The creator of the world, the Holy Mother Eve, gave two commandments: one must not kill another human, and one must only have one partner for life. However, knights are exempted from the latter divine rule, so that they can produce powerful offspring to fight against monsters.

Somewhere in the land, there was a young man Asterisk who wished to marry the beautiful twin sisters who raised him. He decided that he will become a knight and get lots of wives! Thus, he set out on his journey with great enthusiasm and ambition.

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  1. What’s the difference between the 7 part free download and the normal download? And if you’re suppose to put them together to create a whole game, how? I don’t see any difference in files in each folder.

    The 7 part download is so confusing with out any information about it. (_ _)

    1. 1-click and free downloads contain the same files. For current host I’m using, people who have free account are unable to download files larger than 200MB, so I split my uploads into parts for them. If you have premium account, you can download everything in one part, others have to do it piece by piece.

      1. Sorry, I screwed up in asking those questions, I guess I was more tired than I thought. What I meant to ask is what’s the difference between each part of the 7 part download? Because I don’t see a difference in files. Is each download an individual part of the game? Are we suppose to download all of them and put them together to make the complete game? Or is each download the full game but compressed tightly? Because I’m only running the first part and the game’s running perfectly.

        1. No, you need to download all 7 parts to extract archive properly. Each contains a portion of game files – It might appear to you that game runs fine after downloading all parts, but extracting only first one, it’s because modern archiving software automatically pulls data from other parts, as long as they are in the same folder. You can easily test this by moving only part1 to new folder and try to extract it – you will get “Unexpected end of archive” error.

  2. Is anyone else missing all the CGS? I am getting regular replays saved to their section but the CGS are all empty, 0%. I couldn’t find anything on google for this…

  3. guys when i started up the game for the first time my map was a mess i didnt spawn in the area i should be and everything is messed up any fix for that ?

  4. Wanted to also point out for those with low end PC’s that if you got LAV video codec installed and under the options for it to be sure to keep the 4:4:4 chroma (and maybe the RGB as well) boxes checked if by chance they’re unchecked as a means to lessen the lag from regular video player playback.

    Otherwise when viewing the Opening movie and possibly the Ending movie credits (which I’m still playing the game so I’m not sure about) as it’ll pop up a new window (not normal it should be in the same window) and once it’s finished the game won’t allow you continue. On my end the game just remained black.

  5. @Shiwa

    Sidequest: The Grave
    Head to the west, then north and east. You will find an event token, where a woman will ask you to find a specific grave. The trick is that the grave is not in this graveyard, but on north Haniho Island in Humpty. Return to the woman for your reward.

  6. “Visit Stallion after meeting Sora in person (level 60 or higher). Get the eyeball from the nameless shrine in Hamlet before returning to Stallion.” says on collection walkthrough. But I still can’t activate Sora’s event there, and I’m already Lv. 62 any ideas?

  7. There’s an update version 1.02 patch released. It states “minor text updates/improvement”

  8. @blitz

    You probably missed the hidden switch:

    For the Osric switches, there’s one hidden on a shelf. you have to actually go up to it and trigger another scene.
    (just check around every shelf)

    The second switch does not have a ! circle around it like the first. It is located to the east of the three cells where you can find a girl, in a room with shelves on it. Go to the top left corner, by the shelf with cylinders on it, and the party will find a small button. With both triggers flipped, including the first switch past the water trap, the iron gate will open.

    Oh btw Osric is chapter 5 not chapter 4.

  9. Anyone know how to pass Osric ?
    Its in chapter 4
    Am stuck inside after i realease a girl inside a cell !

  10. Pretty good game, I replayed it just because it so chill. 100% complete as well. Probably the most involving Eroge I played in a while.

  11. @haans you don’t need a walkthrough for choices. Just pick yes/do it see the scene and if it is something you shouldn’t be doing it will go back to the previous choice selection after the scene so you can go as nothing happened. This is at least as far i went.

  12. @blitz

    The third Camelot trial involves finishing each hidden battle with a skill that causes your character portrait to appear on-screen, like Aster’s Femme Fatality (Basically a super move).

  13. I don’t know if towa was talking about her book or if the author was talking about the game itself at the end(you guys who have finished the game know what i’m talking about) anyway. wish for more. hopefully alicesoft does what they said at the ending ^-^.

