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  1. I’d wish someone out there would go and translate DCPS (Da Capo Plus Communication) into English…Also I’d like to see Da Capo III on here as well

  2. — A little useful information —

    if any of you have this error “指定されたファイル[ system.arc : ipl._bp ] は存在しません” which pretty much says that [ system.arc : ipl._bp ] doesn’t exist I resolved changing the locale (control panel / Region and Language) to English (United States).

  3. i need help, because when i extract the files it writes :data02000.arc is damaged in part01.rar………when i open the game the intro works but after that black screen and i can`t close the game(only with taskmanager, would be nice if somone could help me

  4. is there any of Da Capo II soundtrack?
    that’s nice soundtrack, i want to hear all over again~


  5. Just played through 4 out of 6 routes

    Koko decent story 6.5 out of 10

    Minatsu hated her at first but its was worth playing through in the end ^^ 6.8 out of 10

    Nanaka i rocommend you play this after Koko route. 7 out of 10

    Anzu best one so far very sad story. i recommend you go through bad/alternate end first then play normal end. 8.5 out of 10

    Now time for the Amakase sisters!! ^^

    1. played through the Amakaze routes
      Yume deep story was really good 9.5 out of 10
      Otome saved this for last but Yume was better. still good though. 8.5 or 9 out of 10
      The Game over all 8.5 out of 10. It didn’t get the 1.5 point cause i was sad that its over >.<
      Well i recommend anyone to play this it is a must!!!

      Now off to play the next novel on my list Clannad

  6. Hey guys I’m sorry for asking but I just don’t get how to use Daemon Tools Lite. I read all the instructions in the website, but I don’t see any images in the Da Capo 2 files for me to mount. Could someone please give some instructions? I would really appreciate it.

  7. Do you have any plans to acquire Da Capo 3 when it is possible? And i want to thank Admin for this site and all the work that get´s done 😀

  8. does anyone know how to go through the game reading all the story lines again? i mean after you’ve completed all the routes
    the game just gives summaries of all the events that happen, so is there some way to turn that off? because in the original da capo it gave a choice to read it again but i don’t see anything
    like that in this one. so anybody know anything so i can go back and play it again? admin?

    1. Download all the parts, copy them into a folder (doesnt matter what you call it) Using winrar, hightlight all the files in the folder (ctrl+a) right click and press extract here.

      Its been ages since i downloaded this, but once the extract is done, you should see some sort of large image file.

      download and install daemon tools pro and use it to mount the image file and the rest is simple.

      1. I downloaded them all, have the folder ready, opened them all and highlighted everything with ctrl+a. But when I try extracting it only extracts the one i’m on and not all at once. I’m sry if this a simple process and i’m just over complicating it.

  9. I just played the game for one hour saved the game and quit but when i went on coupple hours latter my saves were gone:( why

  10. For whatever reason I can’t play past a certain section. It always goes black and returns me to the main menu. I redownloaded it a couple times and even downloaded another version, but even on the other version it cuts off at the same part. Is there any way to fix this?

  11. Probably one of the most memorable VNs I’ve seen, in fact it was so good I immediately bought it from mangagamer after finishing one route.

    My only complaint(s) would be how messy one route is with that dramatic love triangle and how the Sakura angle is left unclear. The first is probably because of my preferences and the other could be some sort of preamble for the third D.C so they are very small complaints all things considered.

  12. I download it for 20-30 minutes.

    It just stop. I didnt know what happen.

    but the other parts were fine. ( It didnt stop )

    Sorry for my bad Grammar

  13. uhm guys I have an error everytime I play. I can play it but a part of it would not continue due to missing dialog. I downloaded it 3 times already and still the same problem. need help

  14. Yume route was just wow , she was really great, seriously great! The route gets atleast a 9 , might even be close to a 9.5 the only thing keeping me from giving it a 10 is that the route ended and that is always a sad thing 🙁 but letting it go on forever might have been boring.
    Still…. Yume deserves her own games that continue with the story like kotori has from dc 1.

    <3 Now i'd like to go into a wintersleep till da capo 3 comes out but I doubt they can make a route as good as the one from yume.

