Kisaragi no Hougyoku

Kisaragi no Hougyoku

Toru Fujiwara, who transferred to Sangu high school met a beautiful girl named Yuri on the first day.
At the same time, a new girl named Rita came from Scotland with a secret goal in her mind.
Toru enjoys his school life with Yuri and Rita.
But he is getting involved in battle for Kisaragi-no-Hogyoku (Gemma Februarii).

3 comments on “Kisaragi no Hougyoku

  1. Looks like there is some problem when playing this.

    The text from second day (saying about freshmen coming for Yuri) loops endlessly.

    This seems to be broken.

    1. I had the loop too but after I pressed ‘skip’, the game continued properly. For a while – then I got empty text box and though music keeps playing I can not do anything.

    2. I managed to get over the other issue by relaunching the game and starting from start and playing skip all the time. No idea if more problems will come up, but so far skipping is managing to get over these issues.

      I’m using no custom settings, no locale tinkering, custom fonts or anything like that. Just play with the skip patiently and it should be fine.

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