Sakura Shrine Girls

Sakura Shrine Girls

Two cat girls appear before Toru, a skeptical priest in training. One of them carries herself with dignity and grace, while the other lives her days without a single care. With them, Toru slowly realises that there is more to this world than there seems.

24 Responses to “Sakura Shrine Girls”

  1. SalutxD says:

    not very interesting, short and seems in the end whitout a real interest, had potential but failed to exploit it ๐Ÿ™

    • zeroxjac says:

      atleast someone thinks like me, it was very basic, the history was kind of dissapointing and the end was anticlimatic, the choices where worth one diferent line each and dont affect anything in the history, they where counters to know what wirl will you get in the end.

  2. xoxo says:

    hey can you please upload all dogenzaka lab otome games on ur site???I would really appreciate it so much…

  3. Himitsu says:

    Still waiting for NeNoKami: The Princess Knight of Kyoto.. It is said that the steam release will be on October 25.. Can’t wait for it to be posted here..

  4. NoLesbos says:

    Amazing… a Sakura game that’s not yuri!

  5. new member says:

    also detective masohist orc castle mangagamer site and wait for Negligee – Adult Only Version

  6. MrRoboShadow says:

    ya know theres just one thing i dont like about this series
    ya ever notice how only the ones with an all female cast get sexual content? the ones with male protagonists get innuendo at best and maybe a few censored cgs here and there
    dont get me wrong theres nothing wrong with yuri or lesbians in general but not everyone gets off on it

  7. Jay says:

    Admin could you please upload sakura space and sakura nova?
    (mainly for the fact that they actually got Hentai CGs)

    Oh yeah there is also Catch Canvas!

  8. alexuh55 says:

    catgirls? I’m sold

  9. Thalia says:

    lol @ drama whenever Sakura Kitchen Sink 36 gets posted.

  10. richard says:

    eww sakura games

    • Double Donut says:

      Indeed! How could they put more gaijin games on this site when we still have such luminary titles as “Busty Maid! Creampie Heaven!” not available here!

      It’s a slap in the face I tells ya. A slap in the face.

      • jesus says:

        “How could they put more gaijin games on this site when we still have such luminary titles as โ€œBusty Maid! Creampie Heaven!โ€ not available here!”

        because it is an english visual novel… and quite new at that

        like it or not.. it will be uploaded

  11. Rune says:

    thank you very much now I just need to wait for Sakura Nova

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