    1. I know you made this comment a while ago, but is there some kind of progression you’re meant to plau in? I just tried to do Otome’s route but it cut out after the first “Chapter” (Puppet show).

      1. Otome / Yume routes are locked until you finish at least 2 of the 4 main routes. Those routes being 1 of Anzu or Minatsu and 1 of Nanaka or Koko’s. Yes, I realize your comment was from 4 years ago, this is just for anyone new coming to download the game.

  15. Just now finished the Otome route , the only route left for me is Yume <3
    Koko route was decent : 6
    Minatsu route was fun but awkward : 6.5
    nanaka route had good drama and a nice story : 7
    anzu story made me sad but I really love anzu : 7.5
    Otome really is a perfect girl : 8

    Now hoping Yume is as good as I think it is to give it the 8.5 or higher I'm hoping for.

  16. What Kervin said:
    First Comment
    “No Da Capo Spring Celebration yet? Da Capo Fall In Love and Da Capo III ? Need RUSH RUSH !!!!”
    Second Comment
    “On the Otome Route Story, it was hard to finish and there was a Q AND A Portion sh*t it was hard.”

    btw: about Da Capo 2 Plus Communication, I can’t find a single download link to that game
    does anyone have it??? :3
    I want to play it even though I don’t have any knowledge about japanese(a few maybe but still…)


  17. Matmax I really hope it is as good as you say it is. It’s 3:19 am where I live now so a bit late to start with a new route but im going to play my heart out tommorow!

    1. Oh, it is.
      In my Opinion at least.
      It just needs some time at first, to really get into it, so don’t stop reading, in case you don’t think it is that awesome at the beginning :p

  18. This happens to be my favourite Visual Novel up till now.
    I just love everything about it 🙂
    Can someone recommend me VN’s wich give you a similar feeling?

    1. maybe “Little Busters!” if you still not play it, this game can make me cry.

      it’s all ages version though,if you want 18+ version grab “Little Busters! EX”(EX is only partial english).

  19. Hi thare Unfortunastly MG Only Licenced Sirten Da Capo Games The Thing With Licenceing is The Ip Holders Only Alow Western Companys to Licence a Sirten amount

    Yes the creators of kirakira and its squal along with elderwise are one of the same creator who happens to be hesad honchoi of MG so thows gamews and FD got translatyed into english easaly But its not nesasarly the same for other games

    Exsampel Suikoden 3 Never got a Pal Release Like wise with its Gardsern Serires

    and Most Western Companys Only Follow Jsapanise Sales ie if a Game is a hot pupuler Seller in japan than the companys would take the risk and licence a gaME FOR ENGLISH RELEASE AND hOPE THAT IT BECOMES A bEST sELLER HERE IN THE WEST

    But Thare are so Many populer Best seller Games of Japan that Donot see the light of day here in the west becvose licenceing Costs are exspensive

    exsampel a Tipcialt VN would cost about 10.000 Usd To Licence
    Minsd you thats just an exsampel

      1. Rather read his broken english because he is trying unlike your horrible attitude towards others that give constructive information.

  20. Any News about Plus Communication??
    I really wanna play this and its out for a few years already so there schould be a Translation or atleast someone working on one. If anyone knows something, please tell me!!!

    1. There isn’t a fan translation for all the side games because the Da Capo series is licensed by Mangagamer. They likely wont translate the side games due to costs involved, at least not until the Western Visual Novel market starts to grow some.
      For reference, MG’s best selling most blockbuster games barely breach 1000 sales.
      You’re better off learning Japanese unfortunately.

      1. Well, that was EXACTLI the thing id did NOT want to hear ;p
        Well then, its time for some Japanese Lessons xD
        But still….never give up Hope, maybe a little miracle will happen ^^
        But still, thanks for the Info, at least its something i can work with 😉

        1. MangaGamer have translated the Kotori spin off’s of the original Da Capo so I don’t see why they wouldn’t do the same with the 2nd ones fan-disks since they also translated KiraKira – Curtain Call and Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia

          1. KiraKira and Edelweiss fandiscs were easier to get, as president of company that made them and president of Mangagamers is the same person – they didn’t have to pay licensing fees.
            As far as i know sales of Da Capo fandiscs sucked, so they might have problems convicing Circus ( Da Capo maker) to hand over rights to next titles.

