Ishika & Honori

Ishika & Honori

You are Araka, a Dispatch Coordinator for the Paranormal Defense Force (PDF). You support PDF agents Ishika and Honori, twin priestesses with tons of shamanistic talent and an even larger penchant for trouble.

Together Ishika and Honori are as cute as they are clumsy. Ishika is far too sweet a girl to ever effectively use her stupendous skills at spell-casting. While super strong Honori jumps blindly into battle before ever knowing what she’s getting herself into.

Help Ishika and Honori regain the totem spirit creatures that fuel their psychic powers and defeat the masters of paranormal evil!

22 comments on “Ishika & Honori

  1. So does this game have H scenes or no? checked vndb says english version is 17+ meaning no H scenes but tags from that saying there is sexual content, but i’m assuming that’s the jap version, and then i checked this site and there’s tags of sexual content, but isn’t this the english version? someone please give a straight answer of yes or no?

    1. To clarify, for a while there between 2003-2006, Hirameki International was translating and releasing hentai games without the H content for the western market (Presumably to be able to market to more people), and for that range of time, as DVD player games (Think “Dragon’s Lair” or “Space Ace” after DVD players were commonplace).

      Phantom of Inferno
      Amusement Park
      Hourglass of Summer
      Tea Society of a Witch
      Day of Love
      Ishika & Honori
      Exodus Guilty

      After a while, they gave up on the DVD player thing and put out a few PC games, but still heavily edited to remove H content, or games that didn’t have H content to begin with:

      Ever17, Ai Yori Aoshi, Yo-Jin-Bo, Piece of Wonder

      By 2008, Hirameki just gave up, probably because it didn’t occur to them that there is absolutely no market out there for PG-13 porn. The DVD player games also turned people off something fierce. Personal annecdote, but I tried playing one and I remember trying to save and it offering me up a long code I could punch back in, like it was an NES game or something. They were also incredibly slow.

      All in all a waste of a bunch of licenses, but I guess something is better than nothing.

  2. Can someone direct me to the +18 of the game or maybe an option to allow the content to be seen?

  3. This game sounds extremely amusing. I might try it to get some diabetes after nearly suffering from depression after beating Tsukihime.
    Also… when I saw that picture up there, all I could think was “REIMU!”

  4. i downloaded the filesonic files and extract it but when i mount it, it got only video files on it…? is this realy a game…?

  5. This the all ages version of the game. meaning no H-scenes. I at least want to find the pictures but i am having troubles. any help apreciated

  6. there’s a scene which has protag go to a hotel with ishika and she jumps on him in a hug, the skips to next scene completely bypassing what was obviously originally a H-scene

  7. I’m having some trouble getting this game to work. I already downloaded all the files from Hotfile, extracted the game, etc. I’ve downloaded other games from this site and they worked. For this one however I cannot find the application to run the game. In fact, the only things I have got when I downloaded the game are the folders AUDIO_TS which is empty, and VIDEO_TS which has only the videos. I’m wondering if I made a mistake somewhere, or if theirs just an error with the file itself. If anyone can let me know/help me, I’d really appreciate it.

    1. This ( and few other) game is bit different than most of games posted here – it’s not played on PC, but on stationary DVD player, connected to TV – game is using DVD menu feature for choices prompt and savind is made via passwords.
      Playing this on PC is possible, using DVD playback software.

  8. I dropped the $9 on the month of hotfile membership, I’ve been downloading everything I find interesting and then won’t renew next month 🙂

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