Toushin Toshi 2

Toushin Toshi 2

You’ve been in love with your old childhood friend Hazuki ever since you can remember. You’ve become a couple and all seems perfect…except that she is the daughter of the person you’ve been studying swordsmanship under. And the fact that you have been stuck at Level 4 for the longest time makes winning her hand a bit out of your reach…

Then comes the Toushin tournament. A fighting tourney that happens every year, the best of fighters enter to win the coveted Toushin title (Toushin literally means God of Battle). Each contestant must come in with a female partner and if the contestant loses the battle, their partner becomes the property of the winner for the rest of the day, free to do whatever he or she wishes to do to them.

Hazuki, after getting the promise from her father to allow her marriage to you if she goes as the partner of the strongest warrior of all his pupils, she heads out to the Tournament…but she in fact agreed to a promise waiting to the broken. Hazuki’s father, determined to have a strong warrior carry on the dojo, wants only the winner of the tournament to marry her daughter…leaving you with only one option: To win the tournament.

As you fight, a number of mysteries arise. What is the reason the Toushin Tournament is held every year? Why did a person tell you to not win the tournament? Why is it that none of the previous winners ever leave the city?

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  1. i met the oni king and he told me my sin is too heavy such:
    the sin of selling gal monsters
    the sin of making princess shizuku commit suicide
    the sin of needlessly abusing a maid
    the sin of pushing the thief, ashika, to her death
    the sin of slaughtering at least xxxx living beings
    the sin of absorbing the angel, Labelcase
    the sin of absorbing the angel, Hasaera Rabi
    the sin of absorbing the angel, Satomi
    the sin of absorbing the angel, Pachikar
    the sin of absorbing the angel, Serabarla F
    lead to GAME OVER

    can somebody help me? i made my sins to zero somehow but still it lead to BAD END

    1. I was personnally doing all the sins possible, without even decreasing their number afterwards, and i had no problem with the oni king. The girl usually save you by saying some things to the oni king and you make a deal with him afterwards (killing the bad guy for him).

  2. How the hell do you have all the photos of the random girls stuck in the dongeon?
    IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE??? I mean, i have all the rings, armors, shield and weapons in the game, i’m level 118 and i think i’ve beat every single hidden-boss in this game. That is to say, i now know the game very well.

    Still, i only got all 5 photos for one girl. I just can’t find the rest (i have either 3 or 4 photos for each of them), how the hell is that possible? i searched thoroughly every floor.

    Is there a crazy guy who got them all and that can help me? It’s a mystery.

  3. Guys, I need help.
    I accidentally click something that make the game goes fullscreen, and I have no idea how to change it back. Any one know?

  4. I figured how to solve the problem with battle sounds making the game freeze until you alt tab it a few times:
    All you have to do is change sound settings in System39.ini file to that:
    UseMIDI = false
    UseCD = false
    UseWave = true
    UseDSound = false
    UseDSound3D = true

    Not sure which setting makes it work, but when I tried to set it like that the problem disappeared.


  5. can someone please tell me how i get to 5f? i already beat pluma but i don’t know how to get past these brutal hannies blocking the stairs.

  6. well if u enter 4th floor then exit dungeon,and again enter dungeon 4th floor (2nd time),u will find pluma next to to her to find out about her going to the graveyard.she will unlock the gate for just enter and talk to her again to receive a key (automatically).then open the stone door.continue the plot(theres a blonde)by talking to the blonde. then pluma will come to u and ask u to meet her on 12th night.on 11th day u will meet a man and good version of to them both and they will warn u.on the 12th go to where pluma is.u will be in trap,so try to open the door few time.on the next day fight normally to win. **well there will be hazuki too on the 4th floor.i think she will be there on the first day or second.if u talk to her she will give u a nice skill of sword (10 times a day).so use wisely. **and when u try to enter the lower building u will encounter diana again.this time she will tell u about the history of that building.there r three girl monsters in the building(one piggy,two piggy,three piggy.funny name…no?)but u need three different color card to open those three room.if u want to capture them then u can’ least not now.don’t worry though.because u will get only one chance to capture them on 4th floor.but on 5th floor one piggy,on 6th floor two piggy,on 7th floor three piggy will randomly appear. **theres a savedude on the downright side of the use him for good.

