Swan Song

Swan Song

It is a snowing Christmas Eve… Everything seems so peaceful when a huge earthquake occurs. The earthquake causes the city to be in ruin, and the surviving people need to find ways to stay alive. Some go crazy and rob others, some cling onto God, some gather to live together. The 6 main characters meet at a church while they were trying to find shelter from the snow. What will they see and experience in this extreme situation…?

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  1. KusotareWeeb says:

    Anyone mind telling me if this has rape in it? I’m asking specifically for rape involving one of the main heroines. Asking this from a hunch I got, I feel as if I should mentally prepare myself before starting this.

    • Anon says:

      It does have rape, but it’s solely for narrative purposes. Meaning it isn’t there to be pornographic. Its there because the story itself takes some bleak turns. I highly recommend this visual novel if you can stomach a couple of brutal scenes.

  2. earlen Dickens says:

    God created man.
    He was a pervert.
    And he enjoyed it.

  3. Red Riot says:

    This is how it installed in my pc.
    I use daemontools.

    So extract the files, it gives you a folder with ”2 discs files” inside

    mount with daemontools- choose disc #1…. just choose yes, yes, yes, like how you normally install a random program on your pc.

    when you’re in the part that it gives you a notif with japanese letters and word ‘setup2’ it means you’re gonna need to mount disc #2, mount it….

    go back to that notif, click, choose the 2nd black icon (name on my pc is: BD-ROM drive (F) swan disc 2)

    Open the english patch,
    just click yesyesyes… install, then it detects the game in ur pc… automatically installing the english patch.

    The japanese one is located in the folder Le. chocolat inside ur local disc c, program files, and is not the one you should open. Instead, find the folder SWAN SONG ENGLISH.
    Play, enjoy.

  4. K. says:

    Everything in this site is translated 😉

  5. Sandpixie says:

    is this translated?

  6. roseDiamond says:

    I can mount both images, but the first one -contrary to the second one- is empty. No file whatsoever. Is anyone having this problem? I don’t know if dowloading again will solve anything, because the download is a single zip file, which means that if it failed, it should have affected both images.

  7. Cagada_de_perro says:

    nyahahahahaha my speed 500kbps

  8. luikun says:

    Is there no BGM?

  9. Storm says:

    My download speed is generally (400-500)kbs but it should be 620kbs or above I use Tata poton MAX.

  10. anon9001 says:

    For all those getting weirded out by the weird scribbles when you try to mount the game image, just do what \new guy\ from a few comments back says, it works for me.

  11. tanner says:

    hey so i did all the things i was suppose to and mounted both disk, and finished the install, but when i go to run swan song, it pulls up a blue screen with tons of text, i need help, i have been trying to read this VN for 3 days now and i would love to finally read it

  12. carolyn says:

    When i press initial start for the game, it has this alert that just says information and then black screen….

    Is there anything else i neeD?

  13. BlackEagle says:

    every part lead to wrong IP

    Repost the files,please admin ?

  14. Aturia says:

    I removed all the swan song mounted image in the daemon tool , then just mounted it again.
    If you still have trouble, I followed what “New Guy” said in the older comments section

  15. ozp says:

    128 kbps, not bad at all, it’s not like anime, it’s a VN and it’ll go up to 20 hours of reading, so relax. Go do something else, when you’re done your downloads will be finish.

  16. Axmann8 says:

    Is Downloadani usually so slow? 128kb/s?

    • Blackwings55 says:

      I wish my laptop downloaded that fast I have max of 84KB/s but it usually drops on some rar files to 20

      • Axyraandas says:

        Nyahaha, here in Bangladesh I’m lucky to get speeds at 20 KB/sec. It’s usually around 5-10 KB/sec, with an all-time high of 18 KB/sec, and an all-time low of 1936 B/sec. Also, I don’t think it’s the laptop, I think it’s the download speed. When I’m in America, I have a steady 73 KB/sec, with momentary variations of 1 KB. Same laptop, different connection.

        • Yoplait95 says:

          … wow not to brag but just downloading the main file i got 500kbs – 1.5mbs It might be your internet connection.

      • Axyraandas says:

        Sorry, I meant 28 KB/sec for the all-time high. I guess I still can’t type in the dark perfectly yet.

  17. Blackwings55 says:

    Nvm all it took was a few more minutes of tinkering and I was doing it wrong

  18. Blackwings55 says:

    Hey Im getting the excate same image as you and im wondering how did you mange to install it? I tried New guys advice but I still can’t get past it (im probably doing it wrong) im using dameon tool pro can you explain how you did it to me?

  19. Doll says:

    Part 4 file not found? :C

  20. FreeGamer says:

    can someone tell me when the first music track starts? i dont want to find out later that i played the whole game without music

  21. vizcocent says:

    i had some trouble playing the game too,
    “a small blue screen appear with some programming function..!!!” same thing happens for me, although im a programmer the language(not the programming language) they use is what i couldn’t understand. i tried to debug it seems it doesnt really work for windows 7?

