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  1. I solve the white screen error.

    You must delete the I Walk Among Zombies’ file call Zombie.WinRar.
    Then you copy and paste the Zombie.WinRar file from I Walk Among Zombie 1 over to vol 2 folder.

    That should start the game. I suspect that the vol 2 file is corrupt, and you can fix it by replacing it with vol 1 file.

  2. I must say, i found this part boring.

    I like the first one A LOT, but this one…meh. It just feel like a big intro for the part 3, nothing more.

    And the doctor, godammit, NO ONE CARE ABOUT HER, HER STORY IS BORING and she’s only useless except for one thing, we will never see her again.

    If the first part is a 8/10, this one is a 5 or even 4/10, but the third part should be much better.

    1. Too bad the weeb novel seems abandoned since 2018, or not? Who knows, the last chapter I found, even in japanese, was chapter 60 (there is where the vol.3 ended).

      But I have read some people saying that both the doctor and the vol.1 waifu gets raped by nonMC or at least “touched” in the future, are they speaking about vol.3 or something beyond that? again, who knows.

      vol.1 vas 8-9/10
      vol.2 only serves as ntr bait with that shit “osanajimi” brat
      vol.3 seems better because best waifu is back, but not translated yet
      vol.4 it even exists?

      So, the maybe rapey-rapey of the waifus and the “dead” WN “killed” this series for me… (no puns intended…)

  3. Anyone know of any visual novels similar to this in terms of setting or general feel of the story. Doesn’t strictly need to be a visual novel, I don’t mind if its a manga, light novel or a web novel – as long as it fits the bill. Also I would really appreciate if it contained romance or potential love interests at least, wouldn’t enjoy it as much without. Thanks

  4. SOME ANALISYS (I’ve not ended second part, but I think i’m pretty further than the half of it):

    The plot is really good, but not so original, because they’re taking too many things from other mangas/doujos I’ve seen. I once seen a hentai manga about how the zombies stopped attacking, and he ended fking a zombiegirl that actually regained some intelligence, I bet they took it from him.

    Also the game desing, is great, and so the characters, but they constanly use sound/images and even the same text for a lot of scenes. I’ve seen the same images in these 2 games like 10 times or even more, and the sound even more. Also even sometimes the same text describing the same things another couple of times. Well the character (the one you have sex with) actually have a really good design and never repeat, so they at least did good there, and also have voice, so its nice.

    They create a good atmosphere and overall its great, also the sad history and way of telling things is 10.

    In the other hand, there’s a lot of bad things too, (but I would play the game again if i had too):

    It doesn’t have animation, just drawings (they good they’re and the dialogue saves it, so let’s just say is a game for using your imagination a lot), and all i said about the repeating stuff just makes it weird. The last thing is that is a mood killer. This game is not for you to fap, actually the sex scenes are rather smaller with the others, they’re worked (in dialogue) and long enough, but the number of clicks you will have to do to get to a scene is really a lot, and the amount of time can vary. Sometimes in 10 minutes of reading text you find another sex scene, and other you need an hour or more to get to one. Also the sad histories, music and all makes it really mood killer, and you could even feel that bad pain you have when you hear a bad or depressing history.

    Overall, if you don’t just want to fap without any direct motive, it will really be shit for you, but if you’re searching a good history with sex scenes or even a sad/depressing plot and like to use your imagination as you read, this is one of the greatest game you will find here.

    Althought, there’s a few stupid things, like Yuusuke ignoring the fact that he could save the world, and he might even have a cure or something that stop zombies from attack people or die, and all that plan making, when he can just go killing spree or simply tell the truth. Why wouldn’t you tell you’re immune.

    Yeah we know you don’t want to hard work for a bucnh of asses, but it’s still better than letting people die, and also would grant you a commanding place among the others. Since you’re the one that can go out freely and kill each zombie, they will have nothing but to take you as a god, and you could do things as you want without having to use your brain that lot.

    Other than that and the plot leaving Mitsuki to that stupid cunt boi I’ve not complain, it’s a great series

    1. I disagree with a lot of what you said so lets divide into parts.

      A: “The plot is really good, but not so original, because they’re taking too many things from other mangas/doujos” This is probably true to some extent but this VN is adapted from a novel from around 2012 so it’s more likely that those mangas you’ve seen are actually copying it.

      B:”Also the game desing, is great, and so the characters, but they constanly use sound/images and even the same text for a lot of scenes.” Can’t say I’ve noticed them using the same text but this style of VN is pretty common, you’re probably used to moege and that has a much different presentation. A similar styled VN is Saya no Uta.

      C: “This game is not for you to fap, actually the sex scenes are rather smaller with the others” I only agree to this for volume 2 as volume 1 had decent amount good scenes that were quite fappable for my tastes.

      (dont read the rest if you dont want spoilers)
      D: “there’s a few stupid things, like Yuusuke ignoring the fact that he could save the world” You are thinking of what you would do in that situation and not taking into consideration the personality of the character, Yuusuke comes out as an asshole and borderline psychopath pressuring a high schooler to fuck him so her brothers don’t starve and on part 2 planning to kill the scout team if they seem dangerous to him.

      All that said I’m not saying he’s a bad character and all those flaws make him interesting and on volume 2 he grows a lot after saving the kid but he still clearly isn’t someone who would sacrifice himself to save people he doesn’t know. They also they don’t have the means to experiment for a cure anyways so revealing his secret would change nothing except paint a target on his back.

      As for my opinions on the game I’d say it’s a great story but cutting off the initial female lead from the first volume with a misunderstanding and not addressing it at all for the whole of volume 2 was pretty bad writing, probably a decision by whoever adapted it to VN so they could focus on a different girl each volume which isn’t bad per se but the execution was pretty dumb.

  5. Can someone help me? The game does not start for some reason i do not know, i just double on zombie2.exe and nothing happens

    1. Same problem here. Tried moving bin file fron vol 1 to vol 2. The game start but when i started game in menu doesnt work
      I know. Poor english, i only know how to read properly xD

    1. It’s explained in the first one- he was infected but instead of turning, he became a carrier due to a weakened version of the virus being beaten by his immune system.

  6. Can someone help me plz I keep getting this message when I try to play the game: “Failed to load font file ZombieCustom.ttf”

  7. Yes! Been waiting for this one! I could have downloaded it earlier from other site, but I feel fidelity for this site. :3

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