If You Love Me, Then Say So!

If You Love Me, Then Say So!

“I love you.”

Under the tree in the garden behind the school, I confessed my love to ‘Her’…

My up-to-then ordinary school life took a turn after a chance encounter with QP, a fairy that was born from an apple. I met Ayame, the air-headed rich girl, my relationship with my childhood friend Yuki has changed, and my ex-girlfriend Mahiru showed up in my life again.

One budding relationship blooms after the next, and then…

…After the longest seconds of my life pass, ‘She’ blushes as she responds.

What will her answer be?

101 comments on “If You Love Me, Then Say So!

  1. Does anyone know why the animations do not work? I downloaded it and installed it normally, everything works except the animations. I also activated them in the Menu, without success.

  2. The art is nice and all but god is the script terrible. I got sick of of it after 30min. Save your time and disk space and stay away from this.

  3. I literally had to stop playing Yuki’s route by the time she was like “Don’t those fireworks look like balls of jizz exploding in the sky?”

    Jesus christ dude I just cannot take her ‘dirty jokes’ anymore, they are so forced and cringey and she drops one every other line of dialogue, followed by “YARASHINOOO!”(meaning “how lewd” apparently).

    Mahiru is equally as annoying, while Ayane is your stereotypical naive good-girl who is constantly falling victim to Yuki’s relentless dick jokes.

  4. Looked at a walkthrough and it got me wondering… Do you have to do Ayame first? Doesn’t seem like the others girls are available until you first clear her and Yuuki.

  5. I’m not finished yet, but I wish this game was better. Yuuki’s dirty jokes gag gets old really quickly and Mahiru is just an annoying character. And for a game that markets itself as a “moege” they would’ve been so much better off adding routes for Maya and Eri, both of whom I thought were a lot sweeter and more interesting than the rest of the cast. Especially when some events play out in a way that makes it pretty clear that they probably like Souta.

    It feels like the kind of thing that would make for a good fandisc, but that’s not happening because Chuable went bankrupt in 2017.

    1. Having just finished all the routes, this game was even more disappointing than what I thought when I wrote that first comment.
      Yuuki’s route was the only one I ended up enjoying for the most part, and even it was bogged down by some really lame parts. For a game that’s supposed to be super moe, there’s far too much cheap and cheesy attempts to play up soap opera drama to make the reader cry in every route. And Mahiru was an awful character that was impossible to like. They picked the wrong sister to give a route to. Eri would’ve probably also been preferable to the super soap-opera-y nonsense of Ayame’s route. And Rinka’s route is basically the bad end (or a bittersweet end) that skews far too dark on the confession version of her story. I would’ve liked it better if the confession end was her “normal” end and the better version you could get (possibly by finishing everything else?) was a totally happier resolution.

  6. The game is able to load all the way, but then ends up saying “failed to start the game”
    Any suggestions on how to fix it?

    1. Run the game as administrator (one of options when you right-click on game.exe) or move it to some user-writeable folder (Desktop, My Documents etc.)

  7. I have the problem with crashing during a video cutscene. Luckily for me, the game starts all of the time, but I can’t make it out of the common storyline.

  8. WHY MUST MAHIRU? I HOPE THEY PUT MAYA’S ROUTE FIRST THAN HER.. Oh damn, I can understand the dev think.. Well l, the game itself is fun, yes I admit that.. BUT.. But still.. I hope they put Maya’s route before they gone bankrupt.. When, I’m playing this game, I’m always thinking how great is Maya is, as a woman!

    She’s the best girl in this VN, but what the reason to put Maya’s little sister route first than her.. Because, she a loli? Well, hell yeah, she is cute.. But still.. Still.. Sigh..

    Well, nothin’ good happen just because I’m whining here.. Just say this game is good.. Play well, matey’!

  9. Amazing Game: Should you consider picking this up, let me get you a few details. At first I wondered if this can be any good because of the mediocore title. Maybe too much vanilla that it might get boring, i thought. But I was happily surprised. This game is very much living from its dialogues, humor and interesting stories. What surprised me the most is the interactivity. You choose day after day what to do (from a list of event scenes). You only experience a part in one playthrough which defines which character you get near too. But it also defines how some stories will evolve: Will you entriley loose during a beachvolleyball contest or will you win because you experienced a story-side-arc with a volleyball coach? Quite interesting and innovative in this genre.

