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  1. Absolutely loved this game I love Kotori and Junichi together as a couple because I hate Nemu with a passion. Thanks for the upload great game!

  2. I played the game like it very much but the plus version well I have to say it was really disappointing why you ask well the Adultery didn’t feel like it really had an big impact at all I kind of wish it did so i have to say the plus version was really disappointing in my opinion

  3. i know i can only end up with Kotori and that fine with me, though i do wish to unlock everything ( CG’s and scenario’s) in all the game’s if possible, and thats why i need a walkthrough. i wouldnt mind a 100% save file, but i’d prefer the walkthrough.

    1. Why this is called “Kotori Love Ex P” because there’s only one girl focused in this Fan disc and it’s kotori so the main point is that even though it has D.C.P.C.”, “D.C. White Season”, “D.C. After Seasons”, “Circus Disc -Christmas Days-” and D.C. I.F. (Adult Version) you will and I MEAN you will end up with KOTORI ROUTE.

      So don’t expect that you can finish all the characters in the specific Da Capo game included here because it’s only FOCUS IS KOTORI ok.

      So if you really want to finish each and every Da Capo game included with not only Kotori you can finish you must either buy seperately each of the games included here(D.C.P.C.”, “D.C. White Season”, “D.C. After Seasons”, “Circus Disc -Christmas Days-” except though for the Da Capo I.F.(PS2 vr.)

        1. do you know where to dl “d.c.p.c”, “D.C. White Season”, “D.C. After Seasons”, “Circus Disc -Christmas Days?? i downloaded the normal dc and dacapo IF already, bt the rest is not in eroge download

          1. You can only download normal DC, DCII and DCIF, since they are official english release.
            For DCPC, since the translation was halted in midway, you can only find partial translation pack and Japanese version.
            For the rest, I don’t really know. 🙂

          2. The problem is, now is so hard to find DCPC with partial english translation even when you googling to search for the download link, many of them are dead link now. Anyone know where to download it ?
            I really want to play Konomiya Tamaki and Tsukishiro Alice routes.. XD

      1. i know this, i just want a walkthrough to make sure i always follow kotori’s route in all the games, otherwise its pointless to try to get it all.

  4. Does the Da Capo Plus Communication in this game has a walkthrough? Seems like I can’t get anyone else ending except Kotori’s as I am trying to play through the new characters’ route.

    1. You can only end up Kotori in this game. This is a fan disc for Kotori, you know?
      More importantly, does anyone have a 100% save or walkthrough for Kotori PLUS!? I’ve played it many times but never got all the scenarios…

  5. i could use a walkthrough for completion’s sake, i want to get all the CG’s and extras, but i cant find any complete walkthrough for any of the games included in this one.

  6. the game was running properly.but when i choose the story,it back to main menu.when i extracted it,it says the data02000.arc on part5 was corrupted. and no data02000.arc found on extracted folder. anyone can help me? and sorry for my bad english

  7. It has been almost 2 years since the first time i caught a glimpse of this site through my friend computer. And i can proudly say it: ” i’ve played through All the games on this site, some i don’t like it very much( Discipline, Bible Black, Captive market) Some i realy enjoy the time i play the game ( Koihime Musou, Kingdom, The Sagara family…). And this game is certainly one of my favorite! Thanks a lot Admin. I hope this site will last 4ever ( or at least until i corrupt my son ^^)

  8. Just curious. Since there’s the spring op for D.C.A.S in the movie folder, is the remaining 3 season op locked or absent?

  9. I am having problem extracting file 1. I am using 7 zip but it only extracted the rar. How can I extract the arc file? I tried using some arc on the internet but all I am getting is “corrupted or link is broken use r command to fix” but I can’t even find what r command is.

  10. Umm….I have made a walkthrough for this game, its still in ALpha but please check it out, theres only partial walkthrough and its gonna split into 7 sections for each scenarios.
    I will update again as soon as I completed this walkthrough thanx!