  14. @Zip3x

    The Beauty and Guilty side quests are very easy to miss and unfortunately they’re the only side quests which are chapter locked so if you miss one your locked out. Fortunately once you complete the game the side quests become available again. I won’t spoil much but don’t worry, Beauty and Guilty more or less get a happy ending.

  15. Yeah she kind of disapears in when you visit the last continent but you lern what becomes of her if you visit in the next chapter the city you found Guilty.

  16. So I’ve almost finished the whole game and I was wondering, where did Beauty go? She just sort of dissapeared from the game, like you know where Guilty went, he had a sort of ending to his quest, so you would think Beauty would be with him, but shes not? Where the hell is she then?

  17. @Marco

    Oh man, you are not prepared for the shitstorm headed your way. Let’s just say you might regret making that wish.

  18. TFW I’m rooting for Snake Crest to sabotage Croix’s wedding because she must marry Aster, and not some random dumbass prince.

  19. I love the fact that most of us is talking about the gameplay and walkthrough and cheats more than sexual content it’s great. Also great game admin. Will buy and support. Also just finished beating the game, can’t wait for next part.

  20. Rance X have CG of Evenicle’s Heroines. A Cameo of a sort. They look brain dead and got tantacle rape. Alicesoft can be too much shit sometimes.

  21. Sorry guys. I’ve tried posting a link to the patch 2 times now but for some reason my comments aren’t showing up.

  22. @Crikey pretty strange, if it isn’t a corrupted file then is your computer, try to start the game with compatibility mode with win 7 or something.

  23. I’ve got a weird problem where I only have voice acting for the very first scene with the sisters/when you wash up on the shore, then the intro movie plays after which the icon that says voice above the text box is crossed out for the rest of whatever I play.
    Tried re-downloading it in case something messed up there but the same thing happened. Any tips?

  24. @Ventola I found a patch from otaku lair, is it the same patch you applied? If so, how do you apply it? Otaku lair said just run updater.exe, but everything is in japanese language, so I think I keep failing to apply the patch. How did you apply yours??(note I downloaded the mirror 1)

  25. Ugh I think the patch i got is from 2015 since its in jap… Again where to download latest patch?? I reaaly want to get this fixed…

  26. @LIGHTDX @Ventola I see, then where can I get the patch that fixes that problem? I keep searching for patch, but it only gives me the interface patch.

  27. @R. Warrior @LIGHTDX It’s the patch. I also didn’t get Riches first scene unlocked until I applied the patch.

  28. @R. Warrior, then is weird. it’s definitly the last replay in page 6. Is either a problem with your copy (save folder and download it again) or something that the patch fixed (thought i downloaded the patch very later)

  29. @LIGHTDX You said its on the last page, but I still didn’t get it on the scene replay when I played Riche’s h scene on my save file. There’s 6 pages I checked all of them and still didn’t see Riche’s 1st h scene.

  30. About rusty key. As it was mentioned before you can fish a key for Natal’s sunk ship for some exp, the one that sunk at when you arrived to Humpty, but you only fish it in certain fishing spot when you are allowed to go to Hamlet. The fishing spot is in middle of the sea est of hamlet and north of the hanny island.

  31. Nevermind my previous issue. Seems I was able to fix it by going back to Windows 7. Not a big issue for me as a lot of H games, eroge, and programs I use in general don’t play nice in Windows 10.

    Thanks for the upload Admin!

  32. Does anyone else get the error: “could not write save to *insert file name here*”?

    I keep getting this error every few minutes and the game is very slow to load. When this error pops up. Any help is appreciated.

    Computer specs:
    Windows 10 pro x64
    Core i5-4570
    AMD radeon r9 270
    8gb ram
    7200rpm WD blue 1tb

    1. maybe windows defend what is blocking tries to disable controlled access of folders inside windows defender antivirus protection

  33. Why is Riche’s 1st h-scene(the one where they get married) not included in scene replay, while Ramius’ is inlcuded??

  34. Cockroach’s gain resists to every element they are hit with.

    To beat the giant Cockroach you need to not him him with anything but your most powerful attacks.