    Also:Damn Onions… some story parts are so sad and dramatic I needed to cry… amazing game which is definitley worth a purchase. Support the creators!

    1. Install the Visual C+++ Redistribution packages (either the 2015 or better yet the 2017 ver 14.16.27012) from Microsoft and you should be good to go. If you use a 64 bit OS you’ll need both x64 and x86 versions installed.

      Be sure to update the .net framework too if haven’t. Version 4.7.2 should be the latest in Windows 7 and Windows 10.

      1. Thanks for the advice, I was finally able to get this to work after I saw this comment chain. I’m not technologically savvy, and I’m also new to the eroge genre, so you’ve done me a service. Thanks!

    1. Rinka’s route can be played by going home all the time, and rejecting the requests of other girls. You’re on the right track if it starts off with that cooking contest.

    1. Yuuki will confess to you on 7/7 if you met 2 (or 3) conditions before that date:

      1) At least level 3 relationship
      2) Seen the event Super Rare Tickets. The event itself is the at the end of the chain, you have to clear Mahiru’s event chains until you can get it.
      3) Clear the events relating to setting up Yuuki’s birthday party.

  10. To get Cupid Flower based on my exp, finish a route with yuki, then next 2nd playthrough, by sleep, youl get 1 cupid flower each sleep, but you get the best one from the first sleep, so its not necessary to sleep more than once,

    To make Yuki confess, instead of Souta, i just use Cupid Flower to skip to 4 hearts early game, and just focus her plus do the (!)events as well, she will Yuki will confess on her birthday(which is quite deep into the game i say, i thought can make her confess earlier)

  11. For VN_Fan the way easy the girl you choose get point when they go amusement park if u choose Ferris wheel yuki point increase anf if u choose haunted house amane and mahiru point increase and the school trip this two event make easy girl get point and if no event just focus one girl although the game tutorial say don’t focus one girl but this is my way complete this vn i already finish mahiru and yuki route

  12. This game is getting on my nerves. I can’t get any progress on girls. Love Fortune always ends on friends even when I focus on just one girl. How the hell I should do this? Also do I have to play all (!) events even when they aren’t connected to my main girl?

    1. That’s odd, I didn’t have to do much effort when I started off with Ayame’s route. Basically you spend the after school time with the girl you want want and the common group things that contain the girl as well. That was enough to be able to confess to her just before she would do by herself.

  13. To clueless the way I play this vn is just focus one girl and if the apple on the girl already 3 u can confess to the girl u want

    1. Yeah, sucks that she doesn’t have her own route. Out of all the girls in this game, I like her the most. Her personality and mannerisms are quite unique compared to your usual VN/eroge heroines.

    1. Yeah it always just end up with good friend (I dont even know how to get cupid flower except for the one they give you at the beginning)

  14. 2 times and still a bad ending no idea how the game works….

    Can anyone give me round down on the basic I think i just wasted 6
    hours (almost for the first playthrough since i actually read)…


    1. Tutorial at Sunday by QP should give you what you need, basically, 1 week= 5day, so, do 3 event with target girl, do 2 with other girl, for efficiency, at least that what i do, but hey no confession should net you rinka ending.(best girl, btw)

      1. How do you get all the cupid flower I only have the all in the 3rd column and one on the 1st column in the 1st row

  15. Some tips

    Do the events with your main girl and some with others as doing other events can unlock more with the main girl. Do the ones with (I) as they are important story wise. In your first run through for each route once they get to 3 apples on the love fortune then you can successfully confess.

    Chiho will appear during your second playthrough

    The last girl will appear if you do not confess to anybody at all.

    To get the flowers after your first run through by sleeping during the “my room” part.

    The girls can confess to you, I recommend doing this on your second run as you might miss the event. What you have to do is get them to love you (their have all four apples filled), but do not confess to them.