    1. kotori is the only heroine, so no. if you really want one you can look for walkthroughs for the individual
      games that are included in it, but you really don’t need one.

  11. part 3 and 4 are not working, plz re-upload. I dont kno bout the other parts. 1 and 2 downloaded fine.

  12. so how do u install it after downloading all the rar files? I have not downloaded all yet, since it takes forever. about 2 hours per file.

  13. I’m getting an error “japanese text [system.arc : ipl._bp] japan text” searched trough net but i couldnt find anything. can someone help me?

  14. i cant seem to unlock the H-scene in DCIF. i tried all thtee routes but nothing happened. Unless there isnt one

  15. I am a little confuse for this VN and D.C.I.F .
    Who do you play as the main character ?
    Jun’ichi or Kotori ?

  16. da capo pc ( plus communication ) is a sidegame of the da capo series and as far as I know it hasn’t been translated yet. I know that sucks because I want nothing more than play more da capo routes. Especially because In kotori love exp you get too meet all those da capo pc characters sigh. Maybe one day asagami.

    1. I really hope that P.C gets translated soon… I will download the hell out of it if it involves all the paths, not just Kotori.

  17. Sorry if i seem like an @ss but,any link to Da Capo Plus Communication??

    Thats kinda the REAL reason why i dled this,Tamaki-san,and UNFORTUNATELY her route isnt available

  18. Just finished the game , it’s just so great ! small spoiler incoming * it’s funny how in the last part that blonde bimbo tries to hit on you, I’d never betray kotori and I sure made her found that out aswell *

    Really good series and really good ending, Kotori gets a 10 for character. The game itself gets a 10 aswell just because Kotori is in it.

    Hahaha after season was also so funny! Oh man , everyone just play this game because it’s awesome.

    Now I’m done with all the da capo games 🙁

    Byebye da capo, kotori will always be in my heart

    1. Oh yeah. The walkthrough first presented was incorrect and I tried another one seemed to work as if showed more of Tamaki. But after March 6 it always seem to end up with no-one. I wonder if the game from this package only allows Kotori to be explored in full or something. I hope not.

      1. …..AND I just only NOW noticed that in front of the very top only Kotori route is available…. My bad. Kinda reminds of how few people read the fine print in contracts…

        I still love this package though.

  19. Just a quick question, but there’s no reason to download this AND Innocent Finale (erogedownload.com/downloads/d-c-i-f-da-capo-innocent-finale) right? They are the same thing but this one has extra content, yes?

  20. when i save and exit this game, the CG’s and scenario i unlocked dont stay when i reboot the game, is there a fix for this? or a completed save file somewhere? i looked all over google and didnt find anything.

  21. This fan disc of kotori (kotori love Ex P) use censored or not?
    (from what I hear all fan disc always use censored)

    1. Not just the fan discs, Every eroge is censored in the original Japanese release

      According to the official site, the English release of Kotori Love ExP doesn’t have any mosaics

      1. i can’t see any “kotori_love_exp.exe” in all the stuff i cracked, i dled the files a few months ago but i just got onto extracting them the other day coz i didn’t have much free time. there’s nothing in them that had that file you were mentioning=/

        1. Download links are changed from time to time – you must’ve downloaded first version long time ago, but didn’t download crack for it, as it was separate download back then (i’m always posting like this, since this site is often first one where the games are released, and i’m posting games, so that people can download it faster, and then can download crack only (usually less than 1MB) when it’s made few hours later. Then after few days, when things calm down i’m creating new archive, already containing crack and update links on site accordingly.

          You can just redownload current version that’s posted – it’s already pre-cracked – you just extract it and play.

  22. Does anyone know how to get to scenario for the Kotori Love ExP part that’s in between “Even though I’m trying to help……” and “A more adult time than usual”? It’s the last scenario I need for 100% completion. Thanks.