  21. I have a problem when I try to extract the game with winrar, I have an error message saying that in the 04, the file data0200 is corrupted. I’ve tried twice to re-download the part 04 but I still have the same error message. Would it be possible to reupload the part 04, please ? (Sorry if my English is not very good, I’m French ^^)

  22. Does anyone have the save file for this? Need it for archive purposes because I played the original japanese one through AGTH a long time back and just now downloaded this to replace my old non-english copy. unfortunately the save save data system seems different so I cant use the japanese save data.

  23. I installed it and I can play in English and everything, the only thing that I have a problem is that there seems to be lines between every letter like it will look like this:
    H|I,| I| a|m| P|e|t|e|y|.

    Anyone else have this problem and know how to solve it?

  24. damn…i was downloading this till part 8 and then poof!!!
    my server banned fileserve which i don’t know why??
    i really wanted to know the story after 50 years…
    please admin…upload it to filesonic or mediafire…

  25. Sorry to bother you Mr Administrator sir however.
    Link 9 and 3 are not working for me.
    Can anyone verify that the links are down? or perhaps a reupload? if it’s not to much trouble I wanna see how this gammme enddss. DX!

  26. hi guys i am new here and i have a really big problem..
    I don’t know how to install the full game can some one help me please……….

  27. Hey, good job uploading all the VNs, but I do have a question.

    I get a “random japanese character” [ system.arc :ipl._bp ]”random japanese characters” error whenever I try to start up the game. I tried changing the locale and everything, and I’m on windows XP SP2. Any ideas?

  28. Are there any news about D.C II Plus Situation/Plus Communication? I really want to play these 3 new Routes. I´ve gotten totaly Addicted to Da Capo II and need something new.

  29. admin…could u please put the download link for this at the hot files?? that would really help me out….

  30. Recently replayed this, forgot how much i liked the Da Capo characters :p

    Anyhow, is there some more info released about Da Capo 3? Even when released in japan i guess it will take a couple of years before released in the west.

  31. for me the best would be Amakase Minatsu’s Arc!!
    why?? coz i love tsunderes!!
    nxt would be Yukimura Anzu’s Arc. .i agree with Shiki; its very heartwarming and tear jerking. .
    well im still trying to conquer Koko currently but Shiki’s comment abt Koko-chan’s route gave me chills. . .T_T i hate netorare (^^)

    1. Yeah, I actually saved hers for last just because I heard about it being kinda netorare. But it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be 🙂

  32. Admin, can you please upload this VN to Filesonic? I don’t have the premium member for Fileserve. The internet in my area is kinda sulky so whenever the internet down I can’t resume the download. Thank before.

  33. Hey, admins and such. Posted this on the Da Capo page but I figured I’d ask here for this game to, are any of the add-ons for this game being translated currently or is it mostly the first games add-ons being worked on? Haven’t seen anything on the add-ons, so my curiosity compells me.


  34. Finished Anzu-san and Koko-san’s route

    Mini spoiler:
    Anzu-san’s route = Tearjerker Heartwarming XD

    Koko-san’s route= gave me a Netorareish feeling =.=
    Yes..YOU doing the netorare

    Ohh and you’ll get sad at what happens to one,and its your fault >___<

    I would die if i was Sakurai

    Note: DCII = THE BEST XD

  35. I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for all your hard work, admin! Thank you so much for this wonderful collection of visual novels! I was so happy that I could finally play Fate/Stay Night, been wanting to play that ever since I finished Tsukihime a year or two ago. And now I am enjoying the Da Capo series thanks to you. Rock on, admin. \m/

  36. Good News for all Da Capo Fans. Circus has Officially Confirmed Da Capo 3. There is still no release Date but I thinks it´s great News^^

  37. How will you know that mangagamer is translating Da Capo II Add ons? . . Im craving for the Spring Celebration . . =((

  38. excuse me but i have a little problem. when i try to install the game it appears something about a serial number. so i wonder where can i found that serial or at least how can i install the game. thanks a lot for the game i too love de DC games

      1. oh thanks a lot admin-sama. it worked and i can play now ^^ all thanks to you. thanks for the game too even if i didnt downloaded it here. thats because thanks to you i can play it. again thanks and i wait for new DC games. thanks for your hard work.