    Dark Punch
    Ice Laser
    Fire Laser
    Neo Thunderstrike
    White Destruction Beam

    Hit him once with each of these attacks and nothing else and he should go down

  35. Does anybody know how to defeat Giant Cockroach?
    He seems to take 100% dmg at the beggining and then like 1% after his 1st attack or even before, is immune to shock and isnt buffing himself, neither magic or physical attacks work.
    pls help

  36. The Rusty Key is used on Natal’s ship that sunk when you got to Humpty. It just nets you extra exp.

  37. Dont know because i dont mess whit that because sometimes cause problems like yours, if your voices dont come back you can force reset your settings. Make a copy of your save folder somewere like the desktop and then delete the original, comence a new game and make a save(preferably an auto save) quit the game and copy the only the saves files of the save folder in the desktop to the new created and try running the game and load your last saved file, if that dont work then youre out of luck.

  38. How do you toggle voices? I somehow turned mine off and cant figure out how to get them back on

  39. Its your resistence against critical hits and powered attacs, its only efective if you have characters whit low levels and are facing strong enemies.

  40. What exactly does endurance? I guess what the other stats do but that one. does it reduce dmg recibed or raise resistence to alterate status? Resist shock only?

  41. Hey Admin, could you please upload “Futanari Quest” now that it’s out? I’d really appreciate since, while I would buy it, it is not released on Steam (even though Steam switched their policy to allow R-18 content so long as it isn’t illegal and so forth) but on Nutaku instead. Again, I would really appreciate this. ^^

  42. Holy *shit*, this game involves sitting? SITTING?! That’s like my favorite thing ever, I love to sit everywhere! Downloading at the speed of light, I can’t wait for the amazing sitting immersion of a modern eroge!

  43. Does anyone know if Riche has a higher tier light element skill? I got light arrow, light bomb, but no other light skills except for passives like light master and better light master. I know fire has fire laser, fire blast and hellfire. Snow also has snow laser. Anything like light laser or something?

  44. So, I met certain conditions, and now I have to find saints who are hiding. Does anyone know where they are?

  45. Isn’t the patch is only fixing the Anti-Aliasing? If its just that, I don’t think it really matters.

  46. How are you supposed to defeat the white knight? he simply 1 shots my people 1 at a time and i cant do anything about it

    is lvl 55 simply too low – do i have to go grind exp -.-”?

  47. For the Osric switches, there’s one hidden on a shelf. you have to actually go up to it and trigger another scene.

  48. You use finishing moves to finish the battle. It can be Aster’s Femme Fatale, or Neo Full Power Slash. Ramris’s Neo Lance Flurry also worked for me.

  49. Well i wasnt especting this, when you reach high levels like minimum 70 thanks for the lucky kan kan the game looses challenge and becomes boring, everiting else is great but beating bosses whit only 2 hits or even 1 its no fun.

  50. For the Rape Wary *Spoilers*

    I am almost complete the game, just dragging my way thru chapter 7…I will get to it eventually…hehe

    There is rape in the game, but the MC isn’t the one doing it, and neither are his wives being raped. Well..One is…but that’s before she becomes his wife and the MC accepts her anyway…

    It’s a long story (literally…I’ve been playing for several days now)

    Mother Eve has a blessing, and if you rape or murder someone, you lose the blessing. In it’s place you receive a black ring. You are labeled an Outlaw. The rapes that happen are done by the Outlaws, monsters and the bad guys.

    The displayed actual rape is only a handful of characters. The MC abhors rape..

  51. How do people in these comment secions ever manage to play any game that comes out.
    1 unovoidable rape scene in game = Hurr durr wont play it because it has unavoidable rape.

    Jesus fucking christ someone invent skip button for those idiots.

    Oh. Wait

  52. So I am in Osric Academy, and I have to activate devices to pass. I think there’s a bug, because I activated the devices before I reached the gate, and now the gate says I need to activate one more device, but there’s no exclamation marks left (except for the wobbly platform one, which doesn’t disappear). I even tried fighting all the bonus monsters and activating all the traps, but can’t seem to open the gate. Any help?

  53. so im having an script error after the second camelot trial and the game just stops what do i do

  54. When they say “Main Girl”, they’re not actually ones that would’ve been your wives as they’re attached/attracted to others. Just that they’re unlucky enough to be captured in both cases. First one’s also pretty early in the game in Chapter 1(gets raped twice on two different occasions second time in Chapter 2) with the second in Chapter 3, won’t say who, but just that in the pic above, they’re the two of the ones on the far left of the picture.

    Think worst of the “other” rapes so far is the recording you’ll watch in chapter 4 while in the sugar factory.

    On a lighter note, when it comes to life choices, don’t be afraid to choose the “wrong” options, generally lighthearted routine of what might’ve been and then they’ll throw you back to that option.