    1. on the first day xavier will kill his opponent by pushing him from top of the wall.on upright corner(almost) theres a red dot.go there and some monster and a human will come out of nowhere.follow them to see a fight.that man will kill the monster and take some treasure from the corps.he will warn u to not win the tournament(huh…why???).then if u exit and reenter dungeon u will find pluma on 4th floor.SORRY..i forgot about that part.

  7. I had a random incounter w/ a bug or a fly.. i dont know what it is. At B1 to B8. All it did was fly away. Then Seed said something like “What was that?” do you know what monster is that? or how can i fight that monster? is it a secret quest?

    1. Me too, anyway i tried search command at the bottom of the map then it pop up. Weird… well it should be automatic to pop up not search it.

      1. i was stuck at that part also. but i figure it out. you need to right click and choose the top icon at the bottom of the mansion. it will ask you whether you want to leave the mansion or not.

  8. ok i got the fix..can somebody told me where is piko hammer?? and how can i process to ragnard dungeon F2??plss tell me

    1. From the bandits. There is one guy who sells it to you. Not before you have advanced far enough in the tournament through.

  9. hmm i play this game just now but why hp from monster doesnt drop a bit when i choose normal attack in qualification dunegon but i got hit again and again.. can someone explain what im missing??

    1. Nevermind, you have to leave the mansion and go to ragnard’s dungeon to trigger the team-up. Sometime the game is really unintuitive.

  10. the cheatengine search is 2bytes, the changes won’t show until you buy any item any from shop.

    ex; mine gold address was 0246CF74

  11. After fiddling around the game, I finally got passed it.
    Here’s the missing thing you need to do:

    After the event where Xavier pushes his opponent, there is a small red dot just above that location in the map, the place looks barren but once you arrive there, the ONI event will show up (a hole will open up as you trigger the scene). After that exit the floor (4) then re-enter it, and you’ll find Pluma near the steps. Talk to her, then the Cemetery will be opened without you finding the key for it.

    After that she’ll be placed near the her own grave in the Cemetery, talk to her then she’ll drop a key after the conversation (either she drops it or gave it to you, I forgot, sorry). Then use the Crypt key to open up the gate in the Crypt gate (not the Cemetery gate, there’s a locked gate you’ll find once your inside the Cemetery). Check the event that comes next and once you leave, Pluma will talk to you again saying that at day 12. meet here at the gate somewhere in the south west of the map of floor 4 (The one that you’ll notice that has a gate entrance and a bed somewhere inside but you can’t get in, not the one where it has a description that needs a Blue, Red, & Green Cards but the one on the left of that location at the very bottom of it). So anyway After you talk to her (Pluma) again at day 12, you’ll find yourself locked out (your return woods will be confiscated), don’t panic, you’ll need to investigate the gate 3 times (or was it 4 times?) and then the next day, Hazuki’ll save you and then after that, the use the return wood to escape, then you can fight in the tournament with ease after this.

    Hope it helps.

  12. Does anyone know how to get across the lake on F31? Ive looked all over the floor and havent found anything to help me beat the monster or cross using the boat.

    1. That’s the same question that has been vaguely answered by saying “Find Pluma” or talk to the waitress. We’ve already saw the old man and Pluma meeting, the problem is, what comes next? It said on the guide that we should follow Pluma but she’s nowhere in the map, I even saw the event where Xavier pushes his next opponent to the cliff, still no Pluma, there are also endless Brutal Hanny’s on the bottom of the stairs of Floor 4 that seems to be guarding something.

      PLEASE HELP US. don’t give vague answers please be more specific. That would be much more appreciated.

      1. Actually at some point puma just appears in the dungeon. Was on night 12 for me, might not matter. Just try reentering the map.

  13. Okay, I tried every search but I can’t still open the Cemetery on Round 3, Floor 4. Could anyone tell me where the “F” is the Happy Elan Cemetery Key???

    1. Doesn’t become available until after the 2nd round I believe. Regardless, it’s not immediately available. Just keep playing the game until it does show up at the main town menu.

        1. I’m not sure what that means.
          Its not availible for me too :(. I’m on 7th day too… training for the next opponent.

          I don’t have access to Char shop :/ . I tried looking in the town square, still doesn’t work.

