Valkyrie Svia

Valkyrie Svia

The protagonist Loki, a divine being, joins forces with the jotnar and denizens of Hel and invades Asgard, the world where the gods dwell. Just when it seems he has the whole world in his hands, Odin, the chief of the divine, takes a life-threatening measure. He seals the mouth of the river that feeds Yggdrasil, the tree which supports the world, and compels his captors, “Release me if thou wishest not perish with me.”

The withering of Yggdrasil means the end of the world.
Our protagonist has fallen into a dilemma, but there are keys with which to break the seal on the gate. He discovers that those keys are sealed within the virgin wombs of the battle maidens who continue to oppose him stubbornly: Svia and Sigurd.

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  1. Does this game have any good endings for the girls? I’m guessing not but I never did play any games like this.

    Too bad these kinds of games don’t have any, or just very few, ones where you play as one of the girls in trouble.

  2. don`t know how to get the game running cause every time i start it up a message comes up, that don`t even look japanes.
    Help ??

    1. Last links posted are called “crack” – that’s how executable stripped from copyright protection software is called. Download it and replace the game exe in installed folder with it – game will start fine without asking for “product id”.

  3. Good old senseless faping fun. Thanks a bunch admin

    For those who’ve been complaining about nukiges, I kindly suggest that you read the tags first! if senseless rape is not your thing, then skip the eroges with Nukige and Unavoidable Rape tags.

    No point in complaining since no one gives a f*ck on how much you hate it

  4. What the FUCK is the point of posting this if there’s no crack? Why the hell would I be downloading it from here if I bought the fucking game?

    1. Because A. then you can download the game and have it ready for when the crack is released, and B. very often icsebody.exe can be pasted from another cracked game and it will run.

      Also, C. Crack has been released. Read through the comments.

    1. I think that’s where the crack for the game is needed in order to bypass the activation popup from the game.

  5. lol I was assuming you were talking to all 3 of us, but if you were talking to someone in particular then say so. eroge, visual novel, eroge visual novel, take your pick, but if you feel better stating the obvious than even better. btw I have no problem with rape scenes or naked anything lol, this is erogedownload and 100% of the EROGE (^_-) visual novels I have played had a rape scene and I’m totally fine with that. I definitely don’t think you or anyone is bad for liking it. I am willing to overlook your rape fetish because your a guy and you like muv luv alternative so you can’t be that terrible. jk

  6. Let me just be clear on one thing here, this is not a normal Visual Novel. This is eroge, not a typical visual novel that you guys want to have a story. If you just want to complain that there are nukiges more than visual novels then don’t complain here, go to Japan and complain to them in Japanese.

    Besides, nukiges are suppose to get you off more than a sappy sad story telling. Meaning, there’s no such thing as a ‘good’ and ‘happy’ story telling that you guys need on nukiges. If there are, good luck finding them. Besides, these titles are more easy to hack (not saying that they are really ‘easy’) than the visual novels you love, to translate.

    1. Agreed totally on the part this kind of stuff gets you off easier than those chessy sappy story(simple comparison is this game compared to ef).

      1. damn right dude. Thanks for the heads up.
        Seriouly dude. Wtf will these whiners do next?
        State that light novels are better than eroges that become doujin and then anime?all faithful to the original source?
        Where in the world do you get any better than that.
        Heres a thought. Didnt like the bad ending? Dont wanna see bad guy saving the day?
        Then dont watch VinDiesel you demented hypocrites.
        Btw why dont you try writing or even drawing a fanfuck doujin with your so vaunted good ending.
        Hell that might actually do the trick.
        Works for some Japs.would work 4 me.
        Why wouldnt work 4 you too?
        Couldnt do worse than what Tomino does in gundams and Go Nagai does all the time.
        Bastards are always torturing and killing babes.
        Thats what happens when you dont get off with loli or rape.
        Believe it or not could get worse if they did their antics offline and inspired others to do so.
        Even as deterrent catharsis that is bad enough image the disgrace in real life.

