Mayumi’s Cuckolding Report 2

Mayumi's Cuckolding Report 2

A sensitive wife who got drunk on intense sex with men other than her husband in the previous work, Takasaka Mayumi.

He left his current company and was enjoying a calm daily life with her husband’s friend.

One day, two people go to a couple’s cafe to satisfy curiosity.
Then I meet a host-like person.

Since then, the appearance of Mayumi is a bit strange.
Apparently she was acquainted, but she does not try to talk who he is.

Eventually, Yuuyu consulted with a man who had previously rented Mayumi, Shinkai Satoru …

19 comments on “Mayumi’s Cuckolding Report 2

  1. why does gallery just shows the scene with the husband, all the scene
    with the other guy and shinkai is missing. Can somebody help me? I’ve already finished the game though 🙁

  2. is there a hidden CG page 3? it seem i can go to page 3 if i at the page 1 tho… or is this some kind of bug or something??

  3. Who translated this game anyway it came out way to fast after its raw release. There are some other Atelier titles I would love to see translated aswell.

  4. How does part 2 this get translated/released before Part 2 of Marina’s Cuckolding Report? That was a better game with a hotter wife.

    Someone out there has to love this piece of art just as much as I do. This is so damn hot.
    Thanks to all the people that made this possible.
    Thanks to the translators for the super fast work and thanks to admin for the super fast upload.
    You are the real MVP.

    On a side note: My dick is going to go through hell now. XD

    1. Same here, game complete but missing 3rd CG of second page (so the 15th) – if anyone manages to complete it, please share! thx

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