Kimomen Demo Harem Guild

Kimomen Demo Harem Guild

Can I be with such cute and powerful bishoujos? Can I handle it!?
Eyes a’spin with gapelust, hips a’clap anytime I please! That’s fantasy!
I pursue the impossible dream: to be master of the Harem Guild!

“Only handsome guys can be monster tamers.”

The other Guild members laughed as they rejected him.
Wretched and ugly, he couldn’t even form a party.
No one looked past the aura of failure that shrouded him
to appreciate his extraordinarily large cock.
Except for one. A demon.
The demon saw in the rejected ugly hero a way to dismantle the Guild of Beauties,
the troublesome heroines who’d been slaying demons since time immemorial.
For the ugly man, it was the chance to teach a lesson to those who’d made him feel shame—
The chance to fulfill his dream of questing—
Yes! He shall wield his demonic dick!

Massive cockventure! Ill-reputed sperm will stain the righteous!
One man’s epic inseminating fantasy begins!!

68 comments on “Kimomen Demo Harem Guild

  1. Okay now I have to admit that this one does have its funny moments. Here’s a quote by our lucky ugly protagonist that I could actually laugh at, he says:
    “Once you give birth to our healthy child, I’ll host a party to breed with your ovulating p*ssy once again! Look forward to it!”
    Now that’s some quality text there, lmao. Other than that, though, game is painfully uninteresting and h scenes exceedingly long yet again.

  2. Umm i got some problem after i extract the file… it’s said syntax error.. if got some information of fixing this.. please tell me…really need your help

  3. Ok, so I played this game earlier today in the morning for about 30 minutes, but now when I try to start it up once it is about to get to the main menu it beings up a blue bow with lots of writing that I cant read, and an error box in Japanese as well that I cannot read, then the game wont do anything until I exit it, any help at all with this issue?

    1. I seem to be able to run it using applocale and choosing to run it as admin. you might need to close all error windows from the first attempt before attempting to run it that way.

  4. I downloaded it but when i try to open the game i just get a blue window and it says syntax error can anyone help me ?

  5. Hey admin, can you email me download numbers if you have them? I can see download numbers for my site and others, but not this one.

  6. Is this also another VN where the girls are unwilling but get willing as the dwarf spends time in the slimy tunnel? But in all honestly is this the vanilla (and by that I mean constant rape)

    1. Not overly vanilla, no. Not overly rapy either. Sorta vanillish though.

      MC gets super powers after being laughed at, gets revenge on some hot babes from a certain Guild, babes succumb to his naughty magical powers. And then harem and haremy things, which are lovey-dovey. With some pregnancies at the end. Very little choices, no gameplay at all… But nice art and lots of big boobed babes.

      Game is very linear and pretty short. From kinks there are pregnancies at the end, exhibitionist sex, anal sex, some magic vanilla tricks that I shouldn’t spoil…

      That should be it in a nutshell.

      1. Well if this site had an up-vote feature you would get till my hands bleed. Thanks a lot for taking your time and giving me all that info.

      2. I’ve got an even shorter answer , and it’s the alternate title name :

        ‘Kimoi Fantasy: Girth Makes Even the Ugliest a Harem King’

    2. Oh and “yes” to the dwarf and slimy tunel question. Though game description describes it as “small giant” rather than dwarf…

  7. Hey Guys,
    From what I saw about the game it looks awesome! But when i try to start the game i get an error (syntax error) and the gamewindow is some kind of programmingconsole. What should I do? D:

      1. I am having the same problem as Elka however my locale is already set to Japan. Is there any other troubleshooting advice you can give to fix this?

  8. It’s revenge for the guys who thought that being nice to women would get them sex and then are butthurt that women are people with their own opinions and not investments.

    1. Dear lord that game was pretty bad imo. First off I’m not much into cards and secondly the whole premise put me off at the end. Not going to spoil for anyone who hasn’t played it but the ending to Boobwars killed it for me, and frankly it was already at death’s door an hour in.

  9. does anyone know a good alternative to duckduckgo search engine since they’ve partnered with yahoo I’m getting really really dumb results when I search “Kimomen Demo Harem Guild vndb” even adding .org doesn’t bring up the right site.

  10. Wow, annoying advertisement pop ups are gone from Downloadani and it downloads fast? That’s new.

    If it stays – sweet.

    1. He’s not actually ugly or gross, despite the game’s marketing. The vast majority of the scorn he receives is for his job, “Monster tamer”. The single time he appears in a CG he looks like a normal dude.

    2. I think it’s a fetish of some kind… “Ugly scorned dude gets rapy/corrupting revenge on stuck up / innocent beuties” or something. I don’t care much about it, it’s more of a turn off for me than a turn on… Because the guys is usually, well, ugly and sleazy, plus there is that thing that I dislike rape in general, even in adult games (but it’s nearly everywhere there – so I just “filter” it).