  7. to the one who one load all the games thxs this week my b-day comeing up and i been trying a lot to down load and i got got a link to some one net so i just got the ones i been looking for but know i can freely download i feel bad i do not got $ to buy the games but i got no ware to get it so thxs for all ur head work for us and me u man this poor man happy and doing so i am trying to make a funny video to put on facebook cuse youtube not uploafing for me

  8. x.x The tag “unavoidable rape” should have been enough for me but I still tried the game.

    And I reaaaaaly disliked it. Totally not my thing. I’m more about lolis and much story and feelings before the scenes. ._.

      1. Honest dude
        Picture a femnazi or SJW of me too movement in places of Sigurd and Svia.
        That shoul do the trick.
        Wont work 4 you?
        Then watch Space Pirate Sara.
        That one should cheer you up.
        It has lolis and the baddies get asskicked by heroines in the end.
        Good enough 4 you now?

  9. This game is beyond terrible. It’s just rape after rape, without a “good” route. If you get off on this, see a shrink.

    1. and its not like everyone who enjoys a rape game is suddenly a horrible person for just that, not to mention that they may enjoy “softer” games alongside them. real people can be pretty three-dimensional like that. for example, two of my favorites are Prison Battleship (from a Lilith branch like this game is) and Rewrite (H-scene-free magical school life game), which are about as tonally different as you can get.

    2. and yet, there was a tag that clearly says that there was rape. Plus a nukige to boot.

      Goes to show, there really are idiots who don’t read before they download. Hackers/Crackers are going to be overjoyed when they learn you’re one of them.

      If we get off on this just means that we’re not satisfied with the eroges with ‘vanilla’ tag on them, it doesn’t generally mean we’re a horrible excuse for a human being for reading it. What kind of human being are you to judge someone? who made you God? If we get off on it, it ends there. Simple as that,

      1. Yes, I agree, sometimes we need a break like this, but its not like we’re horrible, since its just a story, a game to enjoy, sometimes vanilla vn types frustate me, like Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru, the good protagonist keep bullied by the womens who likes him. More so what frustate me, (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!)
        SPOILER ALERT!!!!
        SPOILER ALERT!!!!
        was the dead of Kuchiki Touko and the protagonist do not found their baby in Kara No Shoujo second episode, that good f***ing game really made me cry..
        SPOILER END..
        So, we really need a break likes nukige like this.

  10. The crack someone above posted worked. As for the game it’s not that good. It’s short and the H scenes aren’t that good. It’s just a time waster if you don’t have anything else to read.

  11. Finally something dark themed again. And what’s with all the complains? If you want story without sex go watch anime or something. I love this kind of eroge because the typical friendly, spineless, stupid and slow protagonist frustrates the hell out of me. I want the protagonist to be competent to some degree or have an interesting personality or at least to be like a normal person and not like some unrealistic saint who is dumber than a normal human, can’t stand up to or win an argument with girls and never gets angry or fights back even when he’s being hit by someone. Yes, I also like rape and slave training but this is the main reason. Sadly, most of the eroges with long story and friendly setting have this kind of character. I just finished hakuroi otome and I was so frustrated dozens of times that I just wanted to stop it. Of course a longer and more interesting story like virgin roster or sensei 2 would be perfect, but I’m sure I will like this one.

    Forgive any and all errors (non-english country)

    1. I agree with you. main protagonist in Grisaia is the best pro of all VN I ever read. that is what I want to see, not some stupid guy, and now I hope they can translate Grisaia 2 and 3.
      P/s: sorry for my bad english

      1. I only just got into Grisaia myself, and it’s pretty good so far. I also liked the Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! protagonist as well, though there’s only a partial translation available.
        PS: Don’t worry about your English, it’s better than most people who have it as a primary language.

  12. I’m just gonna throw this out there for EVERYONE who doesn’t know. This eroge has a hentai. That hentai is pretty damned good. If you don’t like this kind of game don’t waste your time by posting about it. If you have a specific complaint about the game I’d be glad to read but just “nukige bad story good” is getting old.