  39. Mangagamer is going to release Kotori Love Ex P tomorrow.
    I hope it will be upload here also soon. I would buy the gam by myself but I can`t. I love Da Capo

  40. I really hope Da Capo 2 Plus Situation/Plus Communication is going to be translated soon. I Absolutely have to play the new Routes and I cant wait to see Rie Kugimiyas Part in this Game^^

  41. WTF????? I JUST FOUND OUT HTAT THERE IS ANOTHER GAME FOR DA CAPO2 DA CAPO 2 FALL IN LOVE PLIZ ADMIN UPLOAD IT TRansalate please i beg you wahhhhh i just finisshed and then i found this wahh please

    1. Chill… stop acting like a little brat… unless you are one ofcourse.

      Unfortunatly, all the newer Da Capo stuff, after Da Capo 2 hasn’t been translated in English yet.

      I’m looking at you Da Capo 2: Spring Celabration. Can’t wait to continue Da Capo 2’s story with all the characters.

      1. OMFG, that’s exactly what I’m waiting for! Sadly, there translating all the addons (I guess that what you would call them) for the first Da Capo before they even start Da Capo 2…

  42. hey admin i hear about d.c x mas dream and d.c day dream bielive if you have those then post for us those are the lastest of the d.c games

  43. I would like to thank Admin for the new links, thank you very much ^^
    And to people that dont know about it (like me) i discovered that exist a anime of this Eroge, its not SO good as the game, but still a good anime.

    1. Usualy it’s other way around – many people had no idea that their favourite animes are based on games.

  44. Ahhh whatsup. I downloaded this game with utorrent, came is a Winrar archive ISO. Installed eveything works fine etc. But no subtitles. Anyone know where to get them ?

  45. I have already downloaded part 1 until 5 in hotfile, but now there are only 5 parts, must I download it again???

    1. Yes. Fileserve allows bigger files so i put the game into fewer parts so that it’ll be easier to download. I also already updated game .exe with cracked one. You will have to download files again tho, sorry for the trouble.

          1. Lol not all, I hate her not love her. I prefer Sia, Nerine, Kaede and even Kareha-senpai over that green haired slump

          2. @lol you probably dont like her because shes the girl he chooses in the show and every1 likes asa i personaly favor her over the other girls but i dont hate any of the girls so yeah

  46. I rebooted my pc, and i cant download this game anymore, its saying that all the files are offline, anyone having the same problem?

  47. Wow
    Part 7 of 7 is deleted too
    Please help me
    I want to play this game!!!!!
    Reaaaallllyyyy wanttttt!!!!

  48. Emmmm
    I tried to download the part 6 of 7
    But in the hotfile it seems that the data was deleted
    I reaaaalllly want to play this game
    So please help me

  49. having serious issues with the .rar files. 6 out of 7 refused to be unpacked some made part way but then stopped. Perhaps they are corrupted? Anyways im going to redownload and try again. But i was wondering if they were damaged during download or if they are just broken or if my unzipping software sucks?

    1. they are definatly not corrupted in anyway. I’ve downloaded them and everything works fine. There are some times though, that while downloading a minor thing, sometimes you dont even notice, somehow ruins the downloading. The best thing to do is redownload and try again. If it still happens, I don’t know what to tell you and hopefully Admin will be able to help you 😛

      1. hmm well thats what ill do. all that i have downloaded but part1 have been corrupt. I think it must be my internet connection. Anyways im sloooowly compiling all the parts through multiple redownloads. Got part 1 and 2 so far, not sure if it’ll work since im basically just combining 2 corrupt files to get a (not?) corrupt one. But im hopefull 🙂 (and determined to play this game lol)