  16. Why skip it? The Restoration patch is making good progress:

    Removes dude.
    Adds Onii-chan, Onee-chan, Maya-nee, where applicable. Mr. -> Sensei for the teacher.
    Yuuki’s confession image and the calendar are now edited (by /vn/ anons)
    Fixed one broken line and several unedited lines that were in v1

    v3 planned (RTP TBD) with the following included:
    Restore Mahiru’s third person speech quirk
    Reverse name order back to JP
    Come up with a better solution to the Engrish lines than Spanish.

    1. I mean, thats why I cant spend money on this. This translation without the fan patch is absolute garbage

  17. The developer went bankrupt. There will never be a fandisk.

    Maya’s route was planned for the game, but was cut, because they ran out of money.

  18. If you notice, at ‘Sound’ settings, scrolled to bottom, youll see ‘Protagonist’ and can test/check the voice, a shame its not implemented, game would be double experience with MC’s voice interaction especially againt QP and Yuki joke.

    Also, Finished Rinka’s route, its even better than Twilight/K-drama T.T, but i didnt unlock all cg, weird,since her route is quite simole, should i make 2nd playthrough to complete her cg?

  19. Today, for some reason when i give click to game download, free download or what ever it doesn’t show me any link

  20. And after all this time there hasn’t been any fandisk that gives us the chance to date the sub heroines…

  21. I still feel bad for complete mahiru route because I think mahiru is 13 years old and souta is 17 the reason I know how old is mahiru because souta said he is 5th year at that school and mahiru is 1st year and that school middle school and high school are conbine so that why I know they age and if u guy play mahiru route when they try have sex mahiru just got her first period

  22. I did a basic translation of the Japanese walkthrough – corrected it for the names and made sure the route order matched the prescribed, correct order (apparently it is very important for getting all events for each Heroine)…

    Admin – if you care or are interested please let me know and I’ll send it or post. It is a very long walkthrough – I believe, from my readthrough, that it should work out ok ,despite that I have not validated it in-game (I’m just not playing Suki, Suki yet — but as I said, I corrected Google’s major blunders (Names are difficult for Google – or even Japanese teacher’s calling role in a new class – cuz Kanji tend to have so many different “readings” … there is no way to know for certain which one… e.g. 彩雨 – Ayame could be Saiame, Tsuyame or several other different names, Google just guesses… same as the sub-teacher would… Point is – I fixed google’s failed attempts here, so the names will be correct. Most of the actions will be totally obvious.. and it beats the hell out of not having any walkthrough.



  23. u guys… whyI cant acess any of the downloads from any games in this website? I could in the past, but Why I cant anymore?
    please HELP ME!

  24. To get to cupid flowers sleep in my room sections. You get one at a time and it carries over to your next playthrough if you didnt use it.If you sleep in the first week and use the flower in the next week you can confess right away with full affection (if you have the love flower).

  25. Can anybody explain how to unlock the cupid flowers. I just finished Yuuki’s route and I didn’t get any before I started hers. So how do I get them for her through the second playthrough(or for any of the other girls).

  26. how do you install the game its keeps giving me the error: The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCP140.dll was not found. It then says: The code execution cannot proceed because VCRUNTIME140.dll was not found. please help

  27. il be dropping this game till a proper walkthrough of this game comes out because i seem to be getting no progress and i have been playing for hours.

  28. I don’t know if this is only me who get this error or not

    but for some reason, after you save progress and you exit game, you cannot enter this game again and it’s said about problem at majiro.bin

    but after delete majiro_system.mss (from save data) i can get in this game again (but each time i exit, it will keep pop up

    anyone how to fix this annoying problem?

    1. @Yandere. I have a similar problem. It doesn’t tell me antithing about Majiro.vin, but it just close again after opening the game. I had to remove majiro_readmark.mss the auto-save files and, sometimes even the majiro_system.mss in order to it to run. Unfortunally this also means i lose the gallery and the entrance screen options.

    1. I belive, you need to finish the game with one heroine for it to be a option. Chiho became a option for me after finishing Mahiro’s route which was my first.

  29. Mhh this was nothing special…
    beautiful art but the episodic setting and the whole confession gameplay really tune down the player experience.
    Story elements feel disconnected, picking a random characters episodes later on when there are no choices for your main girl feel like huge jumps in that characters story, the confession feels weird and misplaced… overall a lot of wasted potential but still alright.
    Thanks admin (this game would not have been worth the full price)!

