eroges and the ONLY one I wish I could literally scrub out of my brain and forget about.

            Truth, like everything in the universe, is pretty subjective. That’s not a lesson exclusive to Saya though – there are plenty of other mediums that teach this particular truth or life itself.

            I guess players will just have to decide. I /really/ hope they just don’t want to scrub their brain like I do a year after the fact.

        2. “I finished all four endings”

          You should read the VN first before attempting to troll people. So pathetic. Heh.

      2. “every translated and untranslated eroges” Sincerely doubt that. Look at the ratings on vndb if you want to see how popular this VN is. Gen knows how to write his VNs.

      3. @Brokencrown27

        With an attitude like that you can make anything sound bad. I personally found the Fate series a little boring, but I still acknowledge that it had a great story and characters.

        1. Yeah, I found Fate pretty boring too. I’m trying to force my way through it again to see the appeal.

  35. I’ve heard a lot of the supposed Saya no uta anime, but no official sources. Is that real? Not a troll? Apart from that, this is great. I read it over 4 years ago, and need to re-read it. In all that time, no other novel has touched me so deeply. I recomend to this to everyone.

  36. Eroge fans be warned. This isn’t like Mon Muso Quest or Kara No Shoujo where it’s eroge with guro scenes that you skip through when you can. The entire thing is a gorey mess.

    ONLY play this game if you’re into that sort of thing. Otherwise it’s a bit of a waste of time. The protagonist is hardly likeable and this game tries its best to be as gut-churning as possible.

    While in terns of gore Kara no Shoujo had more graphic scenes, it had a lot of saving graces both gameplay and plot that made up for it. IMO, Saya No Uta has none.

    1. I’m also gonna make a quick reply to this.

      Anyone who starts of a sentence using mon muso quest as a premise for a description should be out right ignored for sheer lack of taste.

      And the fact that he immediately hops to Kara no Shoujo shows the complete lack of experience reading eroges.

      I mean seriously no one plays mon muso quest for the story, it just doesn’t happen so stop acting like you dislike saya because it didn’t have a “story” when you are using that trash as your premise to what a story is.

      Granted Kara no shoujo Does in fact have a good story, and is more a long the lines of what you should be using as a reference but still not even close.

      1. You shouldn’t make quick replies without reading the full post for the following errors in ‘skim reading’.

        1. Read it again. ‘This isn’t like Mon Muso Quest or Kara No Shoujo where it’s eroge with guro scenes that you skip through.’ At any point did I say Mon Muso had a good storyline?

        No, I said it had Guro scenes you could skip through and Saya No Uta is one big lot of gore in comparison. Mon Muso is a collection of monster porn scenes. Never disputed that.

        2. ‘He immediately hops on to Kara no Shoujo shows the complete lack of experience reading eroges’. Why does referencing Kara no Shoujo = no experience? If anything, it shows more experience for referencing multiple genres and games.

        And fifteen years playing various eroges. Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups. Two hasty deductions wrong.

        3. Assuption three on your part was my saying that I was saying that Saya has no story. I didn’t say it didn’t have a story.

        It’s pretty much all story with hardly any eroge. My remark is that the story, which it is, is pretty gorey and depressing and the protagonist is hardly likeable.

        My assertion was that you can play a game for 1. Ero Scenes (Mon Muso) 2. Storyline (Kara No Shoujo) 3. Gameplay (RPG mechanic Mon Muso or Detective Mechanic Kara No Shoujo) and focus on these things if you dislike Guro.

        However, in Saya the entire story focuses on the Guro elements (describing out what the protagonists sees which is largely a vile world) so that is pretty much impossible.


        Don’t skim read and make broad assumptions. I think perhaps you got several other posts mixed up with what I was saying which was a simple warning to people who don’t like Guro to not try and sit through this game expecting something different from that.

        For all who love excessively described gore and a very, very brief loli eroge scene go for it.

        1. I played mon muso Quest for the story as well. The ero there was all male dominance really with creepy looking females. Mon Muso Quest had at least an 8/10 for story

          Saya definitely has a 10/10 for story, and I did find the protagonist likable in the same way that I found the protagonist in Death Note likeable. In their own creepy ways they are great anti-protagonists.

          My problems with Saya are

          1)the graphics aren’t as detailed as they could be. I felt there was a lot of reuse.

          2)The game is relatively short.

          3 *preferential*) The game is freaking gory. At one point the character described the scenery as if someone went around and splattered all the walls with pig guts.

          4 *non-issue*) Some don’t like that the main heroine is underage and that the game is pedo. I dispute that claim. She actually does have breasts, hips, and could be described as short at worst. I have seen far worse in other anime. The only reason people even bring it up is because the protagonist asks her several times if its okay to be having sex when she looks underdeveloped. If he treated her as an adult, this wouldn’t even be discussed.

      2. Hey, i did play Monsume Quest for story (kind of…, cause it’s fun you know b(^_^)d ) or not… (guess the story is just what made me keep playing it), i’m into the RAP**LAY BABE!!!

        BTW, the first RPG game i play hoping that i would lose 😀
        (Play Youjuu Senki A.D. 2048 before but got bored after the first act and quit so that not count)

        Anyway, Saya no Uta is a good game (if you can cope with the no good ending). Personaly, I can’t digest game w/o good ending but did not change the fact that this game is good.