        1. well i wish you the best of luck. If you haven’t played the first one, then here’s a fair warning: be prepared for playing up to a couple of hours per story Each story is looooong and the endings get REAL tear jerky towards the end. Especially Anzu’s story T_T

  50. Yo . This is my fisrt eroge . i play to date 26 in Anzu’s story and end the game . I don’t thing it just stop there. Help

  51. Hi,
    has anybody got a clue which girl Sakura meets in London (that’s the Big Ben isn’t it?) in the final scene?
    I tried to compare voices, but I won’t state my theory here in order not to influence your opinion 🙂

    1. I’ve wondered the same thing. I personally think it’s (somehow) the grandma from the first one. but that doesn’t make any sense, with a 50 or so year difference between games so, IDK 😀

      1. Well, my theories sorted acendingly by likeliness:
        First theory: It’s happening at the moment and there is only one female character known in the proper age – the nurse. Doesn’t make sense imho.

        Second theory: It’s happening in the future. Only one female character in the current game knows enough of magic to pull off something like this. Also her voice fits the best of these three theories.

        Third theory and my best guess: It’s happening in the past and either she is the grandmother to begin with or she is picked up by her now. What doesn’t the bill is, that she’s speaking Japanese although I don’t know a reason why she’s learned it before her moving to Japan (perhaps because of her Japanese husband or whatever).

        Does somebody know if Da Capo 1 agrees or disagrees with one of these theories?

  52. And of course, I enjoyed the games I downloaded, yet I didn’t even thank you.

    I AM a bitch.

    Thank you so much for the links.

  53. Managed to be able to download again. But it’s not very fair not being able to download for a freaking hour because your computer hates you XD.

  54. I don’t know how to say this without being rude, so… Could you please upload the files in a server other than hotfiles? Because not only I had to wait thirty minutes after each download to download, but I ‘m not able to download ever since my computer rebooted during a transfer.

  55. I was wondering if I could get some help with installation. I’ve never downloaded partition .rar files before so I’m not exactly sure what to do, but every time I try to run the BGI.exe it keeps asking for an “Alpha Activation” code. Is there anywhere I can get step-by-step instructions on how to install this game, and other broken up .rar file games?

      1. Ah thank you so much! I downloaded all 7 partitions as well as the crack but didn’t know to put the crack into the game folder 😛

    To start off, I hope you’re all enjoying some DCIF or DCII. They’re both great games and Da Capo II is just perfect for the winter season. I’m sure many have forgotten about the post, while others think it’s already over now that both of these games are out, but remember, the Season of Da Capo isn’t over until the last snow falls!

    i wonder which da capo is next

    1. I would hope its spring celebrations, which is kinda like a continuation to each girls story, but since it says “last snow falls”, which obviously points to winter I, sadly, doubt this. *tear*

  57. Man I loved this game. does anybody noes if da capo 2: Spring Celebration or Da capo 2: Plus communication are being translated?

  58. This is my first Eroge.
    Just finished the Anzu’s Story…
    man what a wonderful story *–*
    just She some tears now D:

  59. Awesooome !

    So glad i found this site, i’ve been looking for this for 3 days now.

    Been playing Da Capo (VN game) and watching all 4 seasons ( Da capo, Da Capo S.S, Da Capo 2, Da Capo 2 S.S) for the last 2 weeks, and i’m totally hooked. Only thing left is to play Da Capo 2 game :p

  60. @AKA
    good thing you mention that one..
    i have it for ages but forgot to finish it…
    i have many vn waiting in my hdd back when i download it

  61. I like to make a request.I looked through all your Mangagamer titles but can’t seem to find “My sex slave is my Classmate”. I don’t know how hardcore this game is but can u upload it when u hv time? Thks in advance.

    1. This one is easier, since during map choices there are chibi-figures showing where is each character. Just stick to one and you’ll complete route with no problem.