  23. I don’t know if this is right or not but this is what I have gathered.

    On the following site: http://vndb.org/v3537
    It says:
    Also, the adult version of “D.C.I.F.”, which was released on PS2, is included.

    But on: http://vndb.org/v1708
    It says:
    Japanese 12+ (PS2)D.C.I.F.
    English All Ages (PS2)D.C.I.F.

    So which is it 18+ or not? (I’m actually asking the ones who played Kotori Love Ex P and not some idiot who tells me yes with out playing it. And just to let you guys know I dont give a damn if it is or not I still plan on playing the game. THANKS FOR ANY REPLY’S!)

    1. Don’t you see you’ve just linked two different games from vndb? one is 18+ while second is all ages. just look at titles…

      1. All I was doing was pointing out that D.C.I.F. side story in Kotori Love Ex P which states it is the Adult Ver. of (ps2) game but the actual D.C.I.F. for (ps2)was 12+ in japan and All Ages in the US witch was done by mangagamer.

        Which means there was never a adult D.C.I.F. (PS2) game, so the info stating in Kotori Love Ex P be comes false but if it is 18+ they should have never have said anything about the (PS2) Game or they should have been more clear of what they were talking about.

        And I’m sorry admin but I think everyone should know all the facts be for playing a game.

        1. Seems like some description problem on vndb. I think you can fix it yourself – it works like moderated wiki afaik.
          The point is – there are two versions of Kotori fandisc – DCIF as all-ages, and Kotori Love Ex P as adult-only one.

  24. Are this VN ALL Age or 18+ ???

    I already play D.C.I.F. – Da Capo Innocent Finale,are this Kotori love ex p the same as that one too ???

        1. By the way ADMIN-sama,…
          Are you have 11eyes in this website ?????

          I think this VN pretty interisting,but hard to find it,..

          1. Assuming you are talking about the 18+ version, it’s still being translated and the admin only posts full translated games. So it’s just a matter of waiting for the end of translation

  25. i’ve wondering around in this website…
    and notice that every download links is either from fileserve or filesonic

    is there a way to download from those two without limit ?
    fileserve and filesonic limitation are annoying… -_-

    or maybe you can upload to megaupload, please m(_ _)m
    that is way better i think ^_^

    thank you

    1. You can download part 1 from filesonic, then while waiting for filesonic limit to finish, you can download part2 from fileserve, then part3 from filesonic and so on… On most connections you can download almost non-stop by alternating the hosts.

  26. anyway, may I ask for suggestion? can u tell me which game that has good story and character? i can’t download them all though. >_< thank u.

  27. I would like to know if any one has a walk trough for this.
    have tried a walk trough i found for D.C P.C but it is very poor since it looks like it was made back when there was a translation patch being made.
    Any way if any one has a walk trough for the D.C P.C part please share i can’t seem to get any other route to work sept korori’s.

  28. öhhhm… game is Working… now there are like 10 different Games/paths or whateva to go, is there an storry order in which i should play them ? also when there is an anime of it …. whats the name.. when i google for “kotori” or “D.C VN” then i find no anime… whats the exact name of the Anime/s?

    And THX by the way, GREAT webside and GREAT games here , keep on Rocking ^^

    1. the animes are called da capo. go on wikipedia and search “da capo episodes” and “da capo 2 episodes”. everything you see on those two pages are all the animes based on this series.

  29. One more thing, I suspect that once I started downloading, I only have a limited amount of time to finish it. When I download small files, this problem did not occur. The problem only surfaces when it comes to downloading big files like 200MB+. After a certain amount of time (I usually reached about 50%+ by that time), the download just sort of stop/crash? Any ideas guys?

  30. I tried downloading via Filesonic as a Free User but halfway through (at about 50%+), there was some sort of error and the download just stopped. No matter how many times I tried again, not just for this game title but also other game titles, the problem would not go away. Must I upgrade to premium account?