  14. Anyone know how to beat Dellas? I know I need to take out the three fairies he has with him first, since otherwise I can’t damage him. At least that’s my thought anyways, but I can’t seem to take out the fairies either. The healer is the one to take out first but I can’t hit her for some reason no matter what I use. I’m level 64 by the way, I’m not sure if that’s a problem or not. Any help would be appreciated. I wish there was a walkthrough for post tournament. You can find one on the alice wiki for before the tournament but not after…

    1. kill the fairy on the right First, then kill the fairy in on the left(use light magic), then kill the fairy in the middle(irrc you need to 1shotko her, use your strongest attack on her). Level shouldn’t be a problem. Dellas himself is a joke.

  15. you need item ban,which is given to you when by kraia when you beat big tekashi(the thief boss)then when you exit the dungeon, then a event will happen and you will get item ban and magic ban.
    Tip: if you don’t know how to get to big tekashi,just talk to akisha(red head thief girl) after you first meet her she on the 3rd floor near the entrance to the 2nd.

    P.S:When you first fight big tekashi(don’t remember how is named his spelled,sorry)your supposed to lose.

  16. im having a weird problem, where when i try to save all slots except 1 and 2 are slot 3, so i can only save in 3 slots. anyone else has this?

    1. Same problem, I just go to my file on hard drive and change the save files from C to J. C=3, J=10, delete J save before u change the C to J first.

    1. Go to Ragnard’s Dungeon. There should be a new option to release whatever monster girl you have at the time.

  17. i don’t know if it’s just my mistake but it seems i can’t use any chest every time i try to click a chest i get the denied sign, even on the second floor of the qualification dungeon i can’t click the white thing at at the bottom

    1. Not sure what the white thing at the bottom is that you are talking about, but if you right-click while in a dungeon you should get four icons surrounding the main character. Pick the one above him to interact with people/things while facing them. That should let you open any chest if you have the requisite skill. If you don’t have any skill with traps then DON’T open them. It will trigger a trap that usually leaves you with one point of health. You will eventually find 2 girls hidden in multiple chests in the dungeon, they will give you skills/magic. The skill girl will give you treasure 1 and 2 skills. This allows you to open simple and complicated trapped chests without setting them off. Note that some chests are not trapped and require no skill.

  18. How do I pass the hakuin kyouki on the 32nd floor?
    Already got the heaven card but I always die if I ignore the warning.
    Please help

    1. Sorry
      I got it now. Just had to walk around into the portals a bit then got a pass from the toushin guy.
      Btw if anyone is getting killed at the angel firing beams just sidestep and then absorb her.
      She gives the manager angel and extra points skill 🙂

  19. The game won’t start and it says i am missing _INMM.dll which i can’t find anywhere, can someone please tell me what i am doing wrong?

    1. Apparently you won’t get it until the very end,I’m almost facing the final opponent of the Tournament and still haven’t found the password >.< Seriously this game needs a guide T_T

      1. Yeah you wont get the “password” so soon. You would only get them after quite a while. My tips is to be aware when you reach the situation where you need to cross the place via boat.

        1. Then how do you progress the story after the first round? I think I fully explored the 2nd floor (aside from the bit with the password) and the only other think I can think of is the monster with the girl the game won’t let me fight on the 1st floor.

      1. Not sure why the system freezes, but if you pick the third dropdown menu (H) it has three options. Pick the last one (A) to bring up the game publisher info. For some unknown reason this usually allows my system to play the attack animation. Sometimes I had to do it two or three times. If it’s still frozen after that, just be patient and wait a little while, it’ll unfreeze eventually. After you unlock magic attacks stick with those instead of sword attacks, it will freeze less often. Or you could just run away and avoid everything I said above.

  20. I think it will be interesting but I go to camp automatically when I enter the Qualification dungeon, and can’t get out of it… any idea how to fix this?

  21. Not sure if I didn’t install it right or what but every time I get in to combat the game freezes for like a min. Anyone else have this problem?

    1. I’m having a similar problem, but it’s with entering the dungeon at all, I can’t get it to do anything.

      1. I had the same issue, after changing the sample rate & bit depth
        to 16 bit 48000 Hz under my sound settings (playback device properties, advanced) I was able to stop the freezes.
        I hope this works for you too

  22. Does anyone know how closely related is the plot of this game to the original? Does it share characters/storyline, or is it just set in the same world? No spoilers though, please.

    1. It’s basically unrelated to the first, it’s set in a different alternate universe from the first, too.
      It shares the same world and setting, that’s about it, also Kuri the commentator is in it.

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