  62. i have window xp home edition can i get the applocale for my computer…. i thought i had it but it was the instill for the applocale…. when i instill it i cant find it ??? any help plz

  63. Probably one of the greatest Christmas gift I have ever received via internet.

    And I have to say… Its awesome! Except there’s two things that’s been bothering me:

    1) Music Mode (Repeat 1): doesn’t work
    2) Scene Replay: Some of it doesn’t work

    Is it a game error or is there some wrong with laptop?

  64. soo it works on windows 7 or xp right?? right?? i hope i dont encounter errors or sumthing that will make my world shatter xDD

  65. Side note on game, can’t believe I forgot to mention this:
    It surprised me how tear jerking each story was. I mean, I always expected there to be something sad for each person, and even though I was ready for it, each story brought me to the brink of tears. Quite amazing when a game is able to do that.

  66. sorry admin but it semms that part 3,4,5 are corrupt. and i can’t repair it ( recovery record not fond ). could you re-upload it please !!

  67. @darkwings02
    hmm…that’s interesting. I’m hoping that the game does get here in March, or sooner if better. Thank’s for the tip =D

  68. only Otome’s route is left, but I’m still thinking that I wish there had been an Akane route though…

  69. hmmm admin,i can’t download it too….
    when it’s reach 99% stuck at there…..
    i try 10 times same….how to solve this problem???
    i use premium acc hotfile….
    is that file error ???stuck from part 2 to part 6.
    please give a reply…thank’s

  70. Is it just me or I can’t find it in the “download” main page. I had to search around on google to find this page cuz’ I didn’t see it the the download section. Admin, please check it again.

  71. @PopDigity
    according to some hint i found in thier post in facebook i’m guessing they will have it in spring
    so start expecting whne MARCH come

  72. Excellent game. I hope mangagamer can be more careful with the typos though 🙁 it is the only factor drawing me back from investing in the real product.

  73. Great game, had a blast playing it. Are there any rumors about the possibility of Plus Communication being translated in the near future?

  74. Nice game. played through each person’s story and I think Anzu’s, even though it was the saddest, was my favorite.

    But if I can get the admin’s attention for a sec, I think alot of people would enjoy having D.C. Da Capo 2 Sping Celebration. It’s basically a continued story for each girl. Hope it gets put up here soon =D

      1. I think most people agree in saying that her story is the sadest. Even after replaying it it almost makes me shed manly tears

  75. hello there just wanted to ask if anyone knows how to get the scene for yukimura anzu dated 23/12 between scenes named ‘what is the person next to me doing?’ and ‘cant leave her alone’. i just cant get this last scene.

  76. thx man u help me out big time going to find the download for the asian my computer is window xp home edition dell …thx dude

  77. hmmm…i think games that mangagamer releases doesnt need japanese locale but its highly recomended if your going to play fan translated or japanese visual novel.. and if you dont have the cd, there’s a downloadable east asian language file. you just need to find the proper one for your os (windows xp sp2 for me)

    try visiting the faq sectiong for instalation
    salt post download link of the files

  78. o and do i need to change my language to east asian.. or i just dont have to… if i do then im going to need a cd called window xp professional cd-rom ?

  79. @dmm
    ok i just try what i thought your problem is and i did get some japanese character and that [system.arc:ipl._bp]

    here’s the solution dude…
    copy then paste or just move that cat icon with the name dacapo(crack) in the same folder as the game

  80. -_- i wish i can play the first 1 ..i need help i click on the crack 1 then a picture with a cat come up with the name da capo then i click on it …. then i get an error [system.arc:ipl._bp] plz sum1 help me and thx

  81. Anyone having issues running this on Win7 ? My text is messed up. I get weird line columns in between each letter. Its readable but quite the distraction and just generally annoying.

  82. I would rather have torrents than 30 minutes between pieces – especially since that last one is only 1.8 Mb 😛

    But thanks! I appreciate the site and the fact that I can download this.