  31. Upon extracting the files, it says that data04000arc is corrupted, it is corrupt in all the parts. Im not sure if it was my download error or not, but I dont know what to do about it. Can anyone help? Im downloading it again to see if it works.

    1. Well, I said screw it and just went on with running the game using the crack. IT seems to be working fine, so what does not having that certain file do to my game? I know it can’t be good… Almost as good as my girlfriend is the president. LLove you admin, no homo.

  32. Does someone know how to unlock the last scenario in Kotori Plus? Have some troubles getting there, though everything else is unlocked by now.

    1. Kotori Plus! Walkthrough

      Refuse the blond girl every time. If you go with her even once, you’ll only get the normal ending.

      Then comes the game show.

      Best End
      Answer right to all the questions
      1, It was Kotori.
      2, Black underwear
      3, I want them.
      After that no matter what you pick, you can only get the pink ribbon and a shopping bag. Without spoiling the surprise, if done right Kotori will use it’s contents in an extra scene 😀

      Good End
      Answer incorrectly once.

  33. You can’t have paralell downloads from one site at a time but you can with diffrent sites.
    So if you download part1 from Filesonic and part2 from Fileserve at the same time, and so on, it’s 2xfaster.
    Add a third site and it’s three times as fast.

  34. i put the crack in the same folder as the original .exe but when i try to run the crack file i get an error. can somebody explain to me how to run the crack please?

    1. alright i figured it out. turns out a file in the first filesconic download was corrupted so it caused an error in the game. i download the first fileserve download and re-extracted everything and now the game runs fine.

      i want to know if there is a specific order i should play the games in this pack. i’m playing kotori love ex p before i play da capo 2. there are so many games in this pack that i’m not sure in what order i need to play them to get the whole story.

  35. Thanks for uploading this. By the way, is there any chance of you uploading Yukkuri Panic: Escalation? I saw it on JASTUSA while doing my daily rounds of checking for School Days updates and it looks interesting.

    1. You forgot to download crack (download link is just below game links). Replace game .exe with it and it won’t be asking for serial.

  36. The crack.exe is supposed to work, right? Because it doesn’t.
    I double-click it(obviously), wait a few seconds, and some pop-up appears. An error message, I’m sure(it says: Error!! and a bunch of gibberish).
    I wager this game here is quite old, so I won’t hold my breath for a response.

  37. @bigdaddygobl1n you can play the game withouth playing the original D.C VN but having backround on the game would be helpful try watching the anime :)\

    BTW admin thnx for this game really appreciate it 🙂

  38. Hey admin, should I play the other games in this series before this one? I have seen em, im not sure exactly how this game is. The description is diffrent than others, to point out the obvious, so i cant base it off if that. ^^ Thank you for your hard work. *Bow*

  39. i downloaded all parts and the crack, but when i open the game. I must enter a serial code. What should i do?

  40. oh… ill try to DL again sir 🙂 thnx for the response

    btw can i interchange fileserve with filesonic?

    1. No, it isn’t. It’s your download only. 100s of people downloaded it already and it’s working for them.

  41. can some one reupload part 3,its seem like,when i download it,it wouldnt full,any one can tell me why?

  42. hey ty so much i just wanna know if the game need a special way to instal i dont play many games like that but i like to begin to do it so please answer here or the admin send me a email ty i thing this page will be part of my favs :3

  43. Is there any way to fix the Download Error

    ” Free users may only download 1 file at a time. ” Im downloading it one at a time but i still have the problem..

    1. Probably someone from your network is downloading from host as well. You can try different mirror, since the files are interchangeable.

  44. I couldn’t find the key file CDK.txt some of you mentioned.
    So I can’t play the game.
    I downladed und extracted it twice.What should I do now?

  45. i downloaded all the parts just fine except for part three. when i try to run it, my computer says the file is damaged.