      Either a fetish or targeted at all the japanese ugly dudes fantasising about vengeful good times. In my humble non expert opinion.

      That and what Dekiru says… Maybe the guy isn’t really ugly/disgusting, maybe it’s marketing lines going too far with the description to service the fetish/customers. I haven’t played the game yet, so I can’t say.

      P.S. My thanks to the translator as well! You guys rock. And I usually can’t thenk translators properly because they tend to hang out in places like Patreon where registration and money are required. Or just forums with registration, in better cases…

      1. It’s a fetish alright. It targets everyone, because even handsome and cool dudes like to fantasize about this things too. If everyone is only interested in vanilla (which is mostly boring and sometimes turn-off for me), there won’t exist myriad doujinshis/hentais/tags about rape, cheating, mind-break, double/multiple penetration, dilf, tentacles, and so on.

        1. Oh, don’t get me wrong! I’m not promoting vanilla rubbish. In fact, sometimes I’m not sure which I hate more – disgusting rape or numbingly boring vanilla content…

          No, I have LOTS of fetishes. And I fully and enthusiastically support adult games with kinkier content! I just dislike the overly present rape thingy… In my view/tastes there are 3 ero problems in orient adult content: rape, vanilla and scat (I hate guro and dislike some other things as well, but they are rare enough to not complain about them). They are problems because, in my humble opinion, they are too frequent and succeed in annoying you even if you are used to “filtering” them.

          But, for example, I absolutely love some hardcore tentacle, incest, bestiality, big breasts, age differences, same roof action… And that’s just from the top of my head. So YAY to kinky content, NO to overused distasteful (just IMHO, of course, we all have our tastes – some may love vanilla, scat, rape) stereotypes.

          (and heeeey, now I know a new term – dilf!)

          1. Honestly I don’t see scat enough to really comment. As far as vanilla goes though I think it depends on the person and the mood. If you’re like me and go through times where you’re more interested in a fun romantic story a bit of vanilla is hard to avoid. As Far as rape I agree whole heartedly but my wife eats that stuff up so when she wants to go through VNs with me it usually ends up being rape, tentacles or both lol.

      2. I don’t think it’s a fetish. The only time that kind of thing shows up is in a moe game.

        Who are the originally buyers for all things moe? That’s right. Fat, unwanted, disgusting, socially awkard, near suicidal hikkokomoris.

        Harsh, but true. It’s a twisted self-esteem boost, if you ask me. It’s also why characters look ‘normal’ in moe Visual Novels. When do they not? When it’s not moe, or intended to be some cutesy, badly written harem nonsense.

  11. Haha big line up, though this one is the most normal. First two NTR third killing, and then this one… Rance-style :D. Will get this one right now ;).

    P.S. Ha! my fill-in was good samaritan.

  12. I think this is the sensation that the “other” kind of gamers feel when a fallout or an elder scrolls comes out.
    Praise be unto you admin.

  13. Wow. Wow. It’s a VN update explosion. I come here, see two new ones up, read the description of one, return to the main page, and see yet another up! Thanks admin!

      1. Thank you too for translating it, if you are the real Dekiru that is. Anyway your effort is appreciated and good luck with your future projects.

        1. Anytime. I wasn’t being too serious about that by the way, though I am confused by all the praise admin is getting though xD

          1. probably thanks for keeping us updated with the latest VNs
            i know there are others site like this but for some people they probably don`t know

            i do agree if the admin could also include who translate the stuff so these people could also thank the translator too although… this can be done by a simple google searching actually the first point can be done the same way ._.

          2. I actually used to include credits to translator, but quite a few times people were complaining about “pirate” site linking to them, so I dropped it.

          3. I’m not too concerned about being credited, it just felt weird seeing everyone thanking the admin as if he translated the novel. It sounds egotistical writing it like that, but in truth I’m grateful for admin, the more people who end up reading this VN the happier I am and this site is definitely facilitating that. It’s just hard to keep quiet when people say “Praise be unto you admin”, “long may he reign!”.

          4. Well tl dr is that if admin doesnt post it here chance i miss like half of vns is high so yes i am grateful to him ^^ and besides… admin probably doesnt profit in any way for managing the site so you know saying thanks in a while kinda feels right

          5. yes saying thanks to the admin is right but if you got the time to thank someone i think it is right to thank the translator too
            hell if you liked the VN it would be great to actually buy the game oh.. and screw MG ._.

          1. Will there be a English Patch some day?
            I am not good at the changing computer language to Japanese or whatever needs to be done to play a game originally made for Japanese computers.

        1. Choices don’t have any long-term impact, they just change what CG you get immediately next. So, just save and reload at each choice for CG collection.

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