  22. Ketzacut says:

    could you reupload to MF? I have been searching for this game for a long time now

  23. Adam baylin says:

    can i combine part 1 and 6 from rapidshare with part 2,3,4,5 from mediafire? hope anyone could answer me

  24. haruko says:

    Interesting setting and story, but some of the bad ends are just stupid (if u want me to talk to them dont give me choice where if i refuse i get killed by an avalanche that doesnt occur if i talk to them), normal end made me feel despair for humanity whilst the good ending felt so unrealistic considering all that happened.

  25. Michelle says:

    I’m new to visual novels and such. How do you save your spot with the quick load feature? Also, what is the key to skip text you already have read?

    Thanks so much for the English patch!

  26. Felerdioten says:

    Thank you for the links, I downloaded MS Mincho and worked like a charm.

  27. Bel says:

    I had a problem using winzip to extract swan. Changed winzip for winrar and it worked.

  28. Kenji says:

    The Game won’t install. Around half way in installation something pops up. It has a picture of a cd and a floppy disk, and asks for a directory. However every time I pick a directory it gives an error box entirely in Japanese except for a part that says “setup-2.bin”. Why is this happening? And more importantly how do I fix this so I can install the game.

  29. Brass Man says:

    What is the best way to launch these files. Im having trouble using them?

  30. project omega says:

    reall, you ppl are amazing, you do so much for us that we can play those eroge, and for free too, you ppl are really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. LOLP says:

    to the admin…Why dont you guys post this stuff on the pirate bay? so much easier to download and is 100% free.

  32. Miguel Figueiras says:

    In the vndb web site says that the english patch is allready out but i can’t find it…

  33. Miguel Figueiras says:

    Admin, just a queation, when will be go out the english version of Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate – The Code Name is “Shield 9”?

  34. chobits13 says:

    Oh now I know why AVG anti virus block it like trojan
    to bad I have to turn off it every time I play

  35. chobits13 says:

    I have problem I can install & run the game but it freeze when window show picture of the girl (on the top this page) face then no option or anything just freeze what wrong with my computer?

  36. Shiki no Kurai says:

    there’s a problem in part 3 .. i can’t extract it .. plz help .. i really want to play this one T – T

  37. yusaku says:

    Well now, the CGs are really good I must say…kinda reminds me of Ghost in the Shell: Innocence especially how Aroe looks like the creepy girl robot in the movie 😀

  38. Liara says:

    Um…. I’m a newbie at this and I really need help, can anybody possible make a video or something? I have Daemon Tools and when I mount it I get confused from there

  39. elbert-kun says:

    File 2&3 not working for me…stopped at 20mb.

  40. Aka says:

    Like someone else here, i’m in search for the OST of Swan Song.
    If one of you have an url, or a download link i would be grateful :3

  41. Alex says:

    Overall, this VN was decent, but the endings were kind of shitty & half of the cast were annoying.

    The storyline kind of reminded me of lord of the flies.

  42. Tarla111 says:

    Thanks for the download.
    This is an eroge unlike any I have played before. There is a lot of reading in this game so be prepared for that. It had a great story line and some nice cg’s (pitty about the censorship but what ya gonna do).
    I can confirm that the walkthrough is acurate but if you want to unlock all the cg’s you must also complete all the bad endings as well.
    On a side note I think that if people are going to mention things that actually happen in games they should put a spoiler alert or something at the top of their post.
    Thanks again.

  43. gone? says:

    The hotlink for the game and the english translation are all removed =(

  44. New guy says:

    I dont know how you installed it, but i did this way.
    1 – Mount disk 1 and dont do a thing (I used daemon tools lite)
    2 – Run the englis patch, it is as well as the installer of the game.
    3 – It will asck for the dick 2.only mout it again like disk
    4 – Return to the installer program and click on ok.
    5 – Finally run the game whit swansong.exe
    Sorry for my bad english

    • Bizzlez says:

      I followed your instructions and it worked! Thank you so much!!! You were a big help! =D

      • New guy says:

        Ha. You´re welcome, glad it worked for you. Enjoy the game.

        • tanner l says:

          hey so i did all the things i was suppose to and mounted both disk, and finished the install, but when i go to run swan song, it pulls up a blue screen with tons of text, i need help, i have been trying to read this VN for 3 days now

  45. EgbertPoot says:

    Wow what an epic intro, took meh breath away. Thank you very much Mr. Admin sir for all the time and effort you put into making these available for us =) I’ve never played a visual novel until I found this site. Swan Song will be my 3rd so far and after an opening like that I’m sure I won’t be disappointed. Again many thanks to you!