  46. i just downloaded this and everything works fine. haven’t played it yet but i’m a big fan of D.C. and D.C.2. so much so i even bought the dvds (anime).
    admin, thanks heaps and keep up the great work 🙂

  47. thanks a bunch for all the eroge…
    there is no problem after extracting all the file just put the crack in the folder u all extract n run the crack…
    btw i didn’t found the mds or cd key with daemon but it can be play right away after extracting.

  48. Hi admin! why don’t you use mediafire.com to upload these games?
    They never delete your files (at least if you don’t put obvious names. For example, in place of “kotoriLoveExP” you put “Kloveep2” your files will be safe)
    Plus you can download at unlimited speed, without waiting, and various simultaneous files (20+).

    Sorry for the bad– [correction] horrible english.

    PD: Mediafire allows 200 mb per archive.

    Keep up the good work. I love this site. (:

    1. Mediafire is an almost perfect sharing service, but it’s for altruists only aka you get absolutely NO monetary gain or even a free premium for downloading of your files. Admin doesn’t work this way, so “no” and most likely “never” as well. Use torrents if you don’t like it, you’ll need no redownloads.
      @Admin: rar archives should have some recovery record (I suggest 3-5%), please make them this way if you aren’t doing it already. People aren’t guilty that sometimes files are being downloaded borked. Making more downloads at cost of such unfortunate souls is greedy.
      Or at least add CRC32 checksums/.sfv files to the blog posts so that they can easily find and redownload damaged part only.

      1. @mediafire: Mediafire is blocked by many ISPs, and even whole countries ( for example Department of Telecom in India blocked it since 20th july ). Secondly, i’m working very closely with filesonic and fileserve for a long time – i have AIM contact to their employees, ready-made scripts to automaticaly upload stuff to them. I get notified when my files get taken down due to DMCA complaints etc. Biggest games on this site come close to 8GB. Can you imagine having to download 40 parts to play one game?
        Money earned by downloading is completely not an issue – this site is completely a hobby of mine, apart from it i run several “warez” forums and porn boards. Uploading newest version of Windows 7 or Adobe Photoshop earns me more than all downloads from this site in a month.
        @repair record: This data doesn’t come from the air – by adding repair record the total size the users have to download increases. Since only a minority of users needs to redownload files, i’m not going to punish everyone by increasing download sizes needlesly.

  49. Correct checksums are saved in an archive, open it (without extracting) and compare checksums yourself. WinRAR shows them by default, 7-Zip might need turning that column on. You’ll see that everything matches except data02000.arc. Admin should’ve created .rar’s with a recovery record, and in this case you can use WinRAR (but not 7-Zip) to fix damaged archive. If successful, you won’t have to redownload the file(-s) and will be able to extract all files correctly; if not, post checksums of .rar files (prior to unpacking) and wait for someone with non-damaged files to post his set of checksums – for you to find out which part exactly is damaged beyond repair and needs redownloading.

  50. Someone managed to complete the route Kotori Love Plus with all the CGs?

    I can not get the last CG of the first page
    and the first three and the last CGs of the second page

    if anyone knows how to unlock them, please tell me =D

  51. sorry im new at this.
    so i downloaded the files, extracted them all. i dl daemon tools. then i tried mounting the image, but there are no images.. theres only 7 movie clips.
    i tried running the application and it just asked me for an alpha key.. please help

    1. Replace the .exe in that folder with the cracked one that the admin uploaded and then run that new cracked .exe instead. There are no images to mount in this upload.

      1. Correction: Just realized the cracked .exe has a different name than the original, so nothing is actually being replaced. Just drag the cracked .exe into the directory where the original .exe is and run the cracked .exe instead.

  52. Is it necessary to extract all seven files and group them into one folder? I found it confusing because the sizes of some files are similar and the names of the folder are the same.

  53. Do I have to download and extract all seven parts in order to play this game? It seems to me that some of the files are similar (judging based on the file size and the folder name)

  54. Question: Is it possible to unlock the other girls (like tamaki) from D.C P.C somehow? Like in D.C I.F Extra (cause it says parallel story?)

