Sweet Volley High

Sweet Volley High

Sweet Volley High is the story of Aya Mizuki in her senior year at high school, and beyond, as she pursues a dream of becoming a professional volleyball player. Will she find romance and success, or rejection and heartbreak? Your choices will affect the outcome in one of 5 endings.

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  1. A bit of criticism. This game has WAY too much narrative and automatic dialogue. You barely manage to make any decisions or choices, before your thrown into a lot of talking and internal monologue, which goes automatically.

    The character isn’t really able to develop much of a personality. It would have been a bit better if you were given more choices to respond, rather than hitting the continue button to just move on.

    Yeah, a bit of spoiler here, but the very first time you actually manage to make any choices is after you’ve met practically the entire cast and romantic interests. This is like after having recruited two new players, visited your grandpa for a few days in the countryside, played three volleyball games, met the male character, and then have some personal time with each of them. Only after all of these events are you given a total of two options, which is either to hang with friends or this one person.

    Being a visual novel, the graphics are somewhat decent, and I sorta get where the plot is going. However, it severely lacks a sense of involvement of the player. Perhaps I’m being unfair and haven’t played through the entire thing yet, but after having to go through all that to make your first choice, only to be given another long narrative, discouraged me to continue any further.

    It’s a decent attempt, but it isn’t engaging.

  2. Hi, I would Like to have some Hentai CG link. Has anyone has hentai CG of the game? Thanks

  3. So I played through the whole game the first run I thought maybe there was a hidden choice but nope was wrong and for some stupid I say again STUPID reason one of the main characters lead to a bad ending YUKA!!! and she dose not have a good ending WTF!!! and compared to Yoichi and Nanami they both have a good and bad route so WTF it make no sense whats so ever to only have one character to have a only bad route while the others have both a good and bad route and Eri dose not even have her own route WTF and she is type cast as a main love interest so its basically saying we are giving you only two love interest out of 4 main characters because you can’t I say again CAN’T count YUKA!!! I really feel this game was a bit rushed with the whole thing I don’t understand were they trying to make YUKA a slut or a surprise slut like oh wow she a slut I this game is a bad game and I played so many of them and this is by far the worst I played its really frustrating just playing it also yes this is a rant/review of the game so I have to say the creators failed at this game am sorry but for veteran and new people to the visual novels I suggest you avoid this one its was one of the disappointing visual novels i played

  4. Is there like no route for eri? Been through Yuka and Nanami and looks like there’s nothing left but Yoichi. What the crap man. D;

    Also, Yuka’s end is like a bad end, seriously, with how short it was and how sudden it ended. Seriously wished it was longer.

  5. Not sure if it’s the copy of the game uploaded to this site or the game itself but the voicing is basically not there at all. One moment there’s voice and the next there isn’t. Like sometimes its a few lines with text before cutting out and then simply 1 line and silence.

    Either fully voice it or take out all the voices, just sounds bad otherwise. IMO, I think it’d be better without the voices.

    1. It’s only partially voiced. Its the way it came. Comes standard with partial voice acting.

      That’s the way NewWestGames did it. I saw that note when I downloaded it off Nutaku. (I bought the game)

  6. Yay! Thanks so much!It’s always nice to see games with FeMCs with 18+ Scenes! By the way there are quite a bit of new Otome Games released on Steam recently… It would be nice to see them here like Gochi-Show! For Girls, Anicon – Animal Complex, Dangerous Relationship, Empty Horizons, My Butler, Secrets of Me and Backstage Pass…!

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