  13. What is with all the people suddenly complaining about actual hardcore porn on a porn download site? Yes there are others with much better stories, but some people are in fact just here for porn, perhaps with a wacky excuse fantasy premise, and contrary to what some people claim, they (sadly) do make more money in general than the moving plot-heavy drama eroge. Heck, I’ve even seen several people list “plot” in RPGs as what they hate in the genre the most and just mash A or Start to skip everything so they can get back to the gameplay, and see a moving plot and drama as unnecessary diversions. I personally find it unfortunate, but people do have different tastes.

    Like it or not, eroge literally is short for “ero game”, or “erotic games”. By definition the erotic aspects come before anything else like plot.

  14. It’s enough that Marvel and Disney decided they’d cash in on the Asgard Mythology, but now Japan? And a nukige at that? I dunno… it kinda feels like part of my roots or what have you is being violated. Let’s hope this ”eroge” somehow, suddenly disappears from this site.

      1. Rofl if you know anything about norse mythology you can pick up on tons of name drops in various games and animes. one of the best games ever made from japan is “Valkyrie profile”

    1. and its not like Asgard is the only mythology to be taken and adapted into modern media. Greece, Rome, Ireland, Japan, China, Arabia, if there is a country with a mythology, it will be used as an idea book for people who want to make stories of any kind.

    2. Let us all celebrate because some dumb dumb tried to be moralistic on a porn site and his lack of intelligence that there were many Norse related hentais that we all got off to. Let’s see, there was Ikusa Otome Valkyrie series to boot which had its eroge but never really translated.

      Point is, there were h-anime that came as an eroge first before becoming receiving its animation. This one had its own 2-episode H-anime too of the same title. You heard Ikusa Otome Valkyrie: Suvia? That’s its animated version.

    3. Easily the best laugh I’ve ever received from this site. This is a rape game, but the poor adaptation of Norse mythology is what rubs you the wrong way. You’d think that with the existence of things like slavery and genocide, or perhaps rape, you would have something to be more reasonably offended by. I, for my own sanity, am going to assume that you’re trolling and therefore congratulate you on a successful joke. Your humor was not lost on me.

  15. “Planned Obsolescence” doesn’t really apply here. VNs aren’t innovating (I suppose unless you consider games like Alchemy Meister from Eushully a VN… I don’t really, and that’s not an innovation of SRPGs, even if it would be for VNs), nor are they a carrier for another product (other than the odd H-OVA/anime).

    1. to obtain true end choose the following choice
      3. personally
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      2. my little gift
      true end obtained

      seriously man only 9 possible combination available it not that hard man

  16. Much appreciated, Anon. May the anonymous crackers of the world forever be glorified in the history of eroge. Now then, if you’ll all excuse me…

  17. Crack:

    Read instructions in the zip for installation information or just install the game and extract the exe and xp3 where you installed. You should also install the unofficial patch.xp3 provided in the zip, until an official one exists, otherwise the game will crash at at the credits if you’re not in Japanese locale. Instructions include a walkthrough.


    1. Thanks, it works perfectly, I just copy pasted it into the folder.
      Ps for those that want to know, I scanned it with ESET just to be sure, no triggers.

  18. well a nukige ahain… but hey there are few ok nukiges out there with plot too … is what i want to say (with hopes on something like Demon master Chris) but after reading second part this feels exactly like Captive market …. entire plot = rape 2 characters

    well if its not like that someone that plans to try it out please tell >_<

    1. The activation code is the code you receive when you purchase the game. if you do not want to purchase the game, you need to either wait for the crack to come out or find other eroge that uses lscebody.exe and see if one of their cracks will work while you wait. (off the top of my head: Orion Hearts, Slave Witch April, and Magical Teacher use that .exe)

    1. You wait for the admin to find it and he will put it here. most likely this was just released by the company that translated it, so the crack doesnt exist yet. we need to wait for people to hack together a crack for it

  19. Nice !!!!! i like a good story …. but i like good H-scenes as well.

    Good story with good H-scenes = perfection
    Good story without H-scenes = not eroge
    Bad story with a nice H-scenes = Fast Fun

  20. I’ve been waiting for this for a while.
    You’re really the best Admin.

    But it would be great of you can have a mirror link. doesn’t work well for me anymore.