  55. I have downloaded every one of the parts 1-7.
    They are fine 257 mb 1-6 and 233 mb part 7.
    I extracted all zips and the folder KotoriLoveExp was created.
    Inside that folder I put the above crack, and there is the BGI 5 .arc data and some other 4 sys.arc and a Movie(Folder).

    When I try to run BGI.exe it gives me this error:

    [1911] Failed to issue Authentication Code.

    Now, I have the crack that is posted above and its in the same folder as all the other .arc and the bgi.

    why doesn’t it work :'(

      1. okay… whenever I run korori_love_exp.exe it disappears.
        the problem is … nortrom detects it as dangerous and deletes.
        what to do….
        I can’t really seem any other way aside from turning off nortrom … whch is well… not that safe right?

        1. nvm….
          thanks though.
          I just took SONAR off to open it so it wouldn’t delete it.
          It works fine 😀

  56. Ty =)

    Too bad not all the DC games have been translated…

    Btw, the crack gets targeted by Norton Security for being a threat. It does work well though xD

  57. fileserve link has expired and I can’t download the file from filesonic. could you reupload it in other site?

  58. Just a question, in the kotori plus I always get the ending where Ayumi goes to America to follow her dream. (titled – Farewell, Ayumi-san in the SCENARIO MODE)
    Is that the real ending or am I missing something?
    I tried all possible combinations of the choices and I still get that ending.

    also, thanks for uploading this game.

    1. i’m actually interested in knowing the answet to that too, so if anyone can help, that would be appretiated

  59. where I can get CD Key? I’ve downloaded from fileserve. Seems there is no CDK.txt file. Please help.

  60. Alright, finally able to download everything (DAMN YOU filesonic !), everything’s working great. Just a quik question.. is there a “preferred ” order in which to play the different stories (Do they continue on eachother or not) ? Cause i’ve already played Da Capo I.F in the past.

  61. Regarding Mangagamers product, can i request the title “My sex slave is a classmate”. I been curious about this game for a while.

    1. Actually I’m finding that you don’t need a walkthrough for this. For DCPC all you need to do is choose the choices with the Kotori icon beside it. For White season and After season there are no choices. For DCIF theres already a walkthrough out there, just google it or go to the DCIF page on this site and check through the comments. I haven’t played the others yet so IDK, but it’s most likely to be similar.

      1. oh really thx, i read on the comment of others that i cannot pursue other heroin is that correct ,if is what a shame i really do love to have a tamaki route …..

        1. No! Don’t go for other routes, you’ll get the trolling of the month. Only Kotori’s route is in the game.

          1. wooahh,that’s crazy man it all makes sense now cuz of the title(kotori) thx anyway…

    1. The final product will be in their warehouse to ship the week of May 9th… so they haven’t started shipping it as of yet.

    1. DCIF is included in this game..
      i played kotori love exp like this

      DCPC => DCIF(or last) => DCWS => DCAS => DCCD => kotori plus

      correct me if i’m wrong.. i think that’s how it goes

  62. File part 7 of both links are corrupted. Please fixed it admin I’m dying to play this game!!!

  63. How do I fix it, i downloaded it multiple times?
    KotoriLoveExP.part7.rar: CRC failed in KotoriLoveExP\syssnd.arc. The file is corrupt
    KotoriLoveExP.part7.rar: Unexpected end of archive

  64. Is it possible that Circus Disk Christmas Days will be translated?? . . I want to see Otome again . . =((

  65. Dear Admin,if you can,could you please write near the title the genre of the game?
    It could be useful for who doesn’t know well the japanese”world”.


    I hope you will publish some JRPG too.

    Thanks in advance.

  66. got a problem with part 6 of both downloads, winrar says they are corrupted. . .
    some help plz???