  30. If u mean Rinkas route thats easy, just go home each day and choose not to confess to any girl. If u did finish 1 route before then u will be autolock into Rinkas route.

  31. Someone could tell me how to get into the last girl route ? I can’t find her anywhere, i already did the Mahiru route and started the Chiho one.

  32. Once you figured out the game. It is really easy and there is exactly no need for walkthroughs (just need guides). The events themselves are the key and while it is a good idea to chase only one girls events. Other girls event are also prerequisites for the events for girl you are after. Especially ones with (!) in front. Do not neglect them. Some are not marked with (!) and some only appears after certain amount of time.

    Also other fun fact. You can get confessed to by the girls too, there are something you need to do: First is to clear certain events chain and second is to have high level of relationship with the girl. The event then will trigger at a certain day. You cannot miss them AFAIK, of course you get the option of turning them down too (it will turn relationship level down to the lowest, but if you have cupid flowers you can try to use it and confess). I would post here about those events and dates, but it would be spoilers so I would appreciate it if we get [spoilers] tag soon.

    Another fun fact. You can get cupid flowers for certain girls after you cleared their route, start a new game and sleep through the Room mode at first chance you get. Cupid flowers set the relationship level of the girl to a certain fixed level. That way, you can enjoy new game plus in a way. Confess really early and pick up lots of events and scenes that you will certainly miss in the first run.

    For two other hidden heroines… Huge spoilers ahead just mentioning how to get last one. The ‘dude’ girl though, I won’t touch her route until they unfuck the translations.

  33. Ed says:
    December 17, 2018 at 11:51 am
    I can’t open the tabs. No links appear in any game on the site. What is going on?
    admin says:
    December 17, 2018 at 5:44 pm
    Most likely your adblock is messing up with site’s code.

    I cannot even open the reply box to reply to your message, admin. And I’ve tried this on all my devices, I tried removing adblock, I’m even using explorer, but no dice. Are you sure it is something from my end, and not the site? I’ve been getting errors in the command console when I inspect the elements on the site.

  34. For Ayame’s beach scene I got it after following the seyia saiga walkthrough and having her ask Souta out in July and continuing from there. I’m assuming the Macra Puaba event is a requirement as it comes up in the scene. Hope that helps in some fashion.

  35. “onii-chan” translated as “dude”.
    honorifics removed for no reason.

    0/10 translation. It caught my eye when I saw it was being translated, but just nah.

  36. Some1 got an idea how to get Ayames Beach H-scene? its the only cg im missing for her now but cant seem to get into that scene somehow D:
    Hope some1 has an idea
    ty in adavance <3

  37. I have problem the game crashes when i start the game there is a window pop up it says majiro.bin stopped working. Is there a way to fix this ?

  38. The game warns you against doing that. You increase your connection with a girl by making sure you talked to her the most that week, but you can run out of events for a girl, so if you only select her events you won’t be able to increase your connection later. You can also miss out on triggers for certain events for that girl by not talking to the others.

  39. There is a walktrough in jp on seiya-saiga but its really complex and involves a lot of rng manipulation to the point of pseudo enforced playing order so you might want to just play at your own pace. If you still want to use it though, you need to erase ALL your save files from the folder and start from 0 otherwise you might not get some events when you need them.

  40. Ok nvm, did try again around and found out that some events trigger later if u leave some choices open, like getting certain flowers and got the flower field cg for ayame this time.
    dating on 29may before school trip even <3

  41. I tried Ayame for now and got 2 results atm. 1 where im dating her at 17 june and one on 9 july.
    Does any1 know if earlier dating is possible?
    Maybe before the school trip or so?

  42. link for name Restoration patch vndb.org/r61007
    The patch will be updated at the end of december to fix the “dude” translation and restoring the 3rd speech pattern

  43. You don’t really need a walkthrough. Keep selecting the conversations with the icon of the girl of your choice, don’t just instantly confess to said girl the first chance you get and it’s fairly straight forward.

  44. The game is nice so far but sadly no walkthroughs avaible atm in englisch so far i know.
    Would be nice if some1 knows one in english because the choices are so many x.x

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