    Random note : For those who have no idea how to capture girls, there’s a nameless shrine at the extreme north west of Eden which has a chest which will have the skill to capture girls by Ramius. You just need to get their HP down to <10% for a guaranteed capture or at least 25% for the skill to kick in. Guarantee capture increases to 20% from another chest in chapter 4.

    Captured Gal monsters can be used as your accessories and each give a different buff.

  55. can someone tell me the girl who will get raped? so i can be prepared, it might be suck if i thinking ‘oh, this girls cute’ and just get raped afterward… i dont care if it’s spoiler…!!?

  56. Is this the version with fixed anti-aliasing? (there was a bug with MSAA so 1080p looked very bad, it was fixed by MG in a patch)

  57. Has anybody got a GUI bug that doesn’t highlight properly the selections from the menus? It’s so weird. Every time I place my mouse over a button on the menu, it stays white. During the game, all options are hidden until I hover my mouse over the boxes. How can I fix this? And how can I send pictures here of my problem because I have difficulty describing it?

  58. saw some screenshots, seems like only kyonyuus featured in this game.. are there any room for us flat – small lovers? (doesn’t have to be loli. in fact i despise oppai loli)

  59. Currently playing the game, looks promising, the bgm and art is great, and hasn’t betrayed my expectations YET. I might continue expecting a lot from this game :3 hope not.

  60. Some extra, obvious info would be nice categorizing games into basic VN, nukige or, especially, ones with actual gameplay. Almost missed this thinking its just another VN…

  61. The protagonist is very different from Rance, more like a childish Hero-of-Justice.
    Also, rape is very negative here. If you read the summary you can see that one can have only 1 ‘partner’ & penalty for breaking this is bad. Our protag(& by extension the game)’s main mission is to become a high level knight so he can marry both ppl he loves without the penalty.
    Only the victim also gets the penalty for breaking the no multiple partners rule so you can say they get a raw deal…

    Ofc I only played the 1st few missions in machine translation so these are only impressions & info I got from there & vndb summary.

  62. For anyone wondering:

    The 1.3 gigabytes size when compared to the original disk were 2.5 is due to the fact that the original Japanese version didn’t use optimal formats for their images and sounds while the MangaGamer version does.

  63. Ah, I see. That’s a relief then, shame about the normal rape though, at least it isn’t completely overrun with it like most other Eroge VNs are at least.

  64. The protag isn’t rapey, from what I’ve read, and what rape does happen he has no involvement in.

    And for those wondering only 2 ‘main’ girls get unavoidably raped. The others are just random characters from what I understand. You can check vndb for whom.

  65. PLEASE tell me the male protagonist isn’t as rape-happy as that asshole Rance is…? Or is he just as bad as him? I’m asking because there are variants of “rape” and as I am VERY sick of regular “rape” (maledom-type variant of said “rape” obviously) I am wondering if there is any opposite “reverse rape” possibly. If so then I might be interested in it, but if not and the protagonist is just like that bastard Rance then i’m already not interested. If anyone can help clear this up then i’d be most appreciative. 🙂

    Played the jp version last year, couldn’t understand a thing so i felt iit would be a waste.

  67. For those wondering yes, this game’s character designer is Yaegashi Nan who is also responsible for Senran Kagura’s character Designs. A lss known fact is that he also worked on Da Capo 2 under a pseudonym, though Da Capo 2 had about eight different character designers.

  68. Is the artist for this game character is the same as the one who made Senran Kagura? The characters design looks similar, too similar.

  69. MangaGamer uploaded a 2mb patch that fixes an important AA bug in the game’s config, can you upload it please?

  70. SO when I click to move the game acts as if I am and events trigger and all but my character just stays standing in the same spot. Is that normal or is something wrong?

  71. Thanks for the timely upload admin!

    On a side note, are we ever getting the new version of Muv-Luv Alternative on here?

  72. Hmmm I might as well bookmark this one. I need to finish the other VNs that I have. Still busy making records of my class…

  73. Don`t forget that alicesoft has a very specific kind of rape, not to mention there are no netorare tags on vndb, so it`s not as bad as it might seem.

  74. Finally!!
    After a long wait, the 2017 MangaGamer announcement is here.
    Been waiting so long.
    Thanks a lot Admin ?

  75. Thx for upload but i’m probably pass for this game there so many unavoidable rape in this game some mc girl even get kidnapped and rape

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