  83. found a walkthrough Admin can you add this to walkthrough section
    YOU MUST READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!
    you can’t get into the yume or otome
    routes until you have completed 1 heroine from each branches meaning
    you need to do one of koko/nanaka and one of anzu/minatsu to unlock
    there paths also If you play Nanaka before Koko wait to do her common
    route until you clear koko’s main route

    4.1 Tsukishima Koko
    01.Prefer a puppet show.
    02.She’s a robot.
    03.Head to the classroom
    05.Head to Kazami academy
    06.Head to Kazami academy
    07.Head to the sakura park
    08.Take Koko home
    09.My usual time
    10.Head to the music room
    11.Head to the music room
    12.Sleep in
    13.Head to the cafeteria
    14.Head to the music room
    15.Sleep in
    16.Head to the classroom
    17.Head to the classroom
    18.Wake up early
    19.Head to the classroom
    20.Head to the music room
    21.Go to Sakura Park
    22.Stay a little longer
    24.Go home with Koko
    25.I held Koko’s hand
    26.Listen to his stories anyway
    28.Main Campus
    29.Affiliated Campus
    30.In a business suit
    31.Shake it normally
    32.Try and fall asleep
    33.There’s someone else on my mind
    34.Tell Koko that she’d look good too
    35.Just enjoy the moment
    36.That’s a nice outfit

    4.2 Shirakawa Nanaka
    1.Prefer a haunted house
    2.shes a robot
    3.Head to the residential district
    4.Head to Kazami academy
    5.Head to the Yoshino household
    6.Head to the residential district
    7.Take Nanaka and Koko home
    8.My usual time
    9.Head to the classroom
    10.Head to the classroom
    11.Sleep in
    12.Head to the hallway
    13.Head to the music room
    14.Sleep in
    15.Head to the cafeteria
    16.Head to the music room
    17.Sleep in
    18.Head to the hallway
    19.Head to the hallway
    20.Take a walk around the neighborhood
    21.It looks amazing
    22.Leave now
    23.Go shopping with Nanaka
    24.I held Nanaka’s hand
    25.Listen to his stories anyway
    27.Area Behind the School
    28.Electives building (then select music room)
    29.In a buisness suit
    30.Shake it (aggressively)(gently)(normally)
    31.Go get something to drink in the kitchen
    *save for normal route*
    32.I love Nanaka too
    33.I’m her boyfriend
    34.Poor thing. I’d better stop
    *load save*
    32.There’s someone else on my mind
    33.Tell Koko that i prefer simple cloths
    34.Try and laugh it off/just enjoy the momnet
    35.Do you like vinegar soy sauce
    36.I can’t Leave Nanaka alone

    4.3 Yukimura Anzu
    01.Prefer a puppet show.
    02.She’s a robot.
    03.Head to the student council room
    04.Head to the shopping district
    05.Head to Sakura Park
    06.Head to the shopping district
    07.Then I’ll choose Anzu
    08.Take Anzu and Akane home
    09.Sleep in
    10.Head to the Cafeteria
    11.Head to the Hallway
    12.They should be united
    13.Wake up early
    14.Head to the classroom
    15.Head to the classroom
    16.My usual time
    17.Im glad
    18.Head to the cafeteria
    19.I’m in
    20.Head to the hallway
    21.You’re worried about the puppet show, arn’t you
    22.Sleep in
    23.Head to cafeteria
    24.Head to the classroom
    25.We shouldn’t pry into other peopls’ affairs
    26.Let’s call Anzu
    27.I’ll keep an eye on the beginners
    28.The left one
    29.I don’t give a crap
    30.Take a morning bath
    31.Let’s hit the intermediate slop
    32.Okay, I’ll make it now
    33.Decided to wait for another chance
    34.Please tell me
    35.Do you want me to get something for you
    36.Anzu’s birthday
    *save for normal route*
    37.okay, let’s find a gift together
    38.I’m only doing okay
    *load save*
    37.I’ll pick a gift by myself some other time
    38.I was feeling great until i saw you