  21. Why Sigurd?
    Sigurd is a dragon slayer and not a Valkyrie.
    Damn Japanese do you have to screw up northern mythology.

  22. What does the admin mean when he says Executables from previous nukiges might work? I don’t know how to run the game- it keeps on saying that I need the activation code

    1. lcsebody is the executable that these games normally run. If you have other visual novels that are based on the same engine, there is a chance that simply replacing the lcsebody.exe file can make the game run, but with buggy and unpredicatable results.

  23. Ugh, heavy rape stuff. If there is a good ending here I can someone just tell me please? Broken type endings are really not my thing…

    1. Anime was made by Black Lilith so don’t expect any endings with warm fuzzy kisses. Rape and ahegaos all around!

      1. Thanks, saved me a lot of time. The only game that I could swallow was Taimanin Asagi because the girls get out and at least, get some sort of revenge too.

    1. It’s a licensed translation. Not done by some amateur group without permission. So it’s not all that surprising at all that there’s no crack for it yet.

        1. That’s probably because if someone does it for free, they are doing it because they want the game to be seen by others. Otherwise, there’s no point in translating something.

      1. Let me guess another lilith 100%ero 0% quality or tought eroge
        I really hope that groups and companies start translating real VNs instead of mostly this eroge BS
        so far the only atleast somewhat decent game was sion which was 60% ero and 40% somewhat inteligent plot
        pass on this shit

        1. Lilith (esp. Black-Lilith) isn’t about “thought” or well written stories with meaningful choices and real consequences. It’s about hard-core sex with totally unrealistic premises drawn with at least moderate proficiency. If they wanted to get the same sort of images/sex scenes out of a serious story that story would likely end up being more disturbing than Saya no Uta and other similar titles. Well, just my view on the brand. Still not my favorite regardless, but can be an okay-ish distraction from sometimes.

          1. I agree that Lilith’s works always have extremely high H content, but I can’t help but disagree to those who said that all Lilith’s games are plotless shit with overdone sex scene.

            Have you ever tried Asagi series? and you dare saying that Asagi is 100% H and 0% plot/thought? that means you didn’t read the story at all, only skipping pages from one sex scene to another.

            How about Kangoku Senkan series? or Ingrid series? although at first glance it’s only about villains trying to rape and mind break the eponymous heroine and their allies, if you read it carefully, yes, there is a LOT of porn, but once you get past it there is surprisingly amount of detail and backstory to the game world

            Oh, also, have you watch the anime version of Asagi? That’s the first time in my life where I got aroused not when I saw the mind-breaking/rape scenes but when I hear Black speaking. After all, he’s voiced by Norio Wakamoto, how can I hold back my eargasm when I heard his badass baritone combined with hammy of evilness?

          2. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person who watches porn for the porn. Sure some visual novels are light on the porn and heavy on the story. Some have no porn at all. But I don’t see why people hate on nukiges when they are only being what they are supposed to be.

            If one desires story, read a book or watch a movie or anime. Hell, play a video game. Or else avoid the mostly porn titles or get over it. I’ll be busy fapping.

  24. You know, I haven’t heard of Yggdrasil since I last played Age of Mythology like 5 years ago. It’s good to know a good old nukige takes its time to search for complicated stuf as such. And sometimes Nukiges can sooth wounded hearts.

  25. It sounded rather interesting at first. Then came the second paragraph and my interest went out the window. I know nukige is more popular than story-based stuff, but it’s still annoying seeing it be released so often.