  46. Jacen says:

    Problem solved, downloading part 1 helped in my case at least. I’ll see if there will any trouble with instalation / playing.

  47. Jacen says:

    I have a corrupt archive problem similar to the one from a few comments back. CD2 extracts fine but CD1 does not because WinRar reports that Part 1 is corrupt (it pops out at about 50% of extracting CD1). Fixing Part 1, Part 2 or all 3 parts doesn’t help. Oh, and there is no recovery record.
    Some help would be apreciated.

  48. Arya-Sama says:

    Hi…i’, using windows 7 ultimate 32Bit…

    but when after installing the game i can’t play it….a small blue screen appear with some programming function..!!!

    and in the installation process i just see the some weird characters….it’snot english..

    any idea…whats’s going wrong…is this game able to running on 7..?

    tanx for help

    • Kenji says:


      I believe you must first change your locale to Japan. Regrettably, having no knowledge as to the programming of Windows 7, I cannot be of any further assistance, and for that, I apologize.

  49. Trilobite says:

    Erm… never mind that. The lack of music in the title screen and the entirety of the prologue confused me (I mean, how many modern games do you know have no sound in the title screen?). Turns out the game is just like that. I’m surprised more people haven’t been tripped up like me.

  50. Trilobite says:

    I installed the game and it “works”, but something weird is happening here: While sound effects, ambience sounds and voices work just fine, I can hear no music. Have found no solutions on the net. Can anyone help me? I’m running Windows XP, service pack 2. Problem persists with or without translation patch, or patch to version 1.2.

  51. Rusoop says:

    its that part 3 of 3 is corrupt ihave try downloading it many times but still corupt

  52. kain says:

    hey winrar says while extracting that part2 is corrupt..this happens like at 99% of extraction..ne idea ?

  53. Mikuzxc says:

    How do i play this o-o . Urmm , i downloaded everything and extract the part 1 2 and 3 on programes file swan song . All the CDs 1 and 2 are the same or what? Hmmm i tried to mount CD1 and a window came up like patch or installer , idk cause i cant see the words .

  54. Ruchya says:

    yeah the normal ending did have more feeling to it..only thing i didn’t like is, they should have atleast let u change girl friends..because yuki is just to dull..and u never no where her mind is and she don’t try to save. i like the little one kasawa better.

  55. Ruchya says:

    U can have sex with Aroe..if u rape yuki at the school

  56. darkmind35 says:

    Anyone has links to this game’s OST (which is amazing by the way)? I have searched and searched with no avail and the extractor programs won’t let me extract it straight from the game files.

  57. Kuroshu says:

    I kinda like her… well she looks good anyway lol

    Do you know any other games that have similar/same art? I REALLY like the CG in this game.

    At a side note: There was more feeling in the normal ending to compared to the “best” ending which made me fairly… sad… They could have made a better “best” ending…. but oh well…

  58. Frosties says:

    Oh ok 🙂 thanks 😀
    I just have one thing to say: please, someone should have killed Yuka because she’s so useless.

  59. admin says:

    Yes, most of games have pictured blurred during production – it’s impossible to remove mosaics without photoshoping pictures, redrawing blurred parts and reinserting updated pictures back to game files.

  60. Doh! says:

    Ok, I can live with that – but are you saying that those pictures (with mosaic) are drawed like that, not just blurred afterwards by main exe to satisfy some stupid law to make it possible to sell the game.

  61. Doh! says:

    And there is no patch to uncensor the pixellated parts, anywhere? Anyone?!

    • admin says:

      No, there isn’t. This is japanese relase, with english fan translation. All japanese games have such mosaics.

  62. Grant says:

    Incredible game. Thanks for upping!

  63. Leaf says:

    No problem installing the game, however, upon starting up the game my computer restarted.

  64. cherry says:

    i cant do it, i cant bang/rape a retarded girl.. damn japanese pervs…

    • admin says:

      Under normal conditions you don’t have sex with Aroe ( the retarded girl) – she’s kinda like mascot for everyone in party, they care about her and fix her mistakes. There’s one bad ending ( with kinda obvious choices leading to it ) where one character snaps and goes batshit insane, killing and raping everything, but it can easily be avoided.

    • misha says:

      Aroe rape was not that sickening. I was more disgusted when they gang-raped Hibari.

      • Bass says:

        no! is there a way to avoid her being raped? please tell me i cant stand the thought… T -T Only Tano-san is allowed to have Hibarin!

  65. calla says:

    can i play these without a cd?

    • admin says:

      You need CD images in order to install the game, but once it’s installed you don’t need them anymore.

  66. bluebird says:

    So admin how can i contact you?

    • admin says:

      If you have any question about any game available on this website, you can ask it using comments section of that game.

  67. Incognito says:

    This game is awesome.
    Thanks for the ISO’s

  68. berserk says:

    Thanks for the download! You Rock!

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