    4.4 Amakase Minatsu
    01.Prefer a haunted house
    02.shes a robot
    03.Head to the shopping district
    04.Head to the Sakura park
    05.Apologize (IT’S TO LATE TO_____OMG IM SRY I HAD TO)
    06.Head to the Sakura park
    07.Head to the Sakura park
    08.Take Amakase home
    09.Wake up early
    10.Head to the hallway
    11.Head to the entranceway
    12.Wake up early
    13.Head to the cafeteria
    14.I basically like to
    15.Head to the classroom
    16.My usual time
    17.Head to the classroom
    18.Head to the entranceway
    19.My usual time
    20.Head to the classroom
    21.Eat it
    22.Head to the entranceway
    23.Just a little
    24.There is none
    25.Maybe i should call Amakase…?
    26.I just want to ski freely
    27.The right one
    28…play it safe (idk)
    29.Just give an order that strikes your fancy(idk)
    30.Go to the cafeteria
    31.Of course I’ll hit the advanced slope!
    32.Maybe I will
    33.What would you do if she was?
    34.I did
    35.Not that much
    36.Is she all right

    4.5 Asakura Yume
    01.Prefer a haunted house
    02.shes a robot
    03.Head to the shopping district
    04.Head to the shopping district
    05.Head to the shopping district
    06.Head to the shopping district
    07.Help Yume after dinner
    08.Sleep in
    09.Head to the cafeteria
    10.Head to the hallway
    11.My usual time
    12.Head to the classroom
    13.Head to the entranceway
    14.Wake up early
    15.Head to the hallway
    16.Head to the classroom
    17.Wake up early
    18.Head to the cafeteria
    19.Head to the classroom
    20.Takoyaki on the left
    21.Think about Yume
    22.I’ll go to the bathroom, then I’ll go to sleep
    23.Do the cleaning with Yume
    24.Go to sleep
    25.She used up all her strength to grab a snack
    26.Buy some cotton candy
    27.Run after Yume
    28.Talk to her

    4.6 Asakura Otome
    01.Prefer a puppet show.
    02.She’s a robot.
    03.Head to the student council room
    04.Head to the cherry blossom tree lined street
    05.Head to the shopping district
    06.Head to the Yoshino household
    07.Help oto-nee clean up after dinner
    08.Wake up early
    09.Head to the student council room
    10.I’m in
    11.Head to the classroom
    12.My usual time
    13.Head to the student council room
    14.Head to the hallway
    15.Wake up early
    *save for Yume/oto-hime common route*
    16.Head to the hallway
    16.Head to the entranceway
    17.My usual time
    18.Head to the hallway
    19.Head to the hallway
    20.Think about Oto-nee
    21.Its still a bit early, I’ll read some more
    22.Buy ingredients with Oto-nee
    23.Take a bath
    24.Buy some cotton candy
    25.She’ll be fine
    *load save*
    16.Head to the classroom
    17.Head to the hallway
    18.You’re worried about the puppet show, arn’t you
    19.Wake up early
    20.Head to the classroom
    21.Head to the classroom
    22.we shouldn’t pry into other peoples’ affairs

  84. Yea, Nanaka was good but Admin and Kotori are still the only people in my heart <3! But really awesome site man… torrents are REALLY annoying.

  85. Hi tried download several times but i get a crc error when extacting something to do with a movie file 2000 arc and 2010 arc?

  86. Thanks for the game! i am so looking forward to K+Musou next Year on January! Hopefully a voice patch is made by someone. Thanks for these Releases, including G-Senjou. Merry X’mas to you & family!

  87. wow finally…
    thank’s….. i hope my words don’t hurt you before …
    thank admin…
    another VN translated by mangagamer….

  88. Ah never mind, pardon my (fail) apparent inability to see that the crack is a separate download ^^ Still a bit dazed from the Christmas celebrations… haven’t slept since haha

  89. That’s odd… when I extract it none of the folders/files appear to contain the Crack. Maybe there’s something wrong with my computer?

    1. Actually i don’t mind – the more people know about this kind of games, the better chance we get some good ones translated ( either officially or by fan translations).

  90. Huh? This game is in english right?
    So who the hell need english because there is none.
    Da Capo 2 english version releases by MangaGamer on Dec 24, 2010.
    For more information here: http://vndb.org/v266
    (Hope you upload english version admin….)

  91. so I am confused admin. I am not aware that there was even a project to translate DC 2. Am I wrong, is there a eng patch coming?

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