  67. btw..did anyone test if going on another route except kotori on dcpc is possible?

    i played dc but i hear dcpc have more heroine

    1. I don’t think we can. The choices that are for the other heroines are probably removed, the choices we get either doesn’t effect anything or effects Kotori alone. Another hint that we can’t is that the size of the file is too small. Anyways if your interested I found a place where you can download DCPC with the partial english patch which include the Kotori, Alice, Kanae & Tamaki Routes. I do hope that Mangagamer later fully translates DCPC and DC2PC. Btw if you haven’t heard DC3 has been announced. Released date still unknown though.

      1. Yeah, it’s not possible to have any other ending other than Kotori’s and Suginami’s (Sugi’s is the default ‘you-get-no-girls ending’ if you pursued any heroine other than Kotori).

        Also, where’s that partial patch? It would’ve been nice to see more of Nanako and the goat but I’ll settle for tasty ol’ Kanae. 😛

        1. I had to make a sad-face, Tamaki’s route doesn’t seem to be completely translated in the patch provided at anime-sharing. Plus it seems her route has text overflow problems but oh well! 😛

        2. Better than nothing right? Cause I’m thinking its gonna take awhile b4 Mangagamer gets it translated.

        3. O btw to find the walkthrough google “dcpc walkthrough” and click on the 1st one, one of the ppl there posted a link to the Japanese walkthrough which you can use google translate. Though the translations may be a bit off, its still understandable. As for the names, if can’t find out whos who on that then here:
          Kasumi – Kiyoshi Kaoru mist feather
          Izumiko – Yukari Kazu泉子
          Nanako – Pearl Nanako saturation
          Tamaki – Miya ring Hu
          Alice – Mon Alice Castle
          Asumi – Sawa Misaki heron (Yoriko)

        4. Ah thanks! I’ll be fine though, it’s relatively easy to pick out whose voice belongs to who and I can just use Kotori ExP’s D.C.C.P for the things that aren’t translated up ’till the second half of the game. 😛

      2. i think i prefer them to translate dc2 spring celebration than dc2pc…..i kinda like both shirakawa’s in dc1 and 2…ugh

        1. Extract all the files with either winrar or 7zip. Then use something like Daemon Tools to mount the DCPC_DVD.mds file. Next install it, then after follow the instructions in the DCPCAlphaPatch folder. When you try to start the game after there should be a pop up asking for a CD key, the CD key is in the other folder named CDK.txt. You can then enjoy the game.

    2. in the game there is a story called d.c.i.f extra i think you get to play other routes in that but i dont know for sure.

  68. sorry admin but the link is down. Would you mind re-uploading it again please. Thanks a lot!

  69. I have been waiting so long for this game to be translated! so happy!! but, a while ago i downloaded the Japanese version (and reaffirmed that i cannot in fact read japanese) and that version was almost 4gb when installed, why is this one so much smaller?

    1. i download it too last year and try to read it then rely on agth and atlas but the translation too bad that i gave up reading it

      btw i have the same question as you, i still have the 3.86Gb installer of the japanese version

      1. i think it s because the english version doesn t include any other heroine except kotori. i didn t play the Jap. 1, so i just guess. Correct me if i m wrong plz^^

  70. DCIF on Kotori Love ExP is infinite better than the PS2 version(released on overseas by MG adapted for PC ) ^^

  71. I´ve got a walkthrough for the game, could give me ur e-mail so i can send it to you plz admin?;)

      1. Well, yes for sure. 😉 But my comment with my e-mail is waiting for admin ;p so pm me later if u want it 😉

    1. I’d be nice to have the walkthrough so that the admin can post it after. I’ll be waiting for it to come up.

      1. Ill sure give it to everyone^^ Just give me ur e-mail later and i ll send u the walkthrough 😉

        1. Ummm how would we send you our email? Cause just posting it for everyone to see is kinda risky.

          1. Well you got a pont :-/. Well, just google “kotori love exp walkthrough” and clock on the second link, scroll down and u ll see the walkthrough(it has no trojan or virus in it).It s a 22,1kb small file, it s 1 with all cgs, so it s sometimes confusing^^

