In ancient Dragonia existed five orbs that could be used to make dragons do one’s bidding. However, as time passed, the stories of these orbs faded from collective memory becoming mere legend. However, one day a man appeared and hatched an evil plan to take control of Dragonia using these very orbs. Yet the powers of the orbs could only be harnessed by certain, special individuals. Thus, only another person capable of controlling the orbs can stop the orbs’ powers from being abused. But are Ryu, Jamka, Fiana or Tran capable of hunting down and controlling the orbs in time?

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  1. admin, i tried to download free, but the last part with only 11mb rar the downloadani.me said:
    This webpage is not available


    could u please fix that

  2. @admin id appreciate it if you can post a dl link of dvd player,,,, and tnx for the uploads since my friend recommend your site to me and i really like it since some of my favorite visual novel w/ game are here…

  3. One of the fastest Visual Novel…
    Ehm i mean… (spoiler)
    When Ryu was asked to be a medicine Vendor by a passing through Stranger… and he answered Yes… U can automaticly see your first ending… it only takes 15 – 20 minutes to get it….

    Love the design, reminds me to Breath of fire series….

  4. Hello admin. Do you know what best DVD player for PC? i is playing Dragonia on my DVD player for PC. But on my DVD player is Dragonia slow. So can you tell meg which DVD player for PC so can play Dragonia fast?

      1. Do you know if it is possible to burn Hourglass of Summer on two different DVDs since it’s so big? If a dual layer DVD is needed I’m stuck because they don’t sell them in my country.

    1. This is one of Hirameki’s “anime play” DVDs – you don’t install it. It can be played from DVD player, plugged in to TV or from software DVD player for PC.

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