        P.S. no comment on which is better thought (Fanslate or official JAST)

  37. Err…. While Saya no Uta file size is 392MB, Song of Saya total file size are 236MB.
    So the new translated fersion take lesser file size, does it mean some thing? Or it doesn,’t matter at all??

  38. hmm saya no uta is going animated in this spring!
    i wonder how the plot goes will they follow the visual novel or cut the hentai parts or?

  39. Saya no uta.
    Dear lord.

    Alright, here’ goes. if you’re thinking of playing this game, and have not been introduced to gore or horror, or mind fuck Cthulhu fiction, please, PLEASE play demonbane first.

    That game is “LIGHT” but this game is “GRIM” fucking “Grimdark”

    you have been warned.

    1. pfft…crappy demonbane > Saya no Uta
      as matter of fact..
      i didnt felt that there’s actually that much stomach upsetting in this VN
      its just a mild stuff you know~

        1. haha, I played through this and I don’t think any of it counts as gore.
          Frankly, the visual novel scene is too much of the sci-fi bizarre mecha stuff that is stereotypical of Japan.
          Now Swan Song, that was a true classic. Saya no Uta is merely okay, and not nearly enough choices.
          As a general rule, the amount of rape should exceed the consensual sex. Not because it’s sexually useful, but because it’s badass.
          But that’s probably about the limit I’d be touching visual novels any time soon.

  40. This is one of the best VNs I’ve played. I highly recommend it to anyone who can stomach gore and disturbing story.

        1. @fool

          I said ONE of the best I HAVE played. That is an opinion, not a bold statement, so if anyone gets mad they’re an idiot. Also the story is honestly very creative and interesting.

        2. Saya is indeed one of the best VNs I’ve read, that said it IS an Urobuchi Gen story and therefor amazing by default so that’s not really all that hard to achieve. It’s not THE best VN ever made, ofc that accolade belongs to Muv-Luv Alternative (and The Day After, which is coming damn close to beating it).

          1. Muv-Luv Unlimited: The Day After, set in the Unlimited universe after Operation Babylon (AKA Alternative V) with whats left of humanity struggling against the BETA and each other for control of whats left of Earth.

            It has a new protag called Tatsunami Hibiki, however in the epilogue of the last episode, Takeru showed up along with Cpt. Sagiri and Ikaruga. Marimo is Hibiki’s CO and Meiya is fulfilling her body double duty for Yuuhi. Plot twists all over the place, very good story too.

          2. Are you referring to Kansen 4 ~The Day After~? If so it is rather poorly rated on vndb, not that that means anything.

  41. The same person that did the fan translation did the official one. By his accounts, he said the he made improvements and revisions to make it flow better and stay true to the original material.

  42. Do you think the translation is better than the fantranslated one?
    By which I mean more smooth or true-er to the original text?

    1. well this is a official release done by the one who made the fan translation, he himself said this was the better of the 2 works, this one seems to be the better one too

  43. So is there any added features to make it worthwhile to go back and read it again? Or would you say the new translation doesn’t add anything more to it?

    1. No idea. I didn’t play this version.
      I know that HCGs are uncensored, but I’ve yet to see if it’s good or bad thing – Demonbane uncensored was awful.

      1. Yes this official version is much better,the translation is doing by the same person of the fan translation and he mades improvements and revisions for the official version XD

    2. i would say its a total waste of time..
      ignore the idiot that says that official translation is better..

      if you havent read it..then you can take this version..
      i dont remember any memes or mistranslation in FANSTRANS version though..
      but i might be wrong
      and they uncensored CG dont make much different at all..

      1. Shut up motherfucker,u don’t say more words because u show who don’t read the official version,u’re a fuckin’ trollfag,fuck you you asshole _|_

        1. well…
          for not impressed with JAST re-releasing the same thing thats been around for years..
          after all..its just the same with that unnecessarily uncensoring was more than uncensored originally..
          and ivan..purge his indecent words too

          1. == ah can’t you guys just shut up and play! you all just talk!
            then, can you make this game like this?
            game was abaut being play not fight!
            have fun!

        2. A person who clearly isn’t a native English speak or an English speaker at all is telling us that this translation is better.
          Yeah I’m gonna go ahead and ignore it.

        3. Really, your going to get mad about song of saya. out of all of the gore fest out all the erogames to get mad about its this one. I’m sorry but official or not, i don’t plan to go back to this gore fest with monster loli’s and no real good ending, let alone good beginning. I liked the concept of this up till it showed its true colors with vast amounts of gore and such. Anyone able to flap to this story is messed up in the head, and even if they went for the story there are still treading that thin line.

          1. i think i fapped to this at least 3 times if im not missing something, it was a long time ago after all. Remember what they say about opinions man, they re like assholes everyone has one.

          2. you challenged me. i will do at least one playthrough to prove that i am most likely a little messed up

          3. or not, my computer doesn’t like me right now, and ill be busy with the bunny black games

        4. LOL
          Just use ’cause. It’s coolest than because.
          I played dis game a very long time ago and I remember one of the versions is much better than the other. But I don’t know which (help a lot LOL).
          I have come here to play it once more before buy, but I’m going to download both and compare. Then I post it.
          I’m almost certainty it’s dis one. Whatever.
          As far as I remember the game have a good story and many metaphors. Not sure though.
          I’m not sure ’bout nothing, don’t even know what I’m doing here.
          I shall return.

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