  72. oh man, don’t we just love playing eroge? Especially this site! Thank you admin! and lol we aren’t even late for this; it was posted yesterday and the comments are flooding xD

  73. iriz first download all the parts of the game then download the crack … then google extract the files… u have to download winzip or RAR to extract the game parts ….then u do the same to the crack ..it makes a folder open the folder find the crack file inside the folder right click the crack go to copy …then go inside the main game folder then paste the crack inside it ….thts it hope it helps iriz

  74. im a beginner on downloading eroge games can anyone show me step by step process on downloading(installing)???i may start in this one!!!

  75. Uhg.. How come the Ad-Supported downloads never work?

    Whatever, I’ll just use the one with multiple parts.

  76. @sasori231
    redownload the corrupt file

    everything’s working fine with me..did you put the crack in the game folder?

  77. why this show up when i want to extract this rar file, G:\game1\Kotori love exp\KotoriLoveExP.part1.rar: CRC failed in KotoriLoveExP\sysgrp.arc. The file is corrupt

  78. i cant w8 for demonbane.. darkwing02 thx for the help for the first 3 da capo games .. now im a pro at downloading games … ik its not tht great xd

  79. Admin, forgot to ask, What’s the crack for? XD So I can’t play this w/o the crack? 😀

    1. The crack is what allows us to play these games for free.
      It bypasses the serial code and goes straight to the game 😀

      1. Oh, I see. Makes sense, ^^ Thanks for that. Another question, can I play it w/o the crack right now? I’m so exited right now and want to play it! XD 1 More part and I’m ready to go.. 😀

        1. Sadly no, unless you have a serial code to use. If not, we have to be patient and wait 🙁

          1. Oh. haha! Thank you for answering my repeating questions. XD I wish you’re not fed upped w/ me xD hehe. It’s ok for me to wait ^^ I’ve also waited for Kotori Love Ex P for long time so I can also at least wait for the crack too ^^ Have a nice day, thanks again ^^ and to admin also…

          2. Sorry for the double reply. I think I’m hallucinating, I think I just saw the crack! WOOOOOOOO!!!!???? IT’S THERE!? THANKS AGAIN!! and ESPECIALLY ADMIN! *HUGS!!* DAMN! PRETTY EXCITED!! 10 more minutes for the last part!! XD

  80. Is there a reason RAR archives are used instead of LZMA2 7z ones?

    (and don’t tell me it’s because RAR compresses better, since that’s not true compared to LZMA2)

    1. Rin, it doesn’t matter if 7z or rar is used for most of Mangagamer releases, as data files in them are already compressed and extra compression barely works; rar is probably used just because multipart archives work more intuitive there.
      (however, some other VNs on this site, especially some DVDPG games, could *really* benefit more from 7z compression)

  81. Umm Can You Download Like Part 1 From Fileserve And Like Part 2 From Filesonic And So On. Just To Kill The Download Time

      1. Oh I see, that’s rather unfortunate, but still I’m sure we’ll be fine, hope he appears soon.

  82. Mr. admin can i request for the “Sensei” series?, I’ve really miss it a lot since it was the first visual novel I played, but lost it due to some circumstances haha hoping for an update 🙂

  83. Can you play this even without a crack or not? . . will it as for a serial key?? . . just asking . . XD . .tnx!


    1. Btw, if I am not mistaken, this is the Eng. right? Sorry for asking obvious question knowing all you post here is Eng. I just want to be sure xDD hehehe! Damn, *SMIRK!*

  85. Oh yeah, I`m waiting for the fan disk so long. Thank you admit for excellent work as usual.

  86. I was spamming F5 on this website like there’s no tomorrow. Thank you! And by the way, crack is on the way, right?

  87. thank you very much for the blessing admin….its worth the spam of f5 in /jp/ the moment i saw your post

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