Polygon Love 2

Polygon Love 2

A 3D game where the main character is allowed to dress up a childhood friend who acts as his little sister. Includes clothing from popular K-on, Suzumiya Haruhi, Vocaloids, and more.

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  1. is this uncensored? and i read all the comments seems like some of them are having problem. if this doesn’t work well lol i’ll say “WHAT A WASTE” so is the problems fix? as for the first and other few comments it’s working well so i think the problem is on the files not on the game.

  2. I downloaded this game and a bunch of add-ons, but ditched it for custom girl 3D…
    Until now! After I couldn’t creat Noel Vermillion in Custom Girl 3D (there are no guns), I decided to give this game a spin after so long (about a year and a half after the initial download). What I thought:

    HOLY HELL! I can create my dream loli and fuck her all I want! I wish there was a reverse cowgirl position or other more “advanced” positions, but what’s done is done very well. I especially like the fact that you don’t have to completely strip the girl to have sex (in fact, you can leave all her clothes on in some cases and just slide her panties half off). This game also pays attention to details, such as giving the Miku set green-and-white-striped panties (like Miku canonically wears). Another interesting thing is the unusual locations you can have sex in, like a prison cell (WTF?!), a park (in the middle of the day, no less), a forest (a really thick one), a beach at sunset (romantic as hell) and, my personal favorite, an office building (loli in a business suit, so kawaii!). I especially like how the girl calls me “Onii-chan.” I’m can’t figure out how to change the girl’s name so I can use the name of whoever I decide to dress her up as, but oh well. Really good game, but don’t expect a story, a nukige through and through, but go through the “story mode” first if incest is unsettling…

  3. I download it but it dont show anything on screen but the sound is on, anyone knows if i do anything wrong?

  4. Anyone knows how to save in this game? The game prompt me to créate new files on the Rar but when I click YES it say that the RAR can’t add new files and tags.


    The amount of characters from actual animes are enormous
    From Lucky Star all the way to Bakemonogatari

  6. yeah!!!

    I realy love this one because I am am a fan of lolicon too

    I mostly like the dress up part that is a way to make my favorite girl and have some s.e.x with her

    also I am from iran

    1. The only thing you can save in this game that I found in this game is the costumes you make for your sister to wear in endless sex mode otherwise it’s meant to be played in one sitting each time. This is a very short story that involves taking your sister on a date which along the way you tell the game what she looks like and then at the end you have sex with her. It only takes about an hour to play each time depending on your reading speed and for some reason text only advances with the mouse wheel but the choices work with a left click but it is kind of enjoyable with all of the customization options and the dates are never quite the same. It’s also the first visual novel I’ve played with 3D graphics. It doesn’t take up that much space on your computer so if you’re looking for a quick read to pass the time or like little sisters, anime cosplay and incest you should try this.

      1. Admin I really don’t know when they did it but they updated this game with a lolicon mode as well as costumes for the protagonist and additional positions during intercourse. I found the download searching for info about other games but unfortunately I don’t remember the link however I do have the files that I can send you it’s nearly 3 times the size of what you have posted here now. If you search Polygon Love 2 Lolicon Mode I believe you can find it.

        1. Hey mate if you have already remember the link can you give it to me , because I cant find it … All the link that Im searching is all dead …

        2. You probably won’T read this, but I really want these files, so if you could provide them… for research purposess

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