    1. Yeah, seriously. Kinda sad that games that actually have a great story line don’t sell when it comes to VNs.

      1. It’s not that they don’t sell. It’s the higher risk. You see, translating a longer, story oriented title is much more time, effort, and above all else, money. So they have to sell much more of it to make it worth their while. While nukiges can be released much cheaper and faster, thus it’s more probably that they will turn up profit.

        Also, I find it immensely ironic, that anyone’s complaining about MG’s low sales here. If just half of the downloaders here would actually buy the stuff, MG and JAST would be both much better off. 😛

        1. Games with better storylines also sell better. Its basic ‘high risk, high reward.’ Cranking out cheap and quick nukiges is just going to keep MG and JAST stuck in the rat race.

          Why should people buy stuff if they know theres a very high chance that they’ll be unsatisfied with it? Piracy is bad and all that, but good products sell especially within an insular group like the eroge community.

          1. “Games with better storylines also sell better.”

            Except not. Even if they sell better, they won’t necessarily make up for the much higher cost involved. And if MG would only focus on them, then a few of this fails would be enough to crash the company, thus they are playing it safe by releasing cheap nukiges, which are turning up small, but guaranteed profit, so that they can risk a “high risk” endeavour without putting their very existence on the line.

          2. I won’t claim to have sales numbers, but this isn’t a point of debate. Better products generally sell better, its basic common scene.

            Higher cost involved? MG is localizing games that are 5+ years old. If translation is such a big expense, what does that say about licensing expenses?

            Focus on what? Non-nukiges? Thats a pretty goddamn broad field. I’m pretty sure MG won’t go bankrupt from translating flash doujin games.

          3. Actually, it’s not common sense. Look up planned obsolescence. The best product selling the most is a naive point of view.

          4. So they are holding a gun to Visual Novel’s heads as a whole. Now I know to never do purchase from MG.

          5. What’s a “better product”? In fact, part of the reason they do old games isn’t just licensing and haggling with the IP owners, but it’s also to make sure that the game has a decent enough audience, so it might, maybe, actually appeal to the English market they want to open it to. Even then the cultural and marketing differences (advertisement, awareness, etc.) make it a crap shoot. Sure, I’d be inclined to agree that Kara Shoujo is a “better product” than anything Black-Lilith has ever produced ever, but not everyone agrees. Some people don’t like to mix their porn and their plot, they just like raw action, especially if it comes to rape-based games where maybe you don’t want to think about actual characters being involved. And there are plenty of people who just don’t like Kara Shoujo even if they are a fan of plot-heavy H-VNs.

        1. I like how you assume I’m a guy. Girls read visual novels too and don’t want to see only naked girls and rape scenes for the entire thing, but if that’s your thing then have fun but I’ll pass.

          1. That is a cute guilty conscious you have ^_^ I like how you assume I am addressing you when there are others above, and that this is a “Visual Novel” when it is in fact “eroge” However I am willing to overlook this since you said you are a Women and I previously stated I like naked women. BTW I am just kidding my fave visual novel is muv luv alternative and not for the grotesque rape near the end of it but for the time traveling story of a man trying to protect a world he failed to care about in the first place. However i do plan to play this title cuz i watched the hentai of it and sadly this is “my thing” and i am a terrible person T_T

          2. lol I was assuming you were talking to all 3 of us, but if you were talking to someone in particular then say so. eroge, visual novel, eroge visual novel, take your pick, but if you feel better stating the obvious than even better. btw I have no problem with rape scenes or naked anything lol, this is erogedownload and 100% of the EROGE (^_-) visual novels I have played had a rape scene and I’m totally fine with that. I definitely don’t think you or anyone is bad for liking it. I am willing to overlook your rape fetish because your a guy and you like muv luv alternative so you can’t be that terrible. jk

          3. I wouldn’t read too much into “guys” as it’s been drifting into informal gender-neutrality for a while anyway. Now let’s get back to focusing on hot sexy porn shall we?

          4. If you want to avoid ones like these (like I try to) just check for the tag nukige, it points out if it has a proper